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Wednesday Update On Bride With Benefits Episode 48 - 50

The episode starts with Gulkan telling Payal that Natru/Jogeshwar this time planned something big and instead of taking one time dowry, he selected a service wali bahu.(working daughter in-law)  Payal tells her that Natru did not take even 1 gift as dowry. Gulkan tells her that Natru wants a service wali bahu who can give him every month dowry as a salary and the biggest secret is that Dev was actually unemployed. She also says that Natru knows if Payal’s family was to knows about it, they will break this alliance, so he hid this fact from them.

The Pandit asks them to bring Payal for the marriage rituals. Indu asks Neelu and Alka to bring her. Payal's father  asks them to stop. Natru and Santoshi get tensed that someone must have informed him about their plan. He says that Payal is very competent and he is very proud of her, so he wants himself to go and bring her. Pandit suggests that it was a good idea.   Gulkan  asks Payal why she wants to be so dumb even after being so educated and continues that Dev studies in coaching center and does not own it. She asks what will she gain if she tells the truth and saves her as it is her wish now to continue the marriage or stop it. Payal tells her that she does not know what to believe. Gulkan says if she thinks she was lying and taking her children’s fake truth, then she has one more proof. She shows a clip in which Natru is confessing he needs a Service Wali Bahu who can earn for him his whole life. He further continues that Bhuvaneshwar and family even after being educated are so dumb that did not catch his lies and Dev being unemployed he also easily agreed to get their PWD engineer daughter married to Dev, He said that now he will reap the benefits his whole life. Payal starts crying. Gulkan tells her that it was up to her to stop this marriage and she leaves.

Bhuvaneshwar enters Payal’s room to take her to the mantap but he sees her sad. He thinks she is sad about leaving him and says he never hide anything from her and neither did she.  He also wants to say that he got a retirement letter and will be retiring in 3 months. He wanted her marriage to happen before his retirement and he would be at peace. He never liked bribe, side business, dowry and hated them his whole life. He tells Payal that he was happy that she is going to a well-educated, culture family who respects her values. He also adds that if her marriage would not have happened, he would have been shattered. He says that ater her marriage, he will leave a peaceful life with Indu as Neelu is still young and Rajath has started working. Payal starts crying vigorously and he tries to console her.

Gulkan sneaks her way out of the marriage hall, she calls the inspector and asks him to give the phone to her brother. He asks when will she come back. She replies that in just a few hours. He asks the constable to bring Mithilesh out and also gives the phone to him. Gulkan tells Mithilesh that now she has done her work and now Natru and his family’s problem will start. He asks her to come back soon. She says she will and thinks this was the trailer, the real film is yet to start since the marriage will not happen.

 Dev and Payal marriage rituals begin. Dev adorns mangalsutra over Payal’s neck and applies sindhoor on her forehead and completes the marriage. The Panditji asks them both to take their elder’s blessings. They both take Indu’s blessing first, then Bhuvaneshwar’s and then Natru/Jogeshwar and Santoshi’s. Natru asks Santoshi to go home soon and prepare for the bridal farewell ceremony before Gulkan comes. He also asks Bhuvaneshwar to perform bridal farewell rituals soon.

Dev tells Natru that Payal was looking very dull. Natru tells her that girls are very emotional and are emotionally attached to their parents, so they get sad thinking of leaving them. He asks Dev to forget it and get ready for bridal farewell. Indu prays and asks god to keep the newly wed couple happy forever. She then hugs Payal emotionally and asks her to take care of her new family well. Bhuvaneshwar then hugs her emotionally and tells her that she should always be courageous to win the battle of life just like the truth.

Payal then takes Guddan, Rajath’s blessings and hugs Neelu and Alka emotionally. Bhuvaneshwar requests Natru to take care of his daughter. Natru says he is not taking away a bahu, but also a daughter home. He promises that she will be happy in his house forever and she will take care of his house. The bridal farewell starts with Payal throwing rice behind while walking and looking at the whole house. "Babul Jo Tune Sikhaya Bidayi" song plays in the background.  She repeatedly hugs Bhuvaneshwar who says she is lucky to have such a good new family and he wants her to keep that family united. He requests Dev to take care of Payal and forgive him if some mistake happened during their marriage. Dev asks him to calm down and asks him not to worry about Payal. Natru gets restless and asks Guddu to sit with Payal and Dev in a car along with Sonu and Bunty. He says good bye to Bhuvaneshwar and asks him not to worry.

In the car, Sonu and Bunty asks Guddi why Payal was crying. Guddi tells them that Dev will console Payal. Dev tries to hold Paayal’s hand, but hesitates.

In the Bhuvaneshwar’s household,  Indu cries vigorously and Bhuvaneshwar tries to console her by telling her that even he is sad that Payal left their house, but she went to a better house than theirs and that the marriage happened without any issues. Indu says she is worried about Payal. Guddan asks her not to worry as they all know she has gone to a good house and he will keep a watch. Indu says that even then, her heart is inconsolable. Alka tries her turn and says just like they both left their parent’s house, even Payal left her house and Payal will make her in-laws proud just like she made her proud. Dev will take care of Payal well. Bhuvaneshwar says Alka was right, and just like Alka took control of their family, Payal will take control of her family as well.

Dev and Payal reached Natru’s house. Sonu and Bunty happily shout that they came back home. Guddi says she knows and asks them to keep quiet. Natru asks her to call Santoshi. Dev tells Payal that they were home now. He promises that he will take care of her always and will not let her feel devoid of her family. Natru calls Jugnu and asks him to take the items in. Santoshi asks Payal to wear veil as her Muh Dikhayi and Graha Pravesh ceremony is not yet over. Neighbours starts to praise Natru that he got a well-educated daughter in law.  He asks them to get in and finish Graha Pravesh first. Santoshi asks Dev to bring Payal in first. He opens the door and asks Payal to come out. She sits silently. He insists and takes her out. Jugnu drops an item by mistake. Ayodhya tries to hit him, but Dev rescues Jugnu. Ayodhya says Dev protected him and asks him to pick the goods and get in. Dev introduces Payal to Ayodhya and Payal is shocked to see the same goon and reminisces the incidents before at the gym center.  Dev takes Ayodhya’s blessings and asks Payal to take his blessings. Payal stands still in a shock. Dev insists and she hesitantly walks towards Ayodhya and touches his feet. Natru and Sanotshi grin seeing that. Ayodhya blesses her. Natru asks them to come in and signals Ayodhya.

Santoshi performs Gruha Pravesh of Payal with aarti and says she got a laxmi in her house and asks her to get in by kicking kalash in. 

Santoshi performs Graha Pravesh of Payal. The neighbours says Gulkan's name. Santoshi gets afraid and asks where she was. The neighour tells her that they were asking her where Gulkan was. Natru/Jogeshwar asks the neighbor not to frighten Santoshi and asks her to finish the Graha Pravesh soon. Payal steps in red water and then steps inside house. Santoshi then takes Payal and Dev to her family god’s picture inside the house. The pandit asks Payal to light a lamp. Payal lights a lamp and protects it from blowing off. The pandit says that Natru new bahu protected the lamp from going off and that he was very lucky. Natru proudly says that his bahu is very talented and intelligent and gives her thali by saying he is giving the responsibility of his house to her. Santoshi takes Payal in for Muh Dikhayi ceremony.

Ayodhya tells Natru that he feels weird that Payal did not react seeing him. Natru asks him not to panic as he is the mastermind of all the plans and knows how to control Payal.

Neelu sees Payal’s letter on the bed next to her suitcase, she calls the whole family and gives it to Bhuvaneshwar. Bhuvaneshwar reads the letter which states that Payal is proud of her parents and they are the best parents in the world. He further reads her praise for each family member and reads about gifts for each family member. Neelu gives gifts to each family member with letter for each of them. Indu reads her letter which state that she always gets tired working hard and gets knee pain, she massages her knees daily, but from today she is sure Alka and Neelu would do that, so she has gifted her some pain balms. Bhuvaneshwar gets a pill box, Alka cookery book, Neelu sports kit, Rajath wallet, and Guddan grey safari suit. They all get emotional. Bhuvaneshwar says just like she took care of everyone here, he is sure she will take care of her in-laws also.

Santoshi with Guddi makes Payal sit on a sofa and asks all the guests to come and see Payal’s face. Guddi asks Dev if he got a gift for Payal to give before suhaagraat. He says he forgot and asks her to get one. Guests praise Payal’s beauty and one of them keeps 101 rupees as shagun. Santoshi says her bahu is a PWD engineer and deserves at least 1001 rupees. Dev asks her to stop. She says she was just joking. Gulkan enters with a shagun and asks Payal why did she marry even after her warning. Natru and family gets worried upon seeing her.

Gulkan asks the servants to take children inside their room.  Ayodhya thinks he sent her into jail till Monday, then how did she come out and thinks something is different. She says she came here to taunt her in-laws, but is shocked to see her and says she is more dramatic than Natru and family who did not even listen to her. Dev asks when did she meet Payal. Gulkan says if he had questioned before, the story would have been different. She asks Payal when she told her the truth already by risking her life and pawning her brother against her and even taking her children’s oath but she  still married and pushed herself into hell. Natru thinks Gulkan already told the truth to Payal, but she did not do anything, he thinks that before she should provoke Payal, he should stop her. He asks Gulkan why she was making drama here. She asks him to stop and to back off and tells Payal again she is worst than Natru and family as she is believing their lies. Dev asks her what she was talking about.  Gulkan asks him to back off, she opens her box and throws a snake on Natru and Santoshi. They both panic and shout. Ayodhya says it is a fake snake. Natru relaxes and asks why did she come here and asks Ayodhya to kick her out of the house right now. Gulkan asks him to shut up and says if he ever tries to send her out, she will break his hands. Dev asks why she was misbehaving with his dad. Gulkan says if he should know the truth, he will be in shock. Payal thinks according to Gulkan, Dev does not know anything and as to how can a family fool their own son. Payal is left in deep thoughts.

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