Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Tuesday Update On My Golden Home

The entire Singh family is sitting in the courtyard. An elderly man comes over there and asks for Uday, he tells them that he has come from the NGO where Abha currently teaches. He then asks as to why Abha didn't come to work for the past few days.
Abha and Chandra are both shocked as to who the man is. Chandra tells the strange man that Abha was sick. The man also tells Uday that their NGO exams will be starting soon, adding that Abha must report to work the next day. Surprisedly, Uday agrees whiles Abha is left confused.

Chandra asks Abha who the man is? She looks at Abha and asks if the man works at somewhere else. Abha tells her mother that she also has no idea as to where he has come from. Suddenly, Raghav comes there and tells them that the man was his friend and he had come to convince Uday to allow Abha go to work. Raghav also tells them that the last time he heard Abha speak to Uday and he realized how important the job was for her (Abha) and her own self-respect was also involved. Abha starts crying and thanks him. She tells her uncle that she doesn't know if ever they will be able to repay his kindness.

Karan tells Veer that they have to do something about Tasveer whereabouts. He then picks up the phone and calls Abha's residence again. Sheetal picks up the phone. Karan asks for Tasveer and Sheetal gets annoyed. She tells Karan that no girl called Tasveer stays in their house. Abha hears the conversation and she gets worried. She decided to call up her office. Raghav catches Sheetal on the telephone and Sheetal tells him that so many calls have come asking for a girl named Tasveer. Meanwhile, Kanika's friend comes to Swarn Bhavan, she sees Karan and she likes him. She tells Kanika to asks Karan to take them out for shopping. Kanika asks Karan and he tells her that he will not be able to take them out. Karan also adds that girls like shopping a lot. Kanika and her friend both try to convince him whiles Kanika shows Karan a newspaper to show him an advertisement about a discount sale. Karan sees a part where it is mentioned that Tasveer weds Manish. Karan is shocked and he just stares at the newspaper in awe.

Karan then realizes as to why Tasveer didn't come to work. He immediately goes to Veer and shows him the newspaper, Veer tells him that it may be some other Tasveer. Karan tells Veer that he has to go and do something about it. He then questions Veer that what if she was his Tasveer? Abha calls Swarn Bhavan, the phone rings whiles Karan is leaving to search for her. Kanika picks up the phone and Abha tells Kanika that she was busy with some work in the house so she couldn't come for work. She also tells Kanika that she will come the next day. She tells her to inform Jagmohan about it. Veer asks Kanika whose phone call it was but Kanika smirks and lies to Veer that it was a wrong number.
Karan goes to the wedding venue looking for Tasveer. He greets one of the guest and he also asks someone where the bride is. He bumps into a girl and he climbs up the stairs. The wedding procession has arrived and all the girls push him in other to go upstairs. Karan is trapped in between the girls. When Karan finally comes down, a lady hands him a tray of soft drinks. Karan sees Tasveer who also screams upon seeing him. Meanwhile, Karan is very very happy as he noticed the girl was not the Tasveer he knew. Karan smiles and also blesses her by saying that she will have hundred children. He also thanks the girl a hundred times. The other guest comes there and they are all shocked to see the bride with Karan. They tried calling the police but Karan kept smiling at them. He tells them that he is not scared at all adding that they can put him behind bars.

Uday asks Abha as to where she actually teaches the children and how many children they were. Abha lies to her father that she teaches in a small room with 35 children. Uday tells her that he will accompany her to the NGO the next day and Abha is shocked.

Karan and his friend are travelling in his car. He is the same friend whom he had met at Tasveer's wedding. Mohan( Karan's friend) asks him what he was doing in the wedding and how he (Karan) reached the bride's room. Karan then explains to his friend that Tasveer is a girl who works under his father and she has not come to work for a few days. Karan tells his friend that he saw an article on the newspaper about Tasveer getting married and he decided to stop the marriage.

Karan remains silent and he thinks as to why did he go to stop the wedding? Mohan then tells him that perhaps he thinks Tasveer was his better half. Karan is quiet and he kept on blushing. As Mohan reached his house, both of them get down from the car and Karan asks Mohan to help him out find Tasveer. Mohan is a police cop and he agrees to help him out. Karan expresses his gratitude to his friend whiles Mohan asks him when he would propose to Tasveer. Karan tells him very soon.
Abha, Chandra and Raghav are all worried as to what could be done to stop Uday from coming along with Abha to her workplace. Raghav apologies to Chandra for not been able to help them out properly. Chandra calms him down. Sheetal who is also present in the room wishes to see some drama in the house the next morning.

The next day, Uday calls out to Abha. Abha wanted to say something to her father but Uday asks her to get ready as they need to leave to her workplace. They both leave together and head towards the rickshaw stand. Near a busy street, Karan calls out to Abha as Tasveer and she stops. She is stunned and Uday stops too. Abha turns back and she sees Karan. Karan runs to her and asks her why she didn't come to Swarn Bhavan since so many days. Uday is stunned and asks Abha if she works at Swarn Bhavan. Karan is also shocked to see Uday with Abha. He tells Abha that Uday has insulted his father at the inauguration. Uday asks Karan who his father is and he replies that his father was Jagmohan Prasad adding that Abha works under him. Abha is shocked and she then wakes up from her sleep. She is relieved that it was all a dream.

Uday calls out to Abha and before Abha can tell him anything he asks her to get ready as they will both have to leave for her workplace. Chandra stops him, she then asks him if he would go to meet those poor children empty handed. Uday is shocked and he is left worried. Chandra then asks him what if the NGO people ask for some donation from him as he is a Thakur. Chandra tells Uday that he should not go as people may point fingers towards him. Uday gives in and refuses to go. He also state that Abha was not allowed to go either.

Karan is alone in his room and he is talking to himself. He tells himself that Mohan is right as he maybe in love with Tasveer (Abha). He smiles whiles he continues to think about Abha. Meanwhile Grandma enters, Karan takes the aarti and grandma asks him if he wont take the prasad. Karan quickly takes one. Karan asks grandma what the true definition of love was. Grandma is very happy and she asks him if he is in love. Karan tells her that he wasn't adding that he is worried for his friend. Karan lies to grandma that his friend likes a girl who is getting married and he wants to stop the wedding. He then asks her if this is love? Grandma tells him yes whiles Karan is left smiling. Someone calls both of them down for breakfast.

At the breakfast table, Grandma sees Jagmohan taking a higher dose of medicine. She then asks him if he is OK. Jagmohan tells his mother that there is too much of work pressure. He then asks Karan to deliver a package. Gradma tells him that their tensions have increased after they have moved into Swarn Bhavan. Meanwhile, at Raghav's house, Sheetal is complaining that she has to go to the market and buy vegetables adding that she needs help. Uday asks Abha to accompany Sheetal since Chandra isn't around to go with her. At the market, Karan is looking for the address he has to deliver the package to. He then goes on asking people about the address. He finally asks Abha who sees him and she is shocked. Meanwhile, Karan is pleased to see her.

Karan asks Abha the address he is looking for. Abha turns to him and he is delighted to see her but Abha gets worried. Karan then asks her if she still remembers him. He asks her if she has forgotten as they have met each other before. Abha is looking at Sheetal hoping that she doesn't notice both of them. She drops the shopping bag and Karan gets down to pick up the vegetables. Karan asks her as to why she didn't come to the office?

Abha rudely tells him that she would only answer any questions related with her job to Jagmohan and not him. Karan also tells her that she even gave them a wrong address adding that he had bought a bouquet of flowers just for her. Karan then realizes that Abha is not standing there. He is sad but he suddenly notices her again with Sheetal.

Abha tells Sheetal that she wants to go home as she is not feeling well. Sheetal gets irritated but asks Abha to leave. Karan sees Sheetal and calls out to her, Sheetal gets scared and starts walking in a haste. Karan follows her calling out to the name "Tasveer" to her. Sheetal thinks that a young boy is following her saying that she is still so beautiful. Karan continues to follow Sheetal. This time she gets really scared and asks for help from some grocers, they tell her not to worry as they will take care of him (Karan). When Karan arrives there, he asks the men where Sheetal is. The men ask him if he is after a older woman but Karan says no. He tells them that he wants to meet Tasveer. The men crowded around him and beat him up mercilessly. He shouts for help and tries to explain himself but they give him a severe beating. Meanwhile Sheetal smirks and she is relieved.

Sheetal tells Abha that a boy was following her and also calling her by the name Tasveer. Abha understands that it was Karan. Sheetal tells Abha that it could be that the boy wanted to take a (photograph) of her as she is so beautiful. She also adds that the grocers beat him up so severely that he must be in the hospital by now. Abha gets worried and also feels sad for Karan. She tells Sheetal that she shouldn't have done that. Sheetal asks her why she is feeling bad for the boy. Sheetal then asks Abha where the shopping bag is and Abha tells her that she has left it in the market. Sheetal again asks for her money and Abha gives her some money from her bag. Meanwhile, she drops the chocolate wrapper which she had taken from Karan in Mumbai. Sheetal leaves the room telling her that she is going to complain about her to Uday. After she leaves, Abha sees the wrapper and thinks of Karan.

At the police station, Karan is sitting with his friend who is a police inspector (the guy he met at Tasveer's wedding). His friend tells him that he got such a big thrashing and he is quiet. Karan was looking black and blue all over his face as he is in pains. His clothes are all torn off. Mohan assures him that he will find his Tasveer.

Meanwile, Karan looks at Tasveer's sketch on the soft board at the police station. He goes near it and stares at it. Karan is in love. He then smiles and remembers all the moments they spent together. Karan rests his cheeks on Tasveer's picture and later realizes his cheeks were hurting.

At Swarn Bhavan, Grandma sees Karan and she gets worried upon seeing his bruise face, she asks him who did this to him. Karan asks Grandma to relax and then he leaves to change. Vimal sees the bruises on his face too. Vimal meets Grandma and he tells her that all this is happening after they have moved to Swarn Bhavan. He tells Grandmother that Jagmohan's blood pressure is rising and he lost a project. He also add that his wife, Shelly also doesn't want to stay in Swarn Bhavan and now Karan has been beaten up so badly.

Shelly asks the servants to do their respective duties and Vimal comes to her. Shelly tells Vimal that it is so difficult to manage a big house. Vimal assures her that very soon he will sell off Swarn Bhavan and she will help him. Shelly is a bit surprised. Abha tells herself that she must go and inform Jagmohan as to why she didn't come to work. Chandra comes there too. Abha tells her mother that she has some keys and that she has to go to the office.

The next morning, Uday tells Chandra that he has fixed Abha's wedding with the son of a Thakur as he earns 1 lakh a month. Chandra asks Uday if she can take Abha out for shopping. Surprisingly, Uday agrees. Chandra tells Abha to go meet her boss, adding that she must return within an hour. Meanwhile, Chandra tells her that she will wait for her. Coincidentally, Abha leaves her bag behind and Chandra took another rickshaw and follows her. Chandra is shocked when the rickshaw stops in front of Swarn Bhavan. Abha goes inside and Chandra starts crying. She remembers how they had left their ancestral home and how Uday had been insulted by Jagmohan. Chandra also remembered as to how Abha had returned late from a party the other night. Chandra couldn't help herself but to cry upon realizing that Abha has broken her trust and deceive her.

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