Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Tuesday Update On My Lost Home

Soni answers the doorbell and sees that it is Jeet. She asked him why he is home as he was supposed to be home the next day. He answers that he got his work done early and also asked where everyone else is.
She tells him that they have all gone for darshan. Jeet thought that this means that there is just the two of them alone. He offers to go sleep at his friends house and Soni tells him that the thought was enough and that he should go rest. Meanwhile Veer thought of calling Soni and thinks that it was really late and that Soni is probably sleeping. He calls and Soni answers. Meanwhile Jeet speaks in the background and Veer asked if he was at home and Soni says yes, he just came. Veer says that its good, that way they won't have to worry about her and tells her to sleep. He hangs up and Cherry comes rushing over and asked if what she heard was true and if Jeet was home that early. Veer says yes. Cherry questions as to how suspicious it is that he is home early as he had told Daddyji and Veer otherwise. Veer asked that what is weird about it? It happens sometimes that he might have changed his plans. He leaves and Durga comes rushing over and asked Cherry how dare she involve Jeet in this. She only wanted Soni to get blamed, not her Jeet. Cherry says that how did she think that only Soni would suffer when both Soni and Jeet were to blame and that Durga was the mastermind behind their plan. She leaves whiles Durga is left dumfounded when Cherry reveals her true conniving nature to her. 

Next everyone is shown to be praying and Veer gets prasad from Matarani. The priest says that he should give the prasad to the person whom he loves the most. Whom he wants to make his relationship even stronger. Harry asked who he was going to give the prasad to and Veer answers that he will think about it. Everyone says that he will surely give it Soni. Veer maintains that he will think about it. Daddyji says that of course, his wife has the first right to everything. Durga looks hurt. Cherry smirks that its only a matter of days before Soni's true face will be revealed.

Shabd and Mahi are shown in their room. Shabd says that all their honeymoon plans are ready. Mahi says that Soni had invited them to Holi and Shabd says that he will color her the most at the function.  She also says that she will not go at all. Shabd says that he will have Soni do it for him. Mahi is shown by herself in the living room thinking that on holi, the strange woman claiming to be her mother might be discovered and she can't risk that. Gauri looks on.

At the Khurana house everyone comes back home. Cherry says that Soni bhabhi should have also come with them. Soni says that next time she will. Jeet comes and asks how the trip was and Veer says good because he didn't have to worry about Soni. He says that he is tired and asked Soni to get his clothes for him. As he was leaving, Veer says that Jeet should have come and Jeet says that he told Cherry that he would be home early. Cherry fakes that she misunderstood and says sorry. Durga thinks that she knows perfectly well that Cherry didn't misunderstand Jeet, in fact, she misunderstood Cherry.

Jeet tells them that it was alright and that there is no need for them to be sorry for that as he will go to the Mandir the next time. Veer and Soni leaves.

At the terrace, Mahi is looking upset, Gauri asked why she was upset. Mahi says that she was not upset. Gauri tells her that she shouldn't lie to her. Gauri tells her that she had gone to the outhouse. Gauri informs Mahi that she has not told anyone as she doesn't want that there should be some misunderstanding between Shabd and her. Gauri leaves.

Veer gives the valuable coin to Soni and says only the lucky person gets to have it. Veer tells Soni to keep it with her always. Cherry is behind the door listening to their conversation. Veer says its for you as i love u the most. Soni says that she was lucky to have a husband like Veer. Veer says I have brought this for you,what will u give to me? Soni says that she doesn't have a gift now but she will surely get him one very soon. Veer says he was just joking, I don't need any gift as its enough for me that you are with me..

In the car, Mahi is going somewhere with the woman who has finally changed her dress. The woman asked if they were going to meet Soni?Mahi didn't answer her. Mahi and the woman reached a destination. The woman asked whether if Soni lives around. There are many people there. Mahi takes the woman inside and tells her to stay there and also not leave from there,  she tells her that she will come back for her. Mahi goes outside the house and talks with a woman..The woman tells her that the preparations have been done for the strange woman to stay there. The woman says there are some formalities,which has to be completed. Mahi asked will there be taken care of the food, given to her on time? The women says yes. Mahi goes to sign the papers and leave. The woman is waiting for Mahi. Mahi was going to meet her but she thinks that if she met her, she will not let her go. its better that I don't met her. She said. Mahi sit in the car. The woman sees behind and saw that Mahi was leaving. She follows Mahi's car and kept on pleading with her not to  leave her. Mahi leaves and the man close the gate..The woman is left behind crying.

Shabd and Mahi comes for the holi celebration at the Khurana household. Soni saw that Mahi was looking upset and asked her why. Mahi says that there is nothing wrong. Durga tells Soni to talk with her sister later, she tells her to give her the pooja thali. Soni brings the thali. Durga calls everyone and tells them that it was time for the pooja celebration. They all do the pooja.

Later, Veer tells Shabd that he liked his gift but it would have been far more better if had come himself and given it to him. Veer leaves, DD comes and take Shabd with him to make merry.  Soni tells Mahi that she should talk to her. Mahi asked Soni if everything is fine at her marital home because she saw that Veer looked upset today. Soni tells her that he is one who is most happy about the Pooja celebration. Mahi asked Soni if she has told everything to Veer concerning her and Jeet past relationship. Soni says no. Mahi again tells her to just tell the truth to Veer otherwise if he knows this beforehand the result will be very bad.

Mahi tells Soni that if she tells the truth to Veer herself he might be able to forgive her. Veer who is standing behind them listened to their conversation. Veer also thinks that Mahi also knows that Soni is hiding something from him and says to himself that it's surely has to be a big problem. Soni leaves. Cherry saw that Veer was upset and she smile upon seeing her plans been successful. Cherry says to herself that she want Veer to feel the pain when someone that he loves the most hurt him.
Durga and Jyoti are both in the bedroom when Cherry comes. Durga tells her that she doesn't know what she was doing and what the consequences of that evil plans might be. Cherry tells her that she knows what she was doing perfectly well. She asked Durga why she looked worried, "You wanted Soni to leave this house" She said. Durga tells her that she has said to her that Jeet's name should not be involved. Durga tells Cherry that its not her son (Jeet's)  fault but it's of Soni. Cherry looks at the clock, and its 12:00AM. Cherry tells Durga that she needs to go and sleep. Durga and Jyoti leaves.

Downstairs, Durga tells Jyoti that its all her fault for bringing Cherry in their house, she always thought her more as her daughter and now she wants to trap her son Jeet, she wants to create a fight and misunderstanding between both brothers. Durga tells herself that her name is "Durga Khuranna"  and now Cherry should just see as to how she will save her son (Jeet) from Cherry's evil clutches.

At the garden,  DD is drinking bang. Harry comes and he is covered with a white chadar. DD tells him to remove it as its holi. Harry says that he wants that Lovely puts the color on him first. Harry asked DD what he was drinking. DD says it bang and asked whether if he would like to have a taste of it. Harry says yes. DD explains to Harry that if he drinks it,  he would not be in his senses anymore and he can do anything without knowing since it contains alcohol. DD leaves.

At the bedroom,  Soni comes with the red color and tells Veer that it was their first holi after marriage and that she wants to put the color on him first. Jeet and Cherry comes with the color red and Jeet tells Veer that he would put the color on him first. Jeet was about to put the color on Veer but Cherry intentionally throws the thali on Soni. Soni asked Jeet "what have you done". Jeet apologized and Veer said that there's nothing wrong. Jeet leaves with Cherry as Durga called them. Veer also leaves.

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