Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Wednesday Update On My Golden Home 2 Oct 10, 2018

Chandra reveals to Thakur that Nirmala is Pratibha and that her life is in danger. Karan tells Abha to stop speaking ill about Yashodhara. Abha informs Chandra that she will reveal the truth to Jagmohan. Chandra finds Pratibha missing from the house. Sheetal informs her that Abha called Sanskar and asked him to bring Pratibha.
Chandra realizes that something is wrong. Yashodhara stops Abha from going out, but Abha refuses. Even Karan stops Abha. Chandra informs Thakur that Sanskar tricked Pratibha into going with him. Abha tells Karan that she has promised to light a lamp in the temple everyday after Grandma's death. Karan accompanies Abha. Sanskar is into Ranjeet's devious plan and informs him that he has left Pratibha at the designated place. Ranjeet knows Sanskar's secret and keeps him on leash with it. He tells Sanskar that he will soon reveal why he wants to take revenge from Pratibha. Sanskar is involve in an accident and is rush to the hospital.

Abha gets worried for Pratibha. Veer notices a woman who has covered her face exiting from the back door. When Sanskar gains consciousness, Abha and Karan ask him what exactly happened. Yashodhara hurriedly bribes the nurse. Before Sanskar can speak up, the nurse asks Abha and Karan to wait outside. Veer later realizes that the woman he saw could be Yashodhara. He informs Abha and Karan about this. Abha decides to check with Sanskar. Meanwhile, disguised as a doctor, Yashodhara injects Sanskar with a harmful medicine. Sanskar, who is not fully conscious, reveals to Yashodhara about Pratibha's whereabouts. Abha collides with Yashodhara. Abha follows her and finds that the woman is actually Yashodhara. Abha drags her but she manages to flee. Sanskar who knows that Pratibha is in the hands of a merciless man reveals to Abha about Pratibha's whereabout.

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