Friday, 13 July 2018

Friday Update on Iron Lady

Out of anger, Indira tells Mr. Chadda that she does not want to continue working in his organization since he had accused her of robbing money and passports of their Uzbeki clients. Next day when Indira comes to the office, Manoj informs her that he had taken over her position since Mr. Chadda has accepted her resignation. Manoj also asks Indira to leave the office. Indira feels sad and starts packing her belongings to vacate the cabin.

Indira is worried as to how she will be able to meet the household expenses from next month. Inder and Jhumpa call Munna to their house and try to influence him in to believing that they can make huge money if they sell Sharma Niwas to a builder who can build a grand mall at that place. The couple tries to convince Munna to request Kutumb to sign on the property documents of Sharma Niwas.

At Indira's office her co-workers rejoice as it is her last day at work. The office staff even collects money in order to celebrate their happiness. Indira is about to leave the office when Mr. Chadda arrives and asks Indira why she was holding her belongings and where she was headed. Indira replies that she was leaving the office as he had appointed Manoj ion her position. Mr. Chadda is surprised and asks Indira to go back to her cabin. He states that his organization cannot afford to lose an employee like her.

Interestingly, Munna refuses to help Inder and Jhumpa in deceiving Kutumb. He says that he had ill-will for Inder for trying to cheat his mother. Kutumb calls up Indira and informs her that Mandira has threatened to commit suicide if they refused to give her the cell phone charger. Kutumb asks permission to give Mandira the charger but Indira refuses. Indira informs Kutumb that a prospective groom and his family were supposed to visit their house in the evening to meet Mandira. Munna visits Indira's office to meet her. Indira is surprised when she sees Munna. Munna recollects Inder's offer to sell Sharma Niwas to a builder, who can build a grand mall at that place.

At Indira office, Munna comes to meet her requesting Indira to transfer the power of attorney in his name with the signature of Kutumb on it. Indira refuses directly saying that Munna was not good to take care of a job so how will he be capable of taking care of the power of attorney. After some more dramas, he promises Indira that he'll be working hard. Indira also tells him that if he works hard as he has promised to do, then she will see to it later. Indira lets him know that in the evening some guests will be coming to their place to see Mandira in order to fix her marriage. Munna tells her that he'll be at home as he's their elder brother.

Indira gives money to Munna to buy some snacks for the guests and asks him to leave. He tells Indira not to worry as he will take care of everything before leaving. At home, Kutumb tells Indira about the guests coming to see her. She's not at all happy with it whereas Kutumb, Sunaina and Ishaan are deciding what they will be going to wear.

Munna goes to buy some sweets where he met Rishi and tells him about the guests, Rishi is shocked knowing that Indira has really fixed the marriage of Mandira. Munna tells the sweet seller that Indira will pay him. Mandira decides to play a trick to get out of the room. She then starts calling her mom, she asks her for the clothes in order to get ready before the guests arrive. Kutumb is happy hearing Mandira's words and asks Ishaan to open the door. Mandira comes out of the room and begins to run. She climbs upstairs.

Rishi is also waiting for Indira and talks about Mandira's marriage but then Indira asks him to stay out as he's a tenant but he tells Indira that they stay in the same house. Indira tells him to talk about himself and asks him what he does for a living? Where's he from? etc etc. Rishi's face expression changes and he does not answer back. Indira swears that the day she'll have money to return to Rishi, she'll throw him out. Instead of answering Indira's questions, he requests Indira not to be so hard towards Mandira as she's young and this is not the way to deal with her.

Indira enters home along with Rishi and sees Mandira on the roof with a letter in her hand claiming that she was going to jump and in this letter she has written about she not able to tolerate Indira anymore. Everyone asks and also pleads with Mandira to get down but she is so adamant about her idea of jumping that she refuses and tells God that she's coming to him. Indira tells her to jump. Meanwhile, Munna is not at all interested with the dramas going on and he is busy eating all the sweets he bought for the guests. Ishaan also requests Munna to get Mandira down but in vain. Meanwhile Rishi goes up,and Indira tells Mandira to jump, she counts one to four while she was going to jump but Rishi pulled her and they both fell down. Indira goes up and asks what is happening as they were still lying down. The old lady tells Indira about all the havoc that Mandira created since this morning and she also asks her to slap her. Indira slaps Mandira and brings her downstairs in her room and gives her something in a little jewellery box. She gives Mandira a suits of hers by telling her to get ready. While she took off the jewellery box a paper fell down from her bag and Mandira sees it. It was for her stay in Macau. Indira leaves picking up the paper. A car passing near Inder's shop stops asking where Sharma Niwas is and someone indicate the address, while Jhumpa is there looking what was going on.

The selected groom's family comes to see Mandira. Munna and the other family members welcome them but the groom (Manish) seems rude. He does not want his parents to talk instead he want to see Mandira quickly as he thinks time is money.

He starts asking some weird questions about who Ishaan and Sunaina was, Kutumb starts praising her daughter in-law a lot and Sunaina is a bit shocked hearing all the praises.
Indira brings Mandira and Manish thinks as to whom amongst the two girls (Mandira or Indira) was he going to get married to. He asks his mother and also tells her that he will like to marry the one with the knots (Indira).

Indira introduced Mandira to the boy, she also adds that she was her elder sister. Meanwhile, Munna is trying a lot to prove himself as the decent older brother of both sisters. When Indira tells the prospective groom and his families that she was the only one who works in their family, Munna keeps quiet. Manish's father asks about Inder? Munna answers him that he was fine running his shop. Manish asks if he can talk privately with Mandira. They both go to talk on the roof. Mandira starts asking him lots of weird questions concerning mainly money. Rishi is there waving to Mandira and Manish asks who he is? Mandira tells him that he was her boyfriend and they all live in the same neighborhood and also in a serious relationship. Manish shouts loudly that he will not marry Mandira again. Everyone else asks for the reason but they leave. Indira sees Rishi with Mandira. Indira tells her sister that she knows she must have put on some other drama and that no matter what Mandira does, tomorrow she will see another guy for her and will make her (Mandira ) meet him in a hotel but not home.

Munna intervenes and requests Indira to forgive Mandira. He also requests her to find a job for him so that he can get her and Mandira married. Meanwhile, Jhumpa eavesdrops on their conversation. Inder is shocked on learning from Jhumpa that Indira wants to get Mandira married as soon possible. Inder is surprised when he further learns that Munna has decided to work to earn his living. Jhumpa is worried that Munna will not help her and Inder to take over Sharma Niwas, if he starts working.
Indira puts Ishaan to bed and decides to close the door. She sees the door of Mandira's room open, she goes searching for her. Mandira is up on the terrace talking to Rishi. Mandira thanks him for understanding her. Rishi tells her that he knows her sister is trying her level best to settle things for her and he also understand her problems. Rishi also adds that he understands Mandira's own problems also. Mandira starts asking him from where he came from? She also asks Rishi if he works? Rishi asks Mandira if she was also interested in knowing all these things about him, but she says no and holds his hands. Mandira makes him swear to solve all her problems.

The next morning, Indira is going to work. She sees the Macau tickets and thinks of how she will go to Macau. She calls for Ishaan and tells him that they will get late. Indira then sees a constable who brings the search results stating that Rishi never stayed on the address she has given nor is he known by someone in the locality. Indira is shocked. She recollects the incident wherein she had enquired with Rishi about his profession.

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