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Monday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 186 - 188

The inspector comes to the house, Yuvi tell the inspector that Twinkle never liked Mahi as Twinkle used to love him and she was jealous of Mahi being his wife and that's why she killed her and they were not in talking terms.
The inspector goes to do more investigation and Yuvi talk to himself that Twinkle loved Mahi alot and now she is away from her, that's useless as Mahi couldn't do anything for him in her life but now she is useful for him. Anita says once the inspector checks Mahi’s room then everything will be in their favor.

At the police station, the lady inspector interrogate Twinkle why she killed Mahi? Twinkle says she didn't kill Mahi as she was her younger sister and asks why would she kill her?. As Twinkle gets interrogated at the police station meanwhile Kunj tries everything in his power to get her released and he brings the inspector to Mahi’s room and the inspector starts searching the room. Kunj says to the inspector that Twinkle loved Mahi alot and she can't do this but the inspector says he got to know that they were not in good terms. Kunj says Twinkle wanted Mahi to stay away from Yuvi as he was using her. The inspector continue searches Mahi’s room and finds a diary. Kunj is shocked to reads Mahi’s diary, as she has written that Twinkle doesn't like her with Yuvi, she is trying to break her relation with Yuvi and she has crossed all limits and that she even tried to throw acid on her face so that Yuvi leaves her.
Kunj is reading Mahi's diary. It is written that Twinkle can go to any extent to separate her from Yuvi. Kunj is shocked. Anita and Yuvi are spying on Kunj as he is reading this. A flashback is shown where Anita is talking to Yuvi and telling him what she had written in Mahi's diary. She says the case against Twinkle will be strong when the police will read this diary and they will have full doubt on Twinkle. She hides it in the cupboard. Flashback ends. Kunj says to the inspector that Mahi couldn't have written this. Yuvi comes there and asks if he is the one who wrote this then to frame Twinkle. Kunj says to him that he knows he has done this to frame Twinkle. Kunj grabs Yuvi's shirt. The inspector says that this diary contains the evidence against Twinkle and the case is a strong one now against her. Kunj tries to make him understand that this is a lie and that Twinkle is innocent. The inspector says they will decide what is the truth themselves. The female inspector is interrogating Twinkle in a room. Twinkle says she hasn't killed Mahi and asks why would she want to kill her younger sister. She breaks down and cries.

The inspector takes the diary from Kunj's hand and leaves. Yuvi and Kunj stare at each other. Meanwhile Twinkle is still crying for Mahi. Kunj is mad and looks at Yuvraj as though he is about to commit murder. He leaves in an angered state. Twinkle pleads with the female inspector to allow her to speak to her husband at least once. She folds her hands and begs her. The inspector says that she knows Twinkle has killed her sister. Twinkle cries and says she hasn't done anything but Yuvi has done it all. She says that she somehow feels that Mahi is alive and nothing has happened to her. The inspector says with the height Mahi has fallen, no one can survive that. She says soon they will find the body and then Twinkle will be in jail for a very long time. Twinkle cries uncontrollably.

Leela is sitting on the floor in her house. She is being consoled by Pinni and Raman. She looks at the sacred locket and says to Pinni that she wishes that she had made Mahi wear it. She says Mahi would have been alive had she worn it. Leela says she somehow managed to live without Mahi for all these years and just when she got her daughter back and was so happy, she lost her again. She says she will never see her daughter again and she won't be able to hug her again.
 She cries and cries. Pinni consoles her. Raman is tearful and asks Leela to get a grip on herself and think about what Twinkle must be going through. Leela says Twinkle own father does not believe her to be innocent. She adds that Raminder is being influenced by Anita and Yuvi's talk. She says if Twinkle finds out this then she would be shattered.

Anita tells Bebe that this time Twinkle won't be saved and will rot in jail for at least fourteen years and she is gone. Bebe says she does not want to says any bitter word to Anita right now and asks her to keep quite. Anita asks why she should be quite. She says that Twinkle has murdered her daughter-in-law and Twinkle's husband, Kunj is looking to blame her son, Yuvi for all this and asks why?. Raman is saying that Raminder cannot see through Yuvi and his intentions. Raminder comes there and tells Raman to say whatever he is saying to his face and not behind his back, if not then he should shut up. He says he has witnessed everything. Pinni says excuse me to Raminder. She tells him that he is being fooled by Yuvi and he cant see anything.

Anita says that Bebe always sides with Kunj and Twinkle. Bebe tells her that is enough. She says that everyone knows that she ( Anita ) never accepted Mahi as her daughter-in-law but not in death she is claiming to care. She tells Anita to have some shame and asks her why she is always after Twinkle's life. Anita asks if she is behind Twinkle. Kunj comes there and says stop it. He says to Anita that she is elder to him and he has some respect for her. He tells her to stay away from his family. He folds his hands and says please, Yuvi comes there and listens to this. Leela is saying to Raminder that when he come to realize the truth that Twinkle is innocent then he will regret it all his life.

Anita asks Kunj what he will do. She asks if he will kill her just like how Twinkle killed Mahi by pushing her off the cliff. She pushes him again and again. Kunj yells shut up and says it is enough now. Yuvi comes there and tells Kunj to lower his voice and keep his ego to himself else he will send him to jail also. He says Twinkle has killed Mahi so she sent her to jail. Kunj says oh really. He says he will save his wife as he will collect proofs against Yuvi. Yuvi says he can't do a thing as Twinkle will stay in jail. Twinkle is shown crying. Kunj says to him that all this time Yuvi has been planning to separate him and Twinkle. He says their trust in each other has gotten stronger than his cheap thinking and that there is love between them. He says Yuvi won't understand this and that he can try as much as he wants to separate them but he always loses and this time around he will lose too. Yuvi asks him if he is challenging him and says Twinkle can never be saved by anyone. Kunj asks him if he is challenging him and says he accepts this challenge. He say he will save his wife come what may and that this is a husband's promise.

At night in the police station, all officers are asleep. Someone comes there covered in a blanket. He takes the keys and unlocks Twinkle's cell. She is shown sleeping on the bench. He goes inside. Meanwhile, Yuvi is with his mistress celebrating and drinking. He says he got rid of Mahi and has even separated Kunj and Twinkle as he framed Twinkle for it. Someone comes there and knocks on his door. He says who can it be at this hour. He opens the door and sees his mom. He says mom and asks why is she so tensed. Anita sees the girl and tells Yuvi she will tell him in one minute. She comes into the room and throws the drink in the girl's face. Yuvi asks her what she is doing. Anita asks the girl to get out. The girl leaves and Anita locks the doors. Yuvi asks her what the matter is. She says he is here romancing with cheap girls but does not know what is happening. She tells him that Kunj has gone to the police station to take food for Twinkle. Yuvi says what. Anita tell him how she over heard Bebe and Usha discussing this and a flashback is shows where Bebe tells Usha that Kunj took food for Twinkle as he was worried for her, Usha says the police said that till the investigation is on, no one can't meet Twinkle. Bebe says that's what she is worried about and wonders how he will meet Twinkle? flashback ends. Anita says God alone knows what Twinkle and Kunj are planning right under the noses of the police.

In jail cell, Twinkle is still asleep. The guy stoops and caresses her head. Twinkle gets up in a fright. It's Kunj under the blanket. He places his hand over her mouth so that she does not scream. She sees him and hugs him tightly. He hugs her back. Sajna Ve song plays in the background. He asks her if she is okay. She tells him she is. She gets worried for him and asks him why he came there. She says if he gets caught he will be in a big trouble and asks him to leave. He tells her he doesn't care and he can't sit at home while she is here in lock up. He say he can't bear it to see her like this. She asks him about Mahi. He says the police are still searching for her body. She says that Mahi is alive. She keeps saying this that she is convinced that Mahi is still alive and she asks Kunj to look for her. He tells her that Mahi is dead and they all saw her fall and asks how can she be alive?. He says he wishes Mahi was alive so that he could take Twinkle out of this place. He says he cannot see her in this state and asks her to come back home soon. He says she does not know what he is going through without her by his side. Their foreheads touch.

Anita tells Yuvi that his one mistake can ruin the plan. Yuvi says he made this plan and it is foolproof. He says that Kunj is acting too smart. He takes out his phone and calls the inspector. While Kunj is feeding Twinkle, he has tears in his eyes. She asks him if he ate. He nods yes. She tells him he is lying to her and make him eat as well. She tells him she doesn't understand what happened and says when she arrived at the cliff she saw Mahi but Yuvi was no where in sight though she felt sure he was around hiding and pushed Mahi. She says she does not understand how he did this. Kunj says he will gather proof against Yuvi and he will go back to the cliff. She tells him that the police are doing a search operation there and it will be risky. He says he will have to take this risk.

Twinkle shows Kunj the anklet that Mahi had gifted to her. She says her younger sister gifted her something for the first time and she couldn't give her anything in return. She cries and Kunj wipes her tears. He is about to feed her some more when the inspector comes there and says Mr. Kunj. Both of them are shocked to see him. The inspector says to Kunj that he has commit a crime by coming there. Yuvi is hearing all this on the phone and smiles.

At the police station, the Inspector is angry at Kunj and asks if he came here to break Twinkle out of jail. Kunj says he came to give Twinkle some homemade food and that he is a law abiding citizen. The inspector says law abiding citizens do not break into jail cells at night. The inspector is about to arrest Kunj but Twinkle says he came to make her eat her food, he didn't do anything wrong, she begs the inspector not to arrest Kunj. As the inspector is taking Kunj from there, Twinkle falls down, Kunj gets worried and says nothing will happen to her. Twinkle promises the inspector that Kunj will never come to visit her again. Kunj looks at her in disbelief. The police release Kunj and he walks away and slams his fists into the wall as he goes. Yuvi is listening to this on the phone and laughs on Twinkle and Kunj. He says ouch. Anita asks him what happened. He says he just heard the sound of Kunj and Twinkle's heart getting shattered. Anita says they haven't won yet and tells him that Kunj is very smart and that he won't give up until he finds some clues that Twinkle's innocence.

At the cliff site,Yuvi and Raminder care present there. Raminder asks whether they found anything yet. The inspector says that they are still searching for Mahi's body as it hasn't been recovered yet. Yuvi starts playing his games with Raminder. He says he couldn't see his Mahi one last time. He fills Raminder's ears and says that they are the only ones present here, as no one else cares about Mahi. He says the entire family only cares about Twinkle and even Leela mom, isn't here as she only cares about Twinkle and Kunj. He adds that he feel bad. Raminder cries hearing this and wipes his tears. Kunj comes at the crome scene and sees Raminder and Yuvi together. He hides from them, but Yuvi sees him and smirks. He says he needs to find some proof against Yuvi. Kunj comes near the cliff and thinks what Yuvi would have done to make Mahi fall from there? He sees a spot in front of the cliff. Kunj comes to the otherside of the cliff and says this must be the place where Yuvi was hiding and where he would have pulled Mahi down. He thinks he should search for some clue here and he starts searching there.

The inspector gets call that Mahi's body is found. The body is covered with a white sheet. The inspector says that this will be difficult but they have to identify the body. Raminder raises up the cloth but drops it back scared as the face is distorted and badly damaged. Yuvi pretends and says this can't be their Mahi. Anita is telling Leela and Bebe about the condition in which Yuvi has described Mahi's body. Anita enjoys rubbing their faces in the fact that Mahi died a gruesome death. Bebe tells her not to say anything. Anita says she is telling them what Yuvi told her that Mahi’s body was completely destroyed and that she have got such bad death, Leela stares at Anita.

Kunj comes to Yuvi and says stop this drama, its enough, Kunj looks at the dead body. He tells the inspector that he has gotten a proof against Yuvi. The inspector queries what it might be. Kunj shows Yuvi's ring and says this is Yuvi's ring. He says he found it in the bushes where Yuvi was hiding when the incident took place. He had tied rope on Mahi's foot, he pulled the rope when Twinkle came near her, all thought that it was Twinkle who pushed her, he says to Yuvi that his game is over. H esays he was hoping to find one clue against him.

Leela says to Anita that she wanted her to broken and losing. Leela says well she has lost, she goes down on her her knees and says that she is bowing infront of Anita today. she says that Anita wanted to destroy her today and she has done so. Leela says her whole family is destroyed, her one daughter is dead and other daughter is in jail and her husband is not believing her. She says she is alone and asks Anita if she is happy or does she want more. Yuvi says to Kunj that he cannot bring any ring and will say that it's his. Kunj says why is he tensed then? Yuvi says he didn't do anything wrong. Kunj says then wear this ring and prove him wrong, Yuvi asks why must he wear this ring. Kunj says Yuvi is reluctant as he is guilty. Yuvi says that Kunj will never be able to save Twinkle. Kunj asks him to wear the ring.

Anita says to Leela that she can blame them for everything but she can change the truth and the truth is that her one daughter has killed her other daughter, and she won't get anything by making her look bad infront of all, Pinni takes Leela from there, Bebe stares at Anita and leaves. Anita says Leela was right, today she fulfilled her revenge, she have fulfilled her promise, she have destroyed and broken Leela like she ( Leela ) Brooke her years back, she have won and she laughs.

The inspector asks Yuvi to wear the ring, Yuvi says they have got the culprit, she is in jail then why he should do it? The inspector says investigation is still on, and they have doubt on everyone and tell him to wear the ring, Yuvi takes the ring from Kunj, Kunj asks Yuvi to wear it in his ring finger, Yuvi wears it but it doesn't fit his finger and says this is smaller than his size, Kunj says this can't be true, he tries to make him wear it, Raminder says enough, this ring is smaller, and his blame on Yuvi is rubbish, the inspector says to Kunj that he is diverting their attention and asks him to leave from here, he goes to take the body for postmortem, Yuvi asks Kunj what happened? See its Mahi's body and asks what will he do now? He said game over? its game over for Twinkle and chanllenge him to save her if he can.

Yuvi comes to Anita, Anita asks if the ring didn't fit his finger? Yuvi shows how he had fake skin on his finger, he says he was not finding his ring and he thought if police finds his ring then he will be gone so he ordered this skin mask and Kunj was so shocked to be failed. Anita praise him that he is a genius like his mother, and what will they do now? Yuvi says they will enjoy, and he is thinking to go and meet his baby. Kunj comes to the jail and tells Twinkle about finding Mahi's body, Twinkle says to Kunj that it can't be Mahi's dead body which is found, she can't die, it's not her body, Kunj asks her to calm down and says Mahi is dead, she has left them, and asks her not to be weak for him, for herself and for Mahi, he says he promise her that he will make Yuvi get punishment for his deeds, and she have to be with him, and tells her to promise him that she will be with him? Twinkle holds his hand, she cries, they recall their moments spent together.

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