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Monday Update On King Of Hearts Episode 628 - 630

Satya and Mahi's family realize that Riya has lost her memory and the doctor claims it to be a short term memory loss. Mahi gets scared and confused and is unable to think as to how she could get her mother back. Satya comes to Mahi.
After coming to know who Payal has been hiding, Mahi is shattered to learn that Ria has no memory of who she is and breaks the stuff and tells him that she kept her mum’s things safely, and when she came infront of her alive, she couldn’t remember her. She will burn this memories. Satya asks her to listen to him once. At the same time, Payal shows up there and asks if she need her mom? Mahi folds her hands and asks her to return her mom. She asks what did you do with her and why is she not recognizing her. Payal uses emotional blackmail against Mahi by threatening to worsen Ria’s condition, saying she didn’t do anything till now, but can do much more. She asks her to think if she needs her mother and asks her to name all the property on her name. She shows the injection and says may be Ria can get fully mad for some money. Seeing that Payal is threatening her that she would harm her mother if she does not transfer her property, Mahi agrees to transfer her property and everything on her name. Satya asks if she have gone mad? He says once she gets the property, she will not leave her or her mum. Payal come to Ria and says now everything is working as per their plan. Ria gets up and thank god that she is tired of all this. The woman removes her fake mask. Payal assure her to give her shares once Mahi signs on the papers. The woman turns out to be fake Ria and not the real one. Satya tries to stop Mahi, but in vain. Mahi calls the lawyer up and says she wants to transfer all her property on her name. Mitul tells Payal have hidden Ria for so many years. Satya shares his plans with Mitul and praises her.

Payal patiently waits for the lawyer to come. Satya sings Aaj main Upar song and Payal makes him fall down, and says very soon his wife will join him too. Satya gets up and gives her an example, he tells her that 1000 Rupees is gone/demonetized and 100 Rupees. note is still working. He proudly praise himself that he is like 100 Rupees note, and she is like 1000 Rupees note.

Later, Payal calls lawyer up. The lawyer inform her that the papers are ready and he is coming there. Mitul comes to the lawyer indisguise of a beggar and stops him asking him to give her money. He says he don’t have change. Mitul asks him to give herc500 Rupees note. She insists, and the papers fall down from his hands. The lawyer calls Payal up and says the beggar woman have spoiled the papers. On hearing this, Payal blames Satya for it. Satya says he is here and asks if she haven’t gone mad. Meanwhile, Mitul’s recording is still playing. Payal tells Mahi that Satya is playing the game, but she will be the one who lose. Mahi asks Satya if he has done this. Satya says no. Mitul comes back to the house and thinks Satya will get happy. She hides her beggar costume. Payal gets doubtful and comes to her room. Mitul is shocked, as the recording is still playing at other side.

Mitul starts acting as if she is singing song, and says she likes to record and hear her own song. Payal searches in her cupboard and gets the beggar clothes. She tells Mitul that she is staying here and is supporting the enemies. She angrily goes. Satya and Mahi hear Ria shouting and Payal telling Ria that she will give her injection. They run towards the room and ask her to open the door. Payal signal the fake Ria. The fake Ria acts to get unconscious after Payal pretends to give her injection. Mahi and Satya come inside and see Ria unconscious. They are shocked and asks what did she do with her.

Payal accuses Satya for sending Mitul for spoiling her papers, and that he is responsible for Ria’s condition. Mahi begs infront of Satya and asks him not to do anything. She asks Payal to get the property new papers made that she will sign it. Mahi runs to her mother, Ria and hugs her. The fake Ria opens her eyes and signal Payal. Payal smiles looking at her. Satya sees them signalling each other and is shocked.

Satya thinks as to why is he not happy for Mahi and his mother. He also thinks that Riya's expression towards Payal was not legitimate as what he had seen in the room, and thinks Mahi’s mom and Payal were smiling at each other. He thinks if he is getting mad, and prays for Mahi’s happiness. He thinks Mahi got her mum after 21 years and asks God what is going on. On the other hand, Mahi meets Payal and asks her to let her be with her mother for some time. Payal refuses Mahi to be with her mother and tells Mahi that Riya is sick and should not be disturbed much but later agrees with her when Mahi asks her to make an excuse that she is a servant here. Payal then gives her 10 minutes. She goes inside and signal fake Ria. The fake Ria nods too smilingly. Mahi comes inside. The fake Ria tells that this is the same girl whom she met in the morning. Payal says she is her friend’s daughter. Mahi asks how is she now and further asks if she can apply oil on her head? The fake Ria nods. Mahi goes to bring oil.

Satya comes to Naina while she is sitting in the puja room. He tells her that he came to apologize to her that she might have felt bad that her Satya have hidden acbig secret from her, about the real and fake Mahi and then these paper thing. He explains to her that she wanted to tell her, but... Naina says she understand that he was trying to take care of Mahi. Satya says he is trying, but Mahi, his mom are in pained and even him too. Naina asks him not to worry and make Goddess wear the new garland. He obliges. Mahi brings oil and is about to massage her head. Satya on the other hand is cleaning the Goddess and tells Naina that stain is not going from the idol feet. Naina tells him that it is a mole, and further tells him that even Ria and Mahi have similar mole on their feet. Satya is shocked to know this. Mahi meanwhile massages her mother head. Payal asks Mahi to go.

Satya who is determined to rescue Mahi from this situation between her and Payal gets an idea and comes to Ria’s room. He purposely puts oil on the floor to make her fall down. Ria comes out of the washroom and slips. She calls out for Payal. Everyone come there. Payal says she will call doctor. Satya looks for the mole and asks Payal where is that mole. Mahi asks what is this misbehavior. Payal shows him other foot and says this is the mole. Satya is shocked. Payal asks him what did he want to proof that this is fake Ria, an imposter and she is lying. She then asks if he spill oil on the floor and make her fall down. She says God that she can’t really believe this. Mahi looks on devastated and leaves. Payal tells Satya that he will never be able to prove it. Satya says he don’t need to prove anything as lie and cunningness will come out eventually. He tells her that she haven’t done anything good in her life. Payal asks him to go, and says Ria needs to rest.

Mahi cries and tells Satya that she can’t believe that he did it intentionally. Satya try to convince her to give him a chance to explain. Payal comes there and asks them not to make any khichdi, else she will take Ria so far that they can’t search for her. She adds that she didn’t get property papers till now. Mahi assures her that she will sign on the property papers, and calls her mom. Payal asks her not to call her mom that she is not her mum. Satya thinks if he has done wrong. The fake Ria thinks the drama is happening in the house. Payal comes to fake Ria and asks her to be careful. She says she knew that this would happen and that’s why she helped you. She asks her to take just one drink.

Satya comes to Mahi and says he needs to talk to her. An upset Mahi says she don’t want to talk to him but Satya insists and takes her out in the garden. Mahi gets emotional seeing her father, mother and her childhood pictures. She gets emotional and cries. She asks Satya when he loves her so much then why did he trouble her. Satya says she is his chaat ( lick ) pape shop and thinks he did a mistake and doubted on her mum. He thinks to keep his Mahi and her mum safe and happy. Mahi hugs him…Ishq Me Tere Din Guzre Mere song plays in the background.

The power goes all of a sudden and seeing this Mahi decides to light up a candle in her mother's room. Meanwhile, the woman who has disguised herself as Ria, is drinking alcohol, unaware that Mahi is coming right to her room. When Mahi reaches Ria's room, she finds her asleep and keeps the candle on the table. Later, Satya passes by Ria's room, but thinks that everything is alright and he has nothing to worry about and didn’t see her mask is coming off her face and leave. After Satya leaves the scene, Payal visits Ria's room and finds out that her mask is coming off her face. Payal asks her to get up as her mask is not properly placed. The disguise Ria asks her to let her sleep. Payal thinks she is trapped. Satya calls Kajal and asks her to give the call to his mom. Kajal says okay and asks Gangu Tai to talk to him, but she refuses. Satya says he understand and says he will call her later. Mahi hears him and thinks he is very worried. She promises to bring his mum in his life again. The next morning, the neighbor asks Gangu Tai about Satya. Gangu Tai says there is no guarantee of today’s sons, that one day he will bring a girl and tell that she is her wife.

Just then they see Mahi on the roof top of a building, threatening to commit suicide. She tells everyone that Gangu Tai is her mother-in-law and she is not accepting their marriage. She stages the drama in Sholay style asking Gangu Tai to accept her as her daughter-in-law. Gangu Tai refuses and asks her to come down. Mahi says she will get down only if she forgive Satya and her, adding that she will count till three. Kajal asks Gangu Tai to agree and others also ask her to agree. Mahi says she is not joking and is about to jump. Gangu Tai closes her eyes and agrees. Mahi comes down fast. Gangu Tai forgives her. Mahi says she has cancelled her suicide plan. She invited her to her home, and says Satya will be surprised to see her. Mahi and Gangu Tai happily hug each other. Mahi take her mother-in-law blessing and she smile. Kajal is happy too.

Later, while Mahi is getting ready, Satya signal her that the hair style is not good. Mahi changes her hair style. Satya comes to her and frees her hairs. He asks why is she dressing up well today. Mahi says it is a surprise. Satya asks if this is for him, then it is a surprise else shock. Mahi thanks him. Satya holds her pallu ( sari)  and Mahi looks shy. Satya covers her with Pallu and Janam Janam Song plays in the background. He gets closer to her and Mahi closes her eyes. Just when Satya is about to kiss her, she pushes him on the bed and laughs. Satya holds her hand. Mahi asks him not to be mischievous. Satya jokes with her, he holds her closer and makes her fall on the bed. She asks what he want? He signal her that he want kiss. She closes his eyes, and silently leaves. Satya calls her betrayal wife, and asks her not to complain if he goes to flirt the neighbour, he smiles.

The fake Ria thinks she is yearning for wine and gets an idea. Since Ria is overcome by her drinking problem and escapes from the house through the window. Payal calls the lawyer up and asks him to get the papers ready. He says he is standing in queue to make the stamp papers made, as they are not taking old notes. Payal asks him to give cheque. Satya hears her. Meanwhile, Aleena is shooting near the house. She sees the fake Ria going and wonders what is happening.

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