Thursday, 5 July 2018

Thursday Update On King Of Hearts 2

Kritika asks Kareena why she is doing this forced marriage with Satya. Kareena asks her to stop her lecture and pushes her away. Satya comes there and holds his aunt. He shouts at Kareena for pushing his aunt. Kareena says she have a surprise for him and asks him to sign on the divorce papers silently else she will badly harm Mahi. Satya sees Mahi’s signature and also signs on the divorce papers.
Kareena asks him to get ready and meet her in mandap in 10 minutes. Raj gains consciousness. While Satya is sitting at his side and as the marriage gets closer Satya becomes heavily anxious as to what to do. He asks his grandfather if he need water.

Raj who knows the truth manages to says Mahi's name but he is not able to tell Satya anything in his condition. Satya tells his grandfather that he searched her everywhere but fail and asks from where to get her. Raj tries to tell him that Mahi is in garage. Anupama hears him and goes to inform Kareena about it. She tells her that problem will happened and that Raj tried to inform Satya about the garage. Kareena scolds Anupama for giving her bad news. Satya asks his grandfather about the garage. Kareena comes there and tells him that she don’t have all night to wait for him and asks him to come and marry her. Meanwhile, a fake passport for Mahi has been created, they give Sheikh and says now he can take her without any problem. The Shiekh is impressed with the plans and says he is proud of them. Mahi sees something and makes the chair fall on which she is sitting. She holds something tightly in her hand. Sheikh and the goon laugh on her and see her unconscious. They make her sit on the chair again.

Later, Satya is forced to sit at the 'mandap' with Kareena for marriage while the marriage rituals proceed. Satya recalls what his grandfather said and tries to figure out the garage’s place. He recalls seeing garage on the place where he saw Kareena. He sets off the havan fire and Kareena shouts.

Satya stops his wedding with Kareena and drags her and Anupama to a room. Kareena says he is doing a big mistake. Satya says she is mistaken and asks what she think that she can keep his Mahi away from him for long and he locks them up. Kritika asks what is he doing? Satya then tells his aunt that he is going to look for her her daughter-in-law and get her back. Mitul asks Kritika if they will find Mahi. Meanwhile, Kareena asks Anupama to think and she is terrified thinking that if Satya finds Mahi, her plans would fail and she would have a lot of troubles coming in her way and everything will be ruined. Satya reaches the warehouse where Mahi was held and starts looking for her. He finds the chair to which Mahi was tied. Meanwhile, Kareena finds a landline phone in the room and immediately calls her men and asks if they have left from there and alerts them about Satya's arrival. Kareena picks the bedsheet. Anupama asks her not to commit suicide. Kareena tells her that is going through the window. Anupama prays to God to keep her fine. Satya sees Rocks written on the floor. Kareena reaches the place where Mahi is brought by the goons and asks Sheikh to take Mahi and complete the deal. She tells Mahi that Satya escaped from the marriage, but this deal will be finalized. Satya comes there and sees Sheikh taking Mahi in burqa. He shouts.
Sheikh asks his goons to beat him. Satya beats them and asks Sheikh to go from where he came else he will bury him right there. Kareena is shocked and angry. Satya finally finds Mahi and hugs her. Mahi cries and says she knew that he will come. Kareena asks her goons to catch Mahi. The goons come to Satya. Satya beats them all. Mahi hugs Satya. He sees Kareena and runs to catch her but she escapes.

Satya brings Mahi home. Kritika gets emotional and thanks God and Satya. Mitul asks if she is fine? Mahi says she is fine. Raj comes there and says Mahi's name. Mahi hugs him. Satya sees Anupama and comes to her. Anupama hides her face being scared. Satya says there is a difference between her and him. He can do anything, but he have his dad’s blood and that’s why he is forgiving her in his remembrance. He says even his dad never gave second chance and he will not give. Anupama tells Satya that she was afraid to lose her family and fell in Kareena’s trap. She thanks him for letting her stay in the house. She thanks Mahi and apologizes to her for her deeds. She promise to do repentance tomorrow for her sins.

Satya applies ointment on Mahi’s hand. She says she thought she will lose him for forever. Satya says they are two hearts, but one soul. Satya jokes with Mitul and asks her to tell the doctor’s name who is keeping her young. Raj says he is teasing her. Satya thanks his grandfather for helping him being his grandfather. Mitul says he shows courage. Satya says courage is in their blood. Mitul tells that Anupama is still in the house and that Kareena is still at large. Satya says they can’t stand infront of truth and he will not spare Kareena whenever she is caught and asks his grandfather to be tension free. Anupama secretly meets Kareena in the temple and says she thought Satya will kick her out of the house, but he being his father’s son let her stay in the house. Kareena asks her to do something. Anupama says her revenge will drown her one day. Kritika sees her mother-in-law talking to someone but doesn’t see Kareena’s face.

Kritika calls her mother-in-law and Anupama pushes Kareena inside and comes to Kritika, asking if her puja is finished. Kritika says yes. Anupama says she has done her puja, rubs nose on God’s feet and apologizes for her sins. She says she has tied mannat thread and did a mannat too. Kritika says she did right. Anupama tells that she has done a mannat and she thought that it would be wise to send Satya and Mahi on a vacation where they can spent time together and get over the things that occurred with Mahi until Kareena is caught. Kritika says may be she is saying right and thanks her idea for thinking about them and decides to do as asked by her. Anupama says she want to save the house from bad sight and Kareena who is hiding there hears their conversation.

Meanwhile, Mahi has dreams of her kidnapping trauma, asking the goons to leave her and she wakes up horrified and shouts Satya's name. Satya and others come there and asks her what happened? Mahi hugs him and says she couldn’t forget all that happened. Anupama smiles. Satya consoles her and assures his wife that he is with her, and she is her house and nothing will happen to her. Anupama signal Kritika. At the same time, Kritika offers two flight tickets to Satya. Satya says it's hongkong tickets. Kritika says Mahi is in trauma and asks him to take Mahi out on vacation for few days and spent time with her. She says until Kareena is caught, there will be danger to their life. Raj comes there and says his aunt is saying right. Satya asks how can they go? Kritika asks him not to worry and says even her Dad wants this, and assures him that the boydguards will protect them. Satya asks why bodyguards. Kritika orders him to go and get ready. Left with no choice, Satya says okay.

As Mahi and Satya are leaving for airport, Mahi asks why so many bodyguards. Kritika says the bodyguards will stay with them. Satya asks his aunt's mother-in-law not to be naughty and be a good girl. Anupama smiles. Kritika jokely says Karan's name in order to stop him from taunting her mother-in-law. Mahi asks everyone to take care and says now they will leave. Kritika asks them to call her on the reaching airport. Anupama messages Kareena that stuff have left from here and now everything is in her hands.

Satya and Mahi are in the car while the bodyguard is driving the car. Satya says if these bodyguards stay with them then how will they get close. He says they will look at them wherever they go. The bodyguard asks what happened? Satya says nothing. Mahi says they will escaped betraying them. Satya says really? Mahi laughs. She gets Kritika’s call and tells her that they will reach airport in 10 minutes. Kritika says okay. A lorry is seen coming from the opposite side and is about to hit Satya’s car. Satya sees the lorry and asks guard/driver to drive properly. Their car meets with a preplanned accident. Kritika hears the shout and gets worried. Anupama tells Kritika that nothing will happen and says she did mannat. Mitul worries for Mahi and Satya. Anupama thinks what Kareena is going to do with them. Kritika gets a call informing her that Satya and Mahi met with an accident and cries. Raj is shocked and asks Kritika to take him to the hospital. They leave.

In the hospital, Satya gains consciousness and looks out for Mahi. He gets up and tries to go. The doctor asks him to sit. Satya asks where his Mahi is. Kritika asks where her daughter-in-law is? The doctor tells that he is under observation because of head injury, and tells that Mahi is shifted to ICU from operation theatre and is now on life support system. Satya is shocked and says nothing can happen to his Mahi. The doctor tells that they have operated on Mahi, but there was an internal bleeding and it should be stopped. Mitul asks Satya to have patience and assures him that Mahi will be fine. Anupama goes to call Kareena up and wonders where she is? She thinks if Mahi is saved then Kareena’s plan will be ruined.

Raj lights the temple lamp and prays to God. He says that day he had snatched Siddharth and Roshni from them, he have never done anything wrong with anyone and asks why did he do wrong with him. Satya thinks he will not bend down infront of God today. He says if anything happens to Mahi today then it will be his defeat. They pray together. Kareena comes there and disguises herself as a nurse in order to kill Mahi while she is unconscious. Satya turns, but couldn’t see her face. Kareena hides her face with a mask and goes past him. Satya asks the doctor how Mahi is? The doctor says her condition is critical and she is fighting between death. He asks them to pray. Satya says she will be fine. Everyone cries. Satya goes inside ICU and a sad song Main Tere Qaabil Hun plays in the background He sits at her bedside and says the doctor met him outside and told him that she is in critical condition but he told the doctor that nothing can happen to his Mahi, and asks her to open her eyes and proves the doctor wrong. He says this dress and these machines don’t suit her. A nurse comes there and asks him to sit outside. Satya says okay and is about to go.

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