Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Wednesday Update On King of Hearts 2

Mitul and Anupama are making something in kitchen for Mahi. They argue with each other and the sugar bottle suddenly falls down. Anupama scold her that she have made it fall and says she was making laddoo ( sweet), and Mitul would have made Kheer ( pudding) later on.
They again argue about it. Anupama says she was making it for her daughter-in-law and asks if she is making Kheer for herself. Mitul reminds her about the cake incident. Raj asks if they will take care of Mahi and baby like this and asks them to use book to know “how to cook best” which he kept in his shelve. He asks if they don't care about their reputation. They argue again. Raj asks them not to fight with cat and dog. He goes. Anupama and Mitul asks each other to bring the book. They argue again.
While Satya and Mahi are in their room. He asks what she is seeing? Mahi says to be a dad. Satya says he is seeing the woman whom he respect a lot in this world. He used to love her and respect her, but today he want to give her respect from his heart as she have his baby in her who will take their family name forward. He further tells Mahi that she will give life to a baby and he can see God in her. He says when his baby will come to this world, he will hug her/him and will make her/his wish fulfill before she/he asks for. He says may be he will love her/him more than her ( Mahi ). Mahi smiles emotionally. Satya promises her.

Satya and Mahi are finally at peace and can enjoy time together. With a baby on the way, Satya becomes fully involved in trying to prepare himself as a parent. He tells Mahi that he cannot wait for his child to come into this world. He adds on that he will do everything possible to make sure that his child does not lack anything and all her wishes will be fulfilled. Satya further tell Mahi that he will not let her even raise her finger until she delivers his baby and promises to keep her happy and protect her. He says his daughter will be born. Mahi says not a daughter, but son. Satya tells Mahi that he is wishing for a girl child while Mahi tells Satya that she wants a boy child, who will be as good as Satya himself and she will get all blue things for him, and says their baby will get name from their names Satya and Mahi. Satya kisses on her cheeks. Mitul and Anupama come there arguing. They tell that they will make Mahi eat different things. Anupama wish to prepare chicken while Mahi's aunt wish to prepare fish for her niece. Mahi says she wants to eat something else Anson telling them what she want, Anupama excuse herself saying that Mahi's aunt will do it. Anupama and Mitul argue again. Satya asks them to bring peace for her. Anupama asks if he is fooling them. Mitul says she know where he can get peace. Satya tells Mahi that now his pregnant wife is getting cravings too. Mahi smiles.

Later Raj shows Roshni’s picture to Mahi and tells her that his wife Simran used to pampered her a lot hearing her pregnancy news. Mahi says her baby is lucky to be born in this family and she is really very happy. Raj says everything will be fine and nobody can harm them.

Satya who is fully involved in trying to prepare himself as a father asks Te servant to bring pest control guys, then baby’s frame etc. Mitul comes there and asks who will become God Mother of his child. Anupama says she will become his child God Mother. Satya says he will take their test. He asks them to make doll wear diaper and whoever makes it wear fast, will become his baby’s god mum. Mitul makes doll wear pampers. Anupama says how to use this. Satya says he have seen. Payal comes there. Satya asks his mom-in-law ( Payal ) to make doll wear pamper. Payal shows them and makes doll wear pamper. Satya announce that the contest is over and his baby’s god mum will be his mom( Payal). Payal laughs. Anupama says she told him that Payal is the right choice. Payal says everyone have become childish with this news. Satya is happy. Payal says everyone is waiting for this moment.

Mahi checks her tummy and keeps pillow over it. Anupama comes there and asks her to have sweet to get strength for baby. Mahi eats it. Anupama asks him to keep eye on Satya and tells her that men distracts seeing wife getting fat. Satya is seeing magazine and smile. Mahi doubts him seeing him smiling. He shows her that he was reading article about handling kid. He asks if her mood swings started. Mahi apologize to him. Satya asks her not to judge book with it's cover. Raj looks at Siddharth and Roshni’s picture and says they are becoming grandfather and grandmother. He know they will bless their grandson. Satya comes there and tells his grandfather that he is happy as his parents are becoming grand parents, and asks if he is not feeling his happiness. He says his baby will get his destiny written with golden pen unlike him. He adds that his baby will get love of all his family members and he will never fail and will succeed. Raj says whenever he look at him, he remember Siddharth. Satya asks him not to cry. Raj asks him to come with him.

A chemist comes to deliver medicines to the Khurana's house. Kareena who still intent on revenge looks from far and recalls exchanging the medicines when she purposely bump into the chemist. Payal takes the medicines and goes to Mahi. She give the tablet to Mahi. Mahi takes it and says she will not have milk. Payal says it is for her baby and she will love baby very much.

Payal meets Mahi and offers her some milk to drink with her medicine. Mahi tells her mom that she does not like milk. Payal tells Mahi that she will have to drink milk for the child she is carrying and says she will love this baby very much. Mahi takes tablet with milk and says she is getting insecurity with this baby, as everyone is loving this baby, but she loves her more. She tells her mom that she wants a lot of love from her. Payal gets teary eyes and says she couldn’t give her love, but she know what had happened to her as she was blinded by property. Mahi hugs her and says she is her mom and she is her daughte. She tells her not to think anything. Payal asks her to finish all the milk. At the same time, Satya come there and calls Mahi that he has arranged a funny event for her. Mahi asks what happened to him. Satya brings toys and keeps it in hall. Mahi and Payal are getting down the stairs. Everyone look at Mahi. Payal and others smile. When Satya makes Mahi sits down on sofa, Satya and the rest of the family join together and dance before Mahi. Everyone dance on the song Mahi Ve and Satya sings the song. Mahi claps and enjoys their dance. Satya and Mahi dance together. Mahi feels dizzy because of the medicine effect which Kareena changed and falls down unconscious. Everyone get worried and take her to hospital.

In the hospital, Satya asks his aunt's mother-in-law to call doctor. Satya takes her to the ward and calls doctor. He rubs her hand. Raj prays to God and asks him to make Mahi fine, Tu Palanhare song plays in the background. Satya is with Mahi in the hospital while the doctor checks Mahi. Everyone pray for Mahi and her baby. Raj asks Satya not to lose hope and assures him nothing will happen to his wife and she will be alright. Anupama asks God to make her fine. Payal is equally worried for Mahi. The doctor comes out and asks Payal where Satya is that she need to talk to him urgently. Payal asks what happened to Mahi and request to tell her. Anupama goes to call Satya. Payal asks what has happened to her. The doctor takes Payal to the ward. Payal cries as she is fearing the worst and asks the doctor what happened to her. The doctor makes sad face. Mahi sits and asks what is the matter. She asks if her husband is fine? The doctor says once her husband come, they will talk. Mahi says she is the baby’s mum, and request the doctor to tell her. The doctor tells that she has an internal bleeding and that she is carrying twins. She says if she carry these babies, then Mahi may not survive. She advice her to abort the babies, and may be she can’t get pregnant again. Mahi and Payal are shocked.

Anupama comes to Satya and inform him that the doctor asked him to come. Payal asks what happened to Mahi? Adding that Mahi was fine and says nothing will happen to her. Mahi says she can’t abort the child, as Satya’s dreams are related with the baby. She can’t be selfish and she is ready to take the risk. She gives promise to her mom and asks her not to tell anything to Satya or anyone. Payal cries. Mahi requests the doctor not to tell anyone. Satya comes there and asks Mahi if she is fine. He asks her what she is hiding from him. Mahi try to say something and a curious Satya asks what? Mahi says there is a surprise for him. She says they are having twins. Satya smiles and hugs her. Anupama comes there and asks if everything is fine. Satya tells her that Mahi is pregnant with twins. Anupama congrats them. Mahi is teary eyes hugging him.

Satya orders blue and purple cribs for his babies. Mahi says he did good. She asks him to read baby care books. Satya says they will learn by themselves once the babies are born. He want to love her very much, as once the babies come, he will go on a third position. Mahi says even she want to love him very much but she don’t know what will happen in future. She further says she can’t handle the happiness. Satya asks her to enjoy this time until the babies are born. Mahi recalls what the doctor said and gets sad. Satya brings good and asks her to eat. He says breakfast will reach her every morning but to just take care of his babies. Payal thinks if she can tell everything to Satya.

Satya serves her some food. Mahi seems lows and does not talk a lot with Satya. Later, Payal meets Mahi and asks her if they should reveal the truth to Satya. She asks Mahi to change her decision and asks how much longer can she hide the truth from Satya. Mahi tells her that they should not tell anything to Satya otherwise he will get sad and she don’t want to talk about it. Payal looks on sad. Later, Raj tells Satya that the baby is auspicious and that he can now walk, talk and dance. Satya tells him that they are twin babies, and says his father instinct is hinting him that he will have son and daughter and asks grandfather to select names. As Satya and Raj are discussing as to what they should name Satya's child. At the same time, Mahi shows up and tells Satya that he should stop this and first read pregnancy care books with her. Satya says he is busy searching for names. Mahi shouts at him and asks him to be serious about her pregnancy. Satya thinks what happened to her. Raj says mood swings happen during pregnancy and asks him to handle her with love. Mahi runs to her room and closes the door. Satya knocks on the door asking her to open the door. Payal also comes there. Satya asks what is going on in her mind. Payal says it is normal mood swings. Satya says he can’t understand. Payal asks him not to take tension. Satya tell Mahi's mom why is he feeling that she know something which he don’t know. He request her to tell him if she know something. Payal refuses and goes. Satya gets doubtful.

Later Satya comes to his room and sees Mahi sleeping. He opens the cupboard and gets a file. He opens the file and sees Mahi’s report. He reads about the risk to Mahi’s life and gets teary eyes. He recalls Mahi’s changing behavior and understands the cause. Satya looks at Mahi and thinks he can’t be happy if she is gone, and thinks even he has the right to take decision about them. He says his happiness lies with hrr and their togetherness is for life, he won’t let her go.

In the morning, Mahi wakes up and looks for Satya. Raj tells Mitul and Anupama that he is looking young now and even danced yesterday. He asks them to do yoga as well. Mitul and Anupama argue. Mahi asks them about Satya, and asks if he has gone out. Anupama says he must be here and asks her not to take tension. She calls Satya, but he is not picking her call. Mahi gets worried. Payal comes to Mahi. Mahi tells her mom that she thinks Satya came to know about the truth and tells that he is very tensed.

Satya comes to the hospital. The doctor tells Satya about the risk to Mahi’s life if she delivers the baby. Satya says they can have another baby, but he can’t risk her life. The doctor says it is not that easy and says Mahi can’t become a mum again. Satya gets shattered hearing this and says he can’t risk Mahi’s life. Anupama and Mitul think about the babies names. Raj suggests a name. Anupama doesn’t like it. Raj says Simran used to say that his name have global warming. Anupama says she was mistaken. Raj conclude that Satya and Mahi will decide the name also.

Mahi comes there. Raj says wethey were deciding baby names, and tell her not to worry that she will only decide and they will just give option. Mahi gets sad and goes. Payal says she will check her and goes. Satya comes home and calls servant asking him to keep the kids painting and toys in the storeroom. Mahi asks what is wrong with him and reminding him that the kids will be born soon. Satya asks what is the prize for the babies’s sound. Mahi gets sad. He says she have courage to risk her life and don’t have strength to tell the family members about the risk. He tells her that he can’t live his life if she is gone. Mitul asks what he is saying? Satya says until he is. alive, he won’t let this happen. Raj asks what she is hiding from them. Mahi cries. Satya says the truth is that, Mahi’s pregnancy have complications and says if this baby is delivered then Mahi can die. Everyone is shocked.

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