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Monday Update On Lies Of The Heart Episode 429 - 431

At Diya’s residence, Karan’s mother expresses her desire to meet Diya, but her mother gives an excuse that she is sleeping under the sedative injection of the painkillers, and shouldn't be disturbed.
She complies. She is asked to inform them of Karan’s appearance, while she adds that she will come and visit Diya the next time, and till then they should keep giving her updates about her health. She leaves. Diya's mother, Nirmala then asks her father what is he going to do. Her father asks Nirmala, what's she upto, as they can't keep this for long. She says that they can't let it be known to her, what's happened to Diya, as the lady is Diya’s mother-in-law. Diya’s father reminds them that Karan is with Diya only. Devesh says that he was, but they have no clue where he is right now. Pressurised, Diya’s father asks her to do whatever she feels is okay, but asks them to keep her ready, while he gets a taxi. She says that Diya won't go anywhere, for keeping this tragedy a secret. Her father is appalled, saying that Diya needs immediate treatment, and has to be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. But they don't allow. He is distraught.

At Urmi’s residence, Urmi finds Shaurya hollering at one of the employees on the phone, due to missing a particular page, about youth problems. Alok likes the idea, but asks Shaurya to chill. Urmi too asks him to calm down and further asks Shaurya not to be angry, while he is in a rage. Damini callously comments and says that he will obviously get angry, as blood does show its effect, as had his father, and categorically points out, Samrat Singh Rathore been here, he would have murdered a couple by now. Urmi and Shaurya are hurt and tensed. Damini smirks. Urmi says that Shaurya gets angry but not at the wrong thing, unlike Samrat, who got angry at the wrong things. Alok too says that Shaurya is diabolically apart from Samrat, despite being his son. Alok also gives mythological examples to support his arguement. Damini says that it's everyone’s perspective, and that the world may think differently. Shaurya addresses Damini as grandma, which bothers her, and then he goes to her, saying that he can't change her perception about him, but one thing is sure, that Samrat isn't his father, but Ishaan Sinha, and he has always considered him as his father, and will continue doing so, even though she doesn't and he doesn't care that she doesn't. She is tensed and angry but doesn't respond. He walks out in a huff. Urmi stands tensed too. Damini comments that such forced relations don't actually materialise nor does the truth change. Urmi doesn't respond.

In her room, Ishaani is jogging and exercising to music, when her grandma Damini comes in and asks her to lower down the music. When she does, Damini brings up her stupid wish of getting married, as she is too young, and has lots of life ahead of her. Ishaani says that she isn't thinking about it, and said that just to spite her mother Urmi, and that she was just kidding. Damini is surprised, and Ishaani asks if she actually thought she is ready to get married. Ishaani says that she won't leave, till she irritated her mother Urmi to the core, and asks her grandma Damini how could she not understand her humour. Damini is visibly relieved, and says that it's her house and will remain so, and asks her to do whatever she wants to. She hugs Ishaani, and then asks her to continue her exercise, and takes her leave. Ishaani continues. Damini eyes her evilly.

At Karan’s residence, Karan’s mother comes home to find Karan shamelessly and callously enjoying Tv. She hollers at him that everyone are tensed for Diya, and he is shamelessly watching TV. he casually asks how Diya is. She tells him what happened. He asks if Diya is okay. She asks if he is so concerned about Diya, then why did he run away last night. He asks her not to start it over again and asks if they talked about him, and she complies, and then adds how long he plans to hide, and talks about the probable police complaint. Karan is tensed at the mention of police. She asks him to let bygones be bygones, and he has a responisbility towards Diya, and asks him to be by her side, in these testing times. He is tensed.

At Doctor’s clinic, the doctor does Karan’s bandages, surprised, that he is okay, and is still getting a plaster for a broken hand. He gives the excuse of acting, and actually says that he wants to get into the character hence is doing so. The doctor believes it too. Karan belittles his job, as much more xeaggerated that it actually is, while the doctor tells that he gets to save lives. But Karan, being egocentric, thinks that it's he who did the hard job.

Later at Diya’s residence, the maid comes with the newspaper, and is about to get busy with her usual chores, when Nirmala stops her, and asks her to come later, if possible after a week or so. The maid asks if everything is alright. All sit tensed. The maid asks if they are going out somewhere. She keeps a casual face, and asks the maid to leave. Diya’s father asks Nirmala why is she behaving like this, and think of everyone but Diya. She asks what should she think of Diya. Her father says that she is unconscious for long hours, and that she needs immediate hospital and treatment. She says that she too is concerned, and is doing all this for her safety and respect only. Her father warns Nirmala, her mother, that nothing should happen to his daughter at any cost. Nirmala and her husband are surprised as Karan walks in just then, with his pretend bandages and pain and wounds. Karan, who fakes being seriously injured as part of his cover-up story asks about Diya, and no-one is able to respond.

Devesh however gets angry, and grabs him by the collar asking him where he was, when Diya got into this. Her mother sets them free, while Karan pleads that he was with Diya. Devesh angrily asks how could he flee and run away then. Karan lies that three men overpowered him and knocked him unconscious. Her mother confirms if he was unconscious and doesn't remember anything. He says that he doesn't and since then, he lies that he woke up straight in the hospital. He pleads and begs for a chance to see Diya, but he too is given the same excuse, saying that she is fine, just sleeping due to the injection. Just then, a strong scream emenates from Diya’s room, and all are scared and shocked. They rush to Diya’s room, as her screams haunt the room. When they enter the room, they are shocked to see Diya, covering and clutching herself tight in between her legs. Diya recounts the horrific nightmare she went through, and as her family, and Karan, dressed up in bandages to implicate that he too had injuries, try to come close, she goes berserk, and asks them all to keep away and not touch her, as she is still in a traumatic state after the incident. Karan is in a state of shock, seeing her like this. They try to identify themselves, but she is still in that nightmarish state. She feels her hands and body as if its been soiled while Karan is shocked.

Karan and others are shocked to see her behaving like this. Outside, Karan asks them why is she behaving like this. Nirmala makes up some story, and says that she got into a small accident. Karan says that diYa is a strong woman, and wouldn't be scared by petty things. She says that Diya is fine, and asks him not to worry. Her husband finally asks her to shut up, as she can't lie to anymore people, anymore, and being her fiancee, Karan has a right to know. Karan demands to ask from the parents what happened, and they are all silent. Diya’s father embarassedly and humiliatingly, in distraught condition and in tears, speaks about Diya’s rape, and Karan’s entire world comes crashing down. He is still unable to believe, and asks him if he is sure, as this can't happen with his Diya. Devesh gets angry and then speaks that Diya has been raped, and why can't he understand that. They are mortified, as Devesh screams that she was brutally raped, and again reprimands him, that he was with her, and due to him, she has become a victim to this inhumane tragedy today, and asks what was he doing if he couldn't protect her.

Later, in the evening, along with the doctor, Nirmala takes food for Diya, as they find her slouched in one corner, dazed and speechless. She reacts with a jerk, as her mother places a reassuring hand on her head. She asks Diya to have food, while she shoves them all away angry at them all, and warns them that no-one will touch her. She refuses to recognise anyone, while the doctor somehow tries to introduce her to her own family, and her surroundings. She says that she will kill herself if they don't go, and they are distraught. Her father assures her that they won't come near her, while she is still shit scared and horrified at the mere thought of someone near her. Finally, she calms down a little, and sits on the bed, and buries her face in her legs. The doctor asks them to forcibly hold her, so that she can administer the injection and she can sleep. They do so, stealthily, and come and sit beside her, appalled and unable to control their geif at her condition. The doctor prepares the injection, and they hold her forcibly, while she screams in pain, to be left. She is given the injection and she finally doses off again. Nirmala stands helplessly watching her daughter in pain. The doctor then asks them why don't they understand that she needs medical and psychological treatment rightaway, and needs to be admitted in a hospital. They stand resignedly.

At Awaz’s office, Shaurya is angry at one of the employees, for not covering up enough stories, and gives him Diya’s example of exemplary performance. He asks Chiku to assign the work to Diya instead, and gets to know that she hasn't reported back to duty. He is baffled along with Chiku. Shaurya blames that no-one is dedicated to their job. Chiku asks if he should call and find out, but he asks him to let be.

At Karan’s residence, Karan comes home and narrates everything to his mother, who is shocked. His mother is appalled, at this tragedy, while he is cool qand casual about it, as he takes off his pretense bandages. She says that she needs to meet Diya rightaway. He is surprised. She says that she is going to Diya, and now she understands why her parents were so tensed. He asks why she wants to go, as it won't solve anything. She says that Diya is like her daughter and his would be wife. He tells and clarifies to his mother that he was going to get married, but not anymore, as everything is over now, and whatever happened in the past should be forgotten and they should move on. She is shocked at his callousness, and then he adds that he didn't like her much, as he thought she would earn and he would like his acting career to flourish, and now she is of no use to him. He talks shamelessly about her. Karan's mother reprimands him of his shamelessness, and is guilty of being his mother, and blames it on him, that he fled from the scene, instead of fighting and saving her. She says that he is a big coward and a lowlife. Karan asks her not to lecture him, as he doesn't need a medal from her. She says that he may do what he wants, but she will go and see her. He reprimands her that she won't go but his mother eyes him angrily.

At Jogging grounds, Shaurya finds Karan chatting with his friends, while he jogs and hollers at him. Karan comes to him tensedly. He congratulates Karan, while he adds that they aren't going to be married, as it's cancelled. Karan is casual, while he asks if he is joking. Karan says that it's sudden as they had a breakup, and then takes Shaurya’s leave, who is boggled and tensed, wondering what happened suddenly, and that Diya too hasn't returned. He dials her number, and Nirmala finds it. She picks it up, tensedly, and then Shaurya enquires about Diya, as he wished to talk to her. She lies saying Diya isn't at home. He asks where he went. She again lies that Diya has gone to Lonavala with Karan, for celebrating their marriage, and that they will return in a week, and when she does, she will make her daughter call him. He complies. and wonders why is she lying, and thinks there’s something that's wrong.

At Urmi’s residence, Shaurya comes back hurriedly to his mother Urmi and narrates everything to her. She is baffled too at Karan’s statements. He then talks about his conversation with Diya's mother. Urmi is boggled and says that maybe Diya is disturbed at the breakup and didn't want to come out, and maybe she needs time to recuperate. Shaurya says that he was given a week, and she is a reporter and can't afford that. She makes him understand that it's a big deal for a girl, and asks him to give her the space needed. He is still tensed.

At Awaz’s office, Cheeku is controlling the office, in Shaurya’s absence, while a package comes for him specially. Shaurya comes in just then, and Chiku goes after him to his cabin. He gets Shaurya the blind package, that has come for them, titled, ANOTHER TRUTH FOR AWAZ. They wonder what scandal is going to unravel now, and are excited as Shaurya opens it. However, Shaurya who an anonymous person sends pictures of Diya's incident to him is appalled to see the pictures of Diya, lying carelessly on the floor, after having been violated, raped and abused. He is shocked. Cheeku wonders what did Shaurya see while Shaurya’s shocked.

Shaurya rushes out with the parcel, without answering any of Chiku’s questions, appalled at the pictures, and hurriedly gets in the car and drives off. He is very scared about Diya, and hopes nothing worse has happened.

At Diya’s residence, while her mother is attending to her, as Diya is asleep, she is startled by the sound of the doorbell. She comes down to find Shaurya at their doorstop. When he asks about her, she too gives the same lie once again, that she isn't at home. Shaurya throws the pictures at her and asks her what's this then, and she is speechelss. She doesn't respond. He then turns to her father, who breaks down and narrates the entire story to him. Shaurya wishes to meet Diya once, but her mother who is refuses to let anyone else see Diya, stop Shaurya but Shaurya is in no mood to listen to her and storms inside Diya’s room hollering her name, visibly upset and outraged. Nirmala comes there and stop him, while all others are tensed. Shaurya is surprised. Nirmala asks why he wants to meet her, that the girl who brought his paper news yesterday, is herself a news today, or that Diya’s condition would increase his paper’s sales. He is apalled and shocked to see such a reaction from Diya's mother. He clarifies that he can't even dream about it, and that he just wants to meet Diya to be able to see her if she is okay or not. Her father and mother hold their hands, and ask him to leave. Devesh too rudely insists, asking him not to disrespect them any further. He leaves in tears.
At Gaurav’s residence, Gaurav and Asha watch Sarojini, new serials’ ad, and talk about how Sarojini, the protagonist will set Dushyant’s mind straight.

At Urmi’s hotel, Urmi is shocked to know this, while Shaurya is in uncontrollable tears, hoping that this was a bad dream. She says that now she knows why Karan called it off, and thinks about Diya’s appalling condition, and that she must be traumatised, physically and mentally. She says that they will drag her out of this darkness, while he breaks down completely. She asks him not to be weak, for Diya’s sake, so that she is able to recover and get back on her feet. She asks him to be patient and do everything nicely and safely, and asks him to understand. He explains the hostile environment he faced at home. She says that the family is traumatised too, and that they will both go and meet Diya, and then compose her somehow.

At Diya’s residence, Devesh gets medicine, and they find that Karan or his family isn't picking up the phone. Her mother asks why would she pick up, as she knew he would desert her in such times. She says that he can forget about Diya’s marriage now. Her father insists that they would have known by some other source. Her mother says that she knows one thing that's to be done, and settle back in village, and leave Mumbai, where no-one knows anything, and will marry her off, as they aren't left with any other option. Urmi storms in asking where would she run away like this. They are surprised to see her. She asks if she feels this tragedy would leave them, once they leave Mumbai, and explains that this would just be cowardice. Diya’s mother vents out her frustration at Shaurya as well as Urmi. Urmi talks about justice for Diya. Her mother says that son got a news for the paper, and she got a motive for the NGO, and blames her for using their daughter’s tragedy for their propaganda. Urmi is shocked. She says that she is doing this for Diya’s benefit, as the guilty should be punished.

Devesh asks what good would that do, and if her respect will come back, or the society will see them normally. Urmi asks how can they be concerned about society and not Diya. Her mother reprimands Urmi. She turns to Diya’s father, asking him to resist as Diya needs immediate treatment, physically, mentally and psychologically, so that her life isn't ruined. Her mother shoves her outside, asking them to leave them alone, warning that if they try to sensationalise it, they would see the entire family dead. She slams the door shut. Urmi keeps screaming asking them not to do this to Diya. But in vain, she finally walks off. Her mother tells Diya’s father that the news will spread like fire, and the whole city will know that Diya has been raped. She finally composes herself and taking her purse, begins to walk out, and is asked by her husband where is she going. She says that she would come back soon.

On the road, Shaurya stops the car in the middle of the road. Urmi asks what happened. Shaurya asks who clicked the pictures. Urmi tells that maybe the person who took them, was too scared to go to the police and hence dropped them to him anonymously. They are tensed. Urmi and Shaurya, in their car, spot Diya’s mother walking on the road, aimlessly and lost, and almost collides into a jeep. They are shocked, as he instantly gets down to rush to her help. She somehow escapes, and drives off in an auto, while Shaurya runs dishevlled after her. Urmi’s tensed as she sits in the car.

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