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Monday Update On Fire & Ice Episode 52 - 53

Kunj gets a wrapped box from an unknown person, he opens it and inside is his mother's veil with blood all over it and he is shocked. He starts searching for his mother Usha, he strikes with Twinkle, Twinkle finds him tensed, she ask him what happened?

He shows her mother's veil which has blood on it, and they both start looking for Usha, they come in the garden to find Usha sitting there. Seeing that her son is worried, she ask him what happened and what's in the box? Kunj says nothing and tells his mother that someone sent gift for him and asks his mother what is she doing here? Usha says she was talking to a relative, and asks what is he doing here with Twinkle and Chinki, Kunj says nothing, we were checking a video, Usha leaves. Just then, Yuvi calls Kunj up and ask if he like his gift? Saying that it was just a trailer, that he still have time to back out from the marriage or else.. Kunj get furious and dare him touch his mother, but before he anything further Twinkle takes the call from Kunj and asks Yuvi how can he stoop so low and joke about someone’s mother. She reminds him that he have problem with her then why is he involving Kunj in it. Yuvi also reminds her that Kunj is snatching her from him, and that he did joke today but he can turn into reality and it will take only 2 minutes. Twinkle dare him if he will do it and asks when will he be able to do it, adding that she wont let him do it as she is fed up with his cheap acts now, she ends the call. A worried Kunj tells Twinkle that if his boyfriend try to hurt his mother then he swear that he wont spear him. Twinkle assured him that she will punish him before Kunj and adds that she care for his mother too as she is her would be mother-in-law and they have to stop Yuvi before he can do anything. Kunj finds a waiter going from there, he stops him and asks him to tell him where Yuvi is since the waiter brought the gift for him.

Kunj files complaint against Yuvi, inspector arrests Yuvi and assured Kunj not to worry that they will deal with Yuvraj in jail. Twinkle tells Yuvi that he didn't leave any chance for her and asks why did he do all this, she leaves. Kunj tell Yuvi that he is going his home in prison, as he have done alot of drama, he tried to stop this marriage but now he will be in jail, and he can go mad but he will marry Twinkle and he ( Yuvi) won't be able to do anything. The police takes Yuvi with them.
Leela calls Kunj and Twinkle, Usha tells Manohar that she hope her son is fine. Leela asks why is he saying this? She tells him that Kunj is with Twinkle and he must be fine but Usha bluntly says because he is with Twinkle that's why she is scared. Manohar says nothing wrong will happen, and at the same time, Kunj and Twinkle comes there. Leela ask where they both went? She tells them that she was calling them and points out that it's not good that bride goes out of house on her marriage day. Chinki lie that she took them with her as there is a good mandir near here so she took them there to pray. Leela says okay and ask Twinkle to go and get ready.

Twinkle leaves while Leela takes Kunj with her. Leela shows Kunj a dagger and says its Twinkle’s father’s, she says the dagger is to protect lives, and she is giving her life, her Twinkle to him and as she is giving this dagger to him, she have faith that he will take good care of Twinkle and that he will not move back to raise the dagger to protect Twinkle. Kunj tells Leela that she is giving him her daughter and he promise her to take care of her more than his life, till he is alive, he won't let anything hurt her and asks her to trust him. Leela says she have full faith in him, she is sure what happened that night, he was not involved in that and he can't do that, and she is sure he will keep Twinkle happy, she blesses him and he leaves. Leela then prays that the marriage happens nicely. Later, while Kunj is getting ready in his room, Yuvi comes in from the window and asks Kunj what he though that he will be in jail and Kunj will marry Twinkle? He then explain to Kunj that he know that inspector is honest, and that is why he swapped himself with the police jeep and left from there. Kunj reminds him that the marriage has acceptance of two families and he won't let him destroy it, adding that he can teach him a lesson too and asks him to leave from here. Yuvi agrees that he will leave and asks Kunj if he have seen mission impossible? He wanted to try action like Tom cruise and he have got chance today, he drags Kunj and jumps from the window with them, they both fall and land in a truck. Yuvi starts beating him, his goons come there too and Kunj fights with them all. Yuvi over powers him and beats him, Kunj fights back but Yuvi hits him on his head with iron rod and Kunj fall unconscious. Yuvi shouts that he told him ( Kunj ) to not mess with him, but he wanted to become hero and now he have to leave this world and proudly says Twinkle her groom is coming to take her.

Nikki and her husband Anand comes to Kunj’s room, Yuvi, who have kidnaps Kunj comes out of the washroom wearing Sehra, Nikki thinks it's her brother-in-law Kunj and ask him to remove his sehra as she wants to put black dot to protect him from evil eye, she is about to remove his sehra but Manohar ask them to come down. Nikki says if the Muhrat time is delayed then her father-in-law will get angry, saying that they will do the dot later, and asks Kunj to come down, she leaves. Yuvi removes his Sehra and talk to himself that he told Twinkle that only he will marry her, and he have come to marry her and when they will take the pheras, Kunj’s breath will go away too, and he will die. Yuvi comes down to the marriage venue, the famous actor Amir Ali comes there and dances on a song Sajan Ji Ghar Aye song, Sanjeeda Sheikh comes there and dances with him, Babli imagines Twinkle doing pooja of Kunj and Kunj wiping his face with Twinkle’s veil.

Twinkle gets ready as bride, Leela comes to her and sings for her, she hugs Twinkle, both mother- daughter duo are emotional and cries. On the other hand, Kunj is placed in a coffin, goons bring him to some isolated place and buries him alive in a cemetery. Leela ask Twinkle why she seem worried? Twinkle says she is feeling something wrong is going to happen but Leela says nothing is wrong and this is pre-marital jitters, and that when she see Kunj in mandap then she will be fine. Twinkle thinks to herself that her new life is going to start, she wanted to start it by telling her mother everything about herself and Yuvi, but her mother seems so happy that she cant hurt her. She promises herself that after the marriage she will tell her everything, then she will be at peace.

Babli and Pinni comes there and praises Twinkle, Leela gets emotional, Twinkle says if she cry then she will cry too and her make up will be smeared. Leela says she will not cry, she smiles and she prays that marriage happens nicely. Meanwhile, the goons who have buried Kunj’s alive strike with Siddharth Khurana’s car, they run from there, Sid comes out of car to sees if he injured them and finds the goon’s gun lying on the ground and the goon runs from there. Siddhartha look around, he sees that it's a graveyard and smell something fishy about the goons. Twinkle on the other hand comes to the marriage venue, Bano song plays in the background. Siddharth on the other hand comes to the graveyard, while Kunj is taking deep breaths in the coffin, he becomes conscious. Leela comes to Yuvi thinking he is Kunj and asks him to remove his Sehra as she want to apply tilak on him. Yuvi is tensed hearing this, he strikes with Leela, and the tilak plate falls from her hands. Leela sees this as bad omen, and says she will bring another plate but the Guruji decline this, saying the Muhrat is passing by, and they should leave and they all leave. Kunj recalls how Leela gave him a dagger for protection, he brings it out of his pocket.

Meanwhile, Yuvi and Twinkle sit in the mandap, the Pundit ask Yuvi to remove his watch so that he can tie the moli tread on him. Manohar tells Kunj that he always wear his watch in his left hand and asks why is he wearing it in his right hand today? Yuvi is tensed to hear this. Manohar then ask him to remove his watch, Yuvi foes and gives it to him.

Kunj starts trying to break the coffin with the Dagger, Siddharth who is trying to figure out what the goons are doing in the cemetery listens to the noise from the grave. On the other side, Twinkle and Yuvi exchange garlands, while Siddharth starts looking around the grave. Twinkle and Yuvi’s gadhbandhan is done, the Pundit ask them to stand for the Pheras. Yuvi and Twinkle starts taking pheras. Siddharth comes to the spots where Kunj was buried, he realized the noise is coming from there, he look around and starts digging the grave. He opens the coffin and is shocked to find his friend Kunj there while Kunj breathes heavily. Siddharth asks him to bring his hand and pull him out of the grave. Siddharth ask if he is fine and how did he get inside the coffin? Kunj who somehow manages to escape this ordeal tells Siddharth that he have to go to the resort, he have to go to his marriage and stop Yuvraj. Siddharth takes him from there, they both sit in his car, and drive from there. Kunj thanks him for saving his life. Siddharth tell him that he have been through all this too, his mother-in-law played all games with him and in Kunj case that Yuvraj is playing games with him, adding that the relationship which is approved by God can't be broken by anyone, and they will handle Yuvraj too asking him not to be afraid and keep standing strong. But suddenly there is traffic jam ahead, Kunj is tensed and tells Siddharth that the traffic is too much and he have to move ahead, as this is his fight and he will have to fight it alone. Siddharth asks him to go and call him when he have Mrs. Twinkle Sarna with him, and also wishes him all the best, Kunj leaves. Siddharth prays to Lord for them.

While Yuvi and Twinkle are taking the seven round pheras, Leela tells Pinni that only 2 pheras are remaining then her Twinkle will be someone else, she is sure Kunj will keep her happy, and she can see her beautiful future with Kunj. The Pundit announce that the last phera is remaining, when the Gadhbandhan tie falls in havan and catches fire, Yuvi bends to take it off from the fire, his sehra which he use to cover his face moves from his face a little, Twinkle sees Yuvi’s face and is shocked. She immediately removes his sehra, and everyone are shocked to see Yuvi as the groom in place of Kunj. Twinkle slaps Yuvi hard, and asks where Kunj is? Yuvi tells Twinkle that he kidnapped Kunj, only he know where Kunj is, and if she want Kunj to be alive then she have take the last pheras with him. Usha cries out that she have told her husband this will happen and all this is happening because of the girl he chose for his son, and that it must be a plan between Twinkle and Yuvi, and her son always get caught in all this just to save Twinkle. Manohar ask Yuvi where Kunj is? Yuvi pushes him away and tries to take the last phera with Twinkle but Kunj comes there and shouts out Yuvraj's name. Everyone turns around and are happy to see Kunj while Kunj angrily looks at Yuvi.

Kunj asks Yuvraj how dare he come near Twinkle and how dare he touch her, he slaps Yuvi hard and remind him that Twinkle is his would be wife, he holds him by his collar and asks what he thought that he will deceive everyone and marry Twinkle. He further asks why is he shocked? And he must be thinking that how he is alive when he made full proof plan, as he sent his goons to buried him in grave, he wanted to kill him but God is always with nice people, and he got out of the grave thanks to his friend Siddharth who save him from the ordeal and he came here. Usha and everyone are shocked to hear this. A flabbergasted Yuvi admit it in front of everyone that he wanted to kil Kunj and marry Twinkle by deceiving her, adding that everything is fair in love and war as he love Twinkle alot and he can't see her with someone else, and today Twinkle will marry only him. Claiming Twinkle is his love, his passion, and they both love each other and want to be together but Kunj always come in between them and he wants to become hero everytime but today he will get Twinkle at any cost, and he will see who will stop him.

Seeing this scene, Twinkle thinks to herself that she should tell the truth to her mother so that they will get free from Yuvi’s madness. A furious Leela slaps Yuvi and says they keep telling Yuvi to go away but he don't listen and asks what he think that he will keep saying ill about her daughter and they will believe it. She then says this is all his and his mother’s plan. Yuvi insists that he is saying the truth that Twinkle loves him but Leela says if there was anything like this then Twinkle would have told her first, she adds that him and his mother have habit of playing with others life. Raman holds Yuvi by his collar and decides to teach him lesson. A furious Yuvi who doesn't want to accept defeat pushes Raman away and shouts at him. Before he could says anything further, Anita comes there and slaps Yuvi, she ask her son to stop all this, she turns to Manohar and apologize on her son behalf, that if she knew he would do this then she wouldn't have brought him here, and again asks him to forgive him for his craziness. Leela doesn't believe Anita and says this was not craziness but it was a full proof plan of him and asks what if he had got married to Twinkle by cheating. Anita says she don't know what madness he has for Twinkle, as he doesn't listen to anyone and again apologises on his behalf to forgive him, trying to emotionally blackmail Leela that she is a mother too.

Manohar tells Anita that he is forgiving him for the last time, and if he is seen near his family then he will not spear him. Kunj tell his dad that Yuvi will not mend his ways but Manohar shut him up and ask Anita to take Yuvi away. Yuvi refuses to go from the venue and insist to marry Twinkle claiming that she loves him and she is not accepting it due to her family, and he will marry her at any cost. Anita tells him this is hers and Leela’s fight but she can't afford Leela to send him in jail but Yuvi says he don't care and if he leave today then Kunj will marry her, he try to convince his mother that he love Twinkle, he will not leave anyone and vow that he will destroy them all. Hearing this, Twinkle asks for a minute, she walk towards Yuvi that she is telling him for the last time that she is marrying Kunj with her consent, nobody has forced her and she is very happy with her decision, and finally asks him to get lost from the venue. Anita takes Yuvi from there.

Kunj and Twinkle takes the pheras around the fire, Kunj makes Twinkle wear the Mangalsutra, he fills her forehead with Sindoor(vermilion), Twinkle looks at him tensed. Twinkle and Kunj are finally married. Twinkle and Kunj takes Leela’s blessing, she hugs Twinkle and says when she was child, she used to think of when she will go away and wonder how will she live without her then when she was raising her, it became her dream to see her as a bride, as a wife and as daughter-in-law of someone, and today her dream has been fulfilled, adding that tonight she will sleep peacefully as her daughter is going to make her life. She pray no one cast an evil eyes on her, and that as she and Kunj are tied in a very pure relation, she should fulfill it with all care. She ask Kunj to forget everything that happened in the past, as it was God’s will that he came back and married her Twinkle, she apologises for everything that happened and lovely address him as son-in-law. Kunj reply her that first she have to decide if he is her son or son-in-law.

Leela then call him son. Kunj asks her not to worry that Yuvraj has gone from their life and Twinkle is his responsibility, he will take care of her and address her as aunt. Leele also asks if he will call her Aunty or mother? Kunj then call her mother. Leela leaves to get something while Twinkle starts going behind her but sees gadhbandhan tied to Kunj, she turns and looks at Kunj, Sajna Ve song plays in the background. The Pundit announce that the farewell time has come. Manohar says Twinkle should get freshen up, and they have to go to the Mandir then later go back to Amritsar. Twinkle tells her mother that she want to talk to her but Leela point out that she will get late for the farewell ( Vidai ), she asks her to go and freshen up. Twinkle thinks she need to tell her mother that she used to love Yuvi too, she always think that Yuvi was behind her and it was Anita’s plan but she doesn't know her side of the story and today also she listened to Yuvi and didn't trust him. She need to tell her that only Yuvi was involved in all this but she loved him too, and she can't start a new life with a lie.

While Twinkle is sitting in her room, Twinkle talk to herself that she need to say goodbye to her mistakes in the past with her life changing today, she need to tell her mother about her past but she wonder how to tell her and what to do? She gets an idea, she brings a tape recorder and says to Lord that she is going to tell everything to her mother but she don't know how she will react, she prays to Lord to give her mother the strength to bear the truth and she hope she forgives her after knowing her truth. Twinkle then switches on the tape recorder.

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