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Saturday Update On King Of Hearts 2 Episode 622 - 624

Later, after few hours, Mahi thinks where is Satya while sitting at the breakfast table. Mahi and Aleena try to find out from each other of Satya's whereabouts but Mithul watches them communicate and ends up surprised and thinks what is going on between them. Mahi and Aleena give her juice. Mitul turns to go.
Mahi asks Aleena to call Satya and asks him where is he? Aleena tells her that he forgot his phone at home. Mitul turns and says she have caught them both. Mahi calls her crazy woman. Mitul tells Koel that they both were talking. Koel calls Mitul mad as she sees her aunt as an on serious person.

Satya thinks Payal might be upto some big conspiracy and decide to call Mahi, but he forgot his phone at home. Mahi and Aleena come to the court and call Satya. Just then Payal comes there. The lawyer asks where Mahi’s lookalike is. Mahi and Aleena hides. Satya comes there covering his face with file and walks towards Mahi past Payal. He tells Mahi and Aleena that he needs to talk to Mahi and asks Aleena to handle Payal for sometime. Aleena comes in front of Payal.

Payal asks where her betrayal husband is? She asks if he don't respect court? Aleena begs her mom not to do this. Payal asks her to stop calling her mom and says she is irritated with this word. She asks her to get out of her life and twists her hand badly hurting her. She says she thought to kick her out long back. Mahi sees Payal twisting Aleena’s hand thinking her as Mahi, and is shocked. Satya asks Mahi to listen to him that he followed Payal and saw her going to a chawl. She talked to a lady and asked her to keep Mahi’s secret hidden from her. He says that lady’s name is Subhadra and Payal asked her to support her and keep her secret hidden.

Mahi asks what is the secret left now. If this is not enough that she has kept her as a servant in her own house. She cries. Satya says her grandma and he will always be with her. He promises to bring Payal’s truth infront of the world. He asks her to come. Mahi asks what about Aleena. Satya says she will handle herself.

Later Payal waits for Aleena and Satya. Mahi comes home. Payal asks where did she go? Mahi says she went to some place as her house is boring. She sits to have banana. Satya comes there. Payal asks where did he go and asks if the court is of his father. Satya gets angry and asks her not to take his father’s name. Payal says she was saying something. Mahi sees her earring on his clothes and on seeing that her aunt Mitul is is not looking down while busy with her clothes, she then purposely drop the peel banana on the floor to make Mitul fall down and cleverly takes her earrings out on Satya's shirt. While Payal is trying to help Mitul, Satya try to steal a kiss from Mahi and she signal that they are not alone. Payal asks what happened? Satya says she was taking his father’s name. Payal angrily leaves. Mitul also leaves. Satya and Mahi get romantic with each other.

Satya and Payal went to the place and finds the room locked from outside. But Mahi feels someone's presence inside the room and is trying to ask them for help. Mahi asks Satya to break through the door, So Satya knocks the door loudly in return they gets encountered by the local people and stopped them. They made an excuse in front of them that they came here to meet Subhadra Tai and the people tell them to come later and they leave from there. Mahi tells Satya that she felt something which she couldn’t explain to him. A lady is shown tied inside. Mahi asks Satya to stop the car near the bakery. She gets down and asks for chocolate cake. The bakery man asks her to get it tomorrow. She sits in the car and tells Satya that tomorrow is her mother’s birthday and her life would have been different if her mom was alive. They come back to Sen Gupta house and they started thinking about what they should do next as Payal is definitely hiding something which they need to find out. Mahi gets a scary dream and rouses from a wicked dream and finds someone knocks her bed room, she checks who is that:? Mahi opens the door. Aleena asks her to go to the terrace as Satya is waiting for her there. Mahi asks what if anyone sees them. Aleena asks her not to worry and go. Meanwhile Satya is waiting for her in the terrace ,There is a big surprise awaiting for her. Mahi goes to the terrace and sees a romantic set up. Satya shows the messages on the chart that it is her mum’s birthday and she wants her to always be happy. He confesses her love to her. Jaane Na Ho song plays in the background. Mahi gets emotional and happy. Satya asks her to cut the cake. Mahi cuts the cake and makes Satya eat it.

Kajal calls Satya up. Payal gets up hearing the phone ringing and wonders from where the ring noise came. Kajal wishes happy birthday to Mahi’s mum and ends the call. Mahi gets romantic and says she wants to tell her something. Payal is also coming there. While Satya and Mahi are romancing on the terrace, she sees Satya romancing and gets angry. She turns Satya towards her face. Payal sees Aleena with Satya and thinks he is romancing with Mahi. A flashback is shown. Aleena comes to Satya and Mahi and alerts them saying Payal is coming there. Mahi hides while Aleena takes her place and stands with Satya. Payal says this is not an hotel, but home. Satya says until the court decides she ( Payal) is also a guest here. Payal asks how can he celebrate and have party here. Payal throws the cake away and spoils the decoration. Mahi is still hiding. Satya immediately off the light to avoid Payal seeing Mahi. Payal lost her balance and her face is smeared with cake. On seeing this, Satya tells Payal that he will romance with his wife in the room and asks her to finish the cake. Mahi immediately leaves the place.

Payal calls the servant and asks her to clean the floor. Shom comes there and asks her to iron his clothes. He asks his mom what is happening at home, and says he will shift to the hotel. Aleena comes there, and asks Shom how dare he return back and asks if he didn't remember what she had told him when she kicked him out. Payal tell Aleena which she thinks is the real Mahi that Shom is her son and he don’t need anyone’s permission. Shom asks if her nonsense is over, then he will have his breakfast. Both mother-son think she is the real Mahi and unaware that her actual name is Aleena who is helping Mahi and Satya in exposing the reality of Payal in front of everyone. Satya comes there and asks Shom to make breakfast for him and his mum. Payal angrily gets up. Satya asks her not to show him attitude and says he will play the game. Satya tells Shom that when his mum don’t accept his wife as her daughter then why will his wife make food for them. He asks Shom to ask Aleena (Mahi) to make food. Mahi looks on. Satya and Mahi looks on. Shom looks on. Satya asks Mahi to eat that he will come. Subhadra calls Payal up and tells her that few people were searching for her in basti. Payal is shocked. Satya hears her. A woman is seen in Subhadra’s captivity.
Subhadra calls Payal and inform her that someone was searching her in the basti yesterday. Payal thinks who might be the person. She thinks if it's Satya and Mahi, and then thinks they didn’t know about it.

A woman is seen in Subhadra’s captivity. Satya overhears Payal speaking on the phone with Subhadra and decides to himself investigate about the matter. He comes to Mahi and informs her that something is wrong and he has to go and find the truth. Mahi tells him that she will come with him and everything is happening with her. He asks her to meet him within 10 minutes. They later reaches Shubhadra's place along with Mahi, disguised as a govenment official and tells that they came to do population survey. The two of them manage to make their way into the house forcibly. Shubhdra runs inside the room and covers the captive woman. Satya tries to break the door but Shubhdra takes the woman, whom she had been hiding all this while, and escapes from the house. Satya sees Subhadra eloped from there. As Subhadra runs on the road, Satya and Mahi go after her. Shubhadra calls Payal and tells her that someone is following her, but she didn’t tell them anything. Payal who is hiding something that may affect Mahi for life asks who were they? Subhadra cuts the call and she ends up meeting with an accident as a speedy truck hits her. Subhadra faints and fall down. Satya and Mahi reach there and found Subhadra in an injured state. Mahi asks Subhadra about the secret which is hidden from her. Subhadra tells Mahi that her mom has hidden a secret from her and it is in her garage. She asks them to save her, and gets unconscious. The two of them are shocked as they find out that Subhadra had left the lady in a garrage. They call an ambulance. They pray that Subhadra gets fine soon. Payal comes to the basti and searches for garage. Aleena follows her and informs Satya. Satya asks her to keep eye on her till they reach there. Later, Satya and Mahi look for the garrage to find out the secret that Payal had been hiding from them and ask someone about the garage. Both Satya and Mahi finally reached the garage and get inside. Payal also reached same garage and asks for Subhadra. The man informs her that there is no Subhadra here. Payal goes. Satya and Mahi search for the right garage.

Gangu Tai meets someone and tells her that Satya went to Dubai for work and the lady says it is good. Gangu Tai leaves. Payal sees Aleena ( fake Mahi) in the car’s mirror and thinks she has become smart and decide to teach her a lesson now. Gangu Tai sees Satya in basti and gets shocked. Payal smartly goes, while Aleena searches for her. Mahi falls down. Satya gets concerned. Payal comes the right garage and manage to reached there before both of them and asks the woman to get up. Mahi asks Satya not to worry about her and come with her. Payal takes woman inside the garage and closes the door and also manages to ran away from there while Satya and Mahi looks on shocked.

Gangu Tai comes there and slaps Satya. Satya is shocked and call out to his mom. Gangu Tai accuses him for lying to her and asks what is he doing? Thief? Satya says he is not doing anything wrong and asks her to give him a chance to explain. Gangu Tai asks him why is he protecting and caring so much for Mahi. She sees Mahi and accuses her for the troubles in his life before. Mahi tells her that Satya has not done anything wrong. Gangu Tai asks who is. She to come in between them. Satya who is confronted by his mother, claims that Mahi is his wife now as he has taken wedding vows with her and her daughter-in-law. Hearing this, Gangu Tai is shocked and flabbergasted.

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