Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Wednesday Update On My Golden Home

Abha goes inside Swarn Bhavan and Chandra sees her but she is shocked. Abha meets Veer who is also shocked to see her and asks her anxiously why she didn't come to work for so many days. Veer tells her that Karan was missing her a lot and that Karan has turn into a wizard as he was searching for her everywhere in the whole city of Ujjain.
Abha listens to Veer. He also tells Abha that Karan sleeps at night and is awake during the day. Abha stares at him and Veer also tells her that Karan sleeps during the day and stays awake all night, he also tells Abha that Karan eats lunch at dinner time and vice versa. Adding that Karan will not escape the doctor's injection. Abha asks Veer what was wrong with Karan. Veer tells her to go and see it herself.

Chandra is about to enter the main gate of Swarn Bhavan but she stops. She asks the security guard about the girl who just went inside. The guard tells Chandra that her name is Tasveer. Chandra tells the guard that her name is not Tasveer. The guard tells her that he knows Tasveer better than her as Tasveer works in Swarn Bhavan. Chandra is shocked.

Veer and Abha goes upstairs to meet Karan. The phone rings and Veer goes downstairs to pick it up. He tells Abha to go and meet Karan. Abha hesitates at first but she opens the door and enters Karan's room. Abha is shocked to see Karan injured intensively. Abha sees him holding her handkerchief which she had tied on his hand. She smiles and then looks at the dustbin. Abha noticed that Karan has threw the chocolate wrappers in the dustbin and she remembers how she had told him to be a good citizen. She goes near him and holds his hand and she is smiling. Abha then covers him with a blanket and then leaves. Shelly sees her coming out of the room and tells Abha that she was trying to get close to Karan as he is rich and handsome. Abha is shocked, she then runs down the stairs crying helplessly.

Veer asks Abha why she is leaving. Abha tells him that she won't be coming to work for the next few days. Veer informs her that she should tell Jagmohan about it. Veer also asks Abha if she was able to meet Karan, Abha replies that he is sleeping. Veer tells her that if Karan comes to know that she came and left without talking to him he would be very upset.

Sheetal is in the kitchen and she is preparing snacks for the guests. A boy and his family are coming to see Abha for her hand in marriage. Raghav is also present.

The guests arrive and they meet Uday and Raghav. Uday tells them that his wife Chandra and Abha have gone to the market adding that they will both return soon. Abha returns to her mother who is very angry with her. Abha pays the rickshaw and tells her mother that she got late as her office is too far away. Chandra suddenly slaps her.

Abha and her mother are present in a deserted area. Abha asks her mother why she slap her in the middle of a road in front of so many people. Chandra tells Abha that she didn't expect this from her. Abha still doesn't understand so she keeps asking what her fault is. Chandra tells her that she has lied to her. Abha tries to explain herself but Chandra refuses to listen and continues to tell her that she has lied and she is still lying. Chandra then tells her that she lied about her job revealing that she works in Swarn Bhavan. Abha is shocked and speechless.

Chandra tells Abha that she cannot believe her eyes that Abha lied to her. She tells Abha that she had so much faith in her and loved her so much as she trusted her but Abha broke her trust. Abha is crying. Chandra goes on asking her as to why did she lie to her? She tells Abha that she supported her so much. She questions her as to why did she take a job at Swarn Bhavan? She asks her why she choose to work in the same place where she was brought up and treated as a queen?

Abha tries to apologize and also tries to explain herself but Chandra just doesn't listen and begins to leave. Abha kneels down and she start crying. Chandra turns back and imagines a little Abha pleading to her. She melts upon seeing Abha crying. Chandra goes to Abha and Abha holds her hands, she then tells her that she cannot lie as she can never lie. Abha tells her mother that she wanted to tell her the truth a long time back but the situations were such that she couldn't. Chandra then remembers a time when Abha was about to tell her about her job but she didn't because Sheetal had interrupted them. Abha goes on to say that she didn't choose to intentionally work in Swarn Bhavan as she came to know about it after she had spoken about her interview. She tells her mother that she goes to Swarn Bhavan not only for her job but she is trying her best to change the people staying there. Chandra then remembers how violently Uday had reacted when he saw alcoholic drinks being served at the inauguration.

Chandra listens to Abha as she continues to say that they just live at Raghav's house and that their soul and concentration is still at Swarn Bhavan. Abha tells her mother that they all talk about Swarn Bhavan everyday. Abha tells her mother that the pillars of Swarn Bhavan still reminds her of her childhood memories and principles. She further added that she still remembers how she played around the house and how she used to go up and down the stairs. Abha tells her mother that Swarn Bhavan will always be theirs. She tells her mother that money is important and that they cannot be a burden on Raghav for so long. Chandra understands her and then says that her daughter has really grown up. Chandra assures Abha that she will always support her. They both hug.

At Raghav's house, Uday is waiting for Chandra and Abha to return. Raghav gets hold of the legal papers of his land and Sheetal asks him why he took them out? Raghav tells Sheetal that if Abha's wedding is fixed then he will sell the land and arrange a grand wedding for Abha. Sheetal is very angry and tells him that he should kill her before selling off the land as the land is their only hope. She snatches the papers and then says that she is happy that God didn't give her any children otherwise Raghav would have sold them off also to please Uday as well.

The door knocks and Brij goes to open it. The inspector has arrived (Karan's friend who had promised him that he will find his Tasveer). The inspector tells Uday that he is looking for a girl named Tasveer and shows him the sketch of Abha. Uday is shocked and speechless upon seeing the drawing sketch.

Uday sees Abha's sketch and immediately replies to the inspector (Manoj,Karan's friend) that she is not his daughter, Abha but another girl named Tasveer. He adds that Tasveer looks like Abha but it's not Abha whom they are looking for. The boy's family who had come to see Abha are shocked. Meanwhile Abha and Chandra also comes home and Abha does not understand what the matter is. Manoj looks convinced and when he turns to leave he sees Abha. He thinks for a moment as to how can two people have the same faces. But then he leaves.

The groom's family tells Uday that they are also leaving. The boy's parents tells Uday that they cannot let their son marry a girl who is wanted by the police. Abha is shocked. Uday replies saying that his Abha is innocent and that she is not Tasveer. Later, Uday asks them to leave as he doesn't support the marriage anymore.

Meanwhile, Sheetal understands that Abha is Tasveer as she remembers that many phone calls had come for her.

Uday tells Abha that she insulted him yet again as he was embarrassed once more.
At Swarn Bhavan, Vimal talks loudly on the phone to someone so that grandma can hear his conversation. He tells the person on the phone that he will not go out of the station. Grandma asks him where and why? Vimal tells her that he had to go to Bhopal for a business meeting but since he is going to Hardwar he wont be able to make it. Grandma asks Vimal as to why does he want to go to Hardwar. Vimal smirks and tells Grandma that he wants to pray for the welfare of the family. Grandmother tells him to go for his work and that she would go to Hardwar instead. Vimal smirks upon seeing his plans in motion, Meanwhile, Shelly his wife stands there watching him. After Grandmother leaves, Shelly asks Vimal what his plan is. Vimal tells Shelly that he wants to break the unity in the family.

Abha offers a glass of water to Chandra and Sheetal intentionally calls her Tasveer. She then asks her to give Chandra some ginger tea. Abha is shocked so is Chandra. Sheetal then says that she just took the name Tasveer as it is very popular these days. She then asks as to who said Abha is Tasveer? Chandra gets angry. Sheetal then tells Chandra that the whole people of Ujjain knows that Abha is Tasveer. Chandra replies her angrily that Abha is working by the name Tasveer so that Uday doesn't face any humiliation adding that Raghav's burden will also be reduced. With this, Sheetal gets annoyed and says that as Raghav didn't get salary for the last 2 months, Abha is paying for the household expenditure. Sheetal takes out her record book and notes everything again.

At Swarn Bhavan, Karan wakes up. He is stretching himself and he is shocked to see Jagmohan. Jagmohan asks him as to what happened to him? He asks Karan as to why did he get so much injuries? Karan tells him that he was saving a girl in the market and he fought with the goons and in return he got hurt. Jagmohan is expressionless and tells him to join the office from tomorrow. Karan is shocked. Jagmohan tells him that his hands and feet are working and he leaves.

After Jagmohan leaves, Karan tells himself that Jagmohan was behaving like a police man. Upon this, he remembers Manoj and calls him but there was no answer. Veer comes there and tells Karan that Tasveer had come to meet him. Karan is shocked and asks Veer to repeat 3 times what he said. Karan is very happy on hearing this and he says that Tasveer must have been so close to him as she must have sat here and there and he had such a bad luck that he was sleeping. Veer stares at Karan with strange expressions as he cannot understand what is wrong with Karan. Karan asks Veer as to when would Tasveer come again. Veer tells him that even Tasveer doesn't know about that.

Abha calls Lata and they have a chat. Abha asks her why she didn't call for so many days? Abha then tells Lata that their mother came to know that she works in Swarn Bhavan. She also tells Lata that their mother is not angry with her after she got to know the whole truth. Abha then tells Lata that she went to Swarn Bhavan to inform them that she wont be able to come to work for some few days and she had also gone to meet Karan. Lata asks her who is Karan. Abha tells her that Karan is her boss's son and he is very good. She tells Lata that Karan never allowed her to feel bored. Lata asks her if she likes Karan. Abha says yes because Karan is good and has always supported her. Meanwhile Lata's husband (Samarjeet) angrily disconnects the phone call and tells Lata that STD rates are high. Abha calls again but the phone was disconnected once more. Meanwhile, Sheetal warns Brij that she will teach a lesson to the Singh family

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