Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Wednesday Update On Love Happens Episode 82 - 84

Read the interesting update on Love Happens, episode 82-84 for Wednesday, December 6, showing on Zee World.
GD tries her best to convince the villagers that Aanya's allegations are baseless, but her efforts go in vain. Raghu then asks Sarpanch to verify the truth by asking GD about her forefathers.

Soon GD's reality is exposed in front of everyone, much to Lakhan's dismay. GD, Mittal and Kishan then walk away, while the villagers roar with cheer. An infuriated Mittal tells GD that as a punishment for double crossing him, she will have to continue living in the village, and if any of them ever try to come to the city, then he will make sure that they rot in jail. Isha is shocked to realise that she will again have to live in the village. Raghu finds himself in a dilemma as his wedding date is approaching. Later, Aanya meets Raghu and both finally express their love for each other.

Though Raghu admits his love for Aanya, he is still in dilemma as his marriage has been fixed with Gehna. He tries to tell Aanya about it, but before he can say anything, Gehna arrives. Aanya is shocked to see Gehna and realises the blunder which she has made. A heartbroken Aanya finds it hard to believe that soon Raghu will marry Gehna and she will be left alone. However, she controls herself and decides to keep her friendship intact with Raghu. Raghu is also upset, but there is nothing that he can do. Later, Aanya meets Bhola and urges him not to get carried away in Isha's love. Finally, Raghu decides to tell Gehna everything, but before he can say anything, Gehna's friends intrude their privacy.

Raghu cannot muster courage to speak his heart out to Gehna in front of her friends, therefore he walks away. Janki observes this peculiar behaviour of Raghu and asks him if something is bothering him. However, Raghu tells her that everything is fine. Meanwhile, GD is shocked when Lakhan warns her of dire consequences if she does not leave the village within two days.

Later, Raghu meets Aanya and is shocked to see her busy with Gehna's marriage preparations. Aanya then tells him that they should leave everything on destiny and see to it that they don't hurt anybody's sentiments.

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