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Wednesday Update On Fire And Ice Episode 253 - 254

Kunj is devastated with the turn of events and is completely shattered seeing his family happily blessing Twinkle and Yuvi after their wedding. Feeling betrayed, he leaves there without letting anyone know anything while everyone else is busy blessing the new couple.
5 years later.
They are setting the stage for some function in the Sarna household. Usha is seen calling for a girl Suman, asking her to come fast. Bebe walks in and exchanges a few pleasantries. She asks Usha to apply henna on her hands soon as the Karvachauth prayer is about to start and that the ladies have come too. Usha says yes that she is carrying out the preparations. Bebe says she will handle everything. She then enquires about Twinkle to which Usha says that Yuvi has taken her to get henna applied to her hands to one of the best designers in the city. Bebe suggests that they will directly go to Leela's place since their beloved person is there. Usha nods in agreement and acknowledges that they both become a kid when around that child. Meanwhile, Yuvi is shown driving Twinkle home. They are bickering about the bike's speed and scares Twinkle. Twinkle asks him to slow down to which he says that it's better to walk than going any slower and further scares her that his bike is helicopter. Twinkle warns him that she will jump off the bike and Yuvi ignores her. She then threatens to rub the henna on his face and make him look like a monkey. Yuvi asks if she is trying to warn her, he then says people will see flying sikhni now and tell her to get ready to fly. As the banter continues, they reach their destination.

Twinkle asks can't he drive slower and what if anything had happen to Prisha’s things? Yuvi says nothing will happen to his Prisha’s things. He tells her to take care of her mehendi and he will take care of Prisha as she is his darling princess. Twinkle asks him for the presents they have gotten the birthday girl but Yuvi tells her to go inside and work as tomorrow is Prisha’s birthday and she insits on holding them but since she has henna on her hands she is unable to and Yuvi makes fun of her. He says that she has done nothing for Prisha's birthday but buy her a pink dress, he have to work in this house and if it wasn't for him, nothing would be done here. Twinkle smiles at him. They soon enter the house and Prisha come running to them. Yuvi gives her the gifts in return for a kiss on his cheeks and gloats about how Prisha loves him more. Twinkle ask if he is done with his showing off? Yuvi takes a selfie with Prisha. Leela then takes Prisha to finish her fruits while Twinkle stated that she can take a selfie alone and doesn't need anyone. Just as she is taking one, Yuvi decides to photo bomb her pictures with a plastic duck. Twinkle asks what is he doing? Yuvi tells Leela that she must have not seen Ex- Miss Amritsar with duck toy and ends up calling her a duck. Twinkle says he is like monkey and how dare he call her duck and they run around the place with Twinkle trying to beat him up. Suddenly she slips but Yuvi catches her in time and they share a moment of eyes lock Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye song plays in the background.

Leela smiles seeing them close. Yuvi says this is perfect selfie moment, he holds Twinkle in arms and then click a selfie. She poses with him and says she is looking pretty. After that they are back to square one and start messing with each other again where Yuvi says she is a duck. Twinkle teases him. Leela says that they are the real kids here, she laughs and leaves. Twinkle looks at Yuvi. Yuvi leaves from there and Prisha comes to Twinkle asking for her help in getting their ball out of the basket as it's stuck there. Twinkle goes with her and tries to get the ball out of the net while on a ladder. Yuvi and Leela come in and Yuvi asks Twinkle to get down and suggests he will do it instead since the ladder isn't strong enough to bear her weight. Twinkle questions of he just called her fat and they bicker again where she call him monkey. Yuvi tells her to be careful and to give him her hand. He asks why don't she ever listen to him? Twinkle says when he say something sensible only then she will listen to him. Twinkle manages to free the ball but slips and Yuvi catches her yet again and the house help take a picture of them discreetly in that pose. But both couple are unaware that the guard is planted by someone to their house to captures the photographs of them and sends them to someone. Yuvi smiles at Twinkle, she looks at him confused, they share eyelock a music plays in the background. Yuvi and Twinkle argue again where by in that pose where by Yuvi says she would have fallen if he was not there. Twinkle calls him Yuvi her savior, her hero as if he was not present then she would have become injured. Yuvi says like seriously? She says seriously while a woman comes in and Prisha runs, hugs her and acknowledges her as her mother. It is then revealed that Prisha isn't Twinkle's kid and Leela runs a day care where Prisha comes. Prisha's mom thanks Leela for looking after Prisha so well. Leela says she have opened this day care to help working women like her and that Prisha is special and further says that Prisha is family to them now. She have one complaint that she doesn't eat fruits. Prisha's mother says she will leave now and she leaves with Prisha. Twinkle is sad. Yuvi and Leela notice the sadness in Twinkle's eyes when Prisha leaves.

At the other end, Usha is in her room looking at a photo of Kunj, a lone tear escapes her eyes. Bebe walks in, sits beside her and asks her as to why she is digging afresh old wounds. Adding that after so many years, Twinkle have forgotten Kunj and have started to live again, if she try to become weak then to think what will happen to Twinkle. Usha says what can she do? In these five years, she have shown strength and then says that no matter how happy she projects herself to be, she will never get over the loss of her son and that it will always make her cry when she misses him. Bebe asks her to be strong. She tells Bebe that she lost her son, Twinkle lost her husband and then her kid. Bebe tells her that they couldn't have done anything more, Twinkle was under a lot of stress due to Kunj's sudden demise and that affected the baby negatively and led to a miscarriage and they had hopes to live life with Kunj’s baby but God didn't want that too. Bebe asks Usha to not break down now since Twinkle has still put up a strong front and if she sees Usha like this, it'll break her. She also tells her how Leela has opened up a day care in an attempt to make Twinkle forget her sorrow and how she forgets her issues when with the kids. They wish for Kunj to have been here since then nothing would have taken such a turn for the worse.

Meanwhile, Rocky Singh enters the ring for a street fight ground and all chant for him. Simultaneously Twinkle comes out for the karvachauth function. The ladies speculate as to if the moon will show on time and one of them suggests that the moon might be late tonight. Yuvi overhears and worries for Twinkle's health as she hasn't had any food since morning and if the moon is not on time, it will affect her. The same servant is spying on Twinkle.

At the fight, Rocky who becomes a successful national level boxer, remembers about Twinkle's and Yuvi's wedding and gets angry. He takes off his hoodie and he turns out to be Kunj. He starts the fight but gets beaten up every now and then and whenever he is down on the floor, he thinks of the wedding he saw of Twinkle and Yuvi's and consumed with rage, he beats up the other guy. He wins the fight and all chant for Rocky/Kunj's name. While that takes place, Yuvi is busy thinking of ways to help Twinkle out and says to himself that he have to do something otherwise Twinkle will get ill without eating anything. He think if he should bring fake moon and says that's bad idea and he should say that moon has come in Dehli. Usha walks in and says that she knew he would be up to something similar. He care for Twinkle alot but this fast is done by wives for their husbands and if she breaks her fast before moon then it's bad omen for the fast to get broken. She says that she has lost a son already and can't bear to lose her other son. Yuvi calls her mom and says that she won't lose a son again and that her son will always be with her. He caresses her face, Usha smiles. Kunj, wins his match at the other end. He says in the boxing ring that he had to win and he isn't a loser.

The moon is out and the women prepare to break their fasts. As Twinkle's family celebrates the 'Karwachauth' festival, she is saddened and doesn't break her fast. The servant that Pallavi sent is spying on the family. While the family celebrates it all together, Yuvi is in thought and is about to leave. Bebe asks where he is going. He holds Twinkle's hand and says he will go to the room and break Twinkle's fast like he has done every year. He will see that moon with his moon in his room. He says he will make Twinkle break her fast in private. Bebe gets relieved hearing this that he decide to celebrate the festival in privacy. Twinkle and Yuvi leaves. The servant overhears this and smiles.
Pallavi informs Kunj that she has sent someone to spy on the Sarna family and Leela's. She says the servant has sent her some photos. She takes out her cell phone and shows Kunj pictures of Yuvi and Twinkle. She instigates that Twinkle has moved on and has forgotten about Kunj. Yuvi is part of family and Twinkle seems happy with him too. Upon seeing the photographs, Kunj gets angry, he feels betrayed and throws the phone away. He says his family have forgotten about him and that Twinkle has cheated him. He can never forget their cheating.

Yuvi is with Twinkle in the room. He holds a picture of Kunj in which Twinkle looks at the moon. She then views Kunj's picture through the net and does Karvachauth’s ritual. She touches her water to Kunj's picture and then drinks the water and break her fast. Yuvi wish her happy Karvachauth. Twinkle is emotional and takes Kunj's picture from Yuvi. Yuvi tells her that even though they are married he will never cross his limits as he knows she only loves Kunj. He says the world sees them as a happily married couple but the reality is that they are best friends and he says he can go to any extent for his friend. Twinkle asks him why he turned out so good. She says that even after five years of marriage, he has never tried anything and has never forced her. She says he gave her space and allowed her to continue loving Kunj and she feel guilty about it. She asks him how long they will lie about their marriage. She says they got married because of the baby but now the baby has not been born as he is not there anymore and till when they will keep faking infront of people. She says that he is destroying his happiness for her benefit. She request him to dirvorce he, he tells him that he should find a girl, fall in love and get married to her. He says he will move on only when he gets a girl like her. He will move on in his life only when he will get mental and ugly duckling like her, he will take her on ride on his bike and she will not shout like her. Twinkle asks him to be serious. He says that he is serious and tells her he will settled down after finding that girl. He will spend his rest of his life with her and swear on it. She clutches to Kunj's picture. Yuvi says he will love her more than himself, he promise. Both look at the moon. Yuvi thinks that he know Twinkle still miss Kunj and keeps reliving her memeories with Kunj that is why she cannot see all the love that he has for her. He love her alot. He wishes that one day she will look at him and realize how much he loves her. He thinks if she can only move on and forget about Kunj's memories then she can make new memories with him. He just wish. Both of them are sad and depressed keeps saying Kunj’s name while Tum Hi Ho plays in the background.

Kunj is working out. He punches the punching bag. Pallavi comes there and informs him that all has gone according to his plan and that his manager has reached Sarna house. He smirks and she asks him why he used the marriage planning card. She says they could have meet Twinkle and Yuvi after making a new plan too. He says the wedding planning business will keep him close to Twinkle and this way he can extract his revenge. He says haven't forgotten anything, he loved Twinkle alot, he cared for Twinkle so much but she has forgotten him. He says she didnt even try to find him, she left him to die in Goa and ran to his killer. He says that she has cheated him, she lied that she loved him and now she will have to pay for everything she did to him and the pain she gave to him. He says he will destroy her life and her marraige with Yuvi and it's payback time to Twinkle. He says that soon he will meet his so called drama queen, so soon they will meet Twinkle.

The next morning, Yuvi is telling Twinkle that Rocky is an excellent boxer but he will win the match. Twinkle says that Rocky is their client so they need to make a presentation for him. Yuvi frowns and tells her she act like principal and that she takes the fun out of everything. He says boxing is his passion and he won't miss the match. Twinkle says she can never understand how people can enjoy beating up others wearing shorts. Yuvi calls hervbaby doll and tells her that boxing is a man's sport and men don't feel pain. Yuvi says he will participatein the match first else he won't take part in the meeting. Twinkle agrees that they will watch match. Yuvi says they will see if this Rocky person is better than him. Twinkle sighs and says see you soon Rocky Singh.

At the boxing arena, Twinkle and Yuvi arrive. In the ring Kunj is fighting with someone. He sees Twinkle holding on to Yuvi's hand. He gets angry and beats up the other fighter very badly and wins the match. Yuvi tells Twinkle that Rocky is a great boxer. The announcer says that Rocky has won the match and asked if any one is brave enough to challenge him and who has gut to fight with him. Yuvi says he can win against Rocky. Twinkle says really. He reminds her that he was a boxer before, he used to beat people and she used to cheer for him. She says she remember everything and tells him he fought with amaturs but this Rocky is an expert in international fighter and can't compare it with his local fighters. Yuvi raises his hand and accepts the challenge to show Twinkle. Twinkle gets tensed and the announcer says finally they have someone who is ready to challenge Rocky. Kunj realizes it Yuvi who has accepted his challenge. Twinkle asks him to put his hand down, Yuvi says he have taken up the challenge so to just see now that he will beat shit out of him. Yuvi comes in ring. The announcer says this challenger is Yuvraj Luthra. Twinkle is worried for Yuvi and prays that he comes back in single piece. Kunj asks Yuvi if he is afraid. Yuvi says he didn't born on a day of fear. Kunj says he like his confidence but he is not a player who lose any match. Yuvi tells him he never backs down from a fight. Twinkle cheers for Yuvi.

Yuvi wears his boxing outfit, the match starts and Twinkle is still cheering Yuvi on. Kunj sees this and get angry hearing this and starts beating Yuvi up, he punches him one after another and Yuvi falls on ground. Twinkle gets worried for Yuvi and moves closer to the ring. Yuvi gets up, he returns the blows and Twinkle gets happy saying yes Yuvi, go beat him. This angers Kunj even more and he beats up Yuvi more. Twinkle intervenes and runs into the ring shielding Yuvi and tells Rocky to move back from him and reminding him that he is international player. She tells Rocky/Kunj that Yuvi only accepted his challlenge and this is what he did. She asks him if he has any shame and goes on to lecture Kunj to see what he have done to him and that he is disgusting. She comes to Yuvi and helps him to get up and asks Rocky/Kunj not to come near him. She supports Yuvi and leaves with Yuvi angering Kunj.

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