Thursday, 7 December 2017

Aanchal Dwivedi (Kaveri) Plays The Role Of Bindiya In Modern Homemaker

Aanchal Dwivedi popularly knows as Kaveri in the drama series Saloni is back once again on your TV screen as Bindiya married to Govatrdan Chaturvedi, the family's eldest son and the head of postmaster in the new novela, Modern Homemaker.

In the novela, Bindiya runs a beauty parlour and earns Rs. 20,000. She is also love by her greedy mother in-law who only feels good about the working daughter in-laws. She has two daughters Julie and Dimple. Julie is a college going girl who always uses boy's for phone recharge or gifts and Dimple knows everything about Julie but she doesn't says this to the family but asks for some share always.

Bindiya and Govardhan always have normal husband and wife fights.

Will she also play the role of a villain or good and respectful mother and daughter in-law in the brand new series? Well, only time will tell.

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