Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Tuesday Update On My Lost Home

Angad turns around and Sapna saw the mark on Angad's face and says that he has killed Gauri. Angad says yes because if he had not killed her,she would have expose them. Sapna says that she wants to leave all this and also ask forgiveness from both Mahi and Shabd. Angad gets angry and as Sapna was leaving Angad stops her and he throw Sapna from the building. Rahul in the car saw Sapna's body and also Angad.

During the day, Cherry takes Jeet to the garden. Durga asks Cherry what she was trying to do as she had brought Jeet in the garden to remember that Soni and him used to meet there but she (Cherry) have spoiled their plans. Cherry tells Durga that she didn't think about it before.

Mahi comes back home crying and saw Angad there. Angad asks Mahi as to what has happened. Mahi cries and hugged Angand. Angad smirk and smile evily and pretentiously tells Mahi not to worry as he was always with her. He tells Mahi that he had just heard the news about Sapna's death. Mahi in tears tells him that because of her Sapna had committed suicide and that she should be punished. Mahi was going out but Angad stops her and says that it's not because of her, but it was because what she has done. Mahi says that Shabd has told him many times that there was nothing between him and Sapna but she never believed him. Mahi goes and Angad smiles upon seeing his plans to create havoc between Mahi and Shabd succeeding.

At the garden, Cherry is going out and she saw Durga. Cherry informs Durga that she only has 3 days left for Bella to leave the house. Soni is listening to their conversation behind the plant. Cherry tells Durga that if Bella doesn't leave the house in 3 days she (Durga) knows what she can do. Cherry leaves. Soni opens the water and Cherry falls flat on her face. Soni comes out and asks her if she needs help? Cherry tells her that she doesn't need it and then she leaves.

At the hospital, Shabd is sitting on the sofa. Angad enters. Shabd saw Angad and helps him sit on the sofa. Angad tells him that he has been back since yesterday night and has also heard about Sapna's death. Angad tells Shabd that he has talked with Mahi and she still thinks that there was some relationship between him and Sapna. Shabd got furious and tells Anand that he cannot believe that after much has happened, Mahi still doubt his sincere love for her. Shabd leaves the hospital feeling very angry whiles Angad smiles seeing his plans going smoothly well.

Everyone is present for the funeral of Sapna. The pundit tells them that either the mother, brother or some friend related to the deceased is permitted to burn (Sapna's) body. Aunt Bello tells the pundit that Sapna only had a small son and says that Shabd would do it. Shabd agrees. Mahi and her mother also comes and Mahi saw Shabd burning the body of Sapna. Angad comes towards Mahi and says that he was going to talk to Shabd about her but he was not ready to listen to anything regarding her. Mahi looks unhappy.

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