Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Wednesday Update On Begusarai

Bindya tells Priyom that Mitlaish was behind her and she was running away from him but today he came there and beat her when he had refuse him. She tells Priyom that it enough and that she has only two ways, either submit herself to Mitlaish or to tell the truth to Phulan.
She tells Priyom that if she agrees to Mitlaish condition then she will be label as a dirt again and if she tell Phulan then it will surely bring problem in the mansion. Bindya smirks and pleads with Priyom to save her from Mitlaish web of obsession.

Dolt asks Lakhan that what if Poonam gets to know that they are making her friend Najma’s brother Rizwan puff drugs? Lakhan asks who will tell her? Dolt tells him that he is right but then he also asks Lakhan why he was making Rizwan habituated to drugs. Lakhan replies him that human and money have one habit, he adds that they deceive you but both also shows loyalty towards drugs.
Lakhan smirks and also swear on his love (Poonam) that he will inject poison in Begusrai with those drugs and will take revenge from Phulan by destroying Begusrai with these drug addicts and they will later call him king.

Mitlaish says that Bindya stooped low again as she is calling him to her room, he finds Priyom’s voice from Bindya’s room, Priyom is drunk and tells Bindya that she was so much beautiful and that she think he did a mistake by letting her go to Mitliash, he adds that he should have put a stamp on Bindya of his name. Mitlaish comes and ask Priyom was he was doing there Mitlaish tells Priyom to go away as Bindya has been placed in his care. Priyom refuses and tells Mitlaish that Bindya is a dancer and has no care taker as he is sometimes his and also sometimes for (Mitlaish) . Mitlaish furiously asks Priyom to leave Bindya's room. Priyom tells Mitlaish that he will then call Phulan as he had ordered him (Mitlaish) to stay away from Bindya but he (Priyom) didn't get any order like that. Mitlaish asks him if he was blackmailing him. Priyom tells him that he was just saying the truth as he was still a bachelor but he Mitlaish was not, he threaten Mitlaish that he will Phulan. Mitlaish tells him that he was not in his senses adding that he will talk to him when his hangover goes.

Mitlaish leaves, it turns out that Priyom was acting as a drunk and Bindya thanks him. Bindya tells Priyom that he has saved his honor as he had fought with his elder brother for her adding that she will never forget that. Priyom tells her that she has saved Pinto’s life and he got to know that Bindya was trying to leave a respectable life, he tells Bindya not to tell his father (Phulan) about what Mitlaish has done to her, adding that Phulan might get annoyed and punish both Mitlaish and Maya severely. Bindya tells him she won't. She also asks Priyom what if Mitlaish comes to her again. Priyom tells her to call him when she is in trouble. Priyom leaves. Bindya smirks and says that one day he (Priyom) will stay with her as goodness is his strength and she will take advantage of that.

Poonam has food served on her table and she doesn't feel like eating as she remembers what she did to Priyom earlier when he asks her for food and she slap him. Poonam says that Priyom have made her mad arguing with herself whether to eat or not. Her mother (Birla) saw her talking to the food and asks her what was wrong with her after she had returned from Patna, she asks Poonam if something magical happened to her over there, Poonam tells her mother to serve her one more roti as she is hungry now. Poonam then reserves a call from Najma and she tells Poonam something on the phone. Poonam is stunned.

At the mansion, Priyom is hungry and he is drinking water. Choti Amma and Maya are sad for him, Maya says that this is not good but Choti Amma tells her not to even think of going against Badi Amma. They both leave. Poonam comes to the terrace with a plate of food. As she is looking for Priyom to give her the food she has. But was not able to find him. Suddenly, he meet Priyom and Priyom started teasing her. He asks Poonam if she had brought food for him. Priyom looks at her and also tells her that she has gotten a lot of courage since they return from Patna and asks her if she will really go against Badi Amma strict rules only for him. Just then Badi Amma appears and look sternly at Poonam. She angrily asks her as to how dare she defile her order, Priyom tries to explain but Badi Amma shut him down, she adds that Poonam has never defile her order before but why does she need to do it now. Poonam explains to Badi Amma that Priyom has actually gone out to work as Najma has called to inform her about it. She adds that Priyom handed over the 100 rupees to the man and lied to them that he didn't do any work. Badi Amma looks at him and tells Poonam to serve Priyom food. She adds that she will punish him for not telling her the truth, she ask Poonam to feed him so he can work tomorrow too. Badi Amma tells Priyom that what he did today, it seems like he (Priyom) is a shadow of Phulan Thakur, Poonam smiles at Priyom, Badi Amma leaves and Poonam looks at Priyom and smiles broadly.

Mitlaish enter his room angrily, he tells himself that earlier Priyom dares to look into his face and tells him what he wants as he used to be afraid of him as his elder brother, but now has enough courage to answer back to him. He then sees his children, Pinto and Soni drawing and asks them to show him the painting they have made. He sees a painting of a man sitting on a throne and he asks his children who the man was. Soni and Pinto tells Mitlaish that was Priyom as he was going to be the ruler of Begusarai soon. Mitlaish asks them how they got to know. Pinto and Soni tells their father that earlier Phulan Thakur and Badi Amma were talking about how to train Priyom to rule Begusarai. Mitlaish gets angry and tells himself that he will never let it happen. As he is the rightful heir to Begusarai and he has worked enormously to contribute to the growth of Begusarai with dedication.
Poonam asks Priyom to eat from her hands as his hand has bruises on them, she tries to feed Priyom but he continues to tease Poonam and tells her that she has changed since they returned from Patna. Priyom asks her if she was still thinking about that boy. Meanwhile, Bindya and Ghungroo sees this from far, Bindya says that Poonam doesn't leave Priyom and thats why her magic spell is not working on him, she adds that once she is removed from her way then her love will enter Priyom’s heart. Whiles Priyom continues to tease Poonam. She leaves him on his own to feed himself. She hurriedly enters her room and she is tensed.

Ghungroo asks Bindya why she asked him to close his eyes, Bindya tells him it is a surprise, Bindya cuts his hand and asks Ghungroo to write it with his blood, Bindya tells him that they will have to do all this to get something. Ghungroo asks her to say what he has to write with his own blood, Bindya asks him to write Dear Poonam, he has lost his senses from the time he has seen seen and that he loves her so much with love Rakesh. Ghungroo asks Bindya what to do with the love letter. Bindya tells him that this is the bomb as she will blast Poonam’s love with this letter.

Meanwhile Poonam is leaving for college but seems she has not forgotten all about Priyom yet as she keeps thinking about him and Guddi continues to trouble her.
Manjeeta is shaving when Bindya comes and throws the paper from the window. She leave. Manjeeta takes the paper. Guddi tells Poonam that she doesn't tell her anything nowadays. Manjeeta calls for Poonam.

Dolt and Manjeeta are waiting and Poonam comes there, Manjeeta asks her whats this is? Dolt shows her the love letter written with blood, Poonam is shocked to read it, she get in tears and says that she doesn't know any Rakesh. She swears and tells his father that she was telling the truth. She also swears on her mother, Guddi says Poonam never lies, Manjeeta tells Guddi not to interfere. Dolt tells Poonam that now guys will tease her. He adds that till she is married to Lakhan, nobody could even see her and now these love letters will come.

Manjeeta says nobody will marry Poonam now as its all his fault, he says that after her marriage was broken with Lakhan, he should have thought about her but its not late as he know one man who has a good job. Manjeeta tells them that he will call them to see Poonam, Poonam is stunned. Manjeeta asks Dolt to tell his mother that the boy will be coming to see Poonam, he ask Poonam to be ready today itself. Poonam cries.

Priyom is counting lots of money, but the money is too much. Badi Amma has ordered him to count the money, but Priyom tells the servants to hide some of the money as they were too much. Guddi comes there in anger and Priyom asks her what happened? Guddi tells him to tell her one thing if he get me married too, Priyom asks what she means? Guddi tells Priyom that today Poonam’s marriage is going to fix and Priyom is stunned.

Guddi tells everything to Priyom about the letter and how Majeeta decided to call people for Poonam’s marriage, Priyom comes down to find Manjeeta with Badi Amma, Manjeeta tells Badi Amma that Poonam will be alleged for her broken marriage. Priyom sees Poonam in tears and he also couldn't help back by feeling sad for her. Meanwhile, Bindya sees all this from far and tells Ghungroo that now Poonam is gone and that Priyom will come to her. She leaves too.

Lakhan is busy in body building and Rekha is happy to see lot of money in the house, Dolt comes there and informs him about a family coming to see Poonam for marriage, Lakhan gets angry and shouts, Rekha shivers and says that she doesn't know who will die now.
Birla makes Poonam ready, She tells Poonam that she is looking very nice and she leaves, Poonam recalls how Najma said that she loves Priyom and how she hugged Priyom and also how she got worried for Priyom and how they rode on a bicycle.

Manjeeta tells Birla that he has sent Dolt to bring the boy's family. Not knowing, Dolt is with Lakhan, he calls the boy's family and tells them that he is waiting for them on the border of Begusarai, he asks them to come here.

Priyom comes to Poonam’s room, he sees her and he starts flirting with her. Priyom tells Poonam that they should bring up a plan so that the family who is bringing the proposal for her will go away as she doesn't want to marry? Poonam asks him how he knows that she doesn't want to marry? Priyom tells her that she can see everything in her heart, he holds her hand in his hand and says they will go like this infront of the family and will say that they have started loving each other but they will not accept it easily so they will have to make a full proof story. Priyom tells Poonam that they will say that they started loving each other in Patna and Poonam stares at him. Priyom tells her that they will say that first they thought it is friendship but then he realized its love, he asks her how was his cooked love story? Poonam curtly looks at him.

The boys family is coming near the border and Dolt stops them, Lakhan is there too, Dolt meets them and Lakhan comes to the family and asks them if they have a mobile phone with them. The boys father says yes. Manjeeta gets a call from the boys family and he informs Birla that the boys family is not coming today as they have some urgent work.

Poonam asks Priyom why he wanted to help her and also was adamant on stop her marriage, Priyom teases her and says that he will miss her a lot if she gets married, adding that he will miss teasing and fighting with her always. Birla enters and he is surprised to see Priyom there, she tells Poonam that the boys family will not be coming today as they have a urgent work to attend to. Priyom smiles and he is relived. He stares at Poonam and tells her that their crooked love story didn't push through as they have planed. He leaves. Poonam is in deep thoughts and asks herself if Priyom also feels what she actually feels for him too.

Lakhan’s men pointed a gun at the boys family, the boys father tells Lakhan to forgive them, adding that they will not think about getting their son married to Poonam anymore. Lakhan tells them that he has to set example so that others can also not look at Poonam ever again. The boys family ask him to forgive them but they are killed by Lakhan’s men.

The servant comes to Manjeeta’s house. One servant comes to Priyom and ask him to come fast, he takes Priyom and shows him the dead bodies. The servant tells him that they were the same family who were coming for Poonam’s hand in marriage. Poonam and Birla comes to the balcony and sees the dead bodies too. Priyom curtly says that it must be Lakhan behind their death.

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