Monday, 11 June 2018

Monday Update On My Lost Home

Shabd try to make Mahi feel better about everything. He admires her mehendi and jokes with her. He see's Mahi crying and asks if Soni said something to her. Mahi tells him that it's her fault. She didn't wait for Soni, and Soni forgot everything and came for her little sister. Mahi tells him she is unhappy and tell Shabd that she needs to find Soni and apologize to her.
Mahi goes downstairs and looks for Soni. She asks Aunt Billo who doesn't really care and tells her Soni must be here somewhere. Shabd's looks around, and Shabd tells them they are not upstairs. Shabd's uncle calls and finds out that Soni and Jeet left. Mahi becomes upset that they didn't say bye to her before leaving. Aunt Billo starts her rant about them coming late and then leaving without saying goodbye. Shabd's uncle tells his wife Billo to shutup, and that it's their own fault. He tells Shabd that whatever happened wasn't good and that he will go to their house and call them back. Shabd stops his uncle and says that no one from their house will go and call them. Mahi looks surprised and upset.

In the car, Jeet is angry about Shabd's behavior with Soni. He tells Soni it was only because of her that he stayed quiet. He tells her that they shouldn't have even come.

In Shabd's room, Shabd is also angry and rants about Jeet and how they behaved so rudely. He says that at least Jeet should have some akal ( non-temporal ) and should have apologized. Shabd tells Mahi that he has decided that they are not going to wait for anybody, and whoever wants to come can and whoever doesn't doesnt need to come. He see's Mahi upset and apologizes. He tells her he only wants to see her happy.

In Patialia, Bibiji is looking at the pictures and Mohini see's her happy and asks whose pictures they are. The Bibi says they are pictures of her daughter-in-law's Godbariye. The baba walks in and yells at Mohini. He asks her if she's here to work or interfere in their business. He tells Mohini to only keep interest in her work and nothing else. Mohini looks at the pictures in the album, and thinks of Godhbariye and gets sad.

At Khurana's residence, Durga and Mr Khurana are preparing for the godbariye ( Baby shower), and looking at all of the sweets. Evil Buaji adds her evil comments about how much they are giving but she is ignored. Durga and Mr Khurana look at the clothes, and once again Buaji comments and is ignored. Durga tells her husband about the ladoo's she's prepared and that Mahi loves her ladoo's. Buaji comments that they are acting like it's Soni's Godbariye. Durga tells her Soni's godbariye will be way bigger and better. They tell Evil Buaji that they are going as Mahi's parental home and not in-laws today. Aunt Lovely comes in and starts her usual drama about her dream boy, which as usual Evil Bua ruins it for her. Jeet comes, and his father shows him everything. Jeet tells them that they prepared everything but they didn't ask Soni once if she even wanted to go.

At Mahi's house, they are also preparing for the godbariye. Aunt Billo tell them they will do all the rasms fully and with a lot of dhoom dham. Aunt Billo shows Mahi some of the stuff. Shabd's uncle shows a sari for Soni, and Aunt Billo looks annoyed. Mahi tells him it's all nice, but she doesn't even know if they will come or not. Shabd comes there and his uncle asks if Jeet called. Shabd says no, and Shabd's uncle says then they will call. Shabd says no, but he see's Mahi upset. He tells Mahi not to be upset and that if it will make her happier, he will go to Soni's and get them. Mahi stops him, and tells him that she doesn't want her in-laws to have to bow down to her parental home. She tells Shabd that she just wants to be happy today.

Soni tells her parents in-laws and Jeet that her parental home is very dear to her but nothing is more important to her now than her in-laws and her husbands respect and honour. At the same time, Shabd's uncle walks in and tells them they need to leave for the Godbariye, and Durga tells him they were just leaving. Buaji interupts and tells them to shut up and stop their drama. She asks if they didn't hear what Soni just said, and after so much "beshti" why would they go to the godbariye?. Mr Khurana tells his elder sister Buaji to stop and to leave. Shabd's uncle apologizes to Jeet, but Mr Khurana tells him that it wasn't his fault but it was Jeet and Soni's mistake. Shabd's uncle tells Soni he's sorry, but her parental home is still important and she need's to be at Mahi's godhbariye.

At Mahi's residence, Mahi tells Aunt Billo that she doesn't think Soni will come to the godbariye because she left so upset. Aunt Billo tells her not to worry that Soni will come for sure and that she won't stay upset at such little things. Mahi says that if Soni can forgive little things then so can she, and she is going to wait for Soni to get her ready. Shabd comes in with his new facial hair style and he is looking extra hot. He tells Mahi all her friends have come to get her ready, and she can at least get ready, and then wait for Soni before starting the godbariye. He reminds Mahi that she promised him no tears today and Shabd's uncle interupts them and tells them today there will be no tears because Soni is here. Mahi looks happy to see Soni, but Aunt Billo looks unhappy seeing Soni. Shabd thanks Soni for coming, and reminds Mahi that today is an important day for them and their kids so no arguments and no tears. Mahi and Soni have an akward moment.

Later, Aunt Billo is arguing with her husband and asks if he went to Soni's house to get Soni. She tells him that she knows that Soni wouldn't have come without him, and Shabd's uncle admits that he did go. On hearing this, Shabd tells his uncle that he shouldn't have gone and is upset that he had to bring them here. His uncle tells his wife Billo that he can explain everything to Shabd, but she better not do anything to ruin the relationships between them.

In Mahi's room, Soni and Mahi's friends get her ready for the godhbariye and Mahi looks so gorgeous. Soni tells Mahi that she looks beautiful today, and that if their mom was here, she'd ward-off the evil eye from her and just as they are about to talk about what's happening, someone interupts them to tell them to come downstairs. Soni's in-laws comes and everyone is happy and discuss the amount of stuff they brought for Mahi's godhbariye. Buaji takes Aunt Billo to the side and tells her that if she doesn't want anyone to find out the true reason behind Mohini leaving, she better keep the two sisters apart. Aunt Lovely hear this and warns her against what she's doing but Buaji as usual just yells at her.

Soni brings Mahi down the stairs, and everyone admires how pretty both sisters look. Aunt Billo explains what will happen, and Durga tells Soni that she should start the rasms. Soni and Mahi talk through their thoughts and Aunt Billo and evil Buaji share looks. Everyone continues their rasms. Jeet asks Soni if she talked to Mahi, and Soni tells him that Shabd made her promise that there would be no talks of what happened today. But Soni feels that their happiness will be incomplete if they don't talk about what happened today. Soni goes upstairs and Aunt Billo watches this.

Soni goes to Mahi's room, and records on a tape recorder about her apology to her. She tells Mahi she's sorry about eveyrthing that happened and that she's extra happier because she feels as though she is sharing their mother's happiness too. She basically tells Mahi how much she loves her, how sad she is without her and her dreams for their kids and she hopes they grow up together and love each other just as much as them. Mahi goes to see Soni, and Shabd stops her. He tells her that if Soni brings up their mother issue, or blames Mahi again then she shouldn't talk to her. Mahi walks into the room just as Soni is explaining that she knows Mahi felt that she blamed her for their leaving and thought she was a bad daughter, but Mahi misunderstands the whole things and leaves angrily. Soni runs behind her and when they reach the stairs Mahi almost trips. Soni catches her and Mahi tells her she never wants to talk to her again. Mahi lets go of Soni hand away from hers, pushing Soni backwards and she fall down the stairs. Mahi stares at Soni from the top and screams out her name. Everyone present there is shocked. Shabd look up and is shocked to sees Mahi standing upstairs. Jeet and Durga rush to Soni and they rushes her to the hospital. Everyone is sad, Durga breaks down and pray nothing happen to Soni. Mr Khurana console Jeet to calm down. Shabd try to things out with Jeet but he turns his back on him. Aunt Lovely silently pray in her mind for Soni. Mahi prayed for Soni to be okay. Buaji nag that she told them not to take Soni to Mahi's house and says if something happens to the baby, she will not spear anyone.

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