Sunday, 11 November 2018

Sunday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Nov 11, 2018

Pragya and Purabh barge into Nikhil's house and start looking for an evidence against him. They get Tanu's pregnancy reports. Pragya understands that he has kept these reports to blackmail Tanu in case she decides to ditch him after marrying Abhi. Purabh suggests showing it to Abhi. She asks if this will be the right thing to do. He assures her that this is the perfect thing to do. Abhi misses Pragya and starts seeing her everywhere. He sees her in Robin and starts dancing with him. Robin starts shouting as Abhi tries to kiss him. Abhi feels embarassed to realize that he was romancing Robin all this while.

Abhi who is lost in Pragya’s memories sees Pragya in Tanu. Tanu finds him in good mood and tries to get close to him. Abhi starts dancing with her. Tanu falls and shouts on getting hurt. Abhi gets shocked to realize that he was dancing with Tanu. He decides to go out as he fears that he is going mad and wonders about how badly he misses Pragya. He comes out and again sees Pragya in the driver's face and starts dancing with him too. He gets scared to realize that he was again hallucinating as he realises that he was about to kiss the driver. He runs inside and decides to go and talk to his Daadi to make sure that he doesn’t make some blunder. Abhi has totally lost it, he meets Daadi but sees Pragya in his Daadi and starts doing close dance with her. Daadi slaps him hard as he brings her closer to kiss her. Daadi shouts over his misbehaviour. Abhi feels embarrassed and tells her that she has been seeing Pragya everywhere since morning including Daadi. Dadi gets worried and tells Abhi that he has fallen in love with Pragya. She tells him that it's not right as he is going to get married to Tanu in two days and this is a symptom of the love disease.

Abhi says it is not possible and tells her that Pragya is just a friend and he was just missing her. Daadi tells him that he should accept that he loves Pragya because all this happens only when someone is in love. Daadi calls Purabh and Pragya and asks them to come home soon as she wants to tell them something. Purabh says even he wants to tell her something.

Daadi tells about Abhi’s condition to Dassi. They are now waiting for Purabh and Pragya to share the news. Tanu apologises to Aaliya. Aaliya doesn’t entertain her, she says she cannot forget Tanu’s betrayal. Tanu tries to pacify her, but Aaliya gets so angry that she pushes Tanu outside her room.
Purabh and Pragya come back. Tanu starts taunting Pragya and asks her to get ready for her marriage. She says she will give money to Pragya to shop for the wedding. Pragya tells her that she has no idea what is she going to do and further tells Tanu that she will expose her before the marriage. Tanu asks her to do whatever she wants to do and says that within 48 hours she will marry Abhi and adds on that she has 48 hours to stop this wedding. Pragya smirks and says she will never let that happen, and that Tanu is like a chapter in Abhi’s life which is about to end. Tanu asks her to excuse her as she has to go and try her wedding outfit. Pragya asks her to try it today itself and says at least her dream to wear a bridal dress will be fulfilled and that she will throw her out of this house before that. Meanwhile, Purabh shows Tanu's pregnancy papers to Daadi and Daasi and says this is their final attack, which will finally break Tanu and Abhi’s marriage.

Purabh shows Tanu's pregnancy reports to Daadi and Daasi. They get happy and tell Pragya that finally they will get to see her with Abhi. Daadi tells Pragya to not disclose the truth of Tanu in front of Abhi. Pragya tells them that they will have to be extra careful this time as when last time she tried to expose Tanu in front of Abhi, he started hating her instead and this time they need someone else to do the work, someone whom Abhi trusts the most. Daadi tells them that Purabh will have to break this news in front of Abhi as he trusts him blindly. Daadi says that Pragya can't tell this to Abhi as he knows that she doesn't like Tanu and will not take her seriously. She adds that Abhi has just realised that he is in love with Pragya, and Pragya should avoid sharing any negative thing with him. Daadi further gives logic that if Pragya will go then Aaliya and Tanu can say that Pragya wants to break the marriage as she likes Abhi. And, if she ( Daadi ) will go then Aaliya will say that Daadi doesn’t like Tanu. Purabh agrees to tell Abhi. Pragya asks him to be careful. He assures her that this time Tanu will face defeat as he will not let them find any escape route and they will celebrate their victory and Abhi will definitely believe him.

Tanu shows off her wedding lehenga in front of Mitali. She is excited after wearing her wedding lehnga, she shows herself to her mother online and asks how is she looking. Tanu’s mother says that this time she prays that her daughter finally marries Abhi. Abhi feels guilty for marrying Tanu despite of loving Pragya. Purabh goes to Abhi's room and says that he thinks that someone is double-crossing Abhi. He further tells Abhi that he feels that something is cooking between Nikhil and Tanu. He lies that he overheard Nikhil and Tanu’s conversation. He gets doubtful, and checks Nikhil’s house where he got Tanu’s pregnancy report. He shows him Tanu's pregnancy report and also shows Nikhil’s name on it. He tells him that Tanu was pregnant with Nikhil's child and she got it aborted some time back. Abhi is shocked. He tells Abhi that Tanu is not the right girl for him. Purabh adds that everyone has a past, but if one is getting married, then he or she should share their serious affairs to the future partner. Tanu’s truth is not a normal thing, she should be questioned. He asks Abhi to confront her before breaking the marriage.

Abhi walks to the living room and asks Mitali to call Tanu. Mitali informs Aaliya about it. Tanu wears her wedding lehenga and decides to show it to Abhi. She goes down and gets surprised to see everyone in the hall. She tells them that she is going to wear this on the wedding day. Daadi taunts Tanu and says Abhi will not marry a shameless and characterless girl like her. Tanu gets shocked and complains to Abhi. She asks Abhi why is his Daadi talking to her like that. Purabh confronts her. tells her that everyone knows what she has done. He tells her that they know that Nikhil is her boyfriend and adds that Tanu tries to hide her biggest truth from Abhi just because she wanted to marry him at any cost, and she did not tell Abhi about Nikhil.

As Purabh tells Abhi that Nikhil is Tanu’s boyfriend. Tanu says she don’t know Nikhil and tells that she just knows that Nikhil is Aaliya’s friend. Aaliya comes there. Tanu asks Aaliya to help her and tell everyone that she doesn’t know him. Aaliya asks why she is lying. Tanu plead with her to help her and remind her that they friends. Aaliya asks if she want her to lie to her family, and apologizes. She again asks if she is asking her to lie to her family and bluntly says she can’t lie to her family. Everyone is shocked. Aaliya asks Tanu if she wants her to tell her family that she don’t have any relation with him and adds that Tanu met him infront of her, then why don’t she have any relation with him. Tanu remind Aaliya that she met him through her ( Aaliya ) but he is not her boyfriend. Aaliya asks who told her that he is her boyfriend. Tanu point to Purabh. Aaliya supports Tanu when she is being confronted by Purabh.

Purabh says he is saving his friend and that Aaliya knows how to defend her friend and asks if she is also betraying Abhi. He points out that Tanu was once pregnant with Nikhil’s baby. On hearing this, Tanu asks him to shut up. Aaliya asks how could he say this and says Purabh don’t care about her reputation and respect. Purab says this accusation is big, but she didn’t think before doing this. Tanu and Aaliya ask for the proof, Aaliya says if Purabh can prove Tanu characterless then she herself will ask Tanu to leave the house. Purabh asks Pragya to bring the proof. Tanu is irked and blames Pragya that she wanted to cancel her marriage as she doesn’t like Tanu. Purabh says that he has the proof and not Pragya. He shows the pregnancy report to her and Aaliya. Tanu says it's a fake report. Purabh says there is an equal probability that this report is fake or original. But, the report is not fake and Abhi has already read it.

Tanu cries and asks Abhi to say something. Abhi says that he is not hurt because of her pregnancy report or her past relationships. He is upset because Tanu did not share this thing with him, also she tried to fool him. She forced him to marry her. She was afraid of the society and the comments she might get after Abhi spent a few moments with her in the party. Tanu lied that she was afraid of being named characterless and that made Abhi protective about her. But, if she was pregnant with Nikhil’s child, then why she did not marry him?. Tanu is speechless. Purabh comes and says she would have more boyfriends and such a woman doesn’t have any self-respect. They have multiple relations and then they want to play innocent. Tanu is insulted and she hits Purabh. Abhi gets angry and says how dare she raised her hand on his best friend. Purabh asks Tanu to get the proof that she did not have a relationship with Nikhil.

Tanu shouts and says she has the proof and asks Purabh to wait, she will throw it in his face in a few minutes. She runs towards her room. Tanu is furious, she takes out an old report which shows that Tanu was pregnant, but through Abhi and not Nikhil. This is the fake report, which Aaliya and Tanu had arranged to trap Abhi a few years back. Aaliya comes to Tanu’s room and asks Tanu not to show the DNA report to Abhi. Tanu says she wants to save her marriage and reply to Purabh and Pragya. This report will prove that Tanu is not characterless, she only had a relationship with Abhi. Aaliya slaps her to control Tanu’s anger and foolishness, she says that this DNA report proves that Tanu aborted Abhi’s child and this will make Abhi angrier. Aaliya further says Abhi will definitely ask the details and then all their past conspiracies will pop out and that Abhi will recall everything and then they will be thrown outside, so in short it’s a suicide plan. Tanu realises that she was about to make a blunder, as the report will only help Pragya further.

There, Abhi is tensed and feels awkward. He wants to hug Pragya. Pragya is also worried for him and his health. She understands Abhi’s condition and wants to comfort him. Dassi comes to Tanu’s room and asks her to bring the proof fast, as everyone is waiting for them in the living room.

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