Friday, 9 November 2018

Friday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Nov 9, 2018

Daadi and Daasi get happy to see them enjoying Holi. Tanu gets annoyed seeing them and goes and asks Nikhil to end Purabh's life. She asks how is he planning to kill him. He shows her his weapon which is a hidden blade he plans to kill Purabh with and asks her to relax. Daasi sees and hears two people making a plan to kill Purabh and decides to go and inform Pragya. She immediately searches for Pragya so that she can alert her. Janki sees Pragya in high spirits and asks her to take care.
Meanwhile, Pragya pretends to be intoxicated and gets romantic with Abhi. She holds Abhi very tight and asks Abhi what he was planning to tell her about love. Abhi decides to take advantage of this situation and ask Pragya whether she loves him or not. He tries to tell Pragya that his heartbeat gets fast whenever Pragya is in front of him. He wants Pragya to understand his feelings without using any words. He starts telling her about the three ways by which one can know he/she is in love. Pragya tells him that she is not high and is in her senses. Abhi gets embarrassed.

Daadi sees Dassi worried, she asks the reason. Dassi doesn’t want to tell Daadi about it otherwise Daadi will get stressed. So, she says nothing and looks for Pragya everywhere. Janki is also worried as she has to go back to Purabh. She decides to serve the food to Daadi and then she will go upstairs.
Janki bumps into Nikhil and the food falls on Nikhil’s dress. He shouts on her and Hearing the sound, Daadi and Mitali also come there. Nikhil, who is in dholwala’s get up, leaves the place in a hurry. Daadi sees Janki crying and asks what's the matter. She tells her a dholwala shouted on her. Mitali finds fake moustache on the floor. They get suspicious of him and decide to take action. Nikhil says it is now difficult to go to Purabh’s room. Pragya asks Abhi to complete his talk otherwise she will tell Daadi that he made her drink bhaang. Abhi tries to evade the question but Pragya doesn't let him go anywhere. He tells her that when he looks into her eyes he feels like looking into them forever. He brings her closer and says when he is with her he forgets the entire world.

While Abhi and Pragya are talking, Daasi comes to Pragya and tells everything to her that she heard two people talking and planning to kill Purabh. Pragya suggests they should go there. Nikhil hides and thinks he have to kill Purabh somehow. Daadi starts looking for the dhol wala, who shouted on Janaki. Pragya and Daasi goes there as Janaki comes out of Purabh’s room and tells them that she has just changed Purabh’s glucose bottle. Pragya asks Janaki to enjoy the holi. She sees the fake moustache and asks Janaki about it. Janaki tells her about the dholwala who misbehaved with her. Pragya wonders why someone came with fake moustache and understands that it's the same guy who wants to kill Purabh. She assures Janaki that she will take care of Purabh. Janki goes. Pragya goes to Purabh's room and gets relieved to see that he is fine. She decides to shift him to another room with Daasi's help until danger goes off from his life. She tells Daasi that Aaliya can’t try to harm him as she was crying for him. They make Purabh sit on wheel chair and take him to other room.
Tanu thinks she will celebrate once Nikhil gives the news about Purabh’s death. She sees Abhi there and thinks where Pragya is?. She decides to be with Abhi at the time of Purabh’s murder, so that nobody can doubt on her.

Nikhil comes to her and tells that Daadi and Mitali are after him and that the Mehras have got suspicious of him. Tanu makes a plan with him. Nikhil comes back after washing his face. Tanu asks why he wash his face and remind him that she asked him to change his clothes. She asks him to tie yellow cloth on his head and she covers his face with colour. A flabbergasted Nikhil asks what she is doing?. Tanu claims she is hiding his face and now nobody will identify him. Nikhil is impress and praise her that she have become smart. Tanu asks him to go.

Purabh falls on the floor while they are taking him to other room. Pragya and Daasi get scared after falling off a wheelchair. They get happy that he regains consciousness and take him to his room. Purabh looks around, identifies them and asks them why are they looking so tensed. Pragya brings him water and Purabh drinks it. Pragya sees his hand bleeding and applies ointment on it. Purabh asks why he is in Abhi’s house and further asks where everyone is?. Daasi happily tells him that everyone is playing holi. Purabh asks if today is Holi?. Pragya says he got consciousness today and everyone will be fine. Daasi adds that their tension will go now. He is still curious but Pragya asks him not to take tension. Purabh asks them to tell him what the matter is?. Pragya asks him not to take stress. He insists and asks her to tell him. Pragya tells him that some one has come to kill him and that Daasi heard two people talking to each other regarding this. Purabh is shocked and asks who are they?. Daasi tells him she couldn’t see their faces.

Pragya asks him if he remembers how did he meet with the accident. She adds on that the inspector told them that the accident was planned. She asks if he see someone at the accident spot. Purabh pressurizes his mind to remember and recollects. He says someone came when he was in a pool of blood, injured. He further tells her that he couldn't see his face but he is sure that it was not an accident. He tells her that he heard him talk about Abhi and her ( Pragya ). Pragya says it is the same person who is trying to kill him today. Daasi adds that that is why they shifted him from Aaliya’s room to Abhi’s room. Purabh suggests to let him come, then they will catch him. He tells Pragya that he will have to allow the murderer to come near him in order to catch him. Pragya says she cannot allow him to put his life in danger. He says just like she wants to save him, even he wants to save them both. Pragya try to says something but Purabh asks her to give him last chance and says if he is Tanu’s man then they can stop Abhi and Tanu’s marriage. Pragya is worries about him but he assures her that he will be fine. Daasi asks what will they have to do. Purabh asks them to keep him back in his room where he was before and tell them their plan that they will catch him and he won’t go safe. Pragya and Daasi agree and decide to come down. Abhi is worries where Pragya is and thinks whenever she is not around, he get worried that she is in trouble. Pragya asks Daasi to get CCTV cam on. Pragya meets Abhi who thinks to scare her, but Pragya scares him. She gets into a romantic conversation with him and they argue. Pragya asks him to go and thinks he will get scared even this time. Abhi thinks to scare her. Pragya gets shocked as a fat man laughs and runs to Abhi. Abhi asks if she is scared. He again wish her happy holi. Pragya loses her balance and falls on Abhi, Allah Wariyan song plays in the background as they have an eye lock.

Nikhil coming inside Mehra house. Mitali takes Janki to the lawn area, Nikhil sees Janki-Mitali and hides but they catch him. But they don't recognise him and leave since Daadi calls them. Nikhil thinks that now all the hurdles are removed, and he can easily go to Purabh’s room. The family is all set to eat and Daadi-Daasi start teasing Abhi. Nikhil grabs the opportunity and walks towards Purabh's room to kill him. Daadi tells Dassi that Pragya has fooled Abhi and pretend to be intoxicated and they laugh. Abhi comes and says that he knows that Pragya was acting. Daadi laughs at him, she asks him to have food.

Nikhil reaches Purabh's room and locks the door behind him. Purabh is sleeping. Nikhil takes out the knife from the dhol stick to stab Purabh and stands there talking to him about his plan to kill him. He asks him to leave this world forever, so that he can live peacefully. He says that Purabh is meant to be killed by him that is why God gave him the opportunity. He thinks that now nobody will be able to save him as Purabh interference has made Nikhil’s life miserable and now he will never be able to interfere and help Pragya. Just as he is about to stab Purabh, he wakes up and stops Nikhil. They fight and Purabh falls down. Purabh asks Nikhil why he wants to kill him and says that everyone will come and save him. He tells Nikhil that they have placed a CCTV camera in the room and attacks Nikhil. Nikhil thinks that Purabh is bluffing that Pragya had set up the camera in Purabh’s room and now everyone can see the footage in the lawn area. The entire family sees what is happening in the room that Purabh is attacked by a man and panic.

Nikhil hits Purabh with a vase and picks his knife. Purabh threatens Nikhil that he will be caught soon, as his family members are coming inside. Abhi who sees the live telecast with his family rush to Purabh's room as soon as they see it. Nikhil manages to hurt Purabh on the head with a candlestick and then is about to stab him. Tanu panics thinking about the consequences that if Nikhil will be caught, then she will be in a big trouble. While Purabh and Nikhil are fighting, Nikhil wonders how to escape and opens the door to run away. But he gets caught by Abhi and the family near the staircase. Nikhil tries to stab Abhi but he pushes Nikhil down the stairs. Raj and Robin catch him and then hold Nikhil. Abhi angrily says he will not leave this man. He starts interrogating Nikhil, whose face is fully covered by Holi colours. Abhi asks who is he and why he wanted to kill Purabh. Tanu sees it, and she is very scared now as Nikhil gets caught in the act while trying to kill Purabh. She thinks Abhi will make him speak the truth and plans to escape before he opens his mouth. She then sees Aaliya and thinks if she came to know that he is Nikhil, then Aaliya will be furious with her. Abhi repeatedly asks Nikhil who is he. He starts beating him, but Nikhil thinks that it is better to get hit. But, if he opens his mouth, then they may identify him.

Aaliya looks at Tanu, and sees the panic on Tanu's face and figures that this was Tanu's plan and she is sure that Tanu again planned to kill Purabh. While Tanu is panicking about the consequences, Abhi tries to stab Nikhil but Pragya stops him and says if anything happens to him, then they will never know who is trying to kill Purabh. Pragya then asks Nikhil who he is and what his intentions were. Pragya tells Abhi about her plan. She says that they got to know about the killer. She then tells Abhi how Daasi had overheard two people talking about it, so they shifted Purabh to another room and she then tells Abhi how Purabh gained consciousness after falling from the wheelchair. Later, they both plan to catch the killer as he was also responsible for Purabh’s accident. Abhi is shocked to finds out that person ( Nikhil) was the one who tried to kill Purabh in an accident. She also tells him that the person involved hates both Pragya and Abhi.

Pragya also talks about how the CCTV idea was Purabh's plan. Abhi gets mad at Pragya for not informing him but Purabh gets up and tells him that this was not Pragya's fault. Abhi and Purabh share an emotional moment. Tanu signals Nikhil to run away as the family is distracted with Abhi and Purabh's mushiness. But they get back to Nikhil again. Abhi slaps Nikhil asking him who is the lady helping him. Nikhil again decides to get beaten up rather than saying anything. Abhi then asks Tanu to get soap and water so they can clean his face and find out who he is. Tanu gets worried and stands there panicking but obliges. Abhi says that this man must be Purabh’s enemy so he is repeatedly trying to kill him and if his face gets clear, then Purabh can identify him. Abhi threatens to put the culprit ( Nikhil ) behind the bars as they will be able to send the picture to the police.

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