Sunday, 11 March 2018

Sunday Update On Fire & Ice Episode 50 - 51

Kunj’s dad Manohar announces that he has a surprise for Kunj and Twinkle. Twinkle asks Kunj, if he can make tea, and knows how to fold clothes in which Kunj reply her that he can make tea.
Twinkle tells him that her mother wants to make her a perfect daughter-in-law and that’s why she was checking if he can be a perfect husband. She asks him to make tea for her. They argue about this and Kunj is angry too. Kunj’s dad announce that he has organised a stage performance of his favorite Mirza saheban story. He says lights off. Kunj, Twinkle and everyone see Yuvi on stage. He tells about lover’s story, and suggests they should talk about new story. Yuvraj then purposely stages a play where in he tells everyone the story of Twinkle and him. He says there was a girl and boy and a couple enacts them. Yuvi says their love was incomplete as their mum were against their love and then something happened which made them couldn’t believe on love. He says a villain entered their life and tried to disrespect her as her family is willing to get her married to that villain, but he promise that they will never be separated.

Leela is upset as she understands that he is referring to her daughter and asks him to stop it, she raise her voice that she will not doubt her daughter and if he raises his finger on her then she will cut his hand. Anita comes there and asks how dare she? Kunj’s dad asks Anita why her son is doing drama, and remind her that Twinkle’s respect is theirs. Anita bluntly says her son is saying the truth. Leela says that is enough and asks her to go, adding that nobody will believe on her lie. She tells Manohar that she can’t bear them for a moment now. Kunj asks Yuvi to leave. Manohar asks Anita to take Yuvi with her. Anita complies and takes Yuvi from there. Kunj tells Twinkle that she is looking good and asks what she is doing here. He asks her to get ready for the haldi. Twinkle gets angry and argues with him. She asks if he really care for her. Kunj says he care for her as he is getting married to her. Twinkle tells him that she is thinking of Yuvi’s drama and hopes he don’t do any drama in their marriage. Kunj asks her not to worry and promises her that he is doing this for her mother and asks her not to be happy.
Anita asks Yuvi to do something. She decides to compromise with Twinkle's haldi. Usha applies haldi on Kunj’s face. Twinkle comes there and sits for her haldi ritual. Yuvi bribes the waiter and asks him to change the haldi can. He then talk to himself that whenever she see in mirror, she will remember him, as he mixed acid in her haldi’s utensil.

Leela asks her niece Babli to add coin in the bowl of the haldi and put it in temple. The waiter meanwhile cleverly changes the bowl. Babli picks the bowl up and keeps it in the temple. She dips the coin in the turmeric and keeps it near the Goddess temple. She collides with Kunj and small amount of haldi falls on his clothes. Babli calls him cute and teases him. Kunj prays for everyone happiness. Just then, a familiar face tap on his shoulder and turns out to be Siddharth Khurana and he asks Kunj if he is nervous. Kunj deny it. Siddharth advice him that his life is going to change now and apologize to him that he can’t come to his wedding the next with the excuse of attending his family issues. Kunj asks him to come but Siddharth prays for his family and decides to collect proofs against Shabnam. Siddharth looks at the copper coin changing color and informs Kunj about it.

Babli brings the haldi and gives it to Leela. Siddharth and Kunj come there running and are shocked while Yuvi looks on from far. Siddharth asks Kunj to runs as only him can stop Twinkle from applying turmeric on her face and Kunj, with the help of his friend, somehow save Twinkle's face from the doctored Haldi paste as Kunj purposely makes the haldi bowl fall down. Everyone is shocked and looks at Kunj. He lie to them that he thought he have to sit with Twinkle and ran fast but slipped. Leela says it is okay. Someone point out that the haldi is finished, so now they have to do another. Siddharth tells them he have a suggestion and suggest them to apply the haldi from Kunj’s haldi which is already applied on his face and further back it up that Roshni and him have done it before. They follow his suggestionand use the haldi on Kunj's face for Twinkle. Yuvi gets irked seeing this as their plan once again flop. Kunj thinks to himself that he can’t tell the truth to her. Siddharth thinks God is blessing them, he prays for his family and asks God to give them strength to expose Shabnam. On the other hand, Leela is worried about her daughter that Anita might harm her and decide to talk to Anita and thinks she can’t let her do any drama in Twinkle’s marriage. Anita keeps her hand on Yuvi’s face and console him that she can’t see his pain and asks what if they would have got him arrested then but before she could complete her sentence, Leela comes and says this would not happen. Anita asks her to come in.

Anita asks Leela, not to give her speech or warning. Leela says she didn’t come here for speech or warning but she came to tell her that they will end the enmity between them right here. Adding that they both have lost many things in life and time had tested them and their enmity is showing effect on their children. But Anita is in no mood to settle their misunderstanding with her and instead tells Leela that she have to repay for her doings which she did to her years back. Leela reply her that she know the truth and asks why is she not believing her and further points out that it was her husband’s mistake. Anita, who still believe that it wasn't her husband mistake but Leela mistake as Leela have broken her home. Leela try to convince her that she didn’t lie and asks why would she lie and blamed her husband ( referring to Anita's husband ) and that even now she get scared thinking about that day. A flashback is shown, where Leela is seen in the hospital. Yuvi’s dad, is a doctor who checks her and inform Leela that everything is fine. Leela tells him that she has to brought up Twinkle alone after her husband’s death. Yuvi's dad says he can understand and wear a gloves.

He tries to get closer to Leela. She gets up after realizing his intention and asks what is he doing? He asks her to visit him occasionally. She asks how can she touch her and think wrong of her. He asks her for a chance, and tries to get more closer to her. A flabbergasted Leela slaps him hard and asks him to be in his limits. She further swear not to spear him for this as he can also do that to other women, and leaves the clinic angrily. Flashback ends. Leela tells Anita this is the bitter truth of that day which Anita don’t want to believe. An adamant Anita insist that the truth is that Leela went to him for his help and when her husband refused to help her, she had spoiled his image. She then recalls how her husband committing suicide after reading the newspaper of how Leela report him to the authority and couldn't bear the insult. She cries and asks Leela why her husband would leave a beautiful woman like her, and go to simple woman like Leela. She vow that Leela will have to repay for her doings and leaves. Leela tried to tells her that when she lodge the complaint about to the police, she didn’t know that her husband Mr. Luthra will kill himself and he didn’t think about her and her son and adds that they have to end this enmity. She prays to God for Twinkle’s happiness.

Moment later, Leela asks Twinkle, why she is silent after calling her. Twinkle sits down and asks her to tell her something. Leela says if she tell her anything then she will burst into cries. Twinkle insists to tell her too, as she don't like to see her like this. Leela says she is saying as if she will go to Canada after marriage. Twinkle gets emotional and asks why girls go after marriage. Leela hugs her and says she will always be with her. They hug and cry. Manohar asks Kunj if he tried the sherwani. Kunj reply him that he always liked his taste and he never said anything infront of his liking. Manohar tells his son that he have many complaints with him and he have chosen Twinkle for him as he know she will be the life partner for him and if Twinkle feels any pain, then it will hurt him been his father and he knows he will be hurt too. Kunj tells him that he thought his dad came to meet him, but he was wrong and admit that few things will never change. Manohar bluntly tells his son that he is right and leaves.

Yuvi meanwhile talk to himself that Kunj might be very happy, but the final win will be his. He lights the fire and takes round around the fire. Anita comes there and asks what is he doing? Yuvi lie to his mother that he is practicing for tomorrow, as he will take rounds with Twinkle instead of Kunj. Anita reminds him that Twinkle is getting married to Kunj and says that it is over now. Yuvi says he will marry Twinkle in the same mandap. Anita asks if he have gone mad? Frustrated with his defeat, Yuvraj who plans to get rid of Kunj once and for all confined in his mother that he have a plan to marry Twinkle, but before that he have to end Kunj chapter. Anita asks him if he want to murder Kunj. Yuvi says yes, that Kunj will bid farewell to the world and Twinkle will be his. Seeing that her son seems to be having feelings for her enemy daughter, Anita refuses to let Twinkle be her daughter-in-law. Yuvi somehow convinces his mother and she agrees.

Leela blindfold Twinkle’s eyes, while Twinkle says she want see her bangles. Leela tells her that Raman will make her wear it. Raman comes there and puts the bangles in Twinkle’s hands, he covers it with white handkerchief. Leela tells Twinkle that she will see her bangles when she will become a bride. Chinki inform them that Pinni has brought pure water from the river, as they have to do Ghara kharoli ritual of Kunj too. Pinni brings water in the pot while Twinkle and Kunj are sitting, the pure water is poured on them, and everyone are dancing while Twinkle stares at Kunj. On the other hand, a guard is pouring water on Yuvi’s head just as what is done on Kunj as he is determined to marry Twinkle the next day and not Kunj. Anita comes there and ask what's all this he is doing and asks if he have lost his mind? Yuvi asks his mom not to disturb him, adding that Twinkle is his, she will marry only him and if the marriage will happen then these rituals will happen too and that he have gone too much forward, he can't come back and he will marry Twinkle at any cost. He further tells his mom to be ready to make Twinkle her daughter-in-law. Anita is furious and asks him to stop all this, adding that he have become mad. Meanwhile in Leela’s house, everyone are dancing.


 Chinki brings Kunj and Twinkle too. Kunj holds her just when Twinkle is about to fall, she spark at him that he touched her again. Kunj fire back at her that he should have let her fall, and that she will understand when she fall once and asks why she have to disbalance herself only infront of him. He proudly says he know he is good looking but he control himself. Twinkle asks if he think he is a hero, and tells him to be happy that she is marrying him. Kunj also tells her that this marriage isn't his happiness. Twinkle says it's not for her either. Kunj then welcome her to Tashan e Shaadi, as it's not a love marriage, nor an arranged marriage. Twinkle says its just a Tashan e Shaadi, they starts leaving but comes in each other’s way, Kunj says till she is with him, his hands or leg will get injured once. Twinkle tells him if he open his eyes then it will not break. Kunj spark at her that she have no brains. Twinkle says he is stubborn too, she hits Kunj on his feet by striking her heels on his feet.

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