Sunday, 13 May 2018

Sunday Update On My Lost Home

Cherry tells Durga that she won't give her the tape till Durga finishes her promise. Cherry reminds Durga of their deal and tells her only 50% of it has been done as Soni has left the house but she has not been brought back in.
She adds that has to go back home as Jeet's wife and till she goes home, she will keep the tape and till the tape is with her. Durga realize that she is in her fist. Cherry tells her that she will show her what's in the tape. She place the camera on the table and play it for her to see. Soni who is hiding from them sees the tape too. Durga tells Cherry that she didn't do right by putting in the fear of her son's life in her mind and she destroyed Soni's life based on that fear. She further tells Cherry that she will never be able to forgive herself for her wicked behaviour towards Soni just to save her son life. Soni believes her mother-in-law and forgive her for all the wrong things she have done to her. Cherry tells Durga to not worry about her happiness because she can take care of that herself. Cherry forward the tape to her and Durga steals the tape from Cherry and tries to run and of course she can't and as Cherry tries to get it back but it gets thrown right next to Soni while both are struggling with the tape but Soni can't pick it as she is avoiding been seen by them. Cherry walk towards the tape, she picks up the tape and walks back toward Durga. She tells Durga to leave. Seeing that she is not making an attempt to leave, Cherry drag Durga out of her house and Soni immediately hide from them. Cherry comes back and is very upset with the situation on ground. Soni who is watching her thinks to herself that God will decide her mother-in-law's punishment and decides to destroy the tape. Seeing that Cherry have go inside, Soni comes inside the living room, she manage to gets the tape and is about to go but hits the table. Cherry hears the sound and comes to investigate. Cherry check around sees Soni in the mirror while she tries to run away but Soni manages to runs from her while Cherry try to stop her. Since she couldn't run after Soni, Cherry plots to end Soni’s life and calls someone up and tells them to kill Soni.

While Soni is running away, she pump on a guy and the tape fall off from her hand. She bend down and pick it up. Just then a car stop beside her and she sense that they are after her and runs from there but the goons outside catch her and take her away. While in the car,  Soni begs them to let her go and seeing that she is making so much noise, they cover her mouth with a piece of white cloth. Meanwhile, Mohini and Mahi are looking for Soni in the temple but can't find her. Soni's car gets stopped by the police and one of the police holding a cup of coffee in his hand order them to comes down in order to check their boot. The moment the guy's open the boot for checking, Soni use the opportunity to runs away and the police doesn't see her. The guy's notices that she have escaped but they can't do anything as the police are still checking their car. The police tells them to go and they runs after Soni. Mahi is feelings weird as she can't find Soni anywhere and calls home to find out if she is back home but Shabd tells her that Soni never came home. Soni runs into the jungle as the guys runs after her and later runs through a traffic jam asking for help. Soni realizes that this happened before and no one came to help her except Veer. She recall the incident, she look at the tape she is holding close to her chest and immediately hides inbetween the cars. Shabd runs out of the door to go to Mahi and pump into Kamya and Angad at the entrance who told him that their is a heavy traffic on the road but he care less and still go. Soni goes from one car to the other asking them to please give her their phone and manage to get a phone from someone. Shabd comes to the temple and asks Mahi if their is any news about Soni but she says no and tells him that she is not comfortable with this and also feels something is about to happen. Soni calls Mahi up and tells her that someone is trying to kill her. A worried Mahi asks where she is and who are these people after after. Before she could tell Mahi, she sudden sees Cherry and couldn't say anything to Mahi while Mahi repeatedly asking her to tell her the location but the phone is disconnected. She sees Cherry and his five goons together and is shocked. Cherry points to Soni from far and tells the men to kill Soni.

Mahi is upset with herself and says that she don't know where Soni is but Shabd recall his sister telling him about the traffic and later says he knows where Soni is because Kamya had told him that there was a traffic jam. Mahi recall when Kamya told her the last time Soni was attacked which cause Veer death and figures out that Soni is where Veer was killed and decide to go there. Jeet is in his room feeling sad, he looks at his wedding ring and kiss it. Durga comes there and feel guilty for her action. Just then, Mahi calls Jeet up and tells him everything that Soni life is in danger and she feels those people are chasing her near the cliff. On hearing this Jeet goes out to find her on his bike. Durga is thoughtful. The Khurana family comes out too. Basically, everyone is looking for her in their different car. Soni realizes that she is going through the same route she went with for Veer. Soni reaches a cliff with the bad boys right behind her.

Soni is running with the goons after her. She reaches the edge of the hill and cannot go any further. Meanwhile, all her family members search for her through the traffic. When Soni finally stops, the goons surround her and plead with them to let her go. One of them tells her she chose such a nice place to die. There is no one around and they can kill her easily. Soni pleads them to leave her. They say she made them run so much and now they will take revenge for this. Jeet meanwhile is running towards the place where Soni is surrounded by the goons. One of the goons aims a gun at her just then Jeet calls her. Soni sees a glimmer of hope after seeing Jeet. Jeet runs towards her and holds her. He is between the shooter and Soni. Just then Soni remembers Durga's words that she is a bad luck for Jeet's life. Soni turns Jeet to the other side and the bullet hits her. The goons run away. Jeet starts shouting holding the bleeding Soni in his hand and asks who would want to do this. Soni whispers Cherry's name in his ears.

Jeet is shocked to hear and somehow Soni slips from his arms and falls in the valley. Mahi and family comes running towards them and see Soni falling down and Jeet trying to save her. Shabd comes there and grabs Jeet who is in the process of falling off himself. The Khurana family hold Jeet to calm down. Mahi and Mohini are inconsolable as well as Shabd's uncle and his wife. Jeet is shouting aloud for Soni's name and then faints.The police comes there and starts searching for Soni with their search dogs. Shabd's uncle brings water, he give it to Mr Khurana and he sprinkle it on Jeet's face who is on Khurana's lap. He regain consciousness and repeatedly calls Soni's name. Cherry also comes there and smile as her plan was a success and she leave there but no one sees her as she is watching the whole scene from distance. It's almost night and Jeet is in his car sitting numb. Then the inspector comes there and tells Mahi that they are stopping the search. Mahi shouts at him and says they cannot do this as Soni could be there in the forest alone and God knows what can happen to her. She further tells them that if they won't search her then she will go and search for Soni. Then she grabs Shabd's hand and asks him to go. The police stops her and says their best search dogs couldn't find Soni as she was hit by bullet and fell in the valley. Even after this someone stays alive then the wild animals won't leave her. Mohini shouts shocked at this thought. Joyti, Durga and Mr Khurana feels bad about the whole thing. As Jyoti and Durga sits with Jeet on the floor. Bua also stand behind them watching everything. Later, the police and the rest of the family leave the place leaving heartbroken Mahi and Shabd behind. Mahi is inconsolable while Shabd console her to stop crying.

While the Khurana's are mooning Soni's death, the police are at the Khurana house and Jeet is sitting on the stairs as a statue.The inspector tells the Khurana family that Soni was followed by some goons and then shot dead. If they can find those goons and he can make them confess who the killers are. Just then Mahi enters and says there is no need to find the killers as they are just in front of them. Cherry plans are a success but instead of Cherry, the wrong people take the fall for the murder as Mahi repeatedly points at the whole Khurana family and says all of them are Soni's killers. She says they never let her live happily. She was their target the moment she entered the house as a daughter-in-law. She says especially Durga and Buaji were after her. She is sure it's them who have got Soni killed. Buaji tells her not to shoot her mouth off like that and there was no reason for them to kill Soni. Mahi says there was as they hated her. They always tortured her for being "unlucky" and "horoscope". She asks them what was her fault if she was a bad luck and further tells the inspector that they tried to burn her alive but she forgived them looking at their crocodile tears. But she won't forgive them for killing her sister. Mahi says she should have taken her sister with her before but she was too late in taking her home. But even though she was not with them they still managed to kill her and she couldn't do anything. Jyoti feels bad as Mahi continuously points finger at her mother and aunt but she is helpless as when as Mr Khurana. Durga then tells her that she did hate Soni but only because she believed that Soni was unlucky for Jeet's life and she was only worried for Jeet's well-being but she can swear on God and tell that she did not try to kill Soni. Mahi says even last time she pleaded innocence but this time she won't let them go scot free. She tells the inspector to arrest them at once.

Mahi is in tears as she tells the police that Durga and Buaji were definately the masterminds behind this. She blames herself for thinking Soni was safe at her house and asks the police to take them away. Buaji accuses Mahi of lying and suggests that Soni probably went to meet her lover. Mahi threatens Buaji, telling her not to say anything bad about Soni. Mr Khurana tries to make Mahi understand that Durga could never do this but Mahi turns it around on him and asks whether he would act like this had it been his daughter in Soni's place. The police take Durga and Buaji away and Mahi turns to Jeet, accusing him of being the biggest criminal in this. Jeet remains motionless as Mahi declares that from today, they have no relationship with this family. She and Shabd leave from there.

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