Sunday, 27 May 2018

Sunday Update On King Of Hearts2 Episode 595 - 597

After Dhawal outsmarts Satya, he however refuses to give up hope and reads the diary written by Siddharth to take advice and thinks he must have done some good deeds as he got Siddtharth Love guru. He calls Kajal up and tells her that she wants two black clothes and 1 knife. Kajal is surprised. Satya asks her to do as he said. He thinks he will reach Mahi because of Siddtharth, and will prove Dhawal mad infront of everyone.

Sunday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 215 - 217

Twinkle and Kunj comes back home, Yuvi strikes with Twinkle. Anita says he must have banged with her mistakenly. Bebe asks Kunj and Twinkle to go to their room. Anita remind Bebe that Twinkle is married to Yuvi and they should stay in one room.

Sunday Update On My Lost Home

Mahi is waiting in her room for Shbad to come back home. She falls asleep whiles waiting for him whiles Angad walks in. He is about to touch her but she wakes up. She see's that there was no one there. She checks at the door and sees no one. Mahi calls Shabd and asks him where he was. 

Friday, 25 May 2018

Friday Update On King Of Hearts Episode 589 - 591

Satya recalls all the good times spent with Mahi. He realises that what Naina said could be true, he thinks if this is true and he asks God for a sign. Satya opens his arms wide and enjoys the rain. He thinks it is God’s sign. He imagines Mahi there and dances with her while Kabhi Jo Badal Barse song plays in the background.

Friday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 211 - 212

Kunj goes to check her inside their room. Yuvi refer Twinkle as his baby asking where she is ? Leela tells Anita that if anything happens to her daughter then she swear that she will not spare her and her son.

Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Wednesday Update On King Of Hearts 2 Episode 583 - 585

Mahi comes there and sees Satya at her mother's feet. She accuses Satya of being a liar and asks her mom not to believe on him. Satya says he already told her mom ( Payal) everything. Mahi asks if he tell her about the challenge? Payal nods. Satya tells her about his challenge with Deepu.

Wednesday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 207 - 208

Twinkle says she will only spend one hour with him but not more than an hour. He says anything for her and says alot can happen in sixty minutes and she will have to fulfill all his wishes. He tells her to go down to the reception and bring ice. He says they will have some drinks first, then they will..he stop seeing how angry she is and says she know what he is waiting for, he order her to go. Twinkle leaves. At the reception area, Twinkle is asking for the ice. Kunj spots her from behind and goes up to her. He places his hand on her shoulder. She turns and Kunj is surprised.

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Tuesday Update On King Of Hearts 2 Episode 580 - 582

Satya went with the money to Gangu Tai and gives her 25000 Rs. He says first time in her life, that she got insulted because of him. He asks her to give the 25000 Rs. to the chawl people and get her necklace. He assures her that he didn’t steal, but lifted Bappa with his hands. Gangu Tai cries and asks what she will do with this money. She says her reputation and respect will not be back and they have lost and now nobody can stop the redevelopment.

Tuesday Uodate Fire And Ice Episode 204 - 206

While Kunj is signing the papers, his pen stops working and Twinkle offer to bring another pen. Bebe calls Kunj that his friend has come to meet him. Kunj asks Twinkle to bring the pen in the hall and he leaves with the papers. Twinkle asks herself what if Kunj reads those papers. Kunj meets his friend Sandy, Twinkle comes there and see the file on the table, Kunj asks Twinkle to bring refreshments for his friend.

Tuesday Update On My Lost Home

Angad turns around and Sapna saw the mark on Angad's face and says that he has killed Gauri. Angad says yes because if he had not killed her,she would have expose them. Sapna says that she wants to leave all this and also ask forgiveness from both Mahi and Shabd. Angad gets angry and as Sapna was leaving Angad stops her and he throw Sapna from the building. Rahul in the car saw Sapna's body and also Angad.