Monday, 9 July 2018

Monday Update On Fire And Ice

Kunj comes to meet Twinkle on the terrace and she thank God he got my hint. Kunj says when she asked him to marry Pallavi and started writing on his hands, he recalled how she told him that she used to do that with Mahi to give her hint. It gets revealed that Twinkle and Kunj are just putting up a fake drama so that they can nab Pallavi and make her speak out the truth.
Kunj then asks what's her plan? Twinkle says she believe that he was not in that video, it's wifey’s instincts. Kunj says he is not sure and maybe that video is true. She insists that she don't believe it, and she reminds him that Anita tried to trap her in same thing and maybe is Revant in that video with her. Kunj asks how will they make Pallavi confess it? Twinkle says Pallavi love her husband Revant a lot so he just have to be goody goody with her and she is sure, she will spill the beans. Kunj then says Twinkle and Kunj will be together. Twinkle says they have fought many challenges and they will win this one too, Kunj says they will have wedding bells and she hugs him.

Bebe tell Kunj that he love Twinkle and asks why is he marrying Pallavi? Kunj says he have some duty towards Pallavi and he have to marry her. Leela asks Twinkle why did she make sacrifice? She tells her daughter that she love Kunj alot and he is with her now and she is leaving him like that? She scold Twinkle that she don't trust him just because Pallavi showed some stupid video. Twinkle recalls how Kunj said that he doesn't remember that night much. Leela tells her that she is doing wrong leaving Kunj. Bebe on the other hand tell Kunj that this is not good but Kunj insist that he have done wrong with Pallavi and he have to rectify his mistakes. Pallavi listens to it and thinks that she have to control the situation as everything is in her control. She comes inside the room and says she think they should get engaged tonight, it will be better, Kunj nods as Pallavi wants to get engaged to him the same day itself.

While Leela is with her daughter, she gets a call from Bebe and she says what in surprise. She tells Twinkle that Kunj and Pallavi are getting engaged tonight? Twinkle looks on shocked. Later, a party gets organized and all are in engagement party while Pallavi is bragging to the guests. Bebe tell Manohar that she don't understand as Twinkle and Kunj fights with the. world to be together and then separate just when they are about to get together. Manohar agrees. Bebe mention that Leela didn't even come today.

Yuvi comes to the engagement party and congratulates Pallavi. Twinkle comes there and is in tears. She pretend to asks Kunj how can he do this with her, how can he forget her and engage Pallavi? Kunj play along and remind her that she asked him to do it. Yuvi meanwhile thinks that it's Kunj who is taking this MMS scandal seriously. Twinkle admit to Kunj and says he could have waited, she didn't ask him to get engaged so soon. Kunj says when they have to separate then why wait for it? He is fulfilling his duties. Pallavi thinks in her heart and is thankful to God that Kunj is taking her side, she decides to shoo Twinkle away and asks Twinkle how dare she gate crash her party? Twinkle spark at her that she is snatching her husband and she won't let her do it. Pallavi correct her as ex-husband, they are getting engaged, she calls the guards and asks them to throw Twinkle out. They grab Twinkle and pushes her out of the doors. Twinkle cries and screams out for Kunj and he feels bad. Yuvi thinks that now it's time to become hero to save demsel in distress. As the guards throw Twinkle out of the house, she falls on the floor. Kunj comes there and makes Twinkle get up, he hugs her and says he will not spare Pallavi. Twinkle tells him not to worry that everything is fair in love and war and this is both, and till he is with her, nothing matters and all her pain fades away with his support.

Kunj says he felt bad when Pallavi was shouting on her and they dragged her out of the house. Twinkle says it's okay, that atleast this way Pallavi got the idea that he is on her side and supporting her and maybe this way she will confess something to him and then they will expose her. Someone claps from behind, Twinkle and Kunj turns back to see some silhouette, it comes out of the shadows and it's Yuvi who comes to know about Twinkle and Kunj’s plan to expose Pallavi and says oh my Goodness. He taunts them that they are good, he thought Pallavi was playing good but they were playing ahead of her, tricks after tricks but he have to tell everything to Pallavi. He agree that they both are smart, saying it's good move but he have to tell Pallavi this. Twinkle asks what will he get by doing this? Yuvi says her, he will get her and that till Kunj doesn't become of Pallavi’s, he won't get Twinkle, and he just can't lose her. Kunj gets angry and punches him on his head, Yuvi falls unconscious. Twinkle asks what he did that it was not needed. Kunj tells her not to stress that it's a knock out punch and he will be conscious in 10 minutes but they have to keep him tied and abducted till their plan succeed, they drag Yuvi from there and Yuvi comes to know about Twinkle and ties him up so that he cannot interfere till their plan is successful.

Kunj comes back in the party, Pallavi asks where was he? he says in washroom. They all get ready for engagement ceremony. Yuvi who figures out that Kunj and Twinkle are working together to expose Pallavi wakes up and sees himself tied up to chair securely, he murmurs what the hell, he squirms in chair and tries to free himself but can't. Kunj is smiling at Pallavi and is alert too. He gets call and moves away from Pallavi. He comes in a corner and receives Twinkle’s call and discusses his plan with her. He tells her that the ring ceremony is about to begin and they should initiate their plan, he asks if she is alright and to be ready with everything. He ends the call and at the same time, Pallavi confronts him. Kunj turns away to see Pallavi standing behind, he is stunned and leaves him in a shock. Yuvi, who is tied up to a chair struggles to free himself. Pallavi and Kunj were asks to cut the cake and he send a message to Twinkle that it's time. Just before the engagement ceremony starts off, Twinkle reach there and do a drama of wanting to die with Kunj. Leela also comes there. Twinkle move closer to them, take a knife and stab Kunj with a fake knife and he fall on the ground pretending to be writhing in pain. Everyone rush to attend to him and he stops breathing. On seeing this, Pallavi spill out the truth after this asking Twinkle what she have done killing her Revant the second time, adding that she actually stab Kunj. Twinkle and everyone there are shocked. Pallavi later realize that it's Kunj and Twinkle’s plan to expose her. Kunj who is on the floor smile and get up. Yuvi manages to free himself from captivity and reach there to expose Kunj and Twinkle’s plans to Pallavi but he got there too late. Kunj then reveal to everyone how he change the real knife to fake one. Bebe, Leela and others bless them to always be happy. Babe praise Twinkle for a wonderful idea to unveil the truth about Pallavi. Yuvi is hurt as he loss Twinkle to Link.

Soon after Pallavi gets exposed in front of the whole family, Pallavi and Yuvi were planning to scare Kunj and Twinkle with suicide drama. Pallavi does something very unexpected that even stuns Yuvi as she is seen lying unconscious in her room. Yuvi asks her to wake up, he thinks when did Pallavi change her plan and how did she get blood?. Kunj and Twinkle get tensed. Twinkle tell Kunj they should call police, if Pallavi lost her life because of them then they need to get punished. Yuvi says it's all Kunj's fault and threatened to call the police, he dial the number on his phone and Twinkle angrily slaps him. She scold him for his cheap trick. Kunj thinks that he should be punished if Pallavi has died because of him. Kunj tell Twinkle that Pallavi loved him, she died because of his rejection so he will go and not her. He will goes to the police station. Twinkle refuses and says she can't live without him and they will go through this together and they leaves to the police station.

Yuvi laughs and asks Pallavi to get up, he says he was late in bringing blood but she managed fake acting so well, he tell to get up and stop this acting. He keep asking her to wake up but she doesn't react it, it hits him and gets shocked to see that Pallavi has died for real. He says this can't happen and asks Pallavi to get up but she doesn't move. Yuvi comes to Twinkle and Kunj and says Pallavi is really dead, it's not fake blood, Twinkle says he is taunting them in this situation too? Yuvi says she actually died and this can't happen. Twinkle asks what is he saying? Yuvi thinks that if he tell Twinkle that it was his plan then she will hate him forever and he can't let that happen. He tell Twinkle that she was his friend, he wish he could talk to her and stop her. Kunj tell Yuvi that he talked to her? Yuvi says he talked to her but she sounded low, he grabs Kunj’s collar and says he won't spare him that he took his friend away. Kunj angrily tell him to stop it. Yuvi tell Kunj that he always take everything away from him, first his love and now his friend. Twinkle feel irritated and tell Yuvi stop it that they are going to the police. Kunj who thinks that Pallavi has died because of him says he will go alone and Twinkle don't need to involve herself. However, Twinkle feels that she too is Pallavi’s culprit and tells Kunj that they are going together, she is coming with him and accompanies Kunj as he goes to the police station. Yuvi thinks that if Kunj’s involvement in death is proven then he will be in jail and Twinkle and she will live outside. Yuvi sees Pallavi’s dead body lying on the floor and says he can't believe she is gone and wonder if someone killed her or she did suicide but now he can trap Kunj in her case. Pallavi’s last call went to him but he saw her last time, if someone told the police that he was seen last time with her then he will be gone and talk to Pallavi's body that she died but trapped him.

Anita meanwhile talk to herself that she don't understand why Yuvi keep running behind Twinkle? Leela comes there and says she ask same question and further asks why doesn't he leave her alone?. She tell Anita that Kunj and Twinkle loves each other and Yuvi can't leave them alone. Anita says she don't need any lectures. Leela gives her card and says it's invitation card of Twinkle and Kunj’s married.

However, when the police comes to see the body, it suddenly vanishes. Kunj and Twinkle who brings the inspector to the house are shocked. The inspector tell Kunj that he is a celebrity that's why he is leaving him for making fool of them as there is no dead body here, he leaves. Kunj wonder where her dead body go and Twinkle understands that Yuvi is responsible for it and tell Kunj that it's Yuvi. Kunj and Twinkle comes to Yuvi. Twinkle asks Yuvi where Pallavi’s dead body is? He says he don't know and Kunj angrily punches him and asks about the dead body. Yuvi tell Kunj that he can fight too and Kunj hits him again. Twinkle stops them and asks Yuvi where her dead body is? Yuvi explains that he hid the dead body in a car so that Kunj and Twinkle can be spared by the cops as they both will be in trap and he did it for her and for your safety. Twinkle says she just hope he don't have hidden motive this time but Yuvi insists that he just did it for her and Kunj just got saved in all this, otherwise he would have let him rot in jail. However, Yuvi is actually trying to save himself as he was the last person with Pallavi before she died. Twinkle tell Yuvi to take them where her dead body is.

Yuvi brings Twinkle and Kunj to the car and says he have hidden her dead body in that car but Yuvi who tries to bring back Pallavi’s dead body form the car gets tensed seeing that the car and body both are missing. On seeing that the is empty, Yuvi swear to them that he hide it in this very car and he don't know where it go. Kunj asks if he note the car’s number? He says no. Twinkle gets call from her mom, she tell Yuvi that they will come here later to find her dead body and warn him not to do anything stupid till then, they leave. Yuvi thinks where did. Pallavi's dead body go?.

Anita meets a Baba, she asks him to cure Yuvi so he can come out of Twinkle’s spell. Baba promise to make him fine with his broom. Yuvi comes there and asks who is he? Anita says he is his cure, she asks baba to start his treatment. Kunj comes home, Manohar asks why he come so late? A worried Kunj thinks how to tell them what happened, he made Twinkle go in trouble again and he hope she is fine. He apologize to his dad and Bebe for coming late. Bebe says he is saying sorry in english but want formal style. Kunj compliment her that she look cute. Bebe laughs and suggest to do the preparations for the marriage. Leela asks Twinkle about the marriage preparations but she is lost in thoughts about Pallavi's dead and missing. Leela notice this and asks her what happened? Twinkle says nothing and thinks that Yuvi did mistake by hiding the dead body and she just hope they find it. Yuvi asks his mom what is this? Anita asks the Baba to continue, she leaves. Yuvi says she is so creative and tell the Baba that he have lost a dead body and asks if he can help him to find it?. He further asks if he can use his powers to do that for him? Baba says it's useless to cure him, nothing can happen with him and that he is incurable, he runs away from there. Yuvi says such fake Baba. Yuvi then sees on Tv that a reporter says a famous surgeon’s dead body has been found in a car near highway. Yuvi is shocked to hear it and police have arrested a girl whose car it was. A flashback is shows where Yuvi is in the house hides Pallavi's body in sheets, drag it outside, he clean all the blood stain on the floor and he says when police won't find dead body then he won't be point of suspicion. He swipes away proofs and wonder where to hide the body?

This brings about the introduction of a new character called Simple Kaur who is running on roads in bridal avtaar. A man is running behind her and asks her to stop daughter but she doesn't stop. She comes to her jeep and drives away and the man is disappointed. It turns out that Simple has run away from her wedding mandap as she does not want to marry. Simple keeps getting calls from her father asking her to return to the wedding but she refuses and tell her father that she don't want to get married. He keep asking her to come back, she says she will come back when they all are not angry anymore but for now his girl is running away from the house and say bye bye, she ends the call and continues driving. One guy on bike takes over her jeep. She asks if he wants to race with Simple Kaur and tell the guy that she will not spare him now. She takes over his bike but the boy parks his bike and starts to leave. Simple says he wanted to make dhoom 4 and now she will help him, he says sorry that he won't do it again, he runs off. Simple says she won't spare him but the boy runs away. Simple runs behind him and leaves her jeep there. The big twist gets revealed later as Palalvi’s dead body is lying in Simple’s car as Yuvi sees Simple's jeep and says it's empty car and this is like answers to her prayers, she brings out Pallavi’s dead body from his car’s truck and put it in the jeep, he then covers it with blanket and leaves.

Simple comes back to her jeep and says she won't spare any person who tried to race with her and girls are no less than guys. The guy who was racing her car sees dead body in her jeep and he says she is dangerous, he calls the police. The inspector stops Simple’s car that they have to search it. She is in shock when the police stops her jeep and tell them to do it that there is nothing in her car. The inspector finds a dead body in her vehicle and she says this must be a joke, she comes down and sees dead body in her car. She says she don't know how it came here and tell the inspector that she is saying the truth that someone is playing game with her. The inspector says they will investigate but now they have to arrest her. Simple refuses to accept that she has anything to do with the dead body and she is arrested. Simple says she will see everyone and the one who did it, she will destroy him. Flashback ends.

Twinkle and Kunj find out about Pallavi's dead body from the news and they meets Yuvi. Twinkle tells Yuvi that because of him an innocent girl is in jail. Yuvi says atleast they don't have to go to jail now and if they go to police then they will involve them anyway. Twinkle asks what kind of person is he? She tell him that he have to set everything all right. Kunj decide to inform the police about it. Twinkle says their family must be worried for them. They leave and take Yuvi along. Anita says what Kunj and Twinkle did with her Yuvi then that's pay back for them. Leela tells Bebe and Manohar that Yuvi and Anita are behind all this and she didn't expect this from Yuvi. Bebe prays for Kunj and Twinkle’s safety.

Kunj, Yuvi and Twinkle comes to the police station to rescue Simple in distress. Twinkle tell the inspector that the girl (Simple) is not at fault. Kunj remind the inspector that they brought him home for that dead body but it was gone. Twinkle says she don't know how the dead body reached her car but she is innocent and request the inspector to free her. The inspector asks his constable to bring that girl and he asks him about the whole story. Kunj later accepts his fault in Pallavi's suicide and tells the inspector everything how Pallavi commit suicide, and that he can charge him for her suicide if he think that she died because of him but the inspector believes that Pallavi had been murdered and tells them that he think this is a murder case. Simple comes there dressed as bride, she tell the inspector that she kept telling him that she didn't do anything but he didn't listen to her and asks who put dead body in her car? Twinkle apologize to her and Simple asks if she put dead body in her car? She says no. Simple vow that once she find him, she won't spare him, she leaves. The inspector asks who put dead body in Simple’s car? Kunj says Yuvraj Luthra.

The inspector asks who saw Pallavi last time? Kunj says Yuvi must know and he sees Yuvi gone. Twinkle says not again. Yuvi is outside the police station and says Kunj and Twinkle have weird illness of saying the truth and they would put him in jail for this. He keep talking to himself that he saw Pallavi last time and hide her dead body too, he have to runaway to not get caught and he hides from the policeman. Simple is sitting in her jeep and says once she find that monkey who put dead body in her car then she won't spare him. Yuvi hides in her jeep and Simple drives away. Yuvi thinks that she is same lady fighter and decides to do something. The inspector asks Kunj if he think this is zoo?. Adding that once he come here and tells him that dead body got lost and then it is found in someone’s car and now his friend has runaway. He tells Kunj that he have only day to find Yuvi otherwise he will arrest them both for this case. As Kunj comes out of the police station. The media gathers around him and asks him questions about Pallavi’s case, he sits in his car with Twinkle and drives away.

Simple is rashly driving the car and Yuvi is trying to balance himself at the back. Simple curses that once she find the guy who put dead body in her car then she won't spare him. Yuvi thinks that she is a weird girl and if she finds out that he is in her car who put dead body in her car then he will be gone and he have to escape.

Leela tells Twinkle that Yuvi always does this and he could have stayed with them but he always have to runaway and asks why he always put her ( Twinkle ) in trouble. Twinkle says it's okay and it's Yuvi’s habit to put them in trouble and runaway but they will find him. Anita sees them and thinks that it's good that they are stressed and police have doubt on them. While Simple is driving her car, Yuvi screams when he gets hit on head by car’s side. Simple turns back and sees him in her jeep and call him thief? Yuvi gets out of the car and tries to runaway but Simple holds stick and tell him not to runaway that he is a thied? Yuvi thinks how to escape her and tells her that he is not a thief, adding that someone put gold in his car and police chased him. Simple says she get him and tell him someone put dead body in her car. Yuvi pretend to act innocent and asks in shock about the dead body?. He then asks if she see his face of the person that did it? She says no but she had to spend day in jail because of him and once she find him then she will beat him a lot. She asks Yuvi if he has place to live? He says no, she says she don't have place to go too but they will figure out and tell him not to worry.

Twinkle and Kunj comes to Pallavi’s house but it's sealed. He asks a policeman to allow him to go inside but the policeman refuses him and tell him there had been murder in her house. Kunj comes to the watchman and the watchman says he is his big fan addressing him as Rocky. Kunj asks the watchman what happened when the murdered happened in the house?. The watchman says he saw some woman in burqa ( veil ) coming out of Pallavi’s house and there are been noise coming off from her but he didn't stop her. Twinkle asks if anyone can help them?. The watchman says Pallavi’s maid Shanta Bai must know something and she has been despressed after Pallavi’s death. Kunj asks for Shanta’s number and the watchman gives it to him. Kunj thanks him and leaves with Twinkle. Anita is seen washing her hands in sink. She is tensed as there seems to blood near the sink. Just then, the door bell rings and she talk to herself who has come at this time, she hastily washes her hands and goes out.

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