Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Wednesday Update On My Lost Home

Mahi praying at the Mandir and Jeet and Soni showing up behind her. Mahi open her arms for Soni who goes to her, and both sisters hold hands. They hug and cry, and Mahi asks for Soni's forgiveness. Both sisters cry together while Jeet who also looks sad watches.

In Patiala, Sukhi comes while Mohini is making some beds. He brings her 2 new suits. He tells her he knows she won't accept but, to think of it as her salary. He tells her she should wear the clothes for him, he has never worn women's clothing before because he has no one in his life, and this is the first time he is doing something for someone. Mohni tells him about Soni and Mahi.

At Sareen's house, Shabd yells at Aunt Billo for letting Mahi go to the temple. Mahi arrives and tells Shabd she stopped aunt from telling him. Shabd yells at her and asks how she could see those people after they disrespected her and caused her so much grief. He asks her if she has no self respect, and she tells him her self respect isn't more important than Soni's life. Mahi tells him how bad Soni's condition is, and tells him that if Soni hadn't cried today, then she would have gone into a coma! Shabd, his uncle and aunt are shocked and Mahi walks away upset. Shabd tries to stop her by telling her he didn't know, and Aunt Billo scolds him. They both tell Shabd he has a lot more responsibility now.

At Mr Khurana's residence, Buaji goes on and on about Soni and her "apparent condition" and how she had to go running to the same woman who made her lose her baby. She rants on about Soni not being able to give them a waaris, and Durga tries to shut her up but Soni and Jeet hear everything. Durga is worried about Soni and Soni hugs her and cries. She tells her she knows that she had a lot of dreams, and now because of her they will never be complete. Durga tells her it's okay, and crys with her but Bua tells her to stop with the fake tears. She tells them that because of Soni they had to hear so much, and now they will never have a waaris. Buaji is telling Durga that now only what she says will go in this house, and she promises Durga that she will bring a waaris into this house. She tells them that the "Daag ( Stain ) Soni left will never go away now. Bua goes on to tell them that a girl who can't have kids forever becomes a burden on her in-laws, and now Soni is just a "bojj" for them. Jeet asks Buaji if she knows what she is saying, and to whom she's saying it to. He tells her he doesn't want to hear anything further from her. Bua tells him she's saying it for his own good and that he's going to miss out on fatherhood because of this " kalyank" ( Fortunate ). Jeet asks if people who don't have children don't live. He then scold Buaji that her mind has a very mean and is impure. Buaji says, she's trying to talk about his dukh and he's trying to degrade her. Jeet tells her maybe now she'll feel Soni's pain.

In Patiala, Mohni continues to tells Sukhi about her daughters. She tells him she doesn't want Mahi/Soni to find her and for their happiness she left them. Sukhi tells her she is so selfless. He tells her that her life is so sad. Mohini tells him she doesn't know what condition his daughters are in right now, but everything she's doing now she's doing for them. She tells him she'll make their maternal home for them. Sukhi tells Mohini that she is the real form of a mom. He asks her if he can call her mom.

At Sareen's house, Mahi is in deep thought and Shabd comes and apologizes to her. He tells her he knows he shouldn't have said all that stuff to her, and it was wrong and he was just worried about her. He tells her he doesn't like people disrespecting her and he was worried about their babys. He confesses that because of what happened with Soni he is become so scared. Mahi tells him to understand how she feels, and that everything that happened was her fault. She talks about Soni's pain, and how she can never become a mother again. She wonder's what Soni will do and how she will live. Shabd tries to make her feel better, but Mahi tells him that she knows time will never heal Soni's wounds.

The next morning at Khurana's house, Soni goes to help her mother-in-law and Lovely with some work and Buaji stops her. She shouts random horrible things at Soni, calls her a spelled and pushes her away. Durga and Lovely go unheard. Jeet comes downstairs and Soni quickly wipes her tears away. He asks her if someone said something, but Soni quickly denies it. Jeet asks his aunt Lovely what happened and she tells him that Buaji couldn't keep her mouth closed, and said a lot of horrible things to Soni. Jeet yells at Buaji and tells her that for the last time he's warning her against causing Soni grief. He tells her that he can't tell her to leave, but he'll take Soni and leave. Bua tells Durga that this is all because of Soni's influence and that first Soni ate' Veer, now she's going to take Jeet away. Jeet shouts at her and Mr Khurana comes there. He tells his dad to warn his sister Bua. Bua tells Khurana she didn't say or do anything wrong, she just told them that just like everybody else they also deserve happiness and she want their home to have a waaris too. Khurana tells her she has no reason to worry, and they can worry about their waaris and a solution to their problems on their own. Jeet then tells them that if it's a waaris that will get Soni respect, then it's a waaris they'll get. He tells everybody that they will adopt a baby, and Mr Khurana agrees with his decision. Buaji and Jeet stares at each other.

Jeet complain to Soni about Bua. Soni tells Jeet that Bua is right because although they lost their baby and they all lost the heirs of the house. Jeet however feels different, and tells her it's all wrong. He tells her he can't stand seeing her tears and sadness. Soni says the entire family is sad, and Jeet tells her that's why he's decided they'll adopt a baby. After he leaves Soni says no Jeet, no one will be happy with this decision, not this family and not even him.

Lovely goes to see Durga in her room, and tells her that if she's sad then who will pacify Soni. Durga tells Lovely that she doesn't understand why God did this to them, how will they ever be happy again and wonders who will support them now. Bua throws a bunch of pictures of girls on the bed. She then tells them that if they need a heirs, they should choose one of the girls and get Jeet married. Lovely and Durga are shocked but Bua asks what's wrong with that, if Soni can't give them a baby someone else definitly can. Lovely tells her like Jeet said, they'll adopt but Bua tells her not to even mention adoption. She asks why should they adopt a baby when Jeet can have his own and adopted children can never be waaris' ( heirs). She gives her rant about an adopted child can never have their blood, etc etc. Durga tells her they have no other choice but Bua tells her their choice is Jeet's remarriage. She asks why should they suffer the punishment of Soni's problem. Lovely looks outside and see's Soni who leaves crying.

Downstairs, Soni prays, and asks God what kind of test this is. She cries and asks if not for her, then for the sake of this family why didn't God give her a baby. Lovely tells Soni not to listen to what Bua said. She tells her that a waaris is all Bua see's and assures her that everything will be okay. Soni tells her that Bua is right, and that because of her everyone is unhappy. Lovely tells Soni off for even thinking about Jeet's re-marraige. She tells her that Bua is an old buddhiya and that Jeet would never think about that. Soni tells Lovely that she knows Jeet loves her more than himself, and she has full faith in him, but she knows how angry he is at Bua and she's scared that if he hears about this new plan of Bua's, a whole new storm will arrive. Lovely tells her they'll never tell Jeet, and if no one talks about it how will he know. Jeet stands behind them. Lovely and Soni call after Jeet who runs to Bua.

Jeet yells at Bua and asks if she has any humanity in her or not, and she caused Soni so much pain. He continues to yell at Bua but she tells him that they need a waaris and for that he'll get re-married, and there's nothing else to it. Jeet asks who she is of theirs for her to decide things like that. He tells her whatever they need to do, they'll decide and not her. He tells her not to forget that him and Soni are not seperate, they are one and if she tries to seperate them it won't be good for her. Bua taunts him about saying such big things, but how will he fulfil their need for a waaris. Jeet tells her they'll adopt but Bua goes on a rant about how they need a waaris that's their blood, about Soni lacking not him and then goes on to basically say that Soni needs to be discarded and a new wife needs to come. Jeet goes crazy on her and warns her that if the topic of his wedding ever comes up again she doesn't even know how bad the result will be.

At Mahi's house, Aunt Billo is making ladoo's for Mahi. Mahi comes down the stairs but is in pain. Everyone goes to her and she tells aunt that she's feeling a lot of pain. Shabd freaks out and calls the doctor. The doctor doesn't answer and Shabd tells them he'll take Mahi to the doctor. They leave.
In Jeet's room, Durga goes to comfort him but he asks to be left alone. Durga explains that a mother can't handle her childs pain. They cry together, and Jeet asks what he should do. He wonders where he'll bring a waaris from and says that Buaji should be offering support and help, but instead she's taunting Soni. He cries that they lost their baby, and he'll never hold his own child in his arms. Jeet and Durga break down. Durga cries that this is the second time she's gotten so close to becoming a grandmother, first they lost Veer's baby and now his. She tells him she's lost all hope of ever getting called ' grandma and of any baby in their house. Mr Khurana watches from outside as Durga cries to Jeet.

In the other room, Buaji yells at Soni for telling Jeet what she was planning. She yells at Soni for becoming the problem of their house, and tells her that Jeet stood by her for everything, and now it's her turn. She tells her to tell Jeet to get remarried and have a waaris.

At Mahi's house, Aunt Billo prays for Mahi's babys. Shabd's uncle tells her it's because of her mamta that he forgives her. Aunt Billo tells him that she's worried Soni's in-laws have put an evil eye on Mahi, and Mahi and Shabd walk in. Shabd explains that because of stress and tension, there is now some complications in the pregnancy. He tells them that one of the baby's flipped and because of this delivery could be sooner than expected too, but this happens a lot in the cases of twins.

At Jeet's house, Mr Khurana tells Jeet they are always with him, and they'll try to forget what happened. Mr Khurana turns around and crys, and Durga tells Jeet that Khurana had even more dreams than she did. Jeet goes to his dad and Mr Khurana tells him that time will heal everything.

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