Sunday, 11 February 2018

Sunday Update On Love Happens Episode 235 - 237

Now that Raghu and Kanhaiya have both returned to the village, Raghu gets shocked to see that his Daadi has locked him inside his house. He calls for help, but finds no one out. Suddenly, he gets tensed when he sees the goons coming towards the house.

But before anything worse can happen, Janki arrives. Raghu is pleased to see his mother Janki. Janki is shocked to see Raghu's condition and asks him to rest while she goes out to bring the doctor. However, seeing the goons approaching, Raghu runs away from the house. In the meantime, Kanhaiya arrives there and asks his goons to find Raghu anyhow. Assuming Kanhaiya to be Raghu, Janki takes him inside the house and asks him to rest. Daadi also arrives and quickly locks the door and tells Janki the whole story. Meanwhile, Kaushalya feels that Kanhaiya has hidden the money and is trying to double cross her.

On the other hand, Raghu runs into Kishan and tells him the whole story. He too feels that Raghu's disease is taking its toll on him. He takes him to the mansion and asks him to stay there. Bhola is shocked when Daadi tells him that she has locked Raghu (Kanhaiya) inside the house. Raghu is totally bemused by everyone's behaviour. Later, Kaushalya meets Raghu, and assuming him to be Kanhaiya, she asks him where he has hidden the money. Raghu smells a rat and decides to probe the matter.

Raghu pretends to be Kanhaiya and tries to extract as much as information as he can from Kanhaiya's goons. He is shocked to know that big money is involved in the entire drama. He decides to unravel the mystery, but finds it hard as no one believes him. While wandering clueless, he comes across to the briefcase containing money. He immediately goes home and is shocked to see his look alike. Kanhaiya tells Raghu to hand over the money, but Raghu refuses. He then tells Raghu that Aanya is in his clutches and will be released only when he gives him the money. Raghu agrees and tells Kanhaiya to bring Aanya to the temple, and he will hand him the money there. Raghu then decides to hide the money bag, but Isha spots him and accuses him of cheating. Bhola soon intervenes and hands over Raghu and the bag to the doctor. Kaushalya meets Kanhaiya and is shocked to know that Raghu is aware of her reality. On the other hand, Raghu makes the doctor and Basanti believe that he is Kanhaiya and manages to free himself.

Raghu finds it hard to believe that Kaushalya is the mastermind of the entire plot. He manages to find Aanya, but before he can rescue her, Kanhaiya also arrives. Aanya is stunned to see Raghu and his look alike. To create more confusion, both claim to be Raghu. Soon, entire village gathers and everyone is left in a total bewilderment as it's the time for a showdown and the villagers wonders how to know who the real Raghu is. However, Daadi knows the truth. But before she can say anything to Janki, a sudden pain develops in her chest. Kanhaiya uses this opportunity and picks the bag and gets away in his ambulance, along with Kaushalya, Basanti, his goons and Aanya. Raghu and Bhola chase the van, while the postman goes to call the police.

Daadi tells Janki the secret that Kanhaiya is Raghu's twin brother. She also tells her how Kaushalya cheated her at the time of Raghu's birth. Meanwhile, everyone gets shocked when Aanya throws the money bag out from the van. Raghu, Bhola and other villagers also arrive there and soon the dodging of the bag starts. Finally, Kaushalya gets hold of the bag, but before she can run away, the police arrive. Kanhaiya is shocked when Kaushalya turns hostile and puts the entire blame on him.

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