Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Tuesday Update On Begusarai

At Begusarai, Lakhan’s men are packing the drugs to start up the business he wanted to invest in and Dolt is with Lakhan. Dolt ask Lakhan if  he has started using drugs? Lakhan tells him it his new business, Dolt tells him that he will be rich soon.
Meanwhile, Pandey is called over there and Lakhan asks him if he wouldn't allow them do the drug business together?  Pandey tells Lakhan that Phulan doesn't allow such business in his area and so he stopped drugs business because of Phulan. Lakhan tells him that because Phulan said he shouldn't so he stopped?  He looks at Pandey and angrily tells him that he should start the drug business again. Pandey looks at him and tells him that he cant. Dolt tells Pandey as to how dare him say no to Lakhan. Lakhan tells Pandey that if he tags along with them them he will be saved.  He further tells Pandey that Phulan will kill him if he refuses to take their side. Lakhan shows Pandey his family in his custody as he has ordered his men to captivate Pandey's entire family. Lakhan looks at Pandey and then asks him if he will help him in his drug business?  He also tells him that his family will be safe and if his business is been revealed to Phulan then Pandey will not get to see another day. Pandey leaves.  Dolt tells Lakhan that he got to know about him and Poonam’s break up in jail. Dolt tells Lakhan that he should marry Poonam and no one else.  Lakhan tells him that he will marry her only as he will do drug business and will earn more money than Phualn and gain power too. Lakhan tells Dolt that he will then marry Pooam infront of Phulan and he wont be able to do anything about it as Poonam will be his only.

Poonam arrives at Begusarai and  Nanda ask her if he should drop her home but Poonam says no and tells him that she has a body guard with her.  Poonam tells him to  drop Najma home instead. Najma looks at Poonam and tells her that she thought she will get an answer from her by now. She further tells her that she will get confuse if she run away from the questions. Poonam tells her that it nothing like that. Najma asks her that if it is not like that then why was her face looking pale when they talk about Priyom? Najma asks Poonam if she was hiding something from her. Meanwhile,  Priyom comes there on bike, he asks Najma and Poonam if they were both talking about him? Poonam tells him that she didn't say anything and Priyom started teasing at her.  He then tells Poonam that she loves him but was to shy to tell him about it. Poonam tells Priyom that she wasn't, adding that she can never love Priyom.  Priyom looks at her and continues to smile.

Meanwhile, Priyom comes back to the mansion and Drugah asks him as to what has happened? Drugah ask him if he found a lover in Patna? Priyom tells Drugah that his heart has turned into a stone now.  Drugah asks Priyom if he has forgotten that Phulan asked him to come to work and he ran away to Patna. Priyom remembered and also tells himself that his father will surely punish him now. Drugah tells him that Phulan has gone to Dehli and he will come after 10 days. Priyom is relief. Bindya sees Priyom and tells herself that her Priyom has come adding that Priyom will fall madly in love with her now. Poonam comes into the lounge and waits for Priyom. Priyom comes in and ignores her and leaves to his room. Bindya is stunned. Ghungroo tells Bindya that it seems like her beauty is not working and also tells Bindya that it seems the game will not be so easy as she thought.  Bindya tells Ghungroo to just wait as Priyom will surely come to her with his own will.  Ghungroo ask Bindya if she has started using magic too.  Bindya smirks.

On the other hand, Poonam is going home in a jeep and Lakhan sees her on the same street, Poonam recalls how Najma told her she is falling madly for Priyom. Najma also told her that she (Poonam) have fought with him many at time and has not seen her like this before.  Poonam wonders if Najma's words were really true and if surely her love for Priyom was not just mere friendship but something else. Lakhan’s jeep drove towards Poonam’s jeep and Lakhan looks at her, Poonam is shocked upon seeing him. Poonam comes back home and she finds Lakhan in his jeep too. Lakhan calls her and tells Poonam that he finally saw her face and also wanted to hear her voice which he has now heard.

Priyom comes to the mansion and he handed over a gift to Guddi, Piddi, Pinto and Soni. Pinto tells Priyom about the snake incident. Guddi tells Priyom that Bindya sucked the poison from his leg and saved him. Priyom is stunned. Badi Amma comes there and asks Priyom how the  weather was in Patna? Priyom tells Badi Amma that he has brought nice sarees for her from Patna, Badi Amma tells him they are nice and also thanks him. Priyom asks Badi Amma as to why her thanks was so dry.  Badi Amma starts to question him and also tells Priyom that his expenses would be reduced soon and that Phulan is very angry at him for leaving to Patna without informing anyone.  Priyom is tensed.

Meanwhile, Lakhan is beating one of his men for not delivering the drugs, he angrily tells him that he is in a hurry to do the business and the man ask him to forgive him this time around.  The man leaves.

Poonam comes home and tells her parents that she has got a gift for all of them.  Birla tells her that there was no need for that but Poonam insisted that they should take it as they don't go for shopping. Birla tells Poonam that it was her age to look beautiful and not her, Priyom comes and tells Birla that age is not required for one to look beautiful. Poonam shyly looks away. Priyom then starts to tease Poonam and asked her as to why she has to look away. Priyom tells Birla that he wants to eat food prepared from her own hands and that she should bring anything. Birla tells Priyom that Badi Amma has order her not to give him food as he (Priyom) went to Patna without telling her or Phulan and that's why they were stern on punishing him.  Birla leaves. Priyom tells Poonam that the old lady (Badi Amma) has issued everyone in the whole city not to give him food. Poonam tells Priyom he deserves it and also asks him if he cant work. Poonam tells him that she do all the household work. Priyom tells Poonam that  he was not going to marry her and that she should stop telling him about her bio-data. Poonam looks at Priyom and tells him that she just wanted to tell him that when he earns 100rs he will be proud of himself and her as well, Poonam is about to leave and Priyom holds her hand and tells her that he is very hungry adding that she (Poonam) was  his friend and she should please bring him food.  Poonam looks at him and she is uncomfortable.

Dolt tells Lakhan that Poonam is deaf but she will surely marry him only and no one else.  Rekha brings tea for them, Rekha is happy upon seeing money earned from her son's new business, she tells Lakhan that till Phulan and Bhushan are away from the city, he can work from home but after they return they will have to find another place. Dolt tells Rekha that her mind works nicely as she gives nice idea to Lakhan to supply drugs by hiding drugs in watermelons. Rekha tells them that they should both do the business and she will give them ideas. Lakhan tells them that the business is just a way, his real destination is Poonam and that he is dying to hold her hand.

Poonam asks Priyom to leave her hand, Priyom tells her that she should first promise him that she will bring her food. Poonam turns and slaps him. Poonam tells him that enough of the joking as she is telling him to leave her hand but he didn't listen. Priyom angrily leaves from there. Poonam runs behind him and Birla asks her as to what has happened? Poonam tells her mother nothing, adding that she doesn't  know why everyone is asking her about Priyom.  She comes into her room and tells herself as to what has she done and that she should not have slapped Priyom. She cries and tells herself repeatedly that she doesn't love Priyom.

Priyom comes to the market, he enters Bhushan’s house and finds watermelons over there.  He is relief as he has got something to eat, he takes one watermelon and the worker tries to stop him but Priyom doesnt listen. Rekha sees Priyom cutting the watermelon.  Priyom finishes and he eats it. Rekha thanks God that Priyom didn't see any of the drugs in the watermelon.  Lakhan comes to Priyom and Priyom ask him when he started a fruit business. Lakhan gets angry at him and ask Priyom if he has forgotten his way by coming over to his house.  They both begin to exchange words and Lakhan angrily tells Priyom to leave his house as it was because of him that his marriage with Poonam was called off. Lakhan angrily tells Priyom to leave and never come back to their house again.  Priyom tells Lakhan to calm down as he couldn't just witness him maltreating Poonam all the time,  adding that there was no way he could have supported Lakhan over the harsh treatment he was giving Poonam.  Lakhan tells Priyom that in just a few days time. He will recover his love (Poonam)  and Priyom should change his name if Poonam doesn't accept him back. They both continue to challenge each other.  Meanwhile Lakhan pushes Priyom away.

Priyom sadly asks Lakhan if he wanted to break their friendship. Lakhan continues to pushes Priyom away from his house. Lakhan tells Priyom that he will beat him and Rekha comes and ask as to what has happened? Priyom tells Rekha that Lakhan is breaking their friendship and relation. Priyom gets emotional, Rekha asks Priyom to go away as Lakhan is a hot headed person. Priyom sadly leaves.

Bindya is making chips as Choti Amma has given her the work, Ghungroo makes fun of her and Bindya gets angry. She closes the door and she starts to hurts herself.  Bindya bangs her head on the way and also takes a knife and cut off his wrist. Ghungro asks her if she has gone mad. Bindya tells him it is sweet pain and Ghungroo is stunned.

Priyom is sad as he recalls how Lakhan said that they have no relation and no friendship, he recalls how during childhood they would sing Yeh dosti hum nai toreingy, how they used to bond and he is sad.  Priyom sees a manager scolding a worker and he attends to the man's aid. He asks the manager to cool down and to stop hurting his worker.  The worker tells Priyom that he is sick and cannot do any work.  Priyom assisted the man.

Poonam is washing some clothes and she still couldn't stop thinking about Priyom.  She vents her anger on the cloth and starts beating them. She tells herself that Priyom is a casanova and a flirt. Her mother, Birla saw some torn clothes and asks her as to why she is so angry washing the clothes. Meanwhile, Dolt is related to Poonam as Poonam was his sister, he comes home and he tells Poonam that he must be missing him.  Dolt greets Birla and he tells them that he has really missed them a lot. Dolt tells his mother and sister that they didn't come to meet him in jail so he came home. Birla tells Dolt that his father didnt allow her to come meet him, Dolt jokes around and asks as to where is yamraj his father, Manjeeta comes there and asks his son as to where he was all this time. Manjeeta asks Dolt where he has been since two days when he returned from jail.  He is about to hit Dolt and he sees Poonam's scared face.  He tells Dolt not to do anything which will make him (Manjeeta) send  Dolt to hell as nobody will be able to save him from there.  Dolt is surprised to see that his own father didn't hit him and he asks his mother (Birla)  as to what has happened with him.  Birla tells Dolt that Manjeeta has changed all because of Poonam.  Dolt asks his sister,  Poonam as to how she managed to do all this.  Poonam ignores Dolt and she leaves.

Meanwhile, Dolt opens the window and sees Guddi on the terrace of her house, he is mesmerized with her, he smiles looking at her. Priyom is taking heavy bags in godown and he takes off his shirt and works in the scorching heat, he completes the work and asks the owner to give the money to the worker.  The manager gives the money to the poor man on behalf of the work Priyom has done. The helpless man is overwhelmed and express his gratitude to Priyom. He hands over some note to him and tells Priyom that he cannot take all the money as he (Priyom)  has also done half of the work. Initially Priyom didn't want to accept it but he remembered how Badi Amma told him to earn 100 rupees per day and how Poonam also told him to work and he will be proud of him. Priyom is in tears and takes the money from the man.  Suddenly,  he receives a phone call from Bindya and asks himself why Bindya was calling him.

Guddi, Poonam and Piddi are playing with Pinto and Soni, Guddi jokes about Priyom and Poonam gets tensed. Guddi tells Poonam that she is hiding something. Pooanm asks Guddi if she is seeing something written all over her face? Guddi tells Poonam that she is her friend and she can tell her anything. Guddi asks Poonam if she found someone she loves in Patna? Meanwhile,  Priyom comes there in dirty clothes, Poonam thinks that Priyom has come after doing some work and that finally he will get food to eat. Badi Amma comes there and asks him if he went to fight or did  some work? She tells Priyom not to make any excuses adding that if he has done work then he should put 100rs in her hands then he will get food and shelter.

Badi Amma asks him to give her the money, Priyom tells her that he couldn't earn 100rs. All of them looks on and Badi Amma tells Priyom that he will sleep on the floor for tonight. She also warns all of them that if anyone gives food to Priyom then he or she will be out of house too. Badi Amma leaves and Maya sadly leaves too. Priyom is leaving the mansion and he gets Bindya’s phone call but he cuts the call out of anger. Meanwhile, Poonam is sad for Priyom.

Priyom is coming to Bindya’s house whiles Ghungroo and Bindya starts to put on an act. Ghungroo tells Bindya that Priyom cant help her and that she should rather talk to Phulan. Bindya tells Ghungroo that she doesn't want any problems again, Priyom comes in and ask what problem she (Bindya)  was going to create now? Priyom sees bruises on her hand and ask who did this to her? Bindya tells Priyom that Mitlaish did it and Priyom is shocked.

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