Monday, 9 July 2018

Monday Update On King Of Hearts 2

Just when Satya and the family thought they could relax and unaware of Kareena returns. Payal sees someone hearing them, she check but find no one there. Kareena immediately hides and thinks they have betrayed her so big, and fuelled by the rage of knowing that she was deceived and vow that she will not spare Anupama and Payal.
Anupama says she will apologize to Kritika once she is back. Raj says he will go to his room. Satya lifts Mahi and takes her to the room. He says he was saying when everything is fine, they will start their family now. Just then, Satya gets a call and goes out to talk. He then comes back and searches for Mahi and everyone and finds his family missing. At the same time, Satya also notices the video playing on his television. The video showcases Kareena talking to Satya, telling him that she has his family members in her custody and she can do anything she wants with them. She will see what he will do and asks him to call his father’s ghost. Satya is shocked.

She says he must be thinking how she kidnap them all. A flashback is shown Kareena goes after Satya’s family members one by one and this time, she’s not playing around as her goons kidnap all the family members going to their rooms. Kareena also tells Satya that he can only save one of his family members. Satya says he need all his family members. Kareena says he will know where they are? Satya sees rice bag hanging above his grandfather while he is tied. Mitul and Anupama are hanging with the rod. Payal is tied to a chair and shouts for help. Mahi is also tied up. Satya gets shocked seeing his family members in trouble. He is left hopeless and breaks down. Kareena comes there and asks if he liked the trailor. Satya threatened to kill her and will not spear her. He is caught by the goons.

Kareena says he can kill him, but then asks how will he know about his family’s whereabouts. He asks what he want and says he is ready to give his everything, wealth, money, property etc to her. He asks what she want? Kareena says she want to see his blood as he have troubled her a lot. Her goons start beating him. Satya tries to beat them, but Kareena asks him to make his blood flow for his family.

Mahi, Anupama, Payal, Mitul and Raj see Satya getting beaten by the goons on TV kept there. Mahi shouts out Satya's name. Everyone is shocked. Kareena asks his goons to continue beating him. Satya is badly beaten by the goons and collapses down on the floor. The goon asks Kareena what to do with him. Kareena tells his goon that he seems to be worried. Mahi asks Kareena to punish her and leave Satya. Kareena says the fun have just started and they will start again after break. She asks her goons to lock him up in the storeroom and they will beat him again. Satya is locked in a store room. Siddharth and Roshni’s picture's fall down on him. He gets emotional and gets strength seeing their pictures. He removes his coat, comes out of window, and hides in Kareena’s car. Kareena comes out of the house and drives the car.

The goons see Mahi and teases her. Kareena stops the car on midway and attends to someone’s call saying she will give money to all the goons. She senses someone is behind her and turns, but Satya hides as he comes out of car. Mahi asks the goons to stop there itself and not touch her. She shouts Satya 's name. The goons walk towards her while Mahi shouts out to Satya for help. Just then, Satya comes there and beats the goons up. One of the goon start the machine making the iron thorn wall move towards Mahi. Satya tries to stop it, but the goons catch him. Satya beats them and manage to stops the machine. He rescues Mahi. Mahi hugs him.

Kareena comes inside talking on phone. Satya and Mahi hides. Kareena sees Mahi escaped and asks her goons about it. Her goons tell her that Satya came and saved Mahi. Kareena asks her goons to find them. She further asks her goons to sit in the car and says they might not be far. Satya and Mahi are seen sit in auto. Mahi asks what they will do now? Kareena asks the goon to drive fast. On the other side, Payal asks the goons to give her water that she is thirsty. She recalls her bad behavior towards Mahi and feels bad. She recalls Satya saving her and thinks this is her end.

Satya and Mahi are in the auto. Mahi's aunt ( Mitul ) and Anupama are hanging from a rope and Mahi's aunt begins feeling thirsty. Mitul asks the goons to give them water. On seeing that the duo request for water but are only threatened back in return. Meanwhile, Satya and Mahi are travelling in an auto and it is when they spot two policemen and decide to take their help. At the same time, Kareena and her men show up before Satya and Mahi. Seeing Kareena, Satya and Mahi begin running for their life. Kareena and her men follow them. The goon check the time on the bomb and calls Kareena up, informing her that the bomb is going to explode soon. Kareena asks her goons to stop and not to catch Satya and Mahi. She sends them video in which they see Payal with bomb. Kareena calls him and asks him to return else Payal’s bomb will blast. Satya and Mahi come to her. The goons hold Satya. Mahi cries. Kareena tells Satya that he will lose his mother-in-law and his wife also. She slaps Satya for acting clever and says is time is less, and suggest they do a deal. She asks him to appear on TV and tell that his father and grand father are fraudsters and that their company is fraud too therefore he is naming his property on Kareena’s name. Satya is shocked.

The goons take Mahi from there. Kareena calls the press conference and tells them that Satya wants to tell something to them. Satya in room imagines to malign his family reputation and cries. Kareena comes there and asks if he is crying, and that his ego needs to be broken. She asks him to go and tell the media. She reminds him that his family is with her and asks him not to show smartness.

Mahi cries for her husband helpless. Kareena tells the media that Mr. Khurana is going to share important news with them. Satya comes there. The goons ask his family members to see what Satya is going to do, and says he will ruin his own family. Mitul says they have to do something and stop him. Anupama asks what to do in this condition. Mitul says they have to do something. Anupama asks her to move the table towards her. Mitul tries and Mahi cries as everything is going bad for them. Payal prays to God to help Satya. Satya starts speaking and says sometimes, they have to do something which don’t go along with their thinking and values and sometimes they do this for their family whom they love a lot. He says he love his family and can give his life for them. He can do anything for them and he want his God to forgive him for what he is going to do. Kareena asks him to come to point and not to waste the time. Satya says today he want to tell everyone about his family’s truth, which nobody knows and which he feels suffocated and coughs. He faints and falls down.
Kareena is tensed. Mahi and his family worries for him. Anupama asks Mitul to untie the rope. They free their hands. Anupama tells her that her feet is not working. The goon sees them. They hit him, hide him and run away from there. Kareena takes Satya to the hospital and the doctor tells her that he is serious. Kareena is shocked.

Mahi's aunt and Anupama reach the hospital and disguise themselves as nurse and decide to check on Satya where he is admitted. Kareena’s goon asks them to show their ID card. Anupama slaps him and says she is going to give anema to the patient. Mahi's aunt and Anupama get inside and think that Satya is seriously sick after suffering a heart attack and they feel bad for Satya seeing his condition. They worry for Mahi, Payal and Satya's grandfather. While Mahi's aunt and Anupama are just talking about Satya, he wakes up and surprises them. He tells them that he is fine and that he only acted before Kareena to confuse her about his next move. He adds that he had his grandfather's low BP tablet so that Kareena feel he is unwell and now it is their turn to deal with her. Kareena asks the doctor about Satya’s condition. The doctor asks her to have patience and shows her the report. He says his condition is sensitive as he got a heart attack. The doctor then thinks he don’t know what Satya’s plan is.

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