Monday, 11 June 2018

Monday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 251 - 252

Pallavi comes to same shop but doesn't see them, Yuvi pays the bill and take the bags of shopping. Twinkle comes out and asks what was the need to shop so much? Yuvi says it was she who bought everything and he is holding the bags. Twinkle sees street-food and goes to eat it, Yuvi says street-food is not good for you and tell her not to eat, calling her you fatso. Twinkle doesn't listen and eats the street food.
Twinkle starts having pain in belly and sits down, Yuvi gets worried and asks if there is any doctor here? Pallavi comes there and says she is a doctor, she comes to check the patient but Yuvi has gone with Twinkle from there before Pallavi can see them,one lady says the girl was pregnant and the guy took her to the hospital.

Twinkle and Yuvi comes to hospital, Yuvi holds Twinkle’s hand and tell her not to worry. Leela comes there,Twinkle asks Yuvi to stay outside that she will go inside with her mom, he says okay that he will wait here. As Leela takes Twinkle inside the hospital, Leela asks if she ate anything? She tell her not to worry that the doctor will check her. Twinkle sees a couple and as the man gives water to his wife, Leela sadly looks at Twinkle. Twinkle tells her mom not to feel bad for her, that she know her mom is always with her, she raised her alone without anyone beside her and sameway she will raise mhery baby alone. Leela says she know she is strong but she never wanted her to go through same pain that she had to bear but fate has its own way and she ( Twinkle ) is standing where she ( Leela) was standing years back, Twinkle says i am not alone, i have family and you with me.

Some guests come to Bebe’s house. Lady says she got to know that Twinkle is now a widow so she have brought proposal of her son who has problem in his leg and also Twinkle is pregnant so they will handle each other. Twinkle comes there and says she hope her son gets good life partner but relationship are made from heart and not by some compromise, she is happy alone and can take care of herself. The lady taunts Twinkle that she still have ego? Yuvi says she is right, she can take care of herself, she is not alone, she has her family with her beside her, and tell the lady to look at Leela, she has alone raised Twinkle alone, has made her good daughter and person, Twinkle have same guts and she can take care of herself, adding that if she can't encourage Twinkle then not to discourage her, he then tell the lady to go from here. The lady angrily says when they face problem then they will know, they leave. Yuvi tell Usha and Bebe that he shouldn't have spoken in their family matters but he couldn't stop himself, Yuvi leaves. Twinkle comes to Yuvi and thank him for taking her side today and she thank him for being a true friend. Yuvi says he will always stand by her side and will be her friend for life. Twinkle says they should finish what they left that day, she extends her hand and says friends for life? Yuvi shakes hand with her and says friends for life, they smile.

 Twinkle lighting a lamp in front of Kunj's photograph. She lovingly looks at his picture when Yuvi enters and ends up running into her. Yuvi drops some books he is carrying and blames Twinkle for this. He makes fun of her by asking her to wear her spectacles and she in turn questions his eyesight for having collided with her. They bicker a little before Twinkle spots some magazines in Yuvi's hands. She again mocks him for moving around with magazines now when he didn't even read his books properly while in college. He tells her that those are baby catalogs he brought for her so that they can choose stuff for the baby. Hearing of the baby brings a smile on Twinkle's face and they sit down to look through the catalogs. Twinkle gets excited going through the catalog and at one point Yuvi and Twinkle end up arguing over which coloured blanket will the baby have. Twinkle choses pink whereas Yuvi opts for blue. Yuvi says that he has a better colour choice and Twinkle argues that she gets to decide the color as she's the mother. After an inital disagreement, Twinkle too opts for blue and on asking she tells Yuvi that had Kunj been there, he would have chosen blue too.

She tells him about how organised Kunj was and shows him Kunj's wardrobe, and some of the books he had saved from his school days. She wished for her unborn child to be just like Kunj. As she tells him that she wants her baby to be organized just like how Kunj was. Yuvraj picks a fight by telling her that she isn't organised and if the baby turns out like her then it will be a cause of worry. Twinkle retorts back by showing him how organised and clean the room is and they engage in another argument which is stopped by Leela who shows up there coughing for them to notice her presence.  At the other end, Bebe is praying at the Gurudwara temple. She asks god if it is right on their part to let Twinkle lead the rest of her life alone. She asks if it is okay to get Twinkle remarried so that she can be happy. Bebe is unable to decide what to do and prays for Twinkle's happiness. Asking God if it will it be right and will she agree? She plead to God to find them a way.

Meanwhile, Leela asks Twinkle to get ready as she has gotten an appointment with the best gynaecologist in the city. Yuvi offers to accompany them to the place and drop them there but Leela politely turns him down citing that people will misunderstand this gesture on his part as something else and this will just lead to unnecessary questions being raised about everyone. She says that she will drive Twinkle there and see to it that she's okay. Yuvi obliges that he understand. On the other side, Kunj shows the little girl named Kashvi a picture of Twinkle. Kashvi comments on how beautiful Twinkle is. Pallavi enters with soup for them both that instant and Kashvi expresses her displeasure over having the soup. Pallavi asks her to finish it soon without any drama and Kashvi suggests that Kunj get well soon and leave this place as soon as he can so that he can escape from having the soup daily.

While this happens, Twinkle and her mom are on their way to meet with the gynaecologist. Mid way, Twinkle tells her mom that she is thirsty and goes to a nearby shop to buy water. While she steps out, a biker collides with Leela's car and she sustains minor injuries. Leela asks Twinkle to ring Yuvi up and ask him to take her for the appointment. Yuvi comes there within a short while and on Leela's insistence, takes Twinkle to the doctor. Yuvraj offers to take Leela to a doctor first but she assures him that she will manage on her own. Seeing that her mom is hurts, Twinkle says they can take tomorrow’s appointment. Leela says no that her appointment is not easy. Yuvi suggests to get her an auto.

At the Sarna Mansion, Bebe tells Usha about matrimonial sites and about the pure bond of marriage. She asks for what Usha thinks about the idea of getting Twinkle remarried. Usha rebukes Bebe's advances and tells her that Twinkle can't get remarried and leaves in anger.

At Pallavi's place, Kunj expresses his desire to visit his home and family once. He writes his wish down on the notepad and promises to just have a peek from the outside. Pallavi worries since she can't let Kunj know of Yuvi and Twinkle's closeness or that Yuvi is out of jail for that matter. But ultimately she gives in and decides to take Kunj there. At the hospital, Twinkle asks Yuvi to sit outside holding a few things of hers while she goes in to meet the doctor. The doctor on going through her report informs her about her being anemic and her low blood pressure. She instructs the nurse to call in Twinkle's husband so that she can tell him about this. Twinkle tries to intervene but the doctor doesn't listen and Yuvraj is called in, who is mistakenly taken to be Twinkle's husband by the staff. The doctor tells him about Twinkle not taking her medicines on time and not paying attention to her health. Yuvi and Twinkle try to correct this misunderstanding but the doctor pays a deaf ear to them. Twinkle finally manages to correct the doctor and tells her about Yuvi not being her husband. The doctor is dazed. The doctor says he is with her so he should know and she have to come for check up after two weeks and they leave.

On their way back, she chides Yuvi for not having corrected the doctor when she misunderstood him to be her husband. She says that Yuvi doesn't even have one percent of the qualities her Kunj held. Yuvi tells her that he only did that because the doctor was talking about her health and ensure her about him being least interested in playing her husband. Meanwhile, Pallavi and Kunj are seated in a car outside the Sarna Mansion. Kunj looks on at his house and remembers some moments shared with his family and Twinkle there. Pallavi on the other hand is worried about Kunj finding out about Twinkle and Yuvi and fears of encountering them. Just as Kunj is looking out the window, Pallavi spots Twinkle and Yuvi reaching the place in the rear view mirror. She panicks and tells Kunj that they'd have to leave as travelling in such conditons isn't good for his skin. She manages to leave the place without letting Kunj see Twinkle and Yuvi together.

While they leave, Twinkle stares at their car briefly and when asked she says that Kunj always wanted a car of the same model. Yuvi hands Twinkle her things and tells her to take care of herself and says that he won't step into the house since Usha still isn't particularly fond of him. She thanks him for his help and leaves for home. Meanwhile, Bebe and Usha are at the dining table discussing about Twinkle's remarriage. Usha tells Bebe that her decision to oppose to the idea may seem selfish but she has just lost her son and she can't lose her grandchild too. Bebe tells her that the fear of Twinkle leaving them shouldn't stand in the way of Twinkle's happiness. Usha tells her that, Kunj's unborn child is all she has and that the child is her Kunj's and she can't bear to part with it.

Just then Twinkle walks in and listens to the talk about her remarriage. This pains her as she wanted to make sure that her family doesn't feel Kunj's absence and she in turn feels that she is piling on and is a burden to them. She feels dejected and leaves for her room without saying anything. The following day, Bebe walks into Twinkle's room to give her, her medication. She is surprised to not find Twinkle there. She checks the washroom and rest of the places only to find Twinkle not being there. She panicks and asks Usha and Manohar if they have seen Twinkle around. On getting a negative response, they inform Leela and everyone tries to find out where Twinkle went. Yuvi comes in just then and overhears that Twinkle is missing. He tries to help and asks if they try her phone and also call her friends? He tell them not to worry and assures them that he will find her. He asks Manohar to inform the cops. Bebe goes into a guilt trip and blames herself for having made Twinkle take such a step. She contemplates that Twinkle might have overheard them talk about getting her married off again and she might have left them due to that.

At the other side, Pallavi offers Kunj some ice cream and tells him about his opeartion being agreed upon to be done in a day's time. She tells him that soon he will be able to go back to his lovely wife while silently wishing that Kunj's heart doesn't get broken on learning the truth.

 Yuvi says he have checked all hotels and talk to himself asking where Twinkle is. Twinkle who disappears from the house goes to the one place Kunj and she mostly spent their time. She says to her unborn baby if he know why they come there by placing her hand on her belly that, this place is her and Kunj's favourite place and that they have alot of sweet memories of the place and now she want to live those memories with him and she wish his was with them too. Pallavi also gets Kunj to the place where his memories with Twinkle are still intact. She comes to Kunj and asks if this is that special place where he and Twinkle used to come? She thanks him for making her come here, and says it's great.

Meanwhile, Twinkle enter in a room and looks around. Pallavi comes to Kunj and says he must be hungry and the breakfast is nice here, he should fill his tummy before the surgery as breakfast is most important meal of the day. She suggests him to text them fill their tummy, Kunj looks at her. Twinkle feels that Kunj is somewhere around, little did she know that Kunj was also there and she decides to get her baby accquainted to her memories of Kunj. She opened a window and inhale cool breeze, she tell her baby to see how beautiful the room and view is and maybe because they are here, Kunj is always on her mind and heart, he is always around her. She recalls how they used to dance, how they confessed love to each other, how they consummated marriage, Mein Rahun Ya Na Rahun song plays in the background. She recalls their pool dance, Goa moments and she is in tears. Kunj comes with Pallavi to the same hotel. palvi asks Kunj if this is the place where he and Twiknle used to come. She compliment it that it is so beautiful. She again thanks him for bringing her here.

Later, Twinkle's family start to worry as they do not find Twinkle anywhere. Manohar calls the policeman and says she is missing, he ends the call and says the policeman is not filling case before 24 hours. Bebe believes that Twinkle is upset as she had spoken to her about marrying once again. Seeing that Bebe is still on a guilt trip and wishes she hadn't brought up the issue of Twinkle's remarriage, Usha says she should have thought about the baby. Yuvi comes and asks if they got to know anything? Leela says no. Yuvi murmurs that she should have thought about her baby and he don't know where Twinkle is, he wish he was with her and he could have taken care of her. Usha eyes him suspiciously. Yuvi sees her and stops.

Twinkle comes inside the hotel restaurant. Kunj is there too. The waiter tells Kunj that he have made coffee for him many times but he is not liking it and he don't know what kind of coffee he like. Kunj points him to leave, and the waiter leaves. Twinkle stops the waiter and sees Kunj from far, his face is covered with bandages, she asks the waiter if she can help him and make coffee for him? He says yes, she makes the coffee and asks the waiter to give it to that person, maybe he will like it, the waiter goes. Twinkle thinks that she have made Kunj’s style’s coffee after so much time and she wish he was with her here. The waiter gives the coffee to Kunj, he drinks it and is stunned as it reminds him of Twinkle. The waiter says a lady made it but Twinkle leaves from there before Kunj can see her. Pallavi comes to Kunj and says all the preparations are done for the surgery and she leaves with Kunj.

Yuvi comes to Guradvarah temple and prays to Babaji to always be with Twinkle and can't let anything bad happen to her, he have come here to ask Babaji to help him find Twinkle as the whole family is stressed. He plead with him to help him. Bebe recalls how she talked about Twinkle’s second marriage, she says Twinkle must have listened to them talking about her marriage that's why she left. Bebe suddenly feels pain in her chest and falls unconscious, Leela brings water for her and calls doctor. Usha is tensed too.

 Twinkle is in a room when someone knocks the door, Twinkle opens it to find Yuvi there. He asks if she is mad that he have been searching for her and asks who leaves the house like this? He scold her that she didn't even inform anyone, her phone is switched off too and asks what she think of herself? Adding that he feel like..and he acts like punching her but stops, and remind her that she know about her family?. Bebe haven't eaten anything, Manohar is searching for her everywhere and she is hiding here in love nest?. Twinkle starts crying. Yuvi says she did mistake and now making h feel guilty? He asks if she is a child that she left the house?. He he asks her to go back home as the entire family is looking for her and also calling her stupid girl. Twinkle, however, maintains that she wants to stay with her child and the memories of Kunj, he has right to know about his father and she will stay here and will not go anywhere. Just then, Yuvi gets a call and says it's from the family and that he will tell them about her speech. He takes the call and is shocked to finds out that Bebe has fallen severely ill.

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