Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Wednesday Update On Iron Lady

The Jagrata festival is going on whiles Radhe is singing the song and the others are enjoying the Jagrata including the two foreign ladies. Indira walks lonely on the dark road and is very sad. She starts to have a flashback of her mother's harsh words and how she said that the house was not hers and also has no right to throw Inder out. Ishan comes and hugs her asking her not to go as all that has happened is because of him falling ill. He tries his level best to take Indira home with him by telling her that he needs her and how everyone in school thinks that she was his mom.

Indira asks her to return home but he refuses and she pushes her away from her by raising her hand as if to hit him. Ishaan then keeps quiet by looking at her hand and thus making her realise that. She then looks at her hand and Ishaan run away.

The Jagrata is still on going and everyone is having lots of enjoyment. Indira is continuing her way out. Manoj is at the Jagrata and is also clicking some pictures of Mandira and his phone rings. He talks to his uncle taking all the credits that he was the one who made the ladies attend the jagrata and also adds that he took them to roam the whole city of Delhi.

Munna tells Manoj to praise him to his boss. Rishi brings some bottles of water for the ladies and handle it to Manoj by telling him that he was going to see Hitler (Indira) as they did not meet her before coming and it will be a problem for him to stay in her house. As he's leaving an old man calling him VICKY meets him. Munna comes just in time and asks the old man why he was calling him Vicky as he's real name was Rishi. He adds that he knows him by the name Rishi and not Vicky but the old man tells Munna that he (Rishi) was Vicky from Washinton, and that he was his driver. Munna does not take the old man's word and tells him that he must be drunk. Munna then tells the shocked Rishi to talk business with the ladies on his behalf. Rishi leaves saying that he's going to meet Indira.

Ishaan comes running and tells Munna about Indira leaving home but Munna tells him that's it was all part of Indira's drama. Ishaan cries and prays to God to bring back his aunty. Ishaan is still crying telling God that he will obey Indira from now onwards. He asks God to bring his aunty back. Rishi sees him crying and asks him the reason he was crying. He then tells him that Indira has left home. Rishi tells Ishaan to tell him what happened and he tells Ishaan not to worry as he'll bring back Indira. Ishaan tells him to promise him before leaving home for Indira. Rishi looks at the sky (God) and tells God that he was the ruler so how will a tenant stay without his house owner.

Indira tries to call her brother in America, the phone rings and someone picks up her phone call but his face is not shown. He does not answer back. Indira leaves her brother a message. Indira is still talking to her brother (as if the person is Inder's younger version as there's a lot of similarity) some goons approached her and begins their drama but since Indira is an IronLady, she does not to get afraid, she just handle the situation but they still continue with their drama. When Rishi comes and pulls up a drama as if Indira was his wife by calling her darling. Rishi tells the goons that they are not able to arrange for a taxi for their sister and that he will search for it and he puts his hand on Indira's shoulder. Indira just turns and slap him leaving Rishi in a shocked state.

Indira makes the goons run away and also tells Rishi not to follow her and that she is going far from the city. Manoj praises Mandira and she is onto flirting again. She sees his richness and she goes on. Munna is also back to his tactics of stealing money and passports. The two ladies are freaking out and Sunaina doesn't seem to understand what they're saying. Munna is captured in the video shoot that Mandira is doing.

Manoj is beaten up by Mandir's boyfriend. Rishi on the other hand, sets out to find Indira again apart from her warning. He tries calling her and she cuts it according to what he says. Rishi calls someone and tells him to trace one number. (He seems to know people a lot considering he just moved to the city)

Rishi follows the direction. Indira is on the run and buys a bus tickets. Rishi comes there and looks around while she is sitting in the bus. The bus starts rolling. Indira is sad while she remembers her mothers words. Rishi misses the bus and doesn't see her. The police comes there and stops the bus looking for Indira. They find her and arrest her. She lectures them on the rules and the police are feared knowing that she knows the law book inside out. She retorts on all their words and they finally shut up. When she demands that she wants to know who put a complain on her. Rishi comes and says he did.

The police get Indira to the police station. Indira is furious on learning that Rishi had lodged a complaint against her. Meanwhile, Rishi arrives at the police station. Indira confronts Rishi for lodging the complaint against her. Rishi replies that being the landlord she had not returned his three months advance rent before leaving the city. Rishi also accuses Indira of stealing his iPod. Indira refuses the accusations. Indira is shocked when the constable finds Rishi's iPod in her bag.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chadda along with the Uzbeki clients arrives at the police station to lodge a complaint since his clients have lost their money and passports. He is puzzled when she notices Indira in the police station and asks the reason. Mr. Chadda is shocked on learning that Indira had stolen Rishi's iPod and money. Mr. Chadda too accuses Indira of stealing money and the passports of their Uzbeki clients. Indira is left puzzled. Rishi tries to defend Indira. At that time, Mandira along with Manoj come to the police station to lodge a complaint against Mandira's boyfriend, who had assaulted him. Indira is left shocked to see Mandira along with Manoj.

Manoj tells the police that he was capturing Mandira's photo in his cell phone and had no evil intentions. He also shows the photographs to the police. The police is about to see the photographs when Indira snatches the cell phone from Manoj's hand and sees the photos. Incidentally, one of the photos also captures Munna robbing the money and passports. Indira is left furious. Indira requests the police to grant her some time as she wants to go out. She assures to return back soon. After the police grants permission to Indira, she goes to the bar, which Munna usually visits. Munna is surprised when he sees Indira. Indira snatches the money and passports from Munna and leaves. Indira returns to the police station and hands over money and passports to the Uzbeki clients. After Indira proves her innocence, the police set her free. When Indira leaves, Rishi follows her and tries to convince her to return home. Rishi also informs Indira that he has decided to leave her house.

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