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Sunday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 184 - 186

Kunj is in kitchen and talks to himself that what does she think of herself, she made fun of him infront of everyone and says let her come. Twinkle comes in the kitchen, Kunj says she must have come to say sorry when she made fun of him and she  acted so innocent and he don't need her sorry now.
Twinkle asks who told him that she came to say sorry? She jokingly tells him that she couldn't understand what he was trying to say there. Kunj says she want him to say everything and he won't tell her anything. Twinkle says she haven't come here to ask him anything but she have come to drink water. Kunj then tells her to drink. Twinkle tries to open the water bottle but her hands are filled with mehendi. Kunj smirks seeing her struggle to drink water and when the bottle is about to fall, Kunj holds it in time, they both look at each other and gets lost in each others eyes, Kunj opens the bottle and says she keep blabbering, he makes her drink the water, he wipes her chin, Sajna Ve song plays in the background. Kunj says she keep blabbering but she know that she want to fulfill his promise. Twinkle says she don't care but he is after her. Kunj then asks why did she decorate the room and those messages which she sent to him? He tells her that she can make him wait but he know she will fulfill his promise and asks what's say? He kisses her hand, he comes closer and when they are about to kiss, Twinkle pushes him away, she smiles and leaves.

Mahi is looking at her mehendi when Twinkle comes there. Mahi apologise to Twinkle that she was right about Yuvi and he can't be trusted, he is a cheated and he cheated on her, she cries and says she misunderstood everyone as she thought her as her enemy and she don't know how to ask for forgiveness from her and asks her elder sister to please forgive her and she folds her hands but Twinkle says no that she can't see tears in her eyes and she herself have done mistakes too but she was lucky to get Kunj and see how much happy she is, adding that Kunj is so nice, he takes care of her and sameway everything will be fine in her (Mahi) life too and she thank God for having her and Kunj in her life, she have applied mehendi on Kunj’s name and she is lucky to get a younger sister like her. Mahi cries and hugs her big sister.

Mahi tells Twinkle that this is her favorite anklet and she want her to wear it today and further asks if she can make her wear it? Twinkle nods happily. Mahi makes her wear it on her foot. Twinkle hugs and kisses her forehead as they sort out their differences. Mahi cries while Ab Na Tumhe Jane Dengy song plays in the background. Just then, Twinkle’s phone rings, she puts it on speaker and the manager says he is talking from paradise hotel that she have booked a room and they have done the decoration nicely. and then asks Twinkle if she can come and see it rightnow? Twinkle says okay, she ends the call and informs Mahi that she have booked it to surprise Kunj and she can tell her. Mahi asks if she will go alone? Twinkle says yes as it's a surprise and jokingly warns her not to tell this to anyone, and if Kunj ask about her then she should not tell him. Mahi says it's secret between them and she won't tells anyone but the duo are unaware that Anita is listening to their conversation. Anita who listen to the sisters smirks. Yuvi meanwhile gives money to a waiter at the Paradise hotel and tells him to call him when Twinkle reaches the hotel. Twinkle on the other hand is leaving the house when Anita strikes with her and puts her foot on Twinkle’s phone and she tells Twinkle her phone got destroyed and also apologize to her for this. She then tells Twinkle that she will repair it but Twinkle refuses saying she will do it herself and she leaves. Anita smirk.

Meanwhile, Kunj is searching for Twinkle in the house, he asks Mahi about her but since her elder sister have forbid her not to tell anyone especially Kunj about her plan, Mahi tells Kunj that she don't know. Kunj asks if Twinkle is playing hide and seek with him? Mahi says she will come, Kunj says he is retiring from this game and she has to find him now, he leaves. Mahi says they love each other so much and she wish they remain together for life and not everyone has love like this. Mahi comes inside her room and find her mom there. Leela tells Mahi that she don't have mehendi in her hands. Mahi says she forgot to apply it and Leela says she know she is hiding something from her and asks her to tell her mom what's in her heart. Mahi tells her mom that she is taking tension unnecessary and assured her that there is nothing like that. Leela then asks why is there no mehendi in her hands? Mahi asks her not to worry. Leela then tells her that she have brought sacred locket for her and if she wear this then all her problems will remain away from her, she tries to make Mahi wear it but it falls from her hands and locket breaks. Leela begins to feel uneasy when the necklace she gets for Mahi, breaks right in front of her and says this is not good omen but Mahi says it's not a big deal. Leela says years back when she made Raminder wear this locket and it broke down, after that he didn't come back but Mahi tells her mom not to believe in all this and that her dad returned. Leela says she will get it repaired now only for her peace, she leaves. Just then, Mahi gets Yuvi’s call but she cuts it, he calls her again, Mahi again disconnects it, he calls again, she takes it this time and asks why is he bothering her and further asks if he want to confess the truth? Yuvi says he tried to pacify her but he failed and she is forgetting that he  never lose, reminding her that she insulted him and she have to pay for it now, adding that no girl like her can slap him and leave. Mahi blunt out that she is not scared of him and warns her not to call her again. Yuvi says atleast to think about Twinkle. On hearing her sister's name, Mahi is stunned and asks where is Twinkle? Yuvi says Twinkle is kidnapped by him and if she want her safe then to come to the jungle behind the temple else Twinkle will... but before he can complete his sentence, Mahi interrupt him and says no, Yuvi asks if she think she is in paradise resort? And he forgot to tell Mahi the manager who called her was done by his man and it was all his plan. Mahi says this can't be true. Yuvi says okay, he will send her Twinkle's picture, he ends the call. Mahi calls Twinkle but her phone is switched off, Yuvi sends her picture in which Twinkle’s back is shown to be tied with tree. Mahi calls Yuvi and warn her not to do anything to Twinkle that she is coming to meet him and not to do anything to her, she ends the call and leaves without telling anyone about Twinkle kidnap. Yuvi smirks.

Mahi comes to the cliff while Yuvi is standing at the end of cliff with Twinkle’s back towards Mahi, Mahi runs towards them and tells him not to do anything with Twinkle and pleading with him to leave her. Yuvi says okay he will leave her as she wish, he leaves Twinkle and it falls down but it turns out to be Twinkle’s statue. Mahi is shocked and cries. Yuvi laughs and grabs her from hair, he tell her to look at him and asks if she think he is crazy? He further says will he kill a girl whom he love so much? He reveal to Mahi that he love Twinkle and doing all this for her, Mahi is shocked. Yuvi says he did so much for her, he even did drama of loving ugly duckling like her (Mahi) and she think he will kill his Twinkle for him? He tells her that he have been using her and he will use her even after her death, he laughs out loud, he brings an iron rod and Mahi begs him not to do this with her. Yuvi tell her to relax that he will not kill her but her sister will kill her and asks Mahi if she want to know how? He checks his phone, Mahi throws dust in his eyes and runs from there but Yuvi runs after her.

Twinkle comes to paradise resort, she says she got a call from their side and the manager says they didn't call her. A curious Twinkle thinks who called her and why? She feel something is fishy. Mahi meanwhile is running for her life, she stops a bike and says someone is after her and plead with the biker to help her. The biker takes off his helmet and it's turns out to be Yuvi. Mahi is stunned and she runs from there. Yuvi follows her on his bike and grabs her from hair. He calls the resort and the manager gives it to Twinkle. Yuvi tell Twinkle that her sister is kidnapped by him and Twinkle is shocked. Yuvi says if she want to save her then to come to the cliff near the temple otherwise she will be dead. Mahi shouts telling her sister not to listen to him. A scared Twinkle asks Mahi where is she? Yuvi says she have listened to her voice and tell her to come to the cliff soon. Twinkle warn Yuvi that if anything happens to her sister then she won't spare him. Yuvi says her time is running out, and tell her to come there soon. Twinkle cuts the call and runs from there.

Kunj asks his mom if she saw Twinkle? Usha says no and also inform him that even Mahi is not seen and they have already left for temple. Pinni says they should leave too. Kunj thinks that Mahi is not seen now and he think something is wrong. Yuvi ties Mahi near the cliff and tell her to thank God for her life and asks if she want to give message to her family then to tell him. Twinkle comes there, Yuvi talk to himself and apologize to Twinkle, he says to make her and him one, third person has to sacrifice and that is Mahi. Twinkle sees Mahi near the cliff and says she is coming, Mahi nods her not to come. Mahi is tied with rope while Yuvi is holding the otherside of the rope and hiding in bushes, Twinkle comes to Mahi and tries to hold her but Yuvi pulls the rope from the other side, Mahi starts falling down off cliff. Twinkle is shocked, she saves Mahi by grabbing her before she can fall off, Yuvi is shocked. Twinkle assured Mahi that nothing will happen to her. Later, all the family members come there, Yuvi tell Twinkle to get ready to say bye to Mahi, he pulls the rope again and Mahi falls down off the  cliff from Twinkle’s hands. Twinkle is shocked and can't believe it.

Yuvi says get ready to say bye to her sister, he pulls the rope and Mahi falls down from the cliff as other end of the rope was tied on her foot. Mahi falls from Twinkle’s hand, she is shocked and can't believe it. All come near the cliff, Twinkle tells them to save Mahi, she plead with them to save her. Kunj asks  Twinkle how did this happen? Anita calls the police. Twinkle repeatedly tells them to please save Mahi. Anita comes there and tell Twinkle to stop this drama, that first she threw Mahi off the cliff and now she is doing drama and everyone saw Twinkle holding Mahi. Kunj asks Anita how can she blame her for this? Adding that this is cheap. Anita says they don't know what Twinkle was thinking and they all saw Twinkle pushing Mahi off the cliff, she asks Usha and Bebe to speak up, she says no one will say anything but the truth is that Twinkle took revenge from Mahi by killing her. Leela angrily tell Anita that it's enough, she have lost her daughter and she is after her other daughter and that she have lost her daughter, she cries. Anita says the truth is that her elder daughter killed her younger daughter. Leela says Twinkle loves Mahi alot, she can't do it and they got Mahi after so much difficulty but she is no more, she breakdowns in tears. Bebe asks Anita to stop it atleast one time. Anita asks Bebe till when she will keep saving this Twinke? Bebe asks her to stop it and get lost. Anita ask Raminder to not blindly trust Twinkle and they all saw Twinkle holding Mahi and throwing her off the cliff and she has killed Mahi. An upset Kunj shouts at Anita that for godsake not to create this drama here, reminding her that they have lost Mahi and she is saying all this rubbish. Anita says the truth is that Twinkle have killed her. Twinkle says no it was Yuvi who has killed Mahi and all are stunned as Yuvraj really does do something no one expected. Twinkle says Yuvi kidnapped Mahi and tied her feet with ropes and pulled those ropes. Anita angrily says Twinkle is making false stories as Yuvi is not present here and she have called him and he is coming here as he loved Mahi so much and warn Twinkle not to blame him. Kunj says they all know how innocent Yuvi is and asks Anita if she is involved in this plan with Yuvi? Anita warn him not to dare point a fingers at her, she adds that she and Yuvi are blamed for all the deeds and asks Kunj to tell her if anyone see Yuvi here? She says if Yuvi was present here then how can he do this?. At the same time, Yuvi comes there and asks where Mahi is? Anita inform him that Mahi is no more. Yuvi says this can't happen, she can't leave him, he looks at Twinkle and says she have done it, she have killed his Mahi, he tries to attack her but Kunj comes inbetween and warn him to stay away from his wife. Yuvi says he has killed his wife. Kunj again warn him to just stay away from her but Yuvi asks Twinkle to tell everyone how she killed Mahi and why did she kill her? Leela angrily tell Yuvi to stop it and it's him who has killed Mahi, she had seen Mahi from many days, she used to be silent, she had some problem but didn't tell her anything and she was going through pain. Yuvi says she loved his Mahi and why would he kill her? He comes to Raminder and sits in his feet, he tells him that he knew how much he loved Mahi and asks him to tell him if he can kill his Mahi? He again asks Raminder if he believes that he can take her life? Twinkle pulls him and slaps him hard, all are shocked. Twinkle shouts at Yuvi to shut up and says she had been bearing his cheap acts thinking that he will come on the right path at the end but he have taken her sister’s life and he have murdered her. Just then, the police arrives there, Anita says she have called them and asks what they all think that Twinkle can kill Mahi and can get away from it? She tells the inspector that Twinkle threw Mahi off the cliff and they all saw her hand on Mahi’s shoulder. Kunj tells the inspector that Anita is lying and the inspector asks if she had hand on her shoulder? Kunj says yes but that is not the proof that she killed Mahi. Anita says only Mahi and Twinkle were present here when she got killed. Twinkle asks why would she kill her sister? She tells the inspector that she loved her so much and she didn't kill her but Yuvi killed her. The inspector says all proofs are against Twinkle so they have to take her to police station for further investigation, they drag Twinkle. As Twinkle is on the verge of going to jail, she holds Kunj’s hand and the policewomen drags her. Kunj comes to Twinkle and assured her that he is with her and he won't let her stay there for much time, that he is with her. The police takes Twinkle from there with their van. Leela falls unconscious seeing all this, Yuvi smirks and enjoys it.
All the family members come back home, Kunj calls his lawyer and asks him to prepare for Twinkle’s bail. Leela asks what is happening? Mahi died and Twinkle is in jail, Kunj asks her not to worry that he will bring Twinkle back. Raminder break things and angrily asks Kunj that he will bring Twinkle back but what about his Mahi? He reminds Kunj that Mahi will never come back and she is gone because of Twinkle. Leela asks her husband what is he saying and why did he think Twinkle killed Mahi? She asks if he think his daughter did it? Raminder says Mahi was his daughter too. Leela says he is saying that his one daughter killed his another daughter. Kunj says they don't know what happened there but how can he believe Anita and he know she is their enemy. Raminder asks what about the thing which he saw near the cliff? He adds that Twinkle is reason for Mahi’s death and he won't forgive her for this. Leela tell him to atleast think about Twinkle as she has lost her sister too and she lost her when she was in her hands. Raminder scold Leela that he always knew she loved Twinkle more than Mahi and she will only take her side, he angrily leaves. Leela says he is wrong, she love both her daughters and she have kept them both in her womb for 9 months, she have given birth to both and love them equally, she can never differentiate between them as both are her daughters, she breakdowns and cries.

The inspector comes to the house, Yuvi tell the inspector that Twinkle never liked Mahi as Twinkle used to love him and she was jealous of Mahi being his wife and that's why she killed her and they were not in talking terms. The inspector goes to do more investigation and Yuvi talk to himself that Twinkle loved Mahi alot and now she is away from her, that's useless as Mahi couldn't do anything for him in her life but now she is useful for him. Anita says once the inspector checks Mahi’s room then everything will be in their favor.

At the police station, the lady inspector interrogate Twinkle why she killed Mahi? Twinkle says she didn't kill Mahi as she was her younger sister and asks why would she kill her?. Kunj brings the inspector to Mahi’s room and the inspector starts searching the room. Kunj says to the inspector that Twinkle loved Mahi alot and she can't do this but the inspector says he got to know that they were not in good terms. Kunj says Twinkle wanted Mahi to stay away from Yuvi as he was using her. The inspector continue searches Mahi’s room and finds a diary. Kunj is shocked to reads Mahi’s diary, as she has written that Twinkle doesn't like her with Yuvi, she is trying to break her relation with Yuvi and she has crossed all limits and that she even tried to throw acid on her face so that Yuvi leaves her.

Kunj is shocked as he reads that Twinkle can cross any limit to separate her from Yuvi. Yuvi and Anita sees it. Anita recalls how she wrote all this in Mahi’s diary, she says after the police get this diary, they will have full doubt on Twinkle then, a flashback ends. Kunj says this can't be written by Mahi. Yuvi comes there and asks if he think that he have done this to frame Twinkle? Kunj says he have done this as he want to put blame on Twinkle. The inspector says this diary is the proof against Twinkle and the case is more stronger against her now, Kunj says this is lie and Twinkle is innocent but the inspector says they will find truth themselves.

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