Thursday, 15 March 2018

Thursday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 438 - 440

At the Hospital, after her medical checkup, Urmi tells Diya to get back home as soon as possible, and try and retrieve her clothes, as if she can, it would be immensely helpful. They are reminded of her family’s hostility and anger towards Diya’s decision to go public, but Diya says that they are her family, and are angry maybe, but they will definitely come around. 

Thursday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 58 - 60

Kunj comes to Twinkle, Twinkle tells him that she have done many mistakes, she break her mother’s truth, she break her heart, she hide Yuvi’s affair from her, took advantage of her freedom given to her and it's all wrong.

Thursday Update On My Lost Home

Shabd is downstairs waiting for Mahi to come down so that they both go for their honeymoon. Mahi comes downstairs and tells Shabd that he can go alone without her. Shabd and Tayiji are both shocked to hear this, Shabd asked Mahi why she is talking like this but Mahi says she can't tell him anything now since she is helpless. Shabd gets angry and leaves for the honeymoon trip without Mahi.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Wednesday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 435 - 437

At Urmi’s residence, Urmi and her father-in-law Anirudh make a plan that they will catch Ishaani in her own trap. Anirudh intentionally speaks on the mobile, calling a prospective groom and his parents to see Ishaani, while Urmi is busy with Alok's wife to prepare snacks and sweets for them.

Wednesday Update On Fire & Ice Episode 56 - 57

In police station, Kunj politely tell the inspector that he entered the wrong room by mistake, he is from reputed family and will also show him his id. He put his hands in his pocket and realized his proof is at the hotel and then tell the inspector that he don't have id now.

Wednesday Update On My Lost Home

Shabd tries to put color on Mahi but she refuses. she gets distracted by seeing TT but Shabd manages to draw a mustache on her.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Tuesday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 432 - 434

Nirmala tries to poison her entire family by putting poison into four glasses of milk after writing a letter that the whole family is committing suicide and that no one is responsible. She convinces Diya’s father and brother to have some milk. She goes upstairs to give Diya some milk too.

Tuesday Update On Fire & Ice Episode 54 - 55

Twinkle and Kunj are finally married. Twinkle and Kunj takes Leela’s blessing, she hugs Twinkle and says when she was child, she used to think of when she will go away and wonder how will she live without her then when she was raising her, it became her dream to see her as a bride, as a wife and as daughter-in-law of someone, and today her dream has been fulfilled, adding that tonight she will sleep peacefully as her daughter is going to make her life.

Tuesday Update On My Lost Home

Soni answers the doorbell and sees that it is Jeet. She asked him why he is home as he was supposed to be home the next day. He answers that he got his work done early and also asked where everyone else is.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Monday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 429 - 431

At Diya’s residence, Karan’s mother expresses her desire to meet Diya, but her mother gives an excuse that she is sleeping under the sedative injection of the painkillers, and shouldn't be disturbed.