Wednesday, 8 August 2018

Wednesday Update on Iron Lady

Indira regains consciousness but she gets worried when she sees herself tied to a chair. She cries for help but gets scared when she sees the silhouette of a man. When the kidnapper comes close to Indira, she questions him about his identity as he has covered his face with a hood.
Meanwhile, Sameer receives Mandira's call. He is shocked on learning that Indira has not returned home since the previous night. Mandira also informs Sameer that her family has gone to the police station to lodge Indira's missing complaint. When the kidnapper takes off the hood, it is revealed that the person is none other than Rishi. Indira is left surprised to see him. A furious Indira criticizes Rishi for his cheap behavior of kidnapping her.

An unknown person calls up Sharma Niwas. When Kutumb receives the call, the person informs her that he has kidnapped Indira. The person demands Sharma Niwas' property documents as ransom. The person also threatens to kill Indira, if Kutumb failed to follow his instructions. It is later revealed that the caller is Munna who decides to take advantage of the opportunity. Inder disguises himself as a sadhu baba and comes to Jhumpa's house. Initially, Jhumpa fails to recognize him but eventually when he blesses her, she recognizes his voice. She invites Inder to her house. Before Inder could step inside the house, he receives Kutumb's call. Kutumb informs him about Indira's abduction but Inder seems least interested in it. When Kutumb informs him that she has decided to handover the property documents to the kidnapper, Inder gets worried and stops Kutumb from doing so. He asks her to wait until he reaches home.

Meanwhile, Rishi makes arrangements for his marriage with Indira. He unties Indira and asks her to marry him. Indira tries to runaway but fails. When Indira refuses to marry Rishi, he tries to force her.

Inder rushes home when he learns about it and tries to convince Kutumb to change her decision. Kutumb informs Inder that the kidnapper has threatened to kill Indira, if she failed to follow his instructions. Sameer gets surprised when Rishi calls him up and informs him that Indira was with him. Sameer gets shocked on learning that Rishi and Indira were at the same place where he had decorated a mandap with the hope of getting married to Indira. Sameer had also planned to kidnap Indira and then force her into marriage. Sameer pleads to Rishi to change his decision. Rishi, however, refuses and plays the cassette of the wedding chants and makes Sameer listen to them. Rishi forces Indira to perform the wedding rituals.

Sameer fumes with anger and breaks his cell phone. Mandira, who is along with Sameer, too gets shocked after learning about it. In the midst of the rituals, Rishi stops and informs Indira that he had no intention to force her into marriage. He adds that he wanted to save her as Sameer had planned to kidnap her and get married to her in the same mandap. When Indira refuses to believe Rishi, he shows her a video recording wherein he had recorded Sameer's plan to kidnap and confine Indira in his farmhouse and then get married to her. Indira is left shocked after watching the clip. Rishi unties Indira and confesses that he had knocked down Viren in U.S. He adds that Viren had recovered after he hospitalized him. Rishi accuses Sameer of intentionally making Viren paralytic again. He pleads with Indira to trust him and asks her to return home.

Rishi pleads Indira to trust him. Before he leaves, Rishi hands over his sketch book to Indira and tells her that Viren used to enjoy looking at the sketches he made. Rishi believes that his sketches would help Viren recover soon and so he requests Indira to show the drawings to Viren. When Rishi leaves, he decides to go away from Indira's life for some few days so that he can be able to find evidence to prove his innocence. He vows not to show his face to Indira until she starts trusting him again. He also decides to vacate his room before Indira returns home. When Rishi enters into his room, he finds it messed up. Rishi is left puzzled wondering what must have happened in his room.

Meanwhile, a devastated Mandira leaves home and walks lost in the middle of the road. A speeding car is about to knock down Mandira when Indira saves her. Indira panics and confronts Mandira. Indira gets worried when she finds Mandira wounded. Indira tries to pacify Mandira and requests her to reveal the truth. Indira finds Mandira scared and takes her to the doctor. After examining Mandira, the doctor informs Indira that Mandira was raped and had sustained injuries. Indira tries to console Mandira and asks her to name the person, who harmed her. Indira also assures to support Mandira even if the society abandons her. Indira is taken aback when Mandira accuses Sameer of physically assaulting her.

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