Thursday, 19 July 2018

Thursday Update On Begusarai

The next day, some wedding music is playing, Maya and Choti Amma goes to see. They comes out of the house to find Rekha coming with marriage band, Choti Amma ask what she is doing?. Poonam who seems confident that she has three years in hand before her marriage.

Thursday Update On My Golden Home

Jagamohan Prasad comes to Swarn Bhavan but Thakur gets angry when he sees him. Thakur furiously tells him that he had already told him that the next time he wishes to come to Swarn Bhavan, he had to take an appointment first. Jagamohan Prasad tells him that he already knows but he has come to say something to Thakur.

Thursday Update On Iron Lady

Jhumpa arrives at Sharma Niwas along with two men and asks Kutumb to vacate the house. Inder, who is on the terrace, hears Jhumpa's voice and decides to go downstairs but Rishi stops him. When Kutumb refuses to vacate the house, Jhumpa asserts that she was the owner of the house. Munna gets furious when Jhumpa pushes Kutumb.

Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Wednesday Update On Begusarai

Bindiya looks at his face and she is quite surprise seeing the face of her visitor is Mitlaish and not Priyom. She comes in and closes the door, he comes closer to her. She asks what he is there. He brings out his gun, Bindya out of fear, she starts to apologize to him for trying to get close to Priyom and that she didn't do anything but he came to her.

Wednesday Update On My Golden Home

Diwan is still in shock because of the slap Abha gave him. Yashodhar ask if the bank will give the loan to Thakur? Divan is still shocked. Yashodhar furiously shouts at him and tells him that only one slap has closed his mouth.  Diwan is scared that maybe Thakur will send the police to arrest him for fraud case.

Wednesday Update On Iron Lady

Kutumb is busy going through the bills that the creditors have handed over to her in Indira's absence. When Inder arrives, Kutumb hands over all the bills to him and asks him to pay the money.

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Tuesday Update On Begusarai

Poonam shouts at Priyom for bringing Bindiya to the college and asks why he came to the class room when teacher was giving lecture and he didn't even think once that there were girls in class but he think only about himself.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Tuesday Update On My Golden Home

Yashodhar is at another lawyer's office. This lawyer also tells Yashodhar that it is not possible to get the auction notice of Swarn Bhavan today. Yashodhar tries to bribe the lawyer and the lawyer looks greedily at the money.

Tuesday Update On Iron Lady

Munna confronts Indira for transferring the power of attorney of the house on her name by fooling him and Kutumb. Indira replies that she does not regret fooling Munna. Kutumb gets furious and states that if Indira does not allow Inder to stay in the house, she must leave the house.

Monday Update On Begusarai

Poonam is calling but he is not picking up. Poonam ask Guddi about him and Guddi says he is wind and nobody can catch him, she then ask Poonam how her first day at college was? Poonam is in tension and doesn't answer her. Guddi sense something fishy and ask her what happened?. Tiwari is extremely furious learning about Lakhan beating his son.