Friday, 6 July 2018

Friday Update On Iron Lady

"Iron Lady " follows the story of a young woman Indira Sharma who lives in Old Delhi's famous Chandni Chowk area with her family. As a young woman who is single and working, she faces several challenges within her family and from society in general.
The series starts with an unknown background voice telling herself that she doesn't know why the sun rises in Chandni Chowk. Indira is seen putting the clothes to dry and she called her sister in law asking her to prepare the breakfast for Ishaan. She goes to Ishaan's room and tells him to get up. Ishaan woke up and says good morning to Indira who's his aunty. Indira gives him his spectacle and tells him to get ready fast for school. Ishaan tells himself that he always wished his aunty would have always been this sweet, jovial and soft spoken. Ishaan then asks Indira if she was already ready, but Indira does not answer back. Ishaan then leaves to take his bath.

Indira goes to the kitchen and sees her sister in law who is standing near the kitchen door with close eyes. She sternly asks her if she was sleeping or she was making the tea. Her sister in law tells her that she was thinking. Indira asks her sister in law what she was thinking of, she answered back that she was thinking of making some fudge, she also asks Indira if she can take some more milk today as she drank more milk yesterday due to acidity problems. Indira tells her that by eating much more a person always suffers with acidity. Indira sternly tells her that the butter available was only for Ishaan as she herself was not allowed not eat it. Her sister in law goes to make bread for everyone. She calls for Ishaan who is in a hurry to put on his uniform and get ready for school.

Indira calls for Mandira who does not answer back. Indira herself goes to search for her on the terrace who was on the phone with her neighbour but by seeing Indira she quickly hangs up. Indira asks her as to what she was doing, Mandira tells her that she was putting the towels to dry but Indira asks her as to why she took so much time to do that. Indira goes to check the phone of Mandira who tells her it is not fair checking someone else phone. Indira tells Mandira not to talk so much as she can take the phone back as she is the one who gifted it to Mandira.

Indira tells her to get ready fast and also to go for her exams. Indira tells Ishaan not to drink milk only and she adds some chocolate in the milk. Indira calls for her mom who does not answer and she asks herself as to why her mother has to do a lot of prayers but Ishaan says that Indira does not have any problem with his grandmother's prayers but she keeps on looking at the picture of her husband which disturb Indira.

She again tells Ishaan to hurry up and whiles she was going to take her bag to work, her mom gives her the water bill and she asks her when the bills arrive. Her mom tells her that it arrived yesterday. Indira tells her that she should have given it to her yesterday itself but her mom informed her that she forgot about it. Indira looks worried and tells her mother that there was a big amount to pay. Her mom then suggests that she can give the bill to her father to be paid. Immediately Indira gets angry and refused. She vehemently tells her mother that her father was not considered to be part of the family as he left the house a long time ago.

Ishaan comes with his bag and Indira asks whether he has completed his homework. Her sister in law tells Indira that she did not help him yesterday. Indira got annoyed and asks her that she should take care concerning his homework as it was her duty as a mother to do so. Indira furiously tells her that she only knows how to cook and eat the whole time. Her sister in law gets hurt and begin to cry. While leaving Indira sees the lace of Ishaan shoes not properly tied. Her sister in law tried coming to tie it but Indira tells her not to worry but she should keep on crying and that she will do it herself. Ishaan tells herself that she knows that his aunty loves him a lot but he also feels bad when she talks so rudely to his mom.

Ishaan's father opens his shop and he comes out. He then sees his friend who tells him to go home and check as the (Iron Lady) Indira is still at home. He hurriedly wears his shirt and decides to go home. Indira is seen placing a chocolate under the pillow of Ishaan.

Ishaan's father comes home singing and as he arrived home he meets with indira and Ishaan who were both leaving. Indira asks him as to what happen and also where he stayed for so long that they were now finally meeting after such a long time. He tells her that he doesn't have time and he enters inside the house. Indira follows him in and says that he has sold his watch to pay for the debt while gambling. He says that he did that but she (Indira) doesn't need to reprimand or tell him what to do. They then begin to discuss about all their financial crisis. Ishaan's father tells Indira that she doesn't need to tell him all these but Indira vehemently says she will tell him as she was the one who earn money for the family. Ishaan's father tells his mom that he was going to sleep and will eat his breakfast. Indira is about leaving for work when some people searching for a house to rent comes standing at her doorstep. Ishaan thinks that Indira will definitely refuse them as she did lots of times in the past. Indira asks the man who else would be staying with them in the house, but the man with his wife says that they will be staying there alone. Indira asks them if they have any marriage certificate but the man tells her that they got married in the temple and the blessing of the priest itself was their certificate. The man decides to make a fake certificate.

Ishaan goes to meet his father and wakes him up. He tells him to show him the magic and his father light an empty bottle and Ishaan is happy upon seeing it. Indira calls for Ishaan and his father tells him to go. Ishaan tells him to teach him the next magic but his father gives him the chocolate Indira has placed under his pillow. Her brother smirked and praises Indira.

Indira asks Ishaan if he has already seen the magic as that was the only thing his dad knows to do. They are both on the road and they arrive near a shop. Indira looks at the shop and decides to take another road but Ishaan suggest for them to take the road nearer to the shop as it is a short cut but Indira refuses. She tells Ishaan that he must also not go near the shop as she has her spy who keeps an eye on him. They are still walking on the road and they meet a kulfi maker. Indira tells Ishaan that there was a time her brother was studying in America and she used to eat lots of the sweets near the shop . Ishaan fakes a smile and says that whenever they came there Indira always tells him that they used to eat lot of sweet but she never bought one for him. They are still walking and someone teases Indira. She got furious and slap him.

Ishaan tells himself that it was impossible for one to win with Indira. They catch a rickshaw and Ishaan says that his aunty was very good but he had never seen her laughing or smiling either. Ishaan enters his school and Indira continues her way and catches the bus. On her way to work she also thinks about Ishaan and she also tells herself that she knows Ishaan must be thinking he never saw her laughing.

Indira tells herself that she herself does not remember when she laughed the last time. A flashback is shown when they were small and they were playing with their father. The only problem they had at that time was the crisis of money as they were six people in the family and the money she earned was not enough to satisfy everyone's needs. She continues to think with her diary in her hand that when will someone arrive in her life and also when she will laugh that much that the whole Delhi city will laugh with her.

Meanwhile a motorcycle is coming from behind the bus, it stops near where Indira is sitting and Indira also tears the page of her diary and throws it out. It get stacked on the riders helmet and he stops and removes it saying that if the city of Delhi wanted to throw something at him it should have thrown his heart and the bus continues. Indira arrives in the office and she is thinking she is never late. Immediately she made her presence known she asks them to bring the files. She was also thinking that she was the best employer of the office for never being late and will be rewarded for it with more money. She tells herself that today she will get her salary and that she needs to pay the water bill and it will be done like she had already budgeted it to be. Indira is still thinking that taking such a huge sum from her salary will still be a difficulty to run the household for the whole month and that even if ever the tenant were good everything would have been settled for her by then. A man named Rishi is shown searching for a house in Chadni Chowk area.

Indira believes that if Radhe had brought an appropriate tenant, she would have taken an advance amount from the tenant and would have cleared the dues. Indira phones Radhe and asks him to find a tenant as soon as possible. Radhe informs her that he had managed to find a tenant, who was ready to give three months rent in advance. However, Munna intervened and spoiled the matter. To handle the situation, Indira assures Radhe that she will meet him at Chandni Chowk by afternoon. On her way to Chandni Chowk, Indira gets into an argument with a young, handsome boy named Rishi over a rickshaw. Rishi had just landed in Delhi and is looking for a house for rent. Both Indira and Rishi insist that they hailed the auto first and claim their right to travel in it. The driver of the rickshaw tells Indira that Rishi had hailed the rickshaw first. He adds that she too could travel in the rickshaw and share the rent as Rishi too wanted to go to Chandni Chowk. Keeping her urgency in mind, Indira agrees. While traveling in the rickshaw, Indira gets a call from her office. Her manager asks her to receive Mrs Dharampal from the airport and accompany her for shopping in the city.

When Indira asks the rickshaw driver to halt the vehicle, Rishi states that Indira never wanted to go to Chandni Chowk and actually wanted a free ride. Indira hands over her share of the fare to Rishi and asserts that she did not take favors from men as she hates them. Rishi mocks Indira for her attitude towards men. Indira gets furious; however she avoids arguing with Rishi. Indira calls up Radhe and informs him that she will get late to meet him as she is caught up with work. Radhe tells Indira that he will handle the situation. Indira receives Mrs Dharampal from the airport and accompanies her for shopping. The story takes an interesting turn, as the tenant who was supposed to meet Indira was none other than Rishi. Radhe tells Rishi that he has to leave since it was late and his wife was waiting for him at home. Before leaving, Radhe hands over his shop keys to Rishi for him to rest for the night. While going home, Indira fails to notice Rishi who was standing on the street. Ishaan's father gifts a necklace to his wife. The moment Indira knocks at the door, Ishaan's mother decides to open the door, Ishaan's father stops her. Mandira, who is also present in the house, ignores the door as she is busy conversing on the phone. Fatigued after a hard day at work, Indira gets apprehensive as no one was answering the door.

When Sunaina opens the door, Indira gets furious at her. Next morning, Indira's mother gets apprehensive when she finds that there was no water supply. She believes that the water connection must have been cut off since they had not paid their water dues. Indira and her mother are relieved when the water suddenly starts flowing out of the tap. Indira informs her mother that she has managed the money to pay the water due and will pay it off on her way to the office. Meanwhile, Indira receives Radhey's call. Indira asks Radhey to finalize the tenant about whom he had informed her the previous day. Indira is unaware that the tenant was none other than Rishi. When Indira goes to her office, her boss Mr. Chadda informs her that he has appointed a person named, Manoj Chadda to work under her. When Manoj meets Indira he asks her to join him for a cup of coffee. Indira gets furious and drags him to Mr. Chadda's cabin. Indira did not only inform Mr. Chadda about Manoj's proposal but also questions him why he appointed Manoj in their company. Indira also beats Manoj with her sandals. Indira's mother asks Mandira to arrange the room of the tenant, before he comes. Mandira refuses and gives an excuse that she had to go to her friend's place to get her exam notes.

Meanwhile, Rishi eavesdrops on their conversation after Radhey drops him outside Indira's house. When Rishi enters the house, Mandira welcomes him. Indira's mother gets angry when she notices Mandira conversing with Rishi. Before leaving the house, Mandira asks Sunaina to clean Rishi's room. Rishi, however, offers to clean his room on his own. When Rishi enters the room, he finds it to be very messy and starts cleaning it up. After cleaning up and arranging the room, Rishi hears a voice of an old lady. He goes on the terrace to see who the lady was. The old lady from the neighborhood asks Rishi whether he was the new tenant and when he came. Rishi flirts with the old lady and states that he wasn't the new tenant but was her first love. Later Rishi notices a suitcase in his room and out of curiosity opens it. A rat jumps out of the suitcase. Rishi picks up his shoe to hit the rat. Amusingly, the shoe hits Indira instead of the rat. Rishi and Indira are surprised to see each other.

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