Sunday, 9 December 2018

Zee World: This Is Fate Teasers - December 2018

Check out what will be showing in the spin-off series of Twist of Fate, This is Fate (Kundali Bhagya), premiering on Zee World on Wednesday, December 12 at 19h00.

Check out the first teasers:

Telemundo: Christmas Miracles Teasers - December 2018

Telemundo premieres a festive season anthology series called Christmas Miracles (Milagros de Navida) on Monday, December10 at 20h00, replacing On The Other Side of the Wall which ended on Friday, December 7.

Christmas Miracles has a total of 20 episodes. 6 episodes will air in December while four in January.

Introducing Zee World's New Twist of Fate Sister Series, This Is Fate

This month, Zee World will be premiering the spin-off series of Twist of Fate, This is Fate.
This is Fate is also known as Kundali Bhagya in India, and The Fate of Our Stars in English.

Festive Season: Christmas Miracles Anthology Special Premieres On Telemundo

Telemundo fires-up for The Festive this week with an anthology series called Christmas Miracles, originally titled Milagros de Navida.
It premieres on Monday, December 10 at 20h00, replacing On The Other Side of the Wall, which ended on Friday, Dec 7.

Friday, 7 December 2018

Friday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Dec 7, 2018

Nikhil gets to know that Abhi and Pragya have run away and says what has happened is not right. The contract killer says it’s because of his goons so he shouldn’t say anything to him. They make a new plan to catch them. Meanwhile at temple, a priest reaches there along with his daughter and Abhi asks him if he knows how to get someone married. He says of course, every priest knows that. Abhi asks him to get him married right away. The priest’s daughter asks him if it’s a love marriage and excitedly asks where she is. Abhi says she’ll come from outside. She gets even more excited to know that it’ll be a surprise for her and decides to makes all the arrangements. Abhi and the priest's daughter do all the decorations.

Friday Update On Gangaa, Dec 7, 2018

The principal comes looking for Gunwanti. Gangaa inform her that her mother is ill so she has gone to her house. The principal Ma wants some papers from Gunwanti because she had received a call from the Principal of Lawrence School and she has to submit them today only, adding that the peon is on off today. Gangaa offers to go and come back as soon as possible. The principal Ma is hesitant but Gangaa insists. Sagar drinks juice and Amma says he don’t have to dance and nothing happened to him but what if something had gone wrong.

Friday Update On Iron Lady 2, Dec 7, 2018

Indira affirms her decision of meeting Rishi to Kulbhushan's wife while, Jamuna Tai notices their conversation. Jamuna Tai goes to Ammu and like always adds fuel to the fire (Ammu) ie they have to do what the priest said. She continues doing what she is best at and smirks. Nanda is on her way to take Indira’s clothes but she meets Jamuna on her way who asks her where she is heading to and redirects her. Indira comes out draped in a sari and asks Jamuna if she has seen Nanda, she again directs her to the wrong room. Indira goes to the room where she has been guided by Nanda, she is surprised to see Rishi pinned to the ground by Beera Kulbhushan who is seriously hurting him.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Sunday Update On Gangaa, Dec 2, 2018

Madhvi returns home and rushes to tell everything to Niranjan. She shows him the video. Amma is short of words. She comforts a crying Sudha. Babli who is standing outside the door had heard everything. Omkar calls out for Sagar as he has brought jalebi for him. Sagar is about to take them but Niranjan stops him. Omkar asks him the reason for it that he is well now. Everyone gathers there and looks at him pointedly. Omkar has brought a rudraksh mala for her.

Sunday Update On Iron Lady 2, Dec 2, 2018

Indira tries to give Pappi the directions of her room because she want her to sleep in her room as all rooms are taken. Indira is about to say where her room is when the dumb boy Rishi opens his mouth and puts his foot in by saying the exact location of her room. Indira asks Pappi how she knows. She tells she knows because Indira is the bread winner of the house. She asks how she know she is the bread winner. She manage to convince her. Indu is sad but Pappi tries to cheer her up. Indu sadly goes away from there not knowing that it's her father.

Sunday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Dec 2, 2018

The goon who went in to check on Abhi asks him to take a selfie with him as his wife is his fan. Abhi poses for him and tries to keep him engaged. There all other goons walk out and Pragya gets a chance to sneak in where Abhi is tied. The goon shows pictures to Abhi and Abhi notices Pragya in background of one of the picture. He asks him to delete that picture and then sends him out.