Friday, 8 June 2018

Friday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 243 - 245

Pallavi comes to Kunj and says it's seems he want to get fine and go from here as he don't like their company and he want to reach to one who he is missing. She tells Kunj that his Twinkle is really unique, she is very strong, she can go to any extend to protect her family and he is lucky.
Twinkle meanwhile tell Chinki that her mother-in-law is miffed with her and once she find Anita then she can send her to jail and will pacify her mother-in-law too but she just want one clue to find her. On the other, Yuvi gets calls from someone and he is shocked as he got to know about hia mom and he notes down the address. He talk to himself that her son is coming.

Yuvi comes out of his house, he says on call that his mom’s address is found. He strikes with Twinkle, they stare each other and some people start taunting them, one man says they are lovers. Yuvi tries to beat them but Twinkle tell Yuvi that she can handle her matters, she picks up a stones and asks the men what are they saying and want to get beaten up by her? The men apologize to her and run from there. Yuvi praise her as Twinkel the tigress in full form. Twinkle asks what was he talking on call and where is his mom? Yuvi says this is his and his mom’s matter and if she don't want him to interfere in her matters then not to interfere in his matters. Twinkle point out to him that this is not his matter anymore as he can't handle his mother, she have already seen that, she has taken away her Kunj, she is not able to live without him and she will come with him to find her. Yuvi refuses that she is not understanding that his mom is very dangerous and she won't do anything with him but she can harm easily her. Twinkle says she is not scared of her and she will come with him. Yuvi says he can do this alone and he is not coming with him, he leaves. Twinkle says he won't take her with him easily but she won't move back and decide to follow him. Yuvi sits in his car. Twinkle hides in his car’s back trunk. Yuvi who somehow traces his mom comes to some place, Twinkle comes out from the back of the car too. Yuvi sees the house and says his mom lives here and he have already called the police, he have to wait for them. Yuvi talk to himself that it seems like his mom is inside and he won't spear her today.

 Before Yuvi could act, Twinkle interferes as she stealthily goes inside the house while Yuvi doesn't see her. Twinkle comes inside the house and sees Anita eating food, she recalls how Kunj waved at her last time, how Yuvi told her that Kunj drowned in sea and how they had to arrange his prayer meet. She says after bringing storm in her life this woman is calmly sitting here, she has no shame, but her game has to end and vow that she won't spare her now and nobody can save her. Twinkle comes to Anita and address her as Anita Luthra Sarna. Anita is shocked to see her. Yuvi who is standing outside the house calls the police and informed them that he is waiting outside, he won't go inside till they don't come in as his mom will try to runaway, and they will go in with a plan so that she doesn't get the chance to runaway. Anita asks Twinkle what is she doing here? Twinkle asks if she thought that she will snatch her Kunj and she will spare her?. She asks why did she do that with Kunj and what wrong did he do to her? Anita deny that she didn't do anything. Just then, Anita’s goon comes there and grabs Twinkle, he puts cloth on Twinkle’s face. Anita manage to runs from there. Twinkle shouts for help. Yuvi listens to her voice from the house and asks what is Twinkle doing inside? He runs inside the house and sees the goon grabbing Twinkle, he frees Twinkle and beats the goon up. Twinkle is tensed. The police comes there and arrests the goon, the inspector asks Yuvi where his mom is? Yuvi says she ranaway. The policeman says that their plan was full proof and asks how did it happen? Yuvi stares at Twinkle and says he don't know how she ranaway. The policeman promise that they will cooperate with him and they will catch her next time, he leaves. Yuvi tell Twinkle not to take tension that he will send his mom to jail for sure, he will find her, but not to do this stunt again, reminding her that her family has lost Kunj and they won't be able to bear more pain so he request her to not do these stunts again. Just when he is about to leave, Twinkle stops him, apologies to him for ruining his plan because of her and offer to help him to find Anita. Yuvi refuses and tells her that his mom can go to any extent and she can harm her. Twinkle bluntly says she is not scared of her, she is criminal and she will find her. Yuvi refuses and tells her to go back home and he will search for his mom. Twinkle asks who is he to order her? She insists to come with him, and he might let her off because she is his mom. Seeing that he refuses to listen, Yuvi calls her stubborn Taneja. Twinkle asks if he think he is over smart and can make successful plans and warn him not to destroy her plans. Yuvi tell her not to destroy his plans, she leaves, Yuvi says she is unbelievable.

Twinkle sits in an auto and sees Yuvi following her auto, she calls Yuvi and asks why is he following her? Yuvi says this is dangerous area and anything can happen to her, adding that she is his responsibility here so she can say anything to him but he will follow her, also if anything happens to her then her family will not spare her. Twinkle’s veil is flowing out of the auto, Yuvi asks her to keep her veil inside, Twinkle complies to him and Yuvi follows her.

Usha tell Bebe that Twinkle hasn't come back till now, its not good that she is out of the house at this time. She listens to noise and goes out to see Twinkle. Twinkle’s auto comes there, Twinkle comes out of the auto and goes to Yuvi’s car, she asks Yuvi that if his responsibility is finished or he will take her inside the house too like a kid? Yuvi says she is impossible, he is done and to give a break to her problems too, asking her to stops creating them. Twinkle goes inside the house. Twinkle comes to the hall and Usha asks where was she and is this the time to come back home? Twinkle tries to explain and reason with her mother-in-law that she know she is miffed with her but she (Usha) care about her alot, she tries to hug Usha but Usha stops her and says she went with Yuvi? Twinkle tells her to listened that Yuvi was going to catch Anita that's why she went there. Usha asks why? Reminding her that the police is there to catch her, she free her son’s killer Yuvi and asks what else she want? She tells Twinkle that she don't need to go anywhere and also she just create problems, she can't do a simple work, she leaves while Twinkle is sad.

Pallavi comes to Kunj’s room and opens the window, she says his reports are fine and soon he will go to Amritsar and he will select gift for Twinkle. While Manohar is doing work, Bebe says Manohar is working in this heat and if Twinkle was here then she would have helped Manohar. Usha says if Kunj was here then Manohar wouldn't have to do all this. Yuvi comes to Manohar and offer to take the things to the truck. Manohar says he will do it. Yuvi tell him to think that he is not Yuvraj and he just a stranger. Manohar again says he don't need his help. Yuvi says if Kunj was here then Manohar uncle would have let him do it? Manohar gets emotional and gives the things to Yuvi and Yuvi works for him.

Twinkle comes to Kunj’s college and recieves Kunj’s certificates. She recalls how Kunj had a race in the college, how he got best student award and dedicated it to her, she is sad. Twinkle listens to some students talking, one student says that Kunj had a bet with him for arm wrestling, he was bragging alot but he didn't come for the fight, instead he have listened that he is gone, they laugh. Twinkle gets angry listening to this. She comes to them and introduce herself as Mrs. Twinkle Sarna, she listened that he is missing Kunj and suggests him to have arm wrestling with her. The boy says that he don't fight with girls. Sunny tell Twinkle not to argue with them that they are useless. Twinkle says no but it's about her Kunj’s respect, she says to the boy that he is scared of girl?. The boy angrily tell her to leave from here, he pushes her away Twinkle and Kunj’s certificates fall from Twinkle’s hand, she asks the boy to pick it up. The boy says he will pick it up if shecwin arm wrestling from him. Twinkle says okay. Twinkle sits to have arm wrestling with the boy. Just when she is losing, Yuvi comes there and forces Twinkle’s hand and makes her the winner, he angrily stares at the boy and the boy immediately picks up the file and gives it to Twinkle, he also apologize to her, he leaves. Twinkle tell Yuvi that she told him to not interfere in her business. Yuvi angrily tell her to shut up and further says if she want to fight with boys then to use her brain, asking if she didn't see their sizes and she was fighting with them and asks what if she had lost and what would be Kunj’s respect then? Two girls see them together and says this is Usha’s daughter-in-law and asks what she is doing with Yuvraj?. Twinkle leaves from there. Usha gets a call from a girl and she gets tensed. Twinkle comes there and informs her that she have brought Kunj’s certificates. Usha bluntly asks what was Yuvi doing there with her? Twinkle is shocked.

Kunj's mother gets furious with Twinkle for going around with Yuvi as she does not approve of the two of them staying together. Twinkle says he was not actually with her. Usha asks if she think that she would not know what she is doing? She tell her that people call her and tell her about her daughter-in-law and her antics, her friend’s daughter called her and told her that Twinkle is with Yuvi and that she can't stay away from Yuvi for day? Bebe asks what is she saying? Leela says she is misunderstanding her but Usha says she is right and she won't allow her to malign their respect and she makes it clear to Twinkle that she will not be allowed into the house if she continues to go around with Yuvi. Yuvi comes there and tell Usha that Twinkle didn't do anything wrong. She didn't cross her family’s limit, he know Usha hate him and dont like his face at all but to please listen to him once, he tells Usha that he listened to girls gossiping and he knew they would call her and complain about Twinkle but Twinkle is her daughter-in-law and she should trust her. He tells Usha what Twinkle did today, she should be proud of her as she fought with two guys for Kunj’s name and he was just passingby and tried to help Twinkle, he plead with her to forgive Twinkle and he apologize for his deeds, assuring her that he has changed, he is not that old Yuvi, he have now realized that when you get hurt, you feel different kind of pain, and asks Usha to please forgive him if she can. Usha looks away and weeps.

Yuvi sees heavy wooden stick, he brings it and Twinkle hints no. Yuvi asks Usha if she is angry with him then to beat him, give him punishment but spit this anger away and to think if it was old Yuvi, he wouldn't care about all this, he would be happy to create rift in her family but he is trying to tell her that he is not that old Yuvi, he have changed, he have done many wrong things that's why he want her to beat him and punish him. Bebe says this is not needed. Usha looks at the stick, she takes it and starts beating Yuvi, Yuvi bows his head down and keep standing there silently, Usha cries and blame him that he killed her Kunj? Bebe tell Usha to stop it but Usha keeps beating Yuvi, the stick gets broken, she throws it away and tell him to just go from here. Yuvi apologize to her to forgive him, and he promise he will make sure his mom get punished for her deeds, if Usha don't want then he won't be seen near Twinkle now, and plead with her not to question Twinkle's character, adding that if she get angry then to beat him and plead with her not to do anything with Twinkle. USha leaves from there. Bebe is in tears. Yuvi tell Leela and Bebe that he understand Usha aunty is upset, he asks them to forgive him if they can and he folds his hands. Leela looks at him tensed and Yuvi leaves from there.

 Twinkle is sitting in her room and looks at Kunj’s trophy and how Kunj dedicated it to her, she says she never thought that she would live with his memories, she miss him alot, she hugs his shirt and says whatever happened today wouldn't have happened if he was here with her, she looks at his watch, she says his memories are everywhere, she wears his wrist watch and tell him to please come back.

Meanwhile, Dr. Pallavi comes to Kunj and says she got the green signal for his surgery, they will do his surgery after one week then he will go back to his Twinkle and that she is so happy for him. Kunj is pleased as he is being informed that the approval has been given for his surgery and soon he will be able to go back to his wife. Twinkle on the other hand hugs Kunj’s shirt and sleeps on his side of bed.

The next morning, Leela tell Twinkle that she know she is going through rough phase but still she is keeping her family united and this is a big thing and they need to fulfill their responsibilities, as Usha has lost her young son that's why she is behaving like this but it's Twinkle duty to become daughter of this house and walk ahead with her family, she understand Twinkle want to give justice to Kunj and that's why she is running to catch Anita but if her family is angry that Yuvi is helping her then to leave him, she know there are changes in Yuvi's behavior but they can't trust him, he may ditch them at the last minute, and she ( Twinkle) can't hurt her family for Yuvi and now she have to make sure that her family remains happy and with peace. Twinkle hugs her mom.

Twinkle comes out of her house and sees from window that Yuvi is trying to cook food in the kitchen, he is injured and is not able to make it. She says he is injured and he should help him to cook food. Yuvi sees her and says not again, he pray to God to please give him strength to bear this girl. Twinkle comes to his home but Yuvi comes out and tell her to go back from here. Twinkle says she came to help him. Yuvi remind her that she is breaking her rule and shevsaid that she don't need his help, sameway he don't need her help, and says tata bye bye. Twinkle says she can see that he don't need her help, as he never drank water himself and he is trying to cook? They are getting disturbed that's why she came to help. Yuvi says he have already get enough beating in this week, and he don't want to get beaten more so please leave, he tries to push her out, but she warn him not to touch her and if he don't need her help then to do it himself, she don't care and she leaves. Twinkle tell her mother-in-law that she don't like that she is miffed with her and if she want then she will do sit ups for her and plead with her to forgive her. Bebe tell Usha to forgive her, she know Usha don't get angry so soon. Twinkle again begs her mother-in-law.

Later, Yuvi gets a call and tell the caller that he he is coming. Yuvi calls the inspector that he is giving them the address. He sits on his bike and starts leaving but his bike sprinkles mud water on Twinkle’s face and Twinkle’s face gets smeared. Twinkle angrily tell Yuvi that she won't spare him. Yuvi jokingly says nice mud pack. Twinkle says she will not spare him. Yuvi tell her that she is looking like a wild cat, he tell her to go and wash her face first then to catch him if she can, he leaves. Twinkle is angry with him. While Yuvi is going on his bike, he meets with a fatal road accident as he is hit by car and falls on the road. The man comes Anita up and inform her that Yuvi had accident and he has died and the police will do his last rites if she don't go to get his body. Anita is horrified upon learning of her son's accident and says this can't happen and she shouts Yuvi's name. She says she want to see her son and asks where her Yuvi is? She want to see him, she leaves. The policeman comes to Manohar’s house, he asks Manohar if he knows Yuvraj? Manohar says yes and asks what happened? Meanwhile, Anita comes to the hospital wearing burqa and hiding her face in veil. She sees the policeman there and covers her face. She sees morgue room and goes inside, she sees Yuvi lying there dead and she stands there in tears.

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