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Wednesday Update On King Of Hearts 2 Episode 625 - 627

Satya sees Mahi leaving in her car and decides to talk to her somehow. He follows her car. Mahi plan to find some peace comes to an end when she realises that her car's breaks have failed. She tries to put brakes and calls up her mom. She informs her that her car brakes is failed and she don't know what she can do to stop it.
Payal thinks if anything happens to her then everything will go into charity. She asks Mahi to slow down the speed of the car. Mahi shouts out to her mom to help her as her car falls from the cliff. Payal sits in shock and the glass from her hand falls down.

Everyone gather at the accident spot and sees Mahi’s car burning. Satya also comes there and runs near to the car. He sees Mahi stuck in the car unconscious and asks her to open her eyes. He takes her out with much difficulty and goes with the ambulance. Payal reaches there with Mitul, and sees Mahi’s car burning. She gets shocked and thinks nothing should happen to her else her plans will fail. She is about to go towards the car, but someone stops her and asks where she is going? Payal says her daughter is in the car. That man informs her that someone rescued her daughter and took her to the hospital.

Mahi is being treated in the hospital. Satya looks at her from outside. Payal comes there with Naina, Mitul and others. Payal slaps Satya and blames him for her daughter accident and that he have done this so that he can get her property. The doctor comes there and asks what she is doing? Satya asks the doctor how is Mahi and says he will do anything to save her. The doctor tells Payal that Mahi is rescued because of Satya and Payal gets stunned hearing this.

Naina pray to God to save Mahi. Satya tells Naina that his Mahi’s life is in danger and these people are doubting on him. Satya prays before the almighty for Mahi's well being and asks him to do this for him to save her somehow and that he needs her in his life. Just then, Payal brings inspector there and asks the cops to arrest Satya and accuses him of causing Mahi's accident. Naina is shocked. Payal says Satya has tried to kill her daughter. Satya says it is all lie, and this lady is lying. As the inspector is taking Satya, Payal thinks she got a chance to accuse him. The doctor comes out and asks who is Satya. The doctor informs them that Mahi is calling out to Satya. Satya stops hearing that. Naina smiles. Satya runs inside the ICU. He has tears in his eyes seeing Mahi’s burns. He says he is Satya. Mahi goes on to inform that Satya is not responsible for the accident and also adds that she had been misunderstanding Satya all this while and haven’t understand his love. She says he actually loves her so much that he risked his life for her. She is alive today, just because of him. Payal gets angry hearing this.

Payal asks the doctor what happened to her voice. The doctor informs all that due to the accident, her vocal cord is damage which has caused Mahi's voice. Mahi apologizes to Satya and says someone is trying to bridge gap between them, and have attacked her. She says Satya is innocent in her accident. Satya asks her to forget everything and become fine. He vow that he will make that person cry blood tears. Payal asks him to stay away from Mahi and asks the inspector to arrest Satya. The inspector apologize to her that now they can’t arrest Satya because of Mahi’s statement. Payal insists that this guy is behind the accident. Mahi calls out to her mom and plead with her that she loves him a lot and still wants to give him another chance hearing which Payal gets angry and tells Mahi that she is doing mistake again. Mahi’s condition worsens. The doctor asks them not to make noise and stress Mahi. They all come out of the ICU. Payal says once Mahi is fine, then she will make him go behind bars. Satya angrily looks at her. Payal goes.

Satya is still in the hospital, Tu Mera Khuda song plays in the background. Days passes by. Satya stands outside the ICU while the doctors monitor Mahi and talk to Satya. After few weeks, the doctor tells Payal and Satya that they have to operate on Mahi’s face as her face was burnt. He says Mahi can look differently and asks whom she wants to see? Mahi says she wants to see Satya first as he is the love of her life. The doctor removes the bandage from her face. Everyone is shocked to see her new face after the surgery. Satya says Mahi's name as her face is completely changed. The doctor asks Mahi to open her eyes slowly. Mahi opens her eyes and sees Satya. Satya is shocked and says her face. Mahi asks what happened to her face and asks Satya to tell her. She sees her changed face in the painting mirror and is shocked. She asks who is she? Payal is also shocked. Mahi says this is not Mahi and not her. She cries and shouts out this is not her. She breaks the painting frame in anger. Satya asks the doctor, what nonsense is this. Payal asks the doctor where is her daughter. The doctor asks her to calm down and says Mahi is having identity crisis. He shows her Mahi’s report and DNA report. Payal checks the report and says she is Mahi.

Satya brings Mahi home and tells Mahi this is her home. He says when she was not here, this house was deserted. Mahi keeps her head on Satya. Payal tells her that nothing is changed with face change and asks her not to fall weak. Mahi nods her head. Mahi comes inside and hugs Naina. Koel and Mitul are removing all photo frames so that Mahi doesn’t see her face. Mahi looks at her face in the mirror and asks herself to go away from her. She asks who is she? She sees her past picture and says this is not her and gets hysterical and cries. Satya consoles her and asks her to remember only one face and that’s him. He won’t let anything happen to her and hugs her. Mahi cries hugging him.

Payal calls the lawyer and asks about paper status as only 1 month is left. The lawyer says the papers is ready, but needs to be signed within a week, else everything will go from her hand. Payal asks him to make it ready and tells that she can’t accept defeat. She tells that all conspiracy will be according to her wish. Someone is listening to the whole conversation from outside the room. Mitul thinks this is not Mahi, and decides to test if the girl in the house is the real Mahi or not. She purposely brings roses before Mahi pretending to collides with her by putting flowers in front of her nose and apologizes and expects Mahi to show signs of being allergic.

Moments after Mahi who comes across the roses, begins to sneeze and Mithul is finally convinced that she is the real Mahi. Payal scolds Mitul and makes Mahi drink water. She tells Mahi she want to talk to her about something. She reminds her about signing on the property papers and says unfortunately this accident happened thereafter. Payal informs her that the attacks on her are due to her property and asks her to transfer all the property in her name in order to avoid any kind of danger. She further try to convince her that if she make her trustee of her property, she can handle it if anything happens to her (referring to herself ), but can’t let anything happen to her ( Mahi) as she is very much tensed about her as her life is in danger and she cannot afford it. Just then, Satya arrives and claps for Payal. He mocks Payal for her shrewd behaviour and tells Mahi that she couldn’t find a mum like her, and can’t see anything happening to her. She is ready to become her trustee and is not thinking about herself. Mahi says he is right and that’s why she have decided to make him her trustee of her property. Payal is shocked and asks Mahi, what she is saying? But Payal ends up shocked when Mahi reveals that she cannot cause any harm to her mom life for some money as she cares for her a lot and decides to transfer all her property in Satya's name. She try to convince her mom that Satya can take care of himself, and will have risk if the property is on his name. She says Satya is a trustable person and she trust him. Payal is shocked and asks if She is out of her mind. Mahi says it is her final decision, and she can’t take risk on her mom life. She will call the lawyer and make new papers. As Payal gets the biggest shock of her life and on the other sides Satya gets extremely happy knowing this and says he can’t become trustee but he stay in life. Mahi says if property is on his name then there will be no risk on her life. Satya looks at Payal and tells Mahi that she is right that if he become the trustee, then there will be no danger. He then says he will call the lawyer and goes. Payal is shocked.

Payal snatches phone from his hand and says she have spent her entire life for this property and asks what he think that he will take all her property away from her under her nose. She threatened him that she can ruin him easily. Satya says he don’t get scared of anyone, and asks if she see her condition, he makes fun of her, and says what will happen to her now when the money goes from her hand. He taunts her that she will die without it, and he will have fun seeing her condition. He make it clear to her that he don’t want to become trustee, then he thought if he don’t be a trustee then she will become, and will trouble his Mahi. He love Mahi and that’s why he agreed. He says he will call the lawyer as it is not easy to handle big property. He calls the lawyer up and asks him to come at 8 am and informing him that Mahi is transferring the property on his name. He again taunt Payal that he will make her drink tasty tea, and have much money. He screams and laughs, that he is scared of her reflection. Payal gets angry.

The lawyer comes and asks Mahi, if she is sure? He reminds her this is irreversible. Mahi says her decision is final and she want to make Satya as trustee. The lawyer says okay that he have started the paper work and it will be done in 1-2 days. Naina tells Mahi to come out with her, as she is looking stressed. Payal says it is not a good idea. Satya asks Payal to have some fun in life. She asks her to look at others face and see their happiness. He says Mitul wants to go too and asks her to agree. Mitul says they will go to Lonavala resort. Satya says it is a good idea. Mahi says he is right, they will all go out, she (Payal) will relax too. Payal agrees and thinks she have to go before Mahi does anymore stupidity. She thinks she will make this holiday as a punishment. Satya thinks to himself that Payal couldn’t understand her son-in-law even now.

Satya, Mahi, Naina, Mitul, Koel and Payal are in the car going for a picnic. Satya tells joke and asks Mahi to laugh. In the midway of their journey, some problem happened with the car and Satya stops the car and gets down. He tells them that the car is hot. Mahi says there might be any garage here. Satya says he can do anything for her. Payal asks him to get water for her. Mahi asks him to get snacks. Satya and Mitul come to the shop to get water and snacks. Just then they hear a voice like their Mahi’s, arguing with the shop keeper that she will only pay MRP rate. Mitul says two Mahi's, and says it's a ghost. Satya can’t believe his ears when he hear this and thinks how can the girl in the car have Mahi’s voice and is about to see her face but he couldn't. He then decide to move closer to confirm his doubt. The girl is shown in the car buying a water bottle. Mitul comes back to Payal and tells her that Mahi’s ghost is there. Payal asks what nonsense? Satya walks towards the car to see the girl, but just then she starts the car and leaves. Satya tries to stop the car, but in vain.

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