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Sunday Update On King Of Hearts 2 Episode 625 - 627

Payal take the woman in her car and says she has to take her far. Gangu Tai is shocked knowing Mahi is Satya’s wife. Mahi tells Gangu Tai that circumstances was such that Satya had to marry her and tells that Satya saved her from her mum. Gangu Tai says he was taking care of her, being away from his mom.
Satya tries to explain to his mother the situations that led to his and Mahi's wedding and asks her to give him a chance to explain that he haven’t done anything wrong but Satya's mother does not want to listen to anything from him asks if he love his mom? Satya says yes. Satya's mother asks him to leave Mahi and come along with her that they will sell everything and go to their village.

Satya refuses to leave Mahi and says she is his wife, and he have filled her forehead with vermilion and made her wear the wedding chain. She is his responsibility and he can’t leave her. Gangu Tai is shocked and asks what about his mum. She asks him to reply in Yes or No, if he will come with her or not. Satya says no that he can’t come at this moment. Out of rage, Gangu Tai almost breaks her relationship with him and says she knew this would happen one day and almost spill the beans that he is not her son then stop herself from saying the truth that will implicate her. Satya asks her to listen to him once. They both have tears in their eyes. Gangu Tai leaves the garage. Satya gets sad. Mahi calms him down and assures him that she will sort out everything between him and his mother. Satya tells Mahi that his mum will forgive him and will accept her.

Mahi hugs Satya and cries. They then decide to go further with their plan in exposing Payal and find out who she is hiding. Payal hides that person underground in their house in the garden area. She ties the woman with chain, and asks her to be there, and not to do any foolishness. Aleena thinks she don’t know where Satya and Mahi are? She says they are also not picking her call. Payal comes home and eyes Aleena thinking her to be Mahi. Aleena thinks if Payal saw her there. Payal thinks what did she think that she will get answers for all her problems of life. Mitul comes there and asks Payal about the mud on her sandal. Payal asks her to get it cleaned by someone. Aleena gets thoughtful about the mud.

Mahi tells Satya that she can’t forgive herself if his relationship with his mum breaks. She promise him that she will show his truth to his mom, and will tell her about his selfless help for her ( Mahi ). Aleena comes there and tells her that Payal fooled her at the last minute. Satya asks what she is hiding and have to find out. Aleena says there is one more thing, and tells them that when Payal returned home, her slipper was muddy. Mahi says there was no mud in the basti and she don’t go to such muddy place. Satya says they have to keep an eye on her and think that if precaution is not taken then accident will happen.

Since the trios Aleena, Mahi and Satya are determined to see who this person is that Payal is hiding, Aleena keeps watch on Payal wearing Burqa. Next, Mahi tells Satya that she will keep eye on her and asks them to sleep that she will make him wake up after 3 hours. She sees Payal combing her hairs and thinks she has to be awake to keep eye on her, but she sleeps. Payal goes somewhere secretly. Mahi wakes up and thinks where did she go? She sees Payal going somewhere in the night, but then misses her. She comes back and tells Satya that she was there, but suddenly vanished when she hid from her. Satya says they have to go there and see. Aleena says there is nothing here. Satya insist they have to go from here else Mahi's mom will see them all together.

Payal meets the woman and asks her to have food. She says she seems to be unwell and think she will call her. She will see what she can do tomorrow. She opens the cellar window and comes out.
Payal sings a song Aaj Main Upar. Satya comes there and asks about her happiness. He asks her to drink juice and asks if she won lottery. Payal says she makes her own destiny. Satya says she said nice line. She gets a call and goes to attend to it. She tells someone to make the things ready, as she is coming. Satya hears her and asks Aleena and Mahi to handle things there. He goes after Payal and reaches the hospital. He looks for her and sees her gone. Then he sees Payal talking to a doctor. He thinks she is not looking ill and was singing song just sometime back. He thinks what she is taking from the doctor, and wonders how to reach her. He sees a wheel chair and a patient standing. He gets an idea. Satya wears a shawl and covers his head with monkey cap. He makes Payal fall down and sees the tablets and injection. Payal scolds him and asks if he is blind. He calls her daughter and says this hospital is not good. He asks if she is unwell. Payal says nothing has happened to her and asks someone to lift him. She goes. Satya gets up and thinks for whom she has taken insulin dose.

Mahi's friend, Aleena, meets her and says that she is lucky to have a husband like Satya, who loves her so much. Mahi tells Aleena that she never believed what Satya told her about her mom. Mahi adds on that she even failed to realize as to how much Satya loved her. Mahi then picks up the photograph of her mother and shows it to Aleena. Mahi says that the person in the photograph is her real mother. Later, Mahi sees her parents’ picture and tells that her Payal can do anything. She don’t know how her real mum died. Satya says whoever is hidden by Payal is having diabetes. She says Payal always gives her injection. Aleena says today they have to spy on her. Satya says yes, tonight. In the night, Payal comes out of her room and goes to the. cellar. Satya follows her and thinks where did she vanish? The guard comes there and Satya thinks thief came to the house. The guard says he came back to work again and asks why Satya is here. Satya tells the guard that when he was not here, his mom in-law needed someone to guard the house and he asks him to go. He thinks where did Payal go. Next morning, he tells Mahi that Payal vanished in the garden. Mahi says she don’t know what to do. Satya says we have to send her out of house to search the house. Mahi like the plan to get her mom out of the house so that they can investigate. Satya shares his plan with them. Aleena smiles while Mahi looks on carefully.

While Mahi is waiting in the hall, Koel comes there. Mahi who have resort to any means to try and uncover the truth collides with her intentionally and hurts her hand. Koel asks what is in her hand? Mahi twists her hand and asks her to throw tantrums on Mahi but she is unaware that Mahi gave her an injection after which she will gets unconscious. Koel angrily comes to her mom's room, and falls down on the bed. Payal gets tensed and thinks she has to take her to the hospital. Aleena and Mahi are in the garden with Satya. Satya says he called a spy and call a dog. He asks it to start it's work. The sniffer dog is searching in the garden.

The doctor tells Payal that someone gave her daughter horse injection. Payal is shocked and thinks if Satya and Mahi planned this to send her out of the house. She asks Mitul to take care of Koel and goes. While Mahi and Satya investigate the garden area, the sniffer dog shows them the cellar. Satya thanks him and says Payal is very clever and they have to get inside. Meanwhile Payal is on the way and thinks what they might be doing. Satya tells Mahi that place is strange and on reaching the secret undergroud place where they see chain and says someone was tied here. They wonder where did that person go and may be she is only hidden here.

Payal thinks if they came to know about the garden beneath the room. Satya says may be that person is not here or might have ran away. Mahi finds a locket in which she sees the picture of a person in one half, but the other half is empty and shows it to Satya. Satya opens it and says it has just one old picture. Aleena also sees the picture. Just then, they hear a car noise, gets alert and immediately comes out of the cellar. They hide seeing Payal’s car. Payal gets inside the cellar and sees only chain. She is shocked. Payal comes out and calls someone, that she told to keep an eye on her and she is not here. She asks her/him to find that person soon else their game will end. Satya says surely there was some person here.

Payal comes inside the house and sees Aleena making Satya eat apples. Payal throws the plate away and accuses them for giving horse injection to Koel. Satya laughs and asks her not to feel bad. She says if Koel got horse injection then what did horse get? He laughs. He says her daughter is like out of control horse and whoever gave it have done the best. Payal asks him to get out of her sight. Satya teases her and makes horse noise. He asks Mahi to meet him in the market with the locket and goes. Satya and Mahi reach the photo studio. The photographer says they have no technology to restore old picture. Mahi says they have lost this clue, and thinks where is that person.

The next day, Mahi shows the locket to her grandmother and asks her to take the prasad. Mahi's grandmother calls her Aleena and pushes her away makes the prasad falls. In the process, the locket that Mahi was carrying, falls down. Aleena and Satya comes to her rescue. Mahi picks the fallen locket up and her grandmother realizes that the locket was Riya's and says it is for her daughter-in-law Ria. Satya asks if she is sure?. At the same time, Payal shows up in the scene and asks her as how she found the locket and from where did the locket come to her. Mahi gets angry and confronts Payal and asks her as to where her mother is and where did she hide her? Payal is shocked. Satya calls her Mahi and asks her to calm down and says she will not tell. Payal understands his plan and says it was his drama of Aleena and Mahi, and says somehow she have a doubt on her and kept something as secret. She says she will never know about the secret, and now it is clear that they all are together. It was a good plan to reach the truth. She adds that a secret is saved with her.
Satya asks Payal not to joke
that he know that she had hidden someone in the garden. He inform her that person escape from her clutches. Just then, the door bell rings. Mitul goes to open the door. Everyone see Gangu Tai walking inside the house. Satya call out to his mom that she is here. But the family is not ready for the truth of what Payal has been hiding as Ria comes there in front of them and everyone is shocked to see Ria alive. Mitul shouts that Ria is alive. Mahi gets emotional seeing her mum alive. Naina, Satya and Aleena are happy too. Naina calls out to her daughter-in-law, Ria that she have returned. Ria looks at the house as if she lost her memory.

Mahi cries and gets emotional. She goes near her and calls her mom. She asks where was she as she have spent her childhood with her picture and asks why did she leave her and go away. She hug her but Ria pushes her away and everyone is shocked. Ria goes to Payal and asks what is all this and why is there so many people here. Payal lovely address her as her little sister, telling her not to get scared and asks her to come with her. She takes her inside. Satya talks to his mom and tells that her that her anger is justified. He is her son and her values will not go. He promise that he is not doing this for himself and asks where did she find her. Gangu Tai says she found her near the well and she took Payal’s name, so she brought her here. Satya asks her to return his mum. Gangu Tai asks him not to think about her, and leaves.

Payal takes Ria to her room and gives her water. Ria drinks it. She sees Mahi and asks about her. Payal asks her not to think and says she is mistaken. Naina and Mitul come there. Ria asks Naina, what happened to her? She asks if she meet with an accident? Naina asks if she don’t remember anything. Mitul says she doesn’t remember anything.

Mahi asks Payal, what she have done with her mum. Payal asks if she is a court, to whom she is answerable. She asks her to leave. Mahi shows her picures to her mom, Ria that she is Mahi. She shows her the locket that it belongs to her mother. Ria says it is not possible as Neil and Mahi are dead. Mahi is shocked. Payal asks them to go, and says Ria is uncomfortable with the people whom she doesn’t know. She calls the doctor and asks her to calm down. Mahi cries looking at her.

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