Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Tuesday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 189 - 190

Leela sees garland on Mahi’s picture, she tries to light lamb near it but couldn't. Kunj comes there and recalls how Twinkle asked him to take care of her mom, he said that she is his mother too, and asks her not to worry about her, he comes to Leela and lights the lamb.
Leela tells him she is so unlucky, she lost her both daughters in one day, she can't believe that she won't see Mahi again, she cries, she asks about Twinkle and asks if she ate anything and if the policeman are behaving nicely with Twinkle or not. Kunj consoles his mother-in-law. On the other hand, Yuvi goes to jail to meet Twinkle, he has some rats in a cage, he gives money to a policeman and comes to Twinkle’s cell but she is very angry to see him and tells him to get lost, she tries to call the inspector. Yuvi acts psycho and asks if she think he is scared of the inspector? Twinkle asks why did he come here? Yuvi says she ask him question with so much right, and he says he was missing her so he came to meet her and he can't stay without seeing her as she know his day can't be completed without her and he loves her calling her baby. Twinkle is angry, she tells Yuvi he will be rotting in jail soon. Yuvi says he wants to be in jail with her and he is waiting for the day when they will be in jail together, they will eat, drink and also sleep together because he loves her.  Twinkle tell him to shut up that if he say anything more then she will be bad, Yuvi says he can go to hell too for her smilingly for her, Twinkle says she haven't seen person like him and then says to Yuvi that she hates him. Yuvi angrily grabs her by neck and strangles her neck.

Leela tell Kunj that she tried to go to jail to meet Twinkle but she couldn't muster courage and she don't want Twinkle to weaken seeing her, Kunj consoles Leela. Yuvi says he love her so much and no one can love her more than him and asks why does she love Kunj so much, he told her to not love and marry Kunj but she did and today she is planning family with him and have no idea how much pain he feel when he see Kunj holding her in his arms, he is doing all this for her and after she come out of jail, Kunj would have forgotten her, he would have married someone else but he will be waiting for her and he will marry her as she is his love. Twinkle tells Yuvi to let her go but he doesnt so she bites Yuvi hand. Yuvi laughs and says atleast her lips touched him. Twinkle angrily hits his head with the cell bars. Kunj consoles Leela and tells her Twinkle can look after herself, he met her, she is lioness and nothing will happen to her. Leela tells Kunj she trusts him and only he can bring Twinkle back out of jail. Twinkle says to Yuvi that he will feel this pain and he will remain in this jail soon. Yuvi says this is like his Twinkle, she is lioness, she is still same and that's why he love her. Twinkle says she is changed, she loves Kunj and she hate him, she goes back to sit. Yuvi is angry. Leela tells Kunj that Raminder thinks that Twinkle did everything but Twinkle and Mahi were getting along well and that Mahi told her that Twinkle booked a room in resort. Kunj asks how didn't he remember it? He then tells Leela that Twinkle told him that she was called by the resort manager first and says he have to meet Twinkle right now and ask for the resort details.

Yuvraj who goes to see Twinkle in jail leaves behind a little gift for her as he leaves some rats in Twinkles cell, she screams, calls for help but no policeman helps her. Yuvi leaves. Kunj comes there and sees rats in her jail, he tells her not to worry, Twinkle cries while Kunj calls out for someone, a policeman comes there and tells the policeman to open the cell. Seeing that he is slow, Kunj takes the key and opens her cell. Twinkle hugs him. Kunj makes her drink water, the inspector comes there, he asks what Twinkle is doing outside the cell and how did so many rats go in her cell? Twinkle tells them Yuvi must have done it as he came here a while ago, inspector asks the policeman on duty where was he? He lie that he went out for sometime. Kunj says Twinkle won't go in her cell till it's clean and the inspector agrees and also apologize to Kunj for all this, he informs him that they will take her to magistrate tomorrow as her case will be submitted then she will be transferred to central jail. On hearing this, Kunj says this won't happen and asks Twinkle about the resort’s name? Twinkle looks on.

The next morning, Twinkle is being taken to office. Kunj comes to the resort and the asks the manager if Twinkle came here that day? He says yes. Kunj asks if someone called her on landline? The manager says yes. Kunj asks if he can give him CCTV footage of that day?. Twinkle is taken from police station, Yuvi sees her going and says finally baby have fun there and says goodbye but Twinkle didn't see him. The manager is trying to get CCTV footage but it's blur. Twinkle meanwhile is in police’s jeep, she recalls how Kunj said that he can't see her in jail, how he made her eat food, how Kunj promised her that he will make Yuvi get punished and how he asked her to remain strong. Kunj stops his car in the middle of the road, blocking the police vehicle. The inspector comes out and asks what is this way to stop?. Kunj who gets the footage from the resort tell the inspector he has some proof and asks the inspector to view a video clip, he plays the clip and says this is video of the resort. Twinkle wonders what is going on, she try to get down but she is stop by the police beside her. In the video, it's shows Twinkle was called there, she got call from Yuvi there, he shows her how Twinkle said Yuvi on call and the inspector says but this doesn't prove that Yuvi killed Mahi, Kunj says atleast she can get bail on behalf of this evidence and even his lawyer said she can get bail. The inspector gets silent since Kunj somehow gathers evidence to get Twinkle bail. Kunj comes to Twinkle and holds her hand, he says he told her she will bring her out of jail and she will be bailed soon. Twinkle gets happy listening it.

Twinkle gets bailed out of jail. Bebe says to Leela that she is so happy Twinkle is coming back. Leela says the truth can be hidden for somtime but not for life and they see Yuvi there. Leela tells Yuvi to start counting his days that his end is coming. At the same time, Kunj brings Twinkle in the house and all the family is happy to see Twinkle back home. Yuvi gets stunned. Leela hugs Twinkle, Bebe and Usha hugs Twinkle. Usha tell her that she is happy to see her, Yuvi gets angry seeing her, he tries to come near her but Kunj comes inbetween and warns him not to even try and if he seen him near his wife then he will answer him in his language and it won't be good for him, they both angrily stare at each other, Kunj gets his lawyer’s call and his lawyer says he have to discuss about Twinkle’s bail. Kunj goes from there. Usha asks Twinkle to come inside the house. Anita comes there, she stares at Twinkle, she throws blue ink color on Twinkle’s face, all are shocked, Usha shouts Anita's Anita. Anita calls her a criminal and says when a criminal comes back home, her face should be blackened. Leela asks how dare she do this with her daughter? Anita says she is criminal and she should be treated like this, her black face should be shown to everyone. Usha tells Twinkle to lets them go from here. Anita says criminal’s place is not in the house but outside the house and what police couldn't do, then the public will do it, she will be thrown out of the house and the public will deal with her. Yuvi smirks listening to this.

Anita insulting Twinkle and takes her outside of sarna mansion and pushes her on the road. Bebe, Usha and Leela requests Anita not to create any scene. Their neighbours assemble near Sarna mansion. Anita shouts that Twinkle killed her daughter-in-law which happened to be her own sister because she loves her brother-in-law and so she needs to be punished. Bebe tells Anita that her lie won't turn the truth by doing this. The neighbours start accusing Twinkle and she tells them that she haven't killed her sister. The neighbours surround Twinkle and start beating her with broom and sandles. Bebe, Leela and Usha try to stop them but they get pushed by the women. Anita and Yuvi smirks on seeing Twinkle getting beaten up. Kunj watches Twinkle getting beaten by mob from upstairs, he immediately runs downstairs and goes to Twinkle, he comes infront of her and shields her and he too gets beaten up as he takes all the sandles on him and he keeps telling them Twinkle didn't do anything.

Leela and Bebe tries stopping the mob. Finally Kunj shouts at them to stop it and he starts scolding them who are they, he asks if they are police or from court and then calls them the real criminals who are hurting an innocent person, he warns them if again anyone tries to even touch his wife then he will forget that they are ladies and no one will be worse than him. He adds that if his wife is guilty then the court will punish her and not them and that poeple like them who find gossips for kitty parties on the name of saving the society. He shouts at them to go back to their homes. Leela also asks the crowd to leave. Kunj tries to make Twinkle stand up but she is to weak as she gets beaten up very badly and unable to move or open her eyes. He picks her in his arms and takes her inside.

The doctor checks her and says she fainted due to stress and lack of sleep, and further tells them to let her rest as much as she wants. Kunj takes her hand in his and promise that Anita aunty and Yuvi will pay for this and they will face the same humiliation and pain that she is going through. Downstairs, Usha, Leela and Bebe are in living room are sad and worried for Twinkle. Leela cries. Meanwhile Anita comes and starts her drama. She tells Bebe that whatever happened today was nothing, Kunj saved Twinkle today but she will not spear Twinkle so easily that she will tell everyone her truth as she is so shamless, she killed her own sister because she loved her own brother-in-law. She starts ranting that everyone knows how she was after Yuvi before marriage and even now she is after Yuvi after marraige. She tells that Yuvi is handsome and any girl will fall for him. She says maybe Kunj doesn't keep Twinkle happy and so she is after other guy. Leela loses her cool and she storms off the sofa and slaps Anita hard. She shouts and Anita trembles as Leela asks how dare she to talk bad about Twinkle. Leela tells Anita that she told her she accept her defeat and that Anita won. She asks if she want to hear this and then asks why is she is doing this. She demand her to tell her and reminds her that she folds her hands before her and even begged her, but she is hell bent on destroying her daughter. Leela slaps Anita again, telling her that it's for her Mahi. Anita is shell shocked. Bebe and Usha too. Leela again slaps Anita harshly and tells her that it's for insulting Twinkle publicly. Leela tries to slap Anita again but Bebe holds her hand and Usha too requests Leela to calm down. Leela moves her hand and angrily says she won't calm down today as Anita has crossed all the limits and again slaps Anita twice for hurting Twinkle. She tells Anita that a mother will accept all tortures for their child, but once their child gets hurt the wrath of mother will burn anything and warn her to stay away from her Twinkle. Anita tries to slaps Leela telling her how dare she to slap Anita Luthra forgotten that she got married to Sarna family but still still claims Luthra's name. She move closer to Leela and Bebe comes inbetween them and stops them and also asking Anita to stop it. Anita again says how dare she raised her hand and Bebe tells Anita that she deserved the slaps and they all know her true face and order her to get lost or else she will forget that she is Surjeet's wife and she drags Anita to her room. Leela breaks down and cries while Usha tries to console her.

Twinkle is having flashbacks of the incident in the scene and she wakes up, she sees her face in the mirror and the ink and remembers all the accusations Anita put on her, she cries and says she haven't killed her sister, she tries to remove the ink by splashing water on her face, then she remebers how Mahi fell down the cliff and how she was not able to save her sister.
She again and again keeps saying that she hasn't killed her sister. Then Twinkle remembers the happy moments she had with Mahi before Mahi went away.

Twinkle vow that she wont spear Yuvi this time and no one will be able to save him from her. Twinkle angrily goes to his room shouting his name "Yuvi" "Yuvi" but he is not there, she goes to Anita's room and asks Anita where Yuvi is. Anita holds Twinkle's hand and asks her to get out that Yuvi is not there. But seeing how angry Twinkle is, Anita quietly leave her hand to avoid been slap again. Twinkle again calls out Yuvi's name and everyone comes down. Leela,Usha and Bebe asks Twinkle to take rest and not shout asks but Twinkle says no that she have to talk to Yuvi and she won't spear him. Kunj looks on. Twinkle hears car sound and goes out goes outside and Yuvraj just gets down from his car. Yuvi like hero walks towards the house. Twinkle come out and standing infront of him and angrily stares at him while Durga Mantra song plays in the background. Leela, Bebe, Usha, Cherry, Kunj and Anita watch them. Yuvi proudly asks Twinkle why is she calling her but Twinkle gives Yuvraj a befitting reply and gives him a heavy tight slaps across his face. He falls down on the ground on this single slap and his face is covered with mud. All are shell shocked seeing Twinkle’s anger. Bebe is happy and Leela too. Anita is also shocked and Yuvi sees Twinkle in three as the slap is hard on him. Cherry smirk seeing this. Twinkle calls him Yuvraj Luthra that she lost and asks him if he thought she will get scared of him and hide inside the house. She tells him she is not such type girl and will get him punished for his sins. She further tells him that all these days she was tolerating his sins and badtameezi, and not again. She states that she will get revenge for Mahi's death and warns him that she will punish him that for killing Mahi as he have crossed all the limits and that this is Twinkle Kunj Sarna and that he will come to her feets to beg for forgiveness and this is the promise of a sister and tell him to remember it. Yuvi is in rage as he is still lying in mud. Kunj comes to her and hugs Twinkle while Tashan e ishq song plays in the background and takes her inside leaving Yuvi laying in the mud and Twinkle before leaving gives Twinkle gives an angry stare at Anita. Anita runs to Yuvi and help him get up. Yuvi as usual says he will punish her.

Anita tries cleaning the mud off Yuvi’s face but he refuses and keep touching his cheek. Meanwhile in the room, Kunj tell Twinkle that they have to be careful with Yuvraj. Twinkle says they want to teach Yuvi a lesson in his own way and she is ready to go any extent to punish him. Yuvi on the other hand tells tells his mom to let him see how far Twinkle will go to punish him and later they will know how far he will go to save himself.

Twinkle tells Kunj that they have to teach Yuvi a lesson else he will think that they are scared of him. Kunj says she is right but they shouldn't take action in haste, they should think then act. Twinkle says they have to punish him and she break downs. Kunj plead with her to understand, Twinkle says he don't understand her point. Kunj begs her to stop crying. Twinkle lies her head on his lap, Kunj then says he know she is angry and asks what's the need to fight with herself? He assured her that Mahi will get justice for sure and he will make sure it happens. Yuvi looks in the mirror and recalls how Twinkle slapped him. Anita comes there and says she thought after Mahi’s death, they will breakdown but today Twinkle had new energy and she behaved differently and has put filth mud on his face, she offer to wipe it but Yuvi refuses, he laughs and says whenever Twinkle touches him even for slapping him, it gives him feeling and that feeling is awesome and it's so intense. On hearing this, Anita pours water on his face and asks what rubbish is he talking about? Yuvi smirks. Kunj assured Twinkle that Mahi will get justice and Yuvi will get punished. Twinkle looks at him, Kunj wipes her tears while Sajna Ve song plays in the background. Twinkle hugs him tightly and Kunj kisses her forehead.

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