Thursday, 17 May 2018

Thursday Update On King Of Hearts 2 Episode 565 - 567

Payal sees Mahi and asks why did she come here? Mahi asks how did she fall down? Payal says because of the kids. Gangu Tai talks about Satya’s marriage. Satya says he wants beautiful and rich girl.
Later, Satya's mother reads the newspaper when Kajal comes there and shows Satya’s picture in the newspaper. They get happy and Gangu Tai is proud of Satya, who manages to get electricity in the area.

Mahi and Koel are in the dance class. Koel gets irritated with her. Mahi thinks to see that goon today. Satya gets ready to go to work. Gangu Tai makes him eat food. She says she is getting late for work. Satya tells her that he don’t like to see her working and says these lines on her hand will make his destiny. He promises to bring world things in her hands. Gangu Tai also says he is her everything. She claims those people trust her and she have to go to work. Satya thinks even today he is lying with her, but his lies will turn his destiny to reality. He comes to the dance class and admires Koel, saying she is looking so beautiful. He thinks he has spend 500 Rupees on this. He later, meets Koel, he flirts with her and offers coffee to her. Mahi takes the coffee from his hands and asks him to stay away from Koel. Koel asks if he can talk in this language? Satya says he can talk in any language. But is forced to deal with Mahi too.

Mahi calls him lafandar. Satya who realises he must use every lie in the book to keep up with Koyal keep lying that he is rich and says it seems she likes him and finds way to talk to him. However, Mahi is not as easily fooled and asks him to stop it and she begins to suspect him. Koel asks Mahi to leave her alone for sometime. Satya and Mahi argue. Satya and Koel dance in the dance class. Mahi asks the teacher to change the dance steps and says this lafanga is trying to get close to her sister. Satya asks if she is her sister. Mahi asks the dance teacher to change her partner. The dance teacher asks everyone to take 5 minutes break, and asks Koyal to sort out her differences with Mahi. Koel acts to get her finger bleed and locks Mahi in the bathroom. She tells Satya that they can take advantage of that now. Satya thinks he is doing wrong. He thinks he have to win the challenge with Deepu.

Mahi opens the door somehow. Koel asks if he is on social networking site. Satya thinks he didn’t think about that. Just then Mahi comes there and asks him not to try and flirt with her sister. She tells Koel that they are going home now. Satya asks her to listen to him, and says he have class even if his accent is not good. He asks why is she ruining his image, and insulting him. He asks her to keep her sister at home. He then gives her dry fruits and says his mum gives him daily. Koel laughs.

Satya tells Koel that they can’t get along and meet as her sister don’t like him. He thinks Koel should melt for him. Koel leaves. She comes home and complains to her mother Payal that she was insulted and embarrassed in the dance class because of Mahi. Payal comes to Mahi and says whatever she did was right. She says she knew that if she go alone then she will do something wrong. She asks her daughter how can a random guy come closer to her. She asks her to go to room now. Mahi looks on.

Payal learns about Koel's activities at the party. Payal learns that Koel was dancing with a stranger boy at the party. Payal gets angry on Koel asking her how can a random guy come closer to her and asks her to go to her room now itself. Koel meets Mahi, she gets angry her and tells her that she would deal with her later. Mahi tells Naina that Koel shouldn’t have done this, and says Payal sent her with so much trust. Mahi's grandmother (Naina) talks about her wedding with her that the guy’s parents are coming to see her, and says they are Neil’s childhood friend. Mahi says she don’t want to marry, and that this is her responsibility and happy home. Mahi goes to talk to Payal but at the same time, Payal shows up in the scene. Meanwhile, Gangu Tai talks to Satya. He asks her to take auto. Satya asks her not to get drenched in rain and says once her daughter-in-law comes, he will let her go in car only referring to Gangu. At the same time, Payal tells Mahi that they are searching for a good guy for her, else people will say that her step mom is not letting her to marry. She asks Mahi if she want people to talk like this. Mahi says no. Payal gets happy and asks Naina to call those people tomorrow. Naina thinks if Mahi comes to know that Payal is using her, then she will break down. She asks God to give her granddaughter, a loving and protecting husband. Gangu Tai thinks about Siddharth.

A flashback is shown, Siddharth asking Gangu Tai not to feed Roshni much. She thinks if Siddtharth would have been alive, then Karanveer wouldn’t have lived this life. She coughs. Satya cares for her. She asks him never to leave her. Satya promise that he will never leave her and asks where will he go. In the meantime, Payal tells Mitul that the groom’s parents are coming to see Mahi, and that she wants her to marry a guy of her choice and not of Naina’s choice. She gives her some medicine and asks her to do her work. She tells her not to tell anything to Mahi as she trust her ( Payal) a lot. Satya hears Sunil talking to someone and comes out. The lawyer promises to give them water and electricity for 24 hours. Satya gets thinking, but Sunil says they will not leave home. Mitul gives the medicine to Koel and asks her to take revenge on Mahi. Mahi talks to her parents picture, Ria and Neil’s and wonders if her in-laws will be as good as her family. Koel brings juice for Mahi and asks her to eat. Mahi drinks it. Mitul signal Payal that the work is done. Payal is interested in that property and talks to lawyer asking him to agree the basti people. The lawyer thinks what to do when this Sunil is not agreeing.

Mahi comes to the hall. Payal praises her qualities infront of the groom and his parents. Surprisely Payal who tries to organise a marriage mate for Mahi for her benefit, but something gets in the way as Mahi sits on the groom’s lap and calls him dulhe raja. She gets up and acts drunked. Koyal thinks her aunt ( Mitul ) said that she will sleep. Mahi asks the groom’s parents to bless her. Payal tells them that Mahi is unwell. She is making tea and spills it. She asks the groom’s mum if she takes all sugar. She adds much sugar surprising them. Mitul says it seems she is drunk. Mahi says this tea will be liked by her and then she faints.

Sunil tells Satya that these people are not thinking about their problems. Satya says they shall think about everyone’s betterment. He says they stay in chawl and face many problem. Kajal says Satya is saying right. The doctor checks Mahi and says she was given drugs. The groom’s mum thank god, they came to know everything before alliance is fixed and calls her orphan girl. Payal asks what is her mistake if she lost her parents. She says Mahi is her daughter more than Ria and Neil. Naina says she is happy that Mahi is like Neil and not like this Payal. Naina says Payal must be behind her granddaughter state. Mahi says no, may be she had something and that she had juice and then…Koel agrees that she gave her the juice. Payal asks how dare she and is about to slap her. Koel tells her mom not to dare slap her for this aunty ( Mahi).

Payal asks as to who mixed the drug in Mahi's drink. Koel tells her mother that it was she who did it. Hearing this, Payal tries to slap Koyal but Koyal stops her mother not to dare slap her for Mahi. Koel insults Mahi and calls her an aunty. Seeing this drama at Payal's house, the people, who had come to see Mahi, decide not make any marriage proposal for Mahi. The groom’s mum says it seems they don’t want to get her married. She taunts that Mahi’s upbringing is bad. Mahi says she don’t want to marry in the house where her mum is disrespected. Payal requests them not to leave. Mahi asks Payal not to apologize to them. The guest leave. Naina asks Payal to stop her acting that she know her every actions. Mahi supports her mother, Payal. She questions God, why did he want to snatch her mother from her? She asks why God is testing her and asks him to give only relation which will be for keeps. Satya dreams about Koel and then sees Mahi warning him. He gets up and thinks Mahi doesn’t leave him even in dreams and curses her. He calls his mom Gangu. Gangu Tai opens her wardrobe and takes out Siddtharth, Roshni and Karanveer’s picture. Just then, Sunil comes in. Gangu Tai gets scared. She relaxes seeing Sunil and tells that Satya is actually Siddharth Khurana’s son, and heir of Khurana family. She tells that his parents asked her to him handover to his grand parents. A flashback is shown, Gangu Tai tells Karanveer that he is her Satya now. flashback ends. Gangu Tai says she is scared of his dreams and says he was born rich. She adds that she is afraid to lose him and that he is his father lookalike. Sunil promises that he will not tell anything to Satya.

Mahi comes to the dancing class and thinks if that cheapster comes again, then she will teach him a lesson. Satya sees her and thinks she has to do something to her, as she is prohibiting him from going close to Koel. Mahi searches for valet and sees Satya coming towards her. She gets worried and then gains self confidence. She thinks he is a langur with face and thinks to call him with bad words. Satya comes to her, apologizes to her and says he have done a mistake. He says sorry. Mahi is surprised. Satya forwards friendship hand towards her with a red rose. Mahi asks what is the need for rose. Satya says he will feel good if she take it. She is about to take it. He sprays something from the flower. Mahi sneezes. Koel comes and says she is touch by her not type. She says there is no class today, and says they will go somewhere. Satya suggests they should go and have coffee. Mahi says they will go and have coffee at home. Koel asks Satya to take her in his car. Satya agrees, that he will take her, and goes to bring car which is actually not his. He tries to scare Mahi. Mahi says badtameez and gets irked. Koel laughs. Mahi asks Koel not to go with him. Koel says she is going and asks her to decide about herself. Satya calls Pramod and asks him for car. He brings a car. Koel sits in it. Mahi also sits in the car and says she will also come. She asks how did the car became grey from white. Satya says he will answer her and drives rashly. Koel laughs. Mahi says she has not gotten answer to her question. He stops the car and says she might be wearing specs and that’s why she saw white color. He says he always have grey color car. Koel says Satya is crazy. Mahi finds the car papers in the car. Satya thinks she is ready car papers and thinks what if he will exposed today.

Mahi thinks if this car is….Satya says this car is stolen. He asks her not to spy on him. Mahi called him thief. Koel asks her not to check someone’s else car papers and takes it from her hand. Mahi thinks she will see how he will manage to pay the bill. Satya says they will go to the street side tea stall and eat. Koel decline claiming that she will get allergy. Mahi suggests a costly restaurant. Satya agrees hesitantly. Koel says aunty gave a good idea today. Mahi thinks to expose him today.

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