Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Wednesday Update On Twist Of Fate 2 Oct 10, 2018

Abhi is getting frustrated because he is eagerly waiting for Nikita and lashes out at the nurse who leaves the ICU crying and tells Aaliya that no one has ever behaved like this with her. Aaliya tells Tanu that he is taking out Pragya's frustration out at her and she sees Daadi, Daasi and everyone else happy and cheering in the hospital. She goes and tells them that Abhi is not taking medicines and not allowing any nurse to change the bandage. She then asks them why they are so happy to which they say Pragya is back and she will take care of everything.
By the time, Aaliya and Tanu reach the ICU, they see that Pragya is already there helping Abhi out and they are irritated as they have been defeated again. Abhi is happy now as Nikita is around and taking care of him. Pragya apologises for not being there and he still acts angry. Pragya tells him that he reminded her of the days when she was a teacher. When he says that he never knew about this, she tells him that he knew but just forgot.

Aaliya and Tanu feel threatened about Pragya trying to remind him about everything and fear that he might regain his memory, foiling their plans. Pragya and Abhi look into each other's eyes as she helps him lie down. Abhi gets discharged and everyone keeps pushing Tanu away as she tries to get closer to Abhi. After he is discharged, Pragya begins to nurse him back to health. She is looking after him all alone and not allowing anyone, especially Tanu, to come close to him. She is feeding him soup and his growing affection for her annoys Tanu. Tanu fumes further when she sees him flirt with her. Pragya puts Abhi to sleep and sleeps on the couch in the room. Pragya helps Abhi with all his chores, including giving him a bath and Tanu gets upset and is jealous as she is unable to get any attention from him, neither is she able to go near to Abhi. Purabh and Daadi enjoy Tanu and Aaliya’s helplessness. Tanu drags Pragya aside and taunts her but Pragya gives it back to her. In a few days, Abhi is able to move his arm with Pragya's help as Tanu just stands in a corner trying to help but in vain.

Two weeks later, the doctor says that Abhi has recovered and just as Pragya takes some soup for him, Tanu snatches it from her saying that she will feed Abhi the soup. When she finds out that the soup is too bitter, she gives it back to Pragya who taunts her and leaves. Purabh bumps into Aaliya who hurts her head a little. They taunt each other for a while when Purabh taunts Aaliya that she is losing the war. Aaliya realises that it is difficult to pit Tanu against Pragya as Tanu cannot look after Abhi like Pragya. She is also worried about the wedding, which got cancelled due to Abhi’s accident. So, she decides on a different strategy to bring bring Abhi and Tanu close. As the prospect of Abhi and Pragya getting closer increases, Aaliya comes up with a devious scheme to ensure Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. She and Tanu are cooking a plan as Aaliya scolds Tanu for not being there for Abhi. Aaliya insults Tanu and tells her that she is not meant for him. She later asks Tanu to sleep with Abhi. She asks Tanu to use her beauty to seduce him. She asks Tanu to go to Abhi’s room in the night, when Pragya is not around. Tanu is delighted as she is confident that she will win Abhi this way. Aaliya tells that if Tanu manage to be successful this time, they can force Abhi to marry Tanu. Aaliya is confident that Abhi is a good guy and he will feel guilty and will agree to marry Tanu.

Tanu taunts Pragya about chucking her out of the house soon and further warns her that she will soon lose Abhi as she is about to play her new trick. Pragya smirks and tells Tanu that she will fail as always. Meanwhile, Aaliya who plans that Tanu and Abhi should get physically intimate before getting married so as to trap Abhi fixes an ad shoot in Lonavla with Abhi and Tanu in it. She then tells a prospective advertiser that Abhi is ready to shoot only if the location is out of the city and they accept and plans a day shoot in Lonavala. She tells the guy that the shoot must get over by day time and Abhi will be busy at night. Tanu slips some sleeping pills in Daadi's glass of milk, so that she will not come in her way and Daadi taunts her without knowing what Tanu has done. Tanu goes out of the room. Daadi drinks the milk. Tanu thinks half work is done and full work will be done too.

The next morning, as per plan, Tanu and Aaliya are ready to leave for the Lonavala shoot. But, all of a sudden Daadi gets unwell. Abhi and Pragya come to see Daadi. Pragya is shocked and scared to find out that Daadi fell sick because of her blood pressure. Aaliya and Tanu are also present there. As soon as the doctor leaves, Pragya asks her to take medicines on time. Aaliya then announces that Abhi has a Lonavla shoot that he cannot cancel and that if the Lonavala shoot gets cancelled again, the producer will cancel the contract too. Abhi doesn’t want to leave his Daadi in such a condition. He tells Aaliya that he can suffer loss, but he will not go. Daadi asks Abhi to leave for the shoot. Tanu says that she will stay at home to take care of Daadi but Aaliya makes up excuses saying that it is not very professional. Pragya agrees to taking care of Daadi and asks everyone to leave. Abhi doesn’t want that also but, then Pragya forces him to go to work alone. Aaliya is happy as her plan is getting successful as Pragya volunteers to take care of Daadi. She asks Tanu to be very attentive and efficient this time. Tanu promises that she will return with a good news. Pragya packs Abhi's bag and instructs him to eat healthy when he goes there. When she leaves to get more clothes from the cupboard, Abhi decides to spend time with her and unintentionally irritates her to get closer to her and he throws the clothes in the bag outside.

Pragya sneakily sees it and scolds him for doing that. Abhi tells her that he wants to spend time with her since she won't be around him for 24 hours. He tells her that he wants a different bag and she asks him to pick. They go in the closet room to pick a bag and sees a blue one on top of the cupboard. He deliberately chooses the blue bag that it will be difficult for Nikita to reach that height. She stands on a stool and tries to pick the bag. She asks him to give her an umbrella so she can drag the bag down. Obviously, she falls with the bag but she falls right into Abhi's arms while pulling a luggage bag and the bag falls on the floor.

He drops her down since his arm starts hurting. He then agrees to help her pack. They somehow start looking into each other's eyes after they are done packing. Tanu sees them and fumes but doesn't react since she has already planned to sleep with Abhi after the shoot. Tanu tells Abhi that she is ready. Pragya cleans up Abhi's closet room and finds the box of her wedding chain. She decides to keep it with her for memory. Pragya sees Aaliya discussing the itinerary with Abhi and Tanu. Abhi tells Nikita that he will miss her very much. Tanu gets tensed. Aaliya taunts Abhi for being so dependent on Nikita. Just as Abhi and Tanu leave, Aaliyah who is displeased with Abhi’s dependency on Pragya, warns her that the time for her exit has come and that her notice period will end tomorrow. Pragya, however smiles, tells her that she has no intention of going away and says that her notice period ended when Aaliya and Tanu’s notice period started. Both Aaliya and Pragya taunt each other.

Pragya takes some food for Daadi and Daasi teases Pragya with Abhi that he will get restless at the shoot without her. Pragya blushes. Daadi expresses concern over sending Abhi with Tanu alone. Pragya says that she trusts Abhi completely and that they should trust him, too. In the car, Tanu  tells Abhi, she will make this trip very memorable. She plans to stay very close to Abhi so that he agrees for marriage. She tries to flirt with Abhi but he is only talking about Nikita. Abhi starts sneezing suddenly and starts looking for his inhaler. He calls Nikita as Daadi and Daasi start teasing her. Abhi scolds her for not putting an inhaler in his bag and asks her to come to Lonavla immediately. She asks him to check again and sadly, he finds the inhaler. He apologises for scolding her.

He asks her what she is up to and she puts the phone on speaker to confirm that she is taking care of Daadi. They also start teasing Abhi who doesn't even get it. Tanu interrupts by saying that she wants to speak to Abhi about something and he hangs up. Abhi reaches Lonavala. As per Aaliya’s plan, Abhi doesn’t find two separate rooms for him and Tanu. Abhi gets furious with the hotel manager for only making one suite available for them. He wants to check-in to another hotel, but Tanu calms him down by saying that they will share the room and requests him to adjust in one room, else they will be late for next day’s shoot. Also, she tells that after marriage, they will be living together in one room. Abhi is not happy as he is forced to share the hotel room with her, thanks to her plot. Someone comes and tells Abhi about his early shoot timings from 5 am. Just as Abhi leaves, she tips the manager and thanks him.

Pragya and Daasi run into Mitali who is busy following Aaliya’s instructions and serving her. Just then, Aaliya calls Mitali asking for her food. Abhi and Tanu reach their room as Abhi keeps discussing work. Tanu complains how Abhi doesn’t pay any attention to her at all. She calls for food and drinks after asking Abhi to freshen up. Pragya is about to leave when Daadi and Daasi start teasing her with Abhi. Just then, Purabh who comes to know of Tanu’s trap for Abhi through an assistant enters looking worried and asks for Abhi. He scolds Pragya for letting Abhi go with Tanu and alerts Daadi and Pragya about it by telling them how Tanu tipped the waiter into staying in the same room. Daadi tells them that that Tanu is pulling the same trick again and decides to call Abhi back home immediately under the pretext of her ill-health.

Daasi asks Purabh to call Abhi and tell him that his Daadi’s health is worsening. Daadi also stresses Purabh to do this and he obliges. He calls Abhi to inform him about Tanu’s plan. However, Tanu answers the call. She refuses to hand the phone over to Abhi. Purabh warns her to stay away from Abhi but Tanu tells him that she has set everything up and nothing can stop them from getting married now. She challenges him to try and separate her from Abhi. She then tells him how she was the reason behind Daadi’s ill health and hangs up. She turns Abhi’s phone on silent mode and asks the hotel staff to get the food and drinks. Purabh tells Daadi and Daasi about Tanu’s plan. Pragya then tells Daadi that Tanu added drugs to her milk to prevent her from accompanying Abhi to the shoot.

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