Monday, 4 June 2018

Monday Update on My Lost Home

Aunt Billo catches her in the kitchen and starts to talk to her, pointing out that Mahi's maternal and in-laws are in the same place and that everyone knows that Mohini is living in her daughter's house. Mohini is shocked and feels bad as Aunt Billo tells her she should buy some more mithais in case others come to visit her as well and hand the plate of food in her hand and leaving Mohini in the kitchen who is in deep thought.
She give Jeet and Soni this and also give Jeet some few cash that is tie to her veil but Jeet refuses to accept it and Mohini insist. Shabd and Mahi come to meet Jeet and Soni and Shabd notices the sombre expression on Mohini's face. A bachelor man calls up and Lovely jumps around in excitement as he says he is coming to see her tomorrow. Micky imagines his and Lovely's nuptial night. She tells Durga and Buaji about the man and they have a funny argument again. Mohini is deep in thought remembering Aunt Billo's words and pricks her finger on the sewing machine needle.

Shabd and Mahi are in their room, happily talking about their baby while Shabd is massaging her feet. She teases him about worrying too much and getting white hair and they both share a wonderful moment together. On the other hand, Aunt Billo taunts Mohini that she have mentions it to her but she had insisted and buy Mahi's medicine even though she did not have enough money on her and Mohini's expression changes to one of deep thought and Aunt Billo angrily leaves the kitchen. While Mohini is coming downstairs, she recalls Aunt Billo taunting her indirectly, she comes to Mahi entrance door and just when she is about to knock on their door, she change her and leaves. Shabd who have already puts Mahi to sleep comes to the living room and sees his mother-in-law outside of their room. He calls her and asks her to tell him what is wrong and makes her take his promise and oat on him by placing her hand on his head. Mohini tells him that she doesn't know how long she can stay as a guest in her daughter's in-law's house. Shabd is shocked and asks her what she is saying. Mohini says that she has taken this decision after a lot of thought. Shabd tells her that she is not only Mahi's mother but his mother as well. He tells her that after a long time, things are falling into place and getting better and that she can't talk about leaving them. He assures her that as long as he is there, she won't be going anywhere. Aunt Billo gives Mahi some clothes as a ritual that Shabd's uncle insists be done before the baby comes. Mahi and Aunt Billo go to Mohini's room and ask that she give it to Mahi on her behalf but Aunt Billo again makes a comment that offends Mohini and she refuses to give them on her behalf as she keep experiences embarrassment and taunts at her daughter’s in-laws aunt. Aunt Billo leaves to put the clothes away pretending to be hurt and Mahi tells her mother that she shouldn't have done that and asks why she reject but her mother just look at her naive daughter and chose to be silent.

Durga calls Soni to bring a thali for the prayer. Soni, Jyoti and Bua join Durga in the prayer house. Durga tells Soni and the rest that they should have a mata ki chowki tomorrow because of the forthcoming bundle of joy expected in their house. ( Mata Ki Chowki simply means to motivates devotees all over the world to pay their respects through their prayers and this can be organised on the happy occasions such as Weddings, Engagements, Birthdays, Anniversaries or during Ganpati and Navratri festivals ). Soni happily agrees. Mahi on the other hand tells Shabd about what happened earlier between his aunt and her mom. Shabd tells her not to worry about it. He later goes. While Aunt Billo is busy frying in the kitchen, Shabd comes there and asks his aunt whether she and his mother-in-law had talked about anything before as his mother-in-law was crying in the night. Their male servant excuse them to talk. Aunt Billo denies it and tells him that she should have felt bad about what happened earlier that day but didn't take offence to small things like that. Shabd explains to her that his mother-in-law already feels uncomfortable since she feels like she is a guest in her own daughter's house and they should try to make her feel comfortable. Aunt Billo promises to talk more carefully around her and tells Shabd to go sit and she will bring him his food. He leaves and Aunt Billo says that there's no love left for her in Shabd's house and that he is more concern about his wife's mother forgotten that she is his aunt. She scorns that she was kicked out of her son's house and now she is being made to stay quiet in her own house. She confront Mohini regarding this that she complain about her to Shabd and have forgotten that her daughter is the daughter-in-law of the house. Mohini deny reporting her to Shabd and Aunt Billo ends up insulting her the more.

Lovely, Buaji, Durga and Soni are talking about Lovely's marriage and future husband when the family who has a rishta for Lovely comes to meet her. Gupta comes in and says he is here to see Lovely and talk about their rishta. Soni and Durga look stunned but invite him in. Lovely runs in enthusiastically but stops shocked when she sees who has come to see her. The man and Durga chat and he happily says that he thinks this rishta will work out for sure while Lovely stands out of sight and shakes her in disapproval. He grabs Durga's hand and Mr Khurana walks in angrily. Lovely threatens the man and runs him out of the house with her shoe. Lovely starts crying as her search for her soul mate is proving to be difficult but she refuses to give in and says that she doesn't have a husband yet and they all comfort her. Durga invites Aunt Billo and everyone for mata ki chowki the next day.

Mohini forces Mahi to drink soup for the benefit of the baby. She tells Mahi that when she does things for her child, she will feel a different type of happiness. She talks to Mahi about other resposibilities of a good mother. Mahi tells her that her mom is there so her baby will grow up with the best values instilled in him/her. Aunt Billo overhears this and angrily walks in. She gives Mahi the phone and tells her Soni is on the line. Jeet and Soni fight for the phone and Jeet jokes with Mahi. Soni steals the phone and invites Mahi and the family to their house the next day for Mata ki chowki. Mahi notices that her mother's expression has fallen and asks her what is wrong. Mohini expresses her concern that the fact is Jeet had asked for a very expensive shirt from her and Mahi tells her that Jeet isn't like that and that she is worries about her children too much and that if she could, she'd give even more. Mohini agrees but sadly says that she can't even get a shirt for him. Shabd overhears this and he is looking hot and his mother-in-law doesn't consider him as her own family.

As the celebrations are taking place and Mohini think about what she will tell Jeet when he asks about the shirt. Shabd walks in and gives her a package containing a shirt for Jeet. The aarti takes place and Mohini watches Mahi and Soni doing the aarti together. She remembers when Soni and Mahi were young and fought over everything. Everyone gives shagun to the children and Mohini gives her a bit as well. Buaji snidely remarks that Mohini has become so poor that she was only able to give a few rupees to the kids. Mohini looks dejected while Aunt Billo feels uncomfortable. She goes to Buaji and instigate her against Mohini.

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