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Monday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 234 - 236

Kunj acts like sad being away from here and he passes flying kiss to her. He waves at her and leaves. Twinkle smiles. Yuvi who is in convocation ceremony says till Twinkle and Kunj are together nothing can happen to Kunj as Twinkle will fight the world to save him.
He says Twinkle will protect Kunj as she is like shield to him, they will protect each other and he ( Yuvi ) will protect them while standing outside. While Yuvi is talking to himself, Twinkle past behind him to prepare for the prayer and by the time he turns back, Twinkle have already leave the convocation ceremony but Yuvi still feels both Twinkle and Kunj are together. Twinkle comes dressed in a beautiful saree and wears ornaments and recalls her consummation night with Kinj, she smile. She is making preparations for the prayers.

Kunj enjoys himself with his college friends when he gets a call from a stranger informing about his wife's life being in danger. The man on the phone tells Kunj that Twinkle is very beautiful and she looks stunning wearing a saree. He says that Kunj should not have left such a pretty wife alone in this new city. Kunj is livid and ask who the caller is. The man tells him that if he wants to see Twinkle then he should come to the beach. He asks Kunj not to call up Twinkle, else he will kill her. He says she is beautiful and he don't want to kill her but if he make him angry by calling her then he orders him to come to beach site in 5 minutes and ends the call. A panic stricken Kunj rushes out to find Twinkle without informing his friends that the stranger calls orders him to meet at a certain spot if he wants Twinkle's life to be spared. The man informs Anita that Kunj is on his way and will be there in 5 minutes. Anita smirks and says now the real games shall begin.

Twinkle prepares the prayer tray and arranges everything. She tries to light the light but to no avail as the match does catch fire. She gets tensed and says this is a bad omen. She shakes this off and says she has to think positively as she is performing this prayer for Kunj. She says she will light the light at the temple and leaves to go there. Kunj is running like a mad man in search of Twinkle and rushes out of the venue. Yuvi sees him and wonders why he is alone. He says where is Kunj going. He suspects that something is wrong with Twinkle and says he had specifically asked Twinkle to stay with Kunj. He gets worried and runs after him.

Kunj reaches the spot where the man had ask him to meet. The man comes there and Kunj grabs him by his collar. He is livid and in rage. He asks the man where Twinkle is. The man tells Kunj if he ever wants to see his wife again then he needs to follow his instruction. He asks Kunj to sit in a boat. He angrily looks at the stranger as he orders him to climb on a boat. Yuvi sees Kunj and the man and thinks if that man is one of his mom's goon. Yuvi says his mom must be around and he spots his mom hiding in the bushes and understand that this was her room's plan to lure Kunj away from Twinkle and he have to stop Kunj. Kunj goes onto the boat. Meanwhile, the goon meets Anita and she pays him for his services. Yuvi calls out to Kunj. Anita sees her son trying to help Kunj and she gets furious. She says what is Yuvi doing there. She is adamant that Kunj has to die. The boat Kunj is on is going out to sea. As the boat takes Kunj away, Yuvi reaches the scene and climbs another boat to save Kunj. Seeing that her son is following following him, Anita makes up her mind to kill Kunj at any cost.

At the temple, Twinkle is making the final preparations for the prayer. The priest tells her that the auspicious time is almost here and she needs to have Kunj present to do the ritual. She calls him but his phone is unreachable. She gets tensed. The man on the boat informs Kunj that he needs to change boats. Kunj complies and jumps into the other boat. Yuvi also jumps into the boat with Kunj. Anita watches all this from the shore with binoculars. She is mad that Yuvi jumped into the boat and ask why did Yuvi go to his boat? Kunj is surprised to see Yuvi and says this was his master plan. He holds his collar and asks where Twinkle is. Yuvi tells him to listen to him. He says that his mom has planned all of this. Kunj is angered and tells Yuvi that he sees right through his pretense and that he can pretend infront of everyone but he can never trust him and asks where Twinkle is?

Yuvi request him to trust him that he is not lying. He says that his mom won't rest until she kills him (Kunj ). Kunj is livid and says he remembers everything that Yuvi has done earlier and asks where his wife is? Yuvi tell him to understand him. Yuvi pleads with him to listen and asks him to trust him that his mom has planned all this to kill him. Kunj says he can never trust him. Yuvi continues pleading with Kunj. Kunj gets angry and starts beating up Yuvi telling him move away from his way. Yuvi falls on the boat. Kunj tries starting the boat but it does not happen.

Anita is seeing all this and says she had planned everything so perfectly. She says that Kunj is in middle of sea and would have been out at sea and her goon would have thrown him overboard the boat and he would have died by drowning in the sea but Yuvi has messed up everything. She says no matter what, she has a plan B. A gunman comes there and she asks him to shoot Kunj but Yuvi shouldn't be hurt and if her son gets a little bruise then she will not spare him. Twinkle on the other hand light the lamp for the prayer. Her saree catches fire. She manages to douse it but everything on the prayer plate is badly burnt. She is worried and says this is a bad omen. Yuvi begs Kunj to listen to him and take the boat back as this is dangerous here. He says his life is in grave danger. Kunj says it's Twinkle that is in the danger and he needs to save her and that's because of him ( Yuvi ). Yuvi tells him that Twinkle is okay but it is he that is in danger. He begs him to believe him that his life is in danger and to try and understand, he plead with him to take the boat from here. Kunj tells Yuvi not to come in his way. Yuvi says he is telling him for the last time to take the boat back. Kunj pushes him on floor and starts beating up Yuvi again. Yuvi takes the hits but does not return them. Kunj beats Yuvi black and blue and he lies there with bruised. Kunj gets up. Anita shouts and gives the signal to the gunman to fire now. Kunj refuses to believe that Yuvraj is telling the truth and ends up getting shot as the gun is fired and it hits Kuj in the chest. Yuvi who is lying on the floor of the boat and screams seeing Kunj being shot down and calls out to Kunj. Kunj touches his chest and is shocked to see blood on his shirt. Anita is happy seeing this and Kunj fall into the water.

Anita’s shooter shoots Kunj while he is standing on the boat and the bullet hits Kunj on chest. On the other side, Twinkle is trying to doze off the fire, she is tensed. She dozes it off by pouring water in aarti plate, everything is destroyed in aarti plate. Kunj falls into the deep waters and drowns to death in sea. Yuvi dives into the water after Kunj and starts searching for him. Twinkle says this is such a bad omen, the prayer plate caught fire and everything related to married status is destroyed. Kunj is lying under water, Yuvi is searching for him but doesn't find him, Yuvi cries and screams for him as he fails to bring him back to life. Twinkle tries to call Kunj up but is not reachable. The priest says the prayer time is going and tells her to call her husband. Twinkle calls her mom up. Leela asks if she have start the prayer and she have to do the prayer on time and it's important. Twinkle says she have done all the preparations for the prayer but Kunj hasn't come till now. Leela says maybe he is at the hotel and is waiting for her, she tells her to go and check there and not to think anything wrong. Twinkle says she will go and check the hotel.

Yuvi lies on bay of the sea and says this can't happen, he have to find Kunj at any cost and wonder what should he do and where to find him in the sea? He thinks about calling the police to informs them and he dials the number. Twinkle comes to the hotel room and doesn't find Kunj there too, she says she don't know where Kunj is. Just then, the door bell rings and it's delivery boy who has brought bouquet for her and says her husband have sent it, he leaves. Twinkle says he took her life her to give hercthis surprise and swear not to spare him. Twinkle reads his note which state, Twinkle, Twinkle this name have changed his life and she is the most important part of his life and he is letting her know this by sending flowers. The last words is I Love You Twinkle. Twinkle says she love him too and asks where Kunj is?

The police comes to the beach site. Yuvi asks them to find Kunj in the sea. Twinkle gets her mom's call and Leela asks about Kunj. Twinkle says Kunj is fine as he has sent her a very cute bouquet. Leela remind her to do the prayer with him and then call her. Twinkle says okay.

The police call divers and starts searching for Kunj in the sea. The police asks Yuvi why did he go to deep sea with Kunj? Yuvi says it's not Kunj’s fault and it's all a plan against him. Twinkle finds camcorder in the room as another gift from Kunj. She plays the video in it and Kunj says in the video that his problem queen must be missing him, he wanted to say that she is beautiful and jokingly warn her not to get boosted now. He keep fighting with her all the time but he haven't seen pretty girl like her and he miss her. He love her so much, he want to be with her, after she came in his life, he have started living his life and when she fight with him, he feel like he have lived his life. He says last night she was so beautiful, so much so much that she never looked that beautiful, her hair, her lips, everything about hee is so beautiful that he can't describe and he get pulled towards her. He have praised her so much so now she have to give him a kiss and tells her to come closer to him. Twinkle comes closer to the camcorder, Kunj says he know she haven't kissed him till now, she must thinking that he has praised her so much so she can atleast give him a kiss. Twinkle kisses the camcorder tightly but indirectly kissing Kunj. Kunj further says in the video that when she kiss him, it feels out of world. Twinkle smiles.

Yuvi tells the police inspector that his mom is behind this murder plan, she wanted to kill Kunj and request them to find her, she is in Goa only. Anita who is hiding there gives money to the shooter and her agent, she says he don't know her from now on and it's like they never met. Police tells Yuvi that he have to come with them to the police station as it's a serious matter. The door bell rings again, Twinkle opens the door to find delivery boy with another gift from Kunj, she says to the delivery boy to asks Kunj to come and meet her and he replied that Kunj booked these gifts only in the morning and he is not in the hotel. Twinkle gets tensed hearing this and tries to call Kunj up, she says why is he not picking her call and wonsees if anything wrong happened? She asks herself why is she thinking like this, she decides to find him and she leaves.

Meanwhile, Twinkle meets Kunj's friends and asks about Kunj. His friend says Kunj got a call and left without saying anything. Twinkle says she have searched the whole hotel and Kunj is not anywhere and asks where did he go? Kunj's friend says he went to beach site and is surprised to learn from them that Kunj had left for the beach. Twinkle immediately leaves.

Twinkle goes to the beach in search of Kunj and calls out to Kunj asking where is he. She plead with him not to tease her and tell him come here but fails to find him. She instead comes across a policeman and tells him she is searching for her husband, he was wearing white shirt and asks if he see him? The policeman plead with her to stay away from the sea as tides are high today and one man is drowning in the sea too. Yuvi comes from behind and says Twinkle's name. Twinkle turns to see him and asks what is he doing in Goa? She asks Yuvi where her Kunj is and she angrily asks him to tell her what happened to Kunj. Yuvi is tensed and points towards the sea. Twinkle is shocked. The policeman comes to Yuvi and inform iim that their divers who are specialists couldn't find anyone in the sea so he don't think anyone can be saved from this sea. Twinkle asks what they are talking about and whom they are referring to? Yuvi says Kunj Sarna is in the sea, Twinkle is shocked and is heartbroken upon learning that Kunj has drowned to death and his body is nowhere to be found.
Meanwhile, Anita sees this hiding behind bushes and is pleased with herself as she believes that she has had her revenge against Leela by killing Kunj. She says Twinkle must be so sad, she got married and lost her husband so soon, her life is destroyed like her (Anita) life was destroyed, she lost her husband because of Leela and today Twinkle lost her husband because of her (Anita). She have won finally, she have made Twinkle lose and says she have won over Leela's daughter, she have won over Leela, she laughs evilly and says Leela Taneja finished. Twinkle refuses to believe and asks Yuvi to answer her. Yuvi says Kunj is there, he points towards the sea, Sajna Ve sad version plays in the background. Twinkle looks at sea, she wipes her tears and says nothing has happened to Kunj and shouts Kunj's name that she is coming, she runs towards the sea. Yuvi runs after her and grabs her from her hand. As Twinkle is going hysteric, Yuvi holds her and tells her to come to her senses and listen to him carefully that the accident has happened here and Kunj has drowned in the sea. Twinkle shouts that nothing can happen to Kunj, she unable to bear the shock of Kunj's accident and she faints. Yuvi tells Twinkle to get up.

Anita says that finally she got reward for coming to Goa. She smirks. Yuvi brings Twinkle back to her room and she regains consciousness and she says she know Kunj is fine and nothing can happen to him. She begins to question Yuvi about Kunj that Yuvi told them many times that Anita can hurt Kunj but they couldn't do anything for his protection. Yuvi, who is sure that his mom is behind Kunj's accident, is furious and decides to get her arrested. He thinks that his mom has to get punished for this sin. Meanwhile, Bebe too wakes up from her sleep and she dreams about Kunj being in danger and calling out her name while drowning in the water. Bebe says such a bad dream and is worried to sees Kunj drowning in water and calling out her name, she pray to God to keep her kids safe.

Anita is leaving in her car when Yuvi comes infront of her car. She stops her car. Yuvi brings her out of the car and she asks him what is he doing? Yuvi says there is no time to talk and she will do what he will say now. He tells her to come with him to the police station and asks her to hand herself over to the police. Anita asks why? Yuvi blurt out if she is serious and remind her that she killed Kunj, she got him killed and asks how could she? Anita, who seems surprised that his son is not happy with the death of Kunj asks why is he so shocked? She tells him that she did what he couldn't do in all these years. She reminds him that he wanted to do it, he did acting of being mad to kill him and she don't know what has happened to him, they were always on team then and asks what happened to him now and why is ee behaving like this? She request him not to change so much that she won't be able to recognize him. She confidently says yes that she got Kunj killed and asks what's the big deal in it?
Leela comes to Bebe and says she is staying away from Kunj and Twinkle that's why she is seeing bad dreams and assures her that everything is fine, adding that she talked to Twinkle, she said that they are having fun and they must have done the prayer too. A confused Bebe asks which prayer? Leela tells her that the priest asked Twinkle to do prayer for Kunj’s safety. Bebe says this is good, she asks Leela to call Twinkle up for her peace of mind and before Leela can call Twinkle, Twinkle calls her mother up and informs her about Kunj's death. Leela is shattered by this news and informs Kunj's family about this. All are shocked. While, Yuvi is furious with his mother for killing Kunj, Anita remind Yuvi what about their suffering and that because of Leela his father died, his childhood was destroyed, he lost Twinkle, she destroyed their lives and it's all because of Leela. She continues to explain to her son that she has taken her revenge against Leela today, today she will feel same pain which she felt when she saw his father dying and when she see Twinkle breaking down, Leela pained seeing her child life destroy then she will have peace.

Meanwhile, Leela and Bebe reach Twinkle's place. Twinkle comes to meets her mom and Bebe. While Bebe and Leela are worried about Kunj, Twinkle assures them that Kunj has only gone missing and asks them not to worry and that nothing has happened to Kunj but will be found soon. She tells them this is all Anita’s plan, she was planning all this but like always, she will be defeated this time too and Kunj will come back. Leela says Anita has stooped so low. Twinkle asks them to sit. Anita says finally there revenge is fulfilled, Yuvi says for God sake that she think about revenge, hatred and all this, and that she had put in this fire of hatred him and he did everything wrong, he is not pointing fingers at her but she could have made him understand what's wrong and right, she apologize to his mom before insulting her and says he is sorry that she is not a good mom and now he have understood that true love is not about getting but it's sacrificing, the one you love, you can give life and everything for them, true love is about making your love happy and he have learned this from Kunj and Twinkle. Anita feels less concern, she claps and says what a lecture. Yuvi says this is no lecture but he is ashamed to call her his mom. Anita angrily tells him to shut up, she scold him that he can't see her love? She reminds him that she have done all this for him, she killed Kunj for her as Twinkle breaks his heart so she break her heart and she will be at peace when she see Twinkle in white clothes and crying, she will be at peace when she see Leela moaning and breaking down. Yuvi says its useless to make her understand as she have gone blind in her hatred, and if she wanted his good then she must have listened to him, he told her that he have changed, he want her to leave Twinkle and Kunj alone. He is changed for good, she know bad things can remain for sometime but it's only the truth that remains in the end and this time he know everything, he know the truth and she have to confess the truth of killing Kunj to the police. Anita refuses and says she wont do anything like this, Yuvi insist that she will.

Twinkle tells everything to Bebe and her mom, Bebe says she planned all this to kill their Kunj. Twinkle console her not to cry, reminding her that she is their strong Bebe and nothing will happen to Kunj. Leela says she is confused and asks what was Yuvi doing in Goa and at the site where Kunj was last seen? Twinkle says Yuvi came there to help them, he helped them many times in Amritsar too, he tried to tell them that Anita is planning something against Kunj but Kunj didn't believe him, he wanted to help them.

Yuvi his mom to come with him and hand herself over to the police. Anita asks if he will get her arrested? He says it's his duty and then he will go to Twinkle and will tell Twinkle about her truth and also will tell her that she is in jail. Anita asks if she will trust him and become his friend again?. She asks if he think that he is changed so everyone will believe him?. She tells him nobody will trust him, everyone will think that he was with her in this plan and everyone will think that he was acting all along of being changed. Yuvi says he don't care, Twinkle deserves to know the truth and after that whatever she will do, he Yuvraj Luthra will support her and will stand by her but for now she have to pay for her ( Anita) deeds.

Leela tells Twinkle not to trust Yuvi blindly and maybe he is involved with Anita, maybe one is trying to act like enemy and the other is acting all good to make fool of them and maybe he went to the beach site behind Kunj just to make sure that Anita’s plan is successful and maybe they both are in this plan? Bebe says Leela is right, Yuvi cannot to be trusted, they all remember what he did with them earlier. On hearing this, Twinkle is confused. Bebe gets Manohar’s call. Manohar says he have called his men and they are searching for Kunj, he tells his sister not to worry that he is coming there soon. Bebe says she know Yuvi and Anita are behind all this. On hearing this, Manohar says Yuvi's name, he gets angry and says if he get to know that Yuvi is behind all this then he wont spare him. Usha is crying standing beside Manohar.

Yuvi on the other hand drags his mom. Anita cries and asks if he will take his mom to the police. Anita, known for her smart moves, sees a knife in the car, she picks it up and threatens to slit her throat if Yuvi informs the police and that she will not confess her crime to police. She says her son wants her to get jailed and its better than she die, she warns Yuvi that if he tries to take her to police then she will kill herself. Yuvi, puzzled by his mom's act as he is in a dilemma as to whether to inform the police or not. Yuvi then says he understand her situation but she have to come with him. Anita hits Yuvi with the knife’s back and he feels dizzy. Anita puts dust in Yuvi’s eyes and apologize to him. She leaves from there and Yuvi can't see anything, he composes himself and looks around to see his mom gone.

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