Thursday, 17 May 2018

Thursday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 193 - 195

Twinkle keeps saying she is Mahi. Yuvi is surprised seeing Devika. A drunk guy comes and asks to marry Devika. Her security remove him. Twinkle is trying to convince Kunj that it is Mahi. Yuvi walks over to Devika. Just then the drunk guy throws a bottle at her. Yuvi holds her hand and pulls her from there.
They both fall to the floor. Kunj is saying that they had found Mahi's body and she can't be Mahi. Twinkle says that there was contoured on her face so it's not clear if it was Mahi dead body. Kunj says that Mahi fell from such a great high and asks how can her face be perfect like Devika's. He says Devika is a multimillionaire. Twinkle insists that this is Mahi. The security takes the drunk guy away and picks up Devika. Yuvi asks her whether she is fine. She says no one touches her without her permission and the one who does gets their arms broken. She says that Yuvi is lucky today as he has saved her life. She says he has a face that enjoys endangering others but then says that looks can be deceiving. She gives him her card and asks him to come to her room as she has to pay him for saving her life. She smirks and leaves. Yuvi is shocked. His mom calls him up and informs about Devika Khanna who have come from London and he should meet her. He says he has already meet her. Anita says he is lucky. Yuvi cuts the call and says he has to find out if Devika is Mahi.

Devika is leaving when Twinkle comes and calls her Mahi. She hugs her tightly. Devika breaks the embrace and says excuse me. She asks Twinkle who she is. Twinkle says she knew her sister would come back to her. She asks her why she has changed her name and identity. Devika is confused and asked her what she is saying. Kunj says he will explain and says that a few days back, Twinkle's sister Mahi died in accident. He says that Devika has a similar face to Mahi's and that Twinkle still hasn't come to terms with Mahi's death. Devika says she is really sorry to hear this but she is not Twinkle's sister. Twinkle asks her why she is lying. She says she knows she is Mahi. Kunj asks Twinkle to listen to him. He says that Devika is not Mahi. Devika says one minute and writes a cheque and hands it to Twinkle saying that's for her sister. Twinkle looks at the cheque confused while Devika leaves from there. Twinkle still insists on Devika being Mahi. Kunj shows her the cheque and the signatures that she is Devika. He tells her that Mahi is no more. Twinkle says no Devika is Mahi. She runs from there.

On hearing this, Yuvi says that Kunj and Twinkle can't do such a big drama with him. He says even his mom had called and informed about Devika Khanna. He takes out her card and says he will have to find out more about her.

Yuvraj who is determined to find out whether Devika Khanna is actually Mahi comes to Devika's room. Her back is turned to him while she is struggling to get the zipper up in her short white dress. Yuvi ogles her. She turns and sees him. He get flustered and says he is sorry. She asks him to cut it out and tells him to wait outside in the waiting room. He says sorry again and goes. She zips her dress. She comes outside and pours two glasses of liquor. Yuvi looks at this in wonder. She says she should have him killed for peeking in on her but he has saved her life so she will spare him. She adds that she has settled her debt. She gives him a glass and keeps one for herself. He drinks from it. She also drinks and has him thinking. He thinks that this can't be Mahi as Mahi was simple and unattractive, whereas Devika is hot and has an arrogance about her. She has confidence and has a special magic about her. He stares at her. She asks him to go inside with her. She turns and her shoes heel get caught up in the rug. She is about to fall but Yuvi catches her. They share an eyelock.

Twinkle barges into the room and sees Yuvi with Devika. She comes and pushes him and asks him to stay away from her sister. She grabs his shirt and asks him how dare he touch her sister. She warns him to stay away. Devika comes in between and asks Twinkle to let Yuvi go. Twinkle tells her that she knows she is Mahi. Devika tells her that she is not Mahi and she is not her sister. Twinkle carries on and Devika brings her legal documents and throws it at her. She says that this proves her identity. Twinkle looks at the documents in shock. Kunj arrives there. Devika says Twinkle has irritated her and given her a headache. She tells Kunj that maybe his wife has a mental problem. She says she will call the cops if this happens again. Kunj apologizes and says it won't happen again. Despite seeing her identity card, her birth certificate and everything which proves that she is Devika, Twinkle says she is lying. Kunj asks her to stop and says that Mahi is dead. He takes her out of the room. Kunj reaches the door and turns back at Devika. He says that they may not know about Mahi but they know Yuvi and he is the one that killed Mahi. He asks her to be careful and leaves. Yuvi is dazed. Devika leaves from there too.

Kunj asks Twinkle to listen to him. She does not want to hear anything and he pulls her to the post and traps her. He begs her to listen to him. He says he cannot see her like this. He says it breaks his heart and asks her to understand for his sake. She asks him what should she understand. She says she knows Devika is Mahi and this she won't let Yuvi destroy her sister's life. She says she has to find out the truth. She leaves from there.. Kunj is sad. Male version of Sanja Ve song plays in the background.

Yuvi is doing push ups in his room. He recalls Devika's entrance and how he had saved her. He remembers that Mahi had a problem wearing short dresses, but Devika is comfortable in them. Mahi never liked alcohol but Devika drank it so easily. He says this girl cannot be Mahi. Just then, the police inspector calls him and informs him that the body they had recovered from the cliff is not Mahi's with the DNA test done on her. Yuvi says there has to be another body there. The inspector says they searched but didn't find any. Yuvi hangs up and says that this means that Devika is Mahi.

In the morning, Kunj and Twinkle comes to Devika. She asks them why they are there. Kunj says he has explained to Twinkle that she is not Mahi. Devika says if that is why they come there. Kunj says they want her wedding planning contract. He says they will find a groom for her. She asks how they intend to do this. He says they will arrange a Swayamvar where all eligible bachelors will come and try to win her over. She gets impressed by this idea and says she accepts their deal. Kunj says there is one more thing, Twinkle will be helping him and asks Devika if she has any issues with that. She says she has none and is happy that all the misunderstandings are cleared up. Kunj and Twinkle smile as they convince Devika to find a groom for her and to plan the wedding and says they will start right away. They leave.

In the lobby, Yuvi is saying that he does not understanding what is happening. He says Devika and Mahi are so different from each other but then where did Mahi's body disappear to. Twinkle and Kunj are in the same lobby talking. Twinkle is saying that she feels Devika is lying and that she agreed to do the marriage contract only so she can gather proofs that Devika is Mahi. She says they shall take Devika's fingerprints and get them tested. Kunj tells her to promise him if the fingerprints don't match then she will forget all this. She agrees. Yuvi listens to their conversation and says this is an excellent idea and he says he will use this idea before them.

Devika comes and checks on the preparations. Twinkle brings juice for her. Devika gets a phone call and goes to attend to it. She takes the juice before leaving. Twinkle tells Kunj they have to get back the glass in order to obtain the fingerprints. Yuvi is in a janitor get up. He pretends to be cleaning. Devika comes back. She drank the juice. Twinkle asks her to put the glass on the tray. She then puts the tray by the bar and goes to attend to Devika. Yuvi comes to the bar and pretends to be cleaning. He puts on gloves and retrieves the glass.

Swayamvar begins. Kunj tells the bachelor they would be given a chance to woo Devika and whoever impresses her will get to marry her. Meanwhile, Yuvi is impatiently awaiting the reports and calls someone for same. The Bachelors take turns trying to impress Devika. They do funny antics and sing and dance. Devika is irritated while Twinkle and Kunj try to hide their laughter.

Yuvi's man come there with the reports and Yuvi yells at him for arriving so late. He reads the reports. It clearly states that Devika is not Mahi. He says this is excellent news. He says he will be a good boy now and do what his mom wants. He says he will marry Devika only for her money but he still loves Twinkle. He says Twinkle is his honey but Devika is his money. He smile.

Yuvi comes to the venue on a bike. He dances on Kya Karoon Ladies. Devika gets impressed. He says all this while he was alive but didn't want to live and now he has found a reason for living. He says he wants to hold her hand always. He pulls her closer and hugs her. She is unresponsive at first but then looks at Twinkle and Kunj and she hugs Yuvi back. It turns out that all this was planned by Twinkle, Kunj and Mahi as she gives the thumbs up to Twinkle and Kunj. They also give the thumps up and smile.

While Twinkle and Kunj are praying, Devika comes there and watch them as they pray. Twinkle sees Devika looking at her, she comes to Devika and recalls how Mahi fell off from the cliff and a flashback is shows where Twinkle is sad about Mahi’s death and sitting in the garden of her house, she recall how Mahi fall from the cliff and also recall when she gift her anklet. She looks at the anklet and praying for Mahi, she talk to herself that she is going to Mumbai to get strength to fight with Yuvi, she can't live here as she miss her and everyone say that she won't come back but she know she will come back and her heart says she will come back. Just then, the wind blows heavily, she looks back and feel someone present in the flowers. She call out who is there and is shocked to sees Mahi coming there in injured state and falls unconscious. Twinkle calls out Kunj's for help. Kunj comes there too and is shocked to see Mahi in a terrible state. Twinkle cries seeing her injured, Mahi says when everything felt like finishing, she recalled the faces of her family members and when Yuvi pulled the rope and she fell off from the cliff but she held on a tree and didn't fall from the mountain. She plead with them to save her that if Yuvi knows that she is alive then he will try to kill her again and she is scared. Twinkle assured her that she (Mahi) won't go anywhere and that Yuvi will go to jail. Kunj says they can't show Mahi to everyone like this and suggest them that to trap Yuvi so he confesses his crime himself. Twinkle says she have a plan and for that Mahi will need new identity and new place and that place will be Mumbai where they will initiate their plan in Mumbai only, and they will get justice for Mahi, flashback ends. Mahi happily hugs Twinkle and says she never saw her love, she kept loving her and she kept disrespecting her as she did mistake and she couldn't understand her intentions and cried. Twinkle says she can't cry, she is a strong Devika now so now she have to take revenge from Yuvi for all his deeds. Kunj says Mahi have done great acting and Yuvi now believes that she is Devika and he is so stupid that he fell in their trap, flashback shows how Twinkle and Kunj deliberately talked about finger-prints infront of Yuvi, how Mahi held the glass by putting extra skin on her finger so when Yuvi did finger-print test, it couldn't match with Mahi’s finger prints. Twinkle is telling Kunj that Yuvi came there to create trouble for them but now they have trapped him in his own game. Kunj says that Yuvi is done for.

Yuvi comes to his mom, Anita says this can't be true and maybe this is Mahi’s plan. Yuvi says he did finger prints test and also Devika has style and ego, and asks how can Mahi change so drastically in such short time? Mahi says to Twinkle and Kunj that she have got confidence and attitude in such short time because of them both and this new Mahi has so much confidence. Kunj jokingly warn her not to say anything against his real Mahi else he will scold her because their Mahi is best than Twinkle too. Twinkle says she miss her old Mahi but they will continue with Devika till they don't trap Yuvi fully and that she is sure Yuvi will call her up anytime from now. Just then, Yuvi calls Devika up and tells her to pick his call and she complies. Yuvi puts the phone on speaker and tells Devika that he want to meet her with his mother and that his mother wants to meet her parents too. Mahi says she will meet her mother alone first as she have to see if she has class to meet her parents or not and asks what if she has low standards?. Anita is upset hearing this but she keep calm. Yuvi says okay they will meet her first then they will meet her parents, he asks if they can come in half an hour? Mahi asks if he is mad that he can't come to meet her at anytime, she don't have time to waste like this and tell him to come at given appointment to meet her, she ends the call. Anita says she is so arrogant. Yuvi says if she want her money then she have to bear her attitude. Anita says he will prepare so much to meet her then she will know her class as she called her of low standard and now she will show Devika her class. Mahi tells Twinkle that she want to talk to her mom and dad and she will be happy to listen to their voice once. Twinkle tells her to wait for sometime and to let Anita also know that what she sow she has to reap.

Anita and Yuvi comes to Devika’s house. Anita finds Kunj and Twinkle there and asks what they are doing here. Yuvi says they are Devika wedding planners. Anita says she won't allow them in Yuvi’s marriage, she will hire other planners and they both should get lost. Devika comes there and asks who the hell is this lady talking like this? Yuvi says she is his mother. Devika says she don't like anyone insulting her guests (Kunj and Twinkle) and she don't like people talking in high tone. Yuvi apologize to her. Anita whispers to Yuvi that she is exactly like Mahi by face. Anita sits and starts questioning Devika, Devika says her son is marrying her so she don't have to answer her and tell Anita to look at her clothes as they are so down market and it feels like she have come from some village, and asks if she have any idea if she make her meet her parents then it will be insult to her too (referring to herself) and that they will say no for this proposal. Kunj meet the a servant and mixes some tablets in the juice, telling him to make sure the drink is given to Yuvi. He nod. The servant brings the juice and Yuvi drinks it. Yuvi says to Devika that his mom has brought Shagun for her, she has brought fruits, jewelry and clothes from best shop. Devika sees the jewelry and says this is so tacky? She asks Anita from where did she buy it and further asks who wears these cheap things in this age? She says these clothes are so cheap. Anita gifts bangles to Devika, she says she have ordered these specially for her. Devika asks if these is what she call special, she then calls her servant and gives him the bangle saying it's a gift to his wife. Anita is shocked while both Kunj and Twinkle smirk watching the scene. Devika says cheap bangles like these are worn by servants here. Anita is stunned. Devika says to Yuvi that she want to talk to him alone, she starts taking him from there but Yuvi feels dizzy. Devika asks if he is okay and he says yes. Devika say she will take him to the guest room and she leaves with Yuvi. Twinkle asks Anita why is she silent today? She taunts her that she have seen her getting insulted from her daughter-in-law for the first and now she know how Mahi would feel when she used to insult her being her mother-in-law? Anita angrily leaves from there.

While Yuvi is in a dark room sleeping, he suddenly wakes up, he has headache and listens some noise, he finds a silhouette there and says Devika? He comes out in corridor as it's all dark and a shadow follows him. Just then, a hand reaches out and touches him. He turns and gets scared and says Mahi.

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