Thursday, 12 April 2018

Thursday Update On Fire & Ice Episode 117 - 119

Twinkle is on her way home, coming through the gate. She almost collides with Kunj. She praise him that he is leaving for college early. He says he might get late as she is in his path. Another one of their Nok jhok starts. A car pulls up and a girl come to meet Kunj. He hugs her and says Maya.
Twinkle says Kunj... He introduces Twinkle to Maya and says that Maya is his childhood friend and now they are taking MBA classes together. Twinkle eyes her. Kunj says that Maya is very cute. Twinkle is not impressed with the way Kunj praises his childhood's friend. Maya tells him that he always pulls her leg. She tells him that he made a good choice in Twinkle as his wife. They leave to go to college. Leela opens a box. It contains Twinkle's baby stuff. She takes out some item and starts crying. She reminices everything. She wonders what Twinkle would do when she learns the truth. She takes a picture out of the box. It is her husband's picture. She says that everything is happening because of him. She hears him calling out to her. She runs out and sees him standing downstairs. He says he came to enquire about her health. She asks him to stop all this drama. She asks him to leave and goes back into her room. He starts following her and trips on the stairs. She runs to his aid. He is bleeding from his face nad is unconscious. She gets a glass of water, spinkles it on his face and tries to revive him. It's to no avail. At that moment, Twinkle comes and rings the door bell. Leela begs the man to wake up as she cannot answer any questions if people see him there. Twinkle is still ringing the doorbell. she starts knocking and gets worried too.

Twinkle comes to her home but Leela is not opening the door because her husband is inside and he got hurt. She manages to make him come conscious. He opens his eyes and sees Leela standing there. She tells him Twinkle is outside. Her husband says Twinkle should not see him now. Leela thinks what the problem is, one side is her daughter and the otherside is her husband but her husband asks her not to worry and that he won't let Twinkle know this secret, he is about to fall down but Leela holds him on time. Twinkle knocks on the door and is worried for her mother. Leela asks her husband to hide in the room, she takes him up and brings first aid, she cleans his wound while her husband asks her to go and see Twinkle. Leela says the blood is not stopping, he assures her that he is fine and she should go. Leela tells him to do the bandage and she will come later. After hiding him in a room, she goes to open the door. Twinkle is worried as her mom is not answering the door. She thinks what if something has happened to her mother. She says she will have to break the door to get inside and decided decides to call Kunj first, she is about to call Kunj but her mother opens the door. A worried Twinkle cries and asks why is she not opening the door? She hugs her, Leela lie that she was not getting sleep so she took sleeping pill and she was sleeping.

Twinkle tells her mother not to make her scared again and asks her how is she? Twinkle is worried for her mother and wants to stay with her but Leela says there is no need, she is fine. Twinkle says she is her mom and dad, she will not be at peace thinking that she is ill. Leela says she is not much away from her, her house is near and tells her to go back to her in-laws, but Twinkle doesn't want to listen to her and says she will call Bebe and she will let her stay with her so Leela gets a little mad at her to go after seeing her husband blood stain on the stairs and want her to leave before her daughter see it. Twinkle asks if she haven't forgiven her? Leela says nothing like that, and then making the excuse of what people will think of her stay at her mother place, she convinced Twinkle to leave that people don't like duaghter to stay at their mother’s place after marriage so she should go, Twinkle agrees with her that she can't go against her, she will go but if she feel weak then to call her. Leela agrees. Twinkle leaves, Leela says she wanted her to stay here but there are some problems that need to be taken care of.

In the night Leela tells her husband to take medicines, he asks what's the need for all this? She says he will become fine and leave her house. Her husband says he have made her tensed and promise to leave her house, but just when he stand to leave, he feels dizzy, she says he can't go and he says he have already given her tension and he should leave. Leela agrees that he have given her tension as much as he wanted and says to her husband to stay for the night and go away in the morning when he feel better. He asks if she is sure? She nods, he holds her hand and thanks her, she looks at him, he removes his hand. He tries to praise her that she is still same and she can't see anyone’s pain but she says that the time is changes and she too. She says he is right, human never change but situations changes, even if there was some stranger, she would have done same and she took care of him for humanity. Just then Twinkle calls her and the man requests to Leela to put the phone on speaker because he wants to hear Twinkle's voice again, but Leela refuses saying that at least he got to hear Twinkle's voice, but she in all this years had nothing as he didn't allow her and she goes to talk to Twinkle outside.

Twinkle asks her mother if she is fine or feeling weak? She asks her mother to take care of herself and if you need her then to call her, she ends the call. Kunj asks what happened to leela? Twinke says she was feeling dizzy, and she gave her medicines. On the other side after hearing about Leela's condition Kunj is saying to Twinkle that she should be with her mother in this tough face. Twinkle explains her that her mother doesn't want her to stay with her, so she has to come back. Kunj says she never listen to him and asks from when she has started caring for what people says, and that normally she doesn't listen anyone and always does whatever she wants. But on hearing this she tells him not to make her feel guilty, she starts crying and Kunj consoles her. Kunj gives her his handkerchief asking her not to cry. Twinkle wipes her tears and nose. Kunj tells her that she will have to wash it now. Twinkle apologize to him along with tears and nose flows too. Kunj says it's okay, and proudly says husband is rich from heart, he have plan, he tells her to make some good food for her mother tomorrow and she will feel better. Kunj says she can get more ill with het prepared food. Twinkle asks what he mean? She asks if she made bad food? She then reminds him that she prepare his lunchbox and threatened not to make it now. Kunj asks if she is warning him? She says yes. Twinkle realize that he wanted to distract her to make her happy and that's why he is fighting her? She tells him that he seem smart but he is not, as he wanted her to stop crying. Kunj proudly says he is smart. Twinkle wipes her nose again with his handkerchief, Kunj makes weird face and leaves, Twinkle smiles.

The next morning Twinkle wakes up early on alarm and compliment herself that she woke up today on time and on seeing Kunj sleeping with a book on his face she goes to remove it, she comes to him and looks at him lovingly, she thinks that he is sometime bitter, somtime sweet, sometime angry young man, he has so much mood swings but he seems so calm when he is sleeping, and once he wake up, he will start fighting again, she tries to take book which is beneath Kunj’s head, she leans towards him and takes the book but her wedding chain gets stuck in his shirt. Twinkle gazes at Kunj and thinks that she believe in God’s signs but why these filmy things happen with her? And if Kunj wakes up then he will tease her again, she tries to disentangle her wedding chain, Kunj puts his hand around her and brings her more closer, Sajna Ve song plays in the background.Twinkle disentangle her wedding chain and covers Kunj with blanket. She is about to leave but slip and she falls on him. Kunj wakes up and says it seems like wall fell on him and asks if there is earthquake? He asks Twinkle what she is doing upon him? Twinkle says she fell by mistake, Kunj asks if this is new way to make him wake up, he tries to make Twinkle move, they both fall from the couch, he asks if she don't feel shame? Twinkle says she was just covering him with blanket. Kunj says she wanted to take advantage of him. Twinkle asks if he is Ranveer Singh? Kunj also says even she is not Deepika Padukone but for Mr. India like him and that Miss Amristar like her is fine. Twinkle says nice joke, and asks him if he know Mr. india can vanish. Kunj says he is in front of her now but if he vanish then she will miss him. Twinke says nothing like that, but she slipped on him. Kunj says her intentions were wrong, and that he don't trust her. Twinkle says he keep fighting with her and threatened to report him to Bebe. After they both share a very cute moment, she leaves. Kunj says good morning.

Later Twinkle brings coffee for Kunj, she asks him to come out of the washroom as he is getting late and his coffee is getting cold and then she sees Maya's message on Kunj's phone and she reads it that they should meet after college. Just then Kunj comes out from the washroom and on seeing her with his phone, they both of them start arguing where Kunj asks why is she checking his phone like typical wife. Twinkle says she just saw it by mistake. Kunj sees the message, Twinkle thinks that he is making many plans to meet her and that he told her the whole history of her, Kunj asks where is his coffee? Twinkle tells him to make for himself, and that this is her coffee and then Twinkle starts drinking the coffee that she brought for Kunj. Kunj gets mad and says she made it for him, Twinkle says she made it so now she is drinking it, Kunj asks her to give it to him and not to fight, Twinkle bluntly asks what will he do? He snatches the cup from her hands and takes a seep, they starts snatching the cup from each other and takes seeps from it. Bebe on seeing the both of them doing so gets happy and says that the love between an husband and wife becomes more strong when they start eating from the same plate. Twinkle says he is fighting with her, Kunj says she was not giving him coffee. Bebe again says all she know is that love increases when couple drink from one cup, she says they have to go to meet Leela and invite her for Lohri ritual, and also also adds that they will take what Twinkle made for her in lunch, she leaves, Kunj drinks the coffee.

At Leela's house, she sadly looks at the vermilion. Twinkle's father comes to Leela's room and she asks why did he come to her room and asks if he need something? Her husband says he have already irritated her and just then he feels dizzy and his phone falls down, Leela bents down to take it up, he feels dizzy and tries to take support by holding the table but he hits the sindoor box, unintentionally and it fills Leela's headline ( forehead ). Leela is shocked, but at the same time overwhelmed on seeing her forehead once again filled. He apologises to her that he got dizzy and this happened, just then the doorbell rings. Leela says it must be twinkle, she wipes the sindoor ( vermilion ) a bit and she covers her head with the veil, not wanting to remove the vermilion and asks him if he can go to his room? He says yes, she leaves.

Twinkle, Bebe and Anita had come to see her. Twinkle asks her mother how is she? Leela says she is fine and asks why she worry so much. Bebe says she is her daughter so she is naturally worried for her. Bebe then thank God she is fine. Leela says it's because of Twinkle’s care. Twinkle gives the food she made to her mother and Babe invite her for the Lodhi function and says she have to come there. Anita is bored and thinks she don't know when they will go from here. While they are taking, Anita notices the sindoor in Leela's forehead, she is shocked and asks her from where it come. Leela is shocked and makes an excuse making that she was actually cleaning her cupboard, there was vermilion and it fell on her forehead, adding that she tried to wipe it but couldn't. Bebe and Twinkle smile at her convinced, while Anita doesn't believes to her story. Bebe asks her to just take care of herself. Anita thinks why she feel Leela is lying and decides to find out what's going on in her mind.
Leela greets Twinkle and Bebe, some sound comes from room, Twinkle asks who is there? She then decide that she will go and see. Leela who tries her utmost best to hide the truth about Twinkle's father from her tries to stop her but she goes. Leela, Bebe and Anita come behind her to the room. Leela thinks that Twinkle shouldn't know about her father but her husband isn't in the room. Twinkle asks whose suitcase is this? Leela says she was clearing her cupboard so she brought it out.

Anita thinks that Leela is freaking out, and she have to find out what's going on with her. Leela’s husband is hiding behind the curtain and smiles at Twinkle. In order to distract them, Leela offers to make tea for them all, but Bebe says no need for formality that they are own people of hers. Leela takes them from there, Anita sees someone shoes behind the curtain, she thinks that Leela is having affair, that she shows herself so pious but in actual is having affair, she swear to insult her now and it will be fun.

Twinkle is getting ready in her room and says Kunj hasn't returned till now even today, it's Lorhi today and he must be spending time with Maya, but she don't care about it. She then says this is her first lohri so she will enjoy it, but her husband doesn't care and he must be with his Maya. Kunj comes there, Twinkle thinks that he got late and still not saying sorry and he is not even telling why he got late. Kunj asks her why she is not ready? Twinkle says she should be asking him this question and asks why he got late? Kunj says he told his mother that he will come late, Twinkle says why he didn't tell.., she stop and says nothing, Kunj asks if she is saying that he should have called her? He asks why is she behaving like typical wife like he have to tell her about everything, where he go and all, Twinkle says she should know and says what if Bebe ask her about him? Kunj says she always use Bebe’s card, and then tell her that he is going to get ready. Twinkle says she have taken out his clothes, Kunj looks at her and takes the clothes from her, he thanks her. Twinkle who is disturb to know where he want asks why he got late? Kunj says how does it matter to her? He leaves. Twinkle is hurt and says to herself that she do care about it, she is his wife and she should know where he goes, whom he meets, she finds Kunj’s phone and says he is her husband and she should check his phone but then say it's bad manners, she says she can check his phone to see where he goes but it will be spying, she keep saying no no that he is her husband so she can check it, she says Oh lord she is so confused, she is a good girl and she will not check his phone, Twinkle leaves.

Cherry is sitting outside Leela’s home and calls Anita, he says he haven't seen any person coming out of Leela’s house, Anita says that means the man is still with her, she is having affair. Cherry asks if she is sure as they got failed in their snake plan too before, Anita says they got failed because of his foolish, and order to now keep eye on Leela’s house and tell her when the man comes out. Leela comes to her husband, her husband apologize to her that he mistakenly made noise and Twinkle came in the room. Leela asks about his health? He says he is fine, she says so he will go tomorrow from here, he says he want see Twinkle for one time. Leela refuses and asks her husband to leave and to not try to see Twinkle or try to get in touch with her or her in-laws. Her husband, Raminder says one day the truth will come out. Leela says the truth which can destroy 4 lives shouldn't come out. Her husband says he know she also want Twinkle to know him and also want.. But Leela interrupts him and says what she want? She raise her voice that she want nothing, she haven't forgotten his cheating that he kept lying to her all these years, and tells him to leave her house. Her husband says he will leave but to tell him why did she put vermilion in her forehead? Leela says he can forget his duty as husband but she can't forget her duty as wife but that doesn't mean she can forgive him, and that he have lost the right as her husband, she tells him to have dinner and she leaves.

Twinkle comes to the Lohri function, dressed nicely, Kunj sees her and lovely says Miss Amritsar, Bebe blesses Twinkle and makes Kunj stand beside her, she says his wife is looking very nice, Kunj says she is looking same like everyday but yes make up is more. Twinkle tells Bebe to see that he teases her this way everytime, Bebe says she can see everything. Lohri function starts, Kunj and Twinkle are taking rounds around fire, Twinkle says he is a jerk, and she dont like to talk to him. Kunj says he know she is miffed with him because he didn't praise her, he says anyone can look pretty by putting make up. Twinkle angrily says he is so cold. Kunj sees Maya coming, he welcomes his college friends and makes Twinkle meet them, Maya says to Twinkle that she is looking pretty, Kunj takes Maya with him and dances with her, Twinkle looks at them and feeling jealous. Twinkle slips but Kunj holds her in time, they share eyelock, Sajna Ve song plays in the background. Kunj starts dancing with Twinkle, Twinkle smiles and dances with him. Leela comes to the function, Twinkle tells her mother that she missed the dance. Leela says she had some work, Twinkle says she don't take rest, Bebe suggests them to do the rituals first. Leela is still covering her head with veil, a guest asks her about it, Leela lie that she have asked God something so she is wearing this veil for it, Anita who sees the shoes of a man in Leela's house immediately tries to use this information to her own advantage as she is determined to make fun of Leela in the function, she purposely brings aarti plate to Leela. Bebe asks what is she doing? She reminds her that Lohri is for newly wed wives.

Anita says she don't want Leela to blame her for anything. A confused Bebe asks what is she saying? Anita says Leela haven't tell anyone so she will tell her, Anita says either Leela has got married or she is going to get married soon, all are shocked to hear this. Twinkle says she is insulting her mom, Anita tells Twinkle not to get miffed, as this is good news, saying her mom’s loneliness will go away and she will get new dad. Twinkle gets angry and says she can't blame her mother like this. Anita tells to ask her mom. Bebe asks Anita if she even know what she is saying? Anita says to Leela that they are not agreeing to what she is saying, and why don't she remove her veil and show them her forehead as she can't hide the vermilion for much time. Kunj angrily tells Anita that it's enough, he know she like to make issues infront of all but she is crossing limit and he can't listen to these things against his mom. Anita says son-in-law should be like him, as he don't know what is going on in her life but still taking her side, she tells Leela that she will remove her veil and just when Anita is about to remove Leela's veil from her forehad, Twinkle holds her hand and dare her not to touch her mom else she will forget her relation with her, and tells Anita that her mother has promised God to not remove this veil and no one can touch her.

Anita tells Twinkle that she is getting angry when she is pointing finger at her, and asks what will she do when the whole world will be pointing fingers at her? She points out to Twinkle that she is always proud of her mom being pious, and asks what will she do now with the man with whom she is having affair is still in her house. Kunj asks how can she put such cheap blame on her. Leela blunt out that Anita always do these kind of cheap things but she know nothing will happen to her, Anita asks why isn't she accepting that she is in love at this age? Twinkle says she won't stop till they prove her wrong and says they will go there and prove her wrong. She asks her mother to come. Leela gets tensed that Twinkle's will know about her father and she goes with Twinkle.

Twinkle with her in laws come to her mother's house. Twinkle tells Anita that she is not able to see any person here, and she is saying that there is man in her mother's house and asks where is he? Anita asks her to calm down and turn, Twinkle turns and is stunned to see the unknown man ( father ) standing there, he lovingly looks at her, Twinkle goes to her him, she is in shock and looks at him. Anita asks Twinkle what happened now? She taunt her that she kept giving lectures about her mom’s pure character. Twinkle asks the man who is he? Anita says it's straight thing that her mom was alone in this house with him so she is having affair with him. Kunj tells Anita to first let his mom speak ( Leela). Surjeet says it's clear that Leela is having affair with him and that Anita brought them to Leela's house so they could know her truth.

Usha asks Leela that atleast she should have thought about their respect. Twinkle who knows her mother too well says there is some confusion, she asks her mother to tell the truth. Anita says there is nothing to say and Reminder ( Leela's husband ) says it's enough, and asks if they all want to know the truth? He says the truth is that he is staying in Leela’s house since yesterday. Twinkle holds his collar and says he is lying, and that he is putting false blame on her mom. Kunj asks Twinkle to leave him.

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