Sunday, 2 December 2018

Sunday Update On Gangaa, Dec 2, 2018

Madhvi returns home and rushes to tell everything to Niranjan. She shows him the video. Amma is short of words. She comforts a crying Sudha. Babli who is standing outside the door had heard everything. Omkar calls out for Sagar as he has brought jalebi for him. Sagar is about to take them but Niranjan stops him. Omkar asks him the reason for it that he is well now. Everyone gathers there and looks at him pointedly. Omkar has brought a rudraksh mala for her.

He respect him and the way he follow the rules of a widow life and he respect all the other widows too. She tells him to stop that she know how much he respect widows. Sudha walks out of the room along with Pishi Ma. He notices the look on everyone’s faces. He turns to Niranjan and asks what happened and why is everyone staring at him like that?. Amma and Madhvi walk closer to him followed by Pulkit. Omkar is boggled. Pulkit questions him about the admission incident. The form and application that he took was never submitted and he informed the reporters because he wanted to spoil his father’s career ( Niranjan) and name. Madhvi points out at the sleeping tablet incident, he looked at Sudha with bad intentions and even tried to scare Gangaa. Niranjan blunt out that Gangaa never lies and this is why he sent her to that brothel. Omkar calls it a lie that he only had informed him about Gangaa’s whereabouts. Niranjan says it was a sham but he was only trying to protect himself. He bluntly tells Omkar that his game is over now and his true colours are out in the open. Omkar gets tensed. Niranjan shows him the video where he is talking to the kidnappers and this shocks everyone else all the more. He then asks Omkar if he have any other explanation?. He further tells Omkar that he used to respect him as he is his late sister’s husband, he gave him another chance when Sudha's matter came out but he had no proof back then so he kept quiet because he didn't want to malign her and his family’s name and that he is feeling bad for Amma because he know how much she would have been hurt today. Amma remarks that she always thought good20180ll, she thought wrong about her son, her daughter-in-law and Gangaa but she is feeling pity for herself because she thought she could judge people well. She thought a liar and cheater to be a good man and that her late daughter must be feeling pained by this. She is thinking how she would have lived with him all the years as he give no importance to relations or people. Omkar shouts at her to be quiet that they all said a lot. He tells Sagar rudely to hold the stuff and starts laughing maniacally. Omar admit that he did everything because he wanted to make place for himself in this house and he wanted to rule the house. Babli is in tears listening to her father Omkar's confession.

Omkar says Gangaa is his biggest enemy and it would have been best if she would have died that day. They try to pull Gangaa’s hand free from his clutches when suddenly Sudha walks forward and slaps him. After Niranjan exposes Omkar's deeds and now even Amma asks him to leave the house.

All the girls start laughing at Gangaa as she falls when she tries to sit on her desk. Gangaa confronts Bulbul and says she know Bulbul must have done this. The girls get into a brawl when the teacher Ms. D’Souza comes there. She stops Gangaa and taunts her that she is the same girl who told everything to the head principal?. Gangaa tries to say something but the teacher is in no mood to listen. Bulbul blames Gangaa for breaking the bench and the teacher seconds Bulbul. Gangaa keeps on telling her that she is innocent but in vain. She asks all the girls to take out their books as the head principal will come and make an announcement. She tells a girl to man the gate and to Inform her when she see the principal heading here in order to finish her game till then. Gangaa thinks that she will need hammer and screwdriver to fix the desk. The peon uncle must have it. A man (MLA’s goon) is following Niranjan’s car because the minister sends him to prevent Niranjan from reaching the court on time. He loses the car as another commuter comes in between. He swears to end Niranjan’s chapter today. As there will be 15th August celebrations in Sagar’s school. All the kids have to participate one way or the other. Yash wants to win the trophy by doing a dance act. Another kid mocks him that he will win it.
A similar announcement is being made in Gangaa’s class. She is excited thinking about the celebrations. The head principal tells the kids that they can participate in the functions but they only have to decide what they have to do and how. She finds Gangaa busy with the screwdriver and asks her about it. Another kid shares that Gangaa broke the desk so she is fixing it. She checks the desk and praise Gangaa that she have done it brilliantly and it doesn’t look like it has been repaired. Gangaa thanks her and says her father has taught her all this. She then asks if she can take part in the celebrations too?. She nods.

Niranjan who is unaware that the minister sends someone to prevent him from reaching the court on time reaches the court and the MLA’s goon is already there. He steps down from the car and picks up a call. His phone falls as he collides with someone. Just then he notices the approaching car and he jumps aside to save himself and gets hurt on the head by a rickshaw parked nearby. Raghav rushes to his side. Niranjan tells him to inform police as it wasn’t accident but someone made him a target, he have seen the face of the driver and they will have to report it. Meanwhile, Amma is tensed thinking about the enemies Niranjan have got himself. Niranjan reasons that there is danger in every other case and he cannot stop working because of it. Madhvi remembers his morning conversatiom with someone on the phone which had made him tense. Niranjan shakes his head and clearly says he is perfectly fine and have told the police about the attacker. Raghav tells him that the inspector is on his way. Gangaa brings turmeric milk for him. He gladly takes it and makes her sit next to him and thank her. He notices everyone’s sad faces and try to cheer their mood that there is nothing to worry about and that he is perfectly fine. The police comes there and the inspector has brought along the sketch of the man as per Niranjan's description. Niranjan affirms and Gangaa too looks at the sketch and blunt out that he have seen him somewhere. Everyone is taken aback hearing this. Niranjan shows it to her once again and asks her to tell him more about it and who the guy is?. Gangaa is unable to recall it for sure and says she saw him long back, she is not sure where but she have surely seen him. She thinks one more time but it’s unclear to her and says maybe he had a gun too but she cannot remember it for sure. The inspector assures Niranjan that they will find the guy as soon as possible and also request him to keep them updated in case Gangaa recalls anything. He leaves. Amma asks Maharaj to take her to the temple. Gangaa is in deep thoughts trying to recall the guy. Niranjan asks for water from Madhvi and he sees that she is in tears as she looks at the blood spot in his shirt. She tells her husband that that the matter isn’t so small and thankfully nothing happened to him. He assures her that he is absolutely fine. She asks him to drop the case and try to convince him that they have everything. He says one guy has lost a life and asks if it is not his responsibility to get justice for his family?. He refuses to back off after getting scared. She replies that she needs him, Amma needs him and the family needs him. She again asks what will they do without him?. He assures her that nothing will happen to him and he will definitely win this case. He tells her to have faith on her God if not him.

Prabha comes to see Niranjan and she as usual fakes concern. Amma stops her from talking when Prabha is talking way too negative. Madhvi asks her to have food. Prabha gladly agrees. Sagar is seen drawing and Gangaa appreciates the way he is doing it. Yash sits there and keeps munching onto something. She helps Gangaa in writing more names of the martyrs and says he is sure this only will win. Yash remarks that only MLA’s son Chander will win. MLA will be the chief guest so his son is bound to win. Gangaa reasons that is the best wins and there should be no biases. Yash calls Independence Day celebrations boring. Gangaa counters him that there is a celebration in her school too and she too will win just like Sagar.

Meanwhile, the MLA’s goon assures MLA that Niranjan won't take the case now because he have scared him enough. MLA is not so sure about the same as Niranjan is a tough man and will get another date for the case. He will also have to do something else to stop him from going that day. MLA asks his guy to disappear for a while as the police might be looking for him. The guy agrees. MLA wants to get Niranjan off the case at any cost and will have to do something different.

The peon is cleaning the premises while Bulbul and her friends throw banana peels there only. He scolds them for creating a mess and tells them to throw the garbage in the bin. Bulbul retorts that he should mind his business as he is only a peon and that she will throw garbage wherever she feel like. Gangaa reprimands her for talking to elders like that and asks if she don't understand?. She picks up a broom and begins to help him. Bulbul remarks that this is the best suited work for Gangaa. She tells Ganga to do it properly. The principal reaches school and notices Gangaa cleaning the school premises and that she is different than the rest. There is something different about her. She compliments Gangaa for the good work that it helps in keeping diseases at bay. Bulbul and her gang are not happy as Gangaa is been praise. The girls greet her. The principal also joins Gangaa and the peon. The other teachers are in for a shock and they too join them. Other girls too begin to help them. Gangaa asks the principal about the spot where the flag will be put. The principal nods and praise her that she is one smart kid. As the girls assemble for morning prayers, Bulbul decides to do something about Gangaa because she believe Gangaa has cast a spell on the the principal.

MLA’s son shows off his new videogame to Yash that his father has brought it for him and that it has all the latest games. The kids talk about the competition and all preparation they have made for it. Sagar calls Yash aside. Yash’s says his mother has brought everything necessary for the project and everyone will be amazed to see it on 15th August. The kids greet their teacher as she enters. She begins to teach them but Sagar is not able to concentrate as Chandan, the MLA's son is playing games on sounds. He tells Chandan to focus on studies but Chandan calls him a jealous kid and refused to stop playing the game. He tells Sagar that he can complaint to miss if he want to. Sagar finally tells the teacher about it and she scolds Chandan and takes his video game. Chandan looks angrily at Sagar.

Bulbul makes a plan with her friends against Gangaa and says the widow girl should come from the planned route only and must not see anything. She instruct them that they will have to be careful and will teach her a very good lesson today. On the other hand, Niranjan suggests Babli to resume studies then she will feel better when she go to college and meet new people. Adding that she will become an independent woman and will get lots of career choices. Madhvi too wants the same and says they have thought something similar for Gangaa as she is so dedicated and has such a strong will power to do something. NIranjan nods and says he have great hopes from both the girls. Amma reminds Madhvi to remind Pulkit that he has to bring her Bhagvad Gita.
Pulkit and his girlfriend keep looking at each other while talking to their group of friends. She leaves a book for him on the porch. He picks it up and leaves the one there that he was holding. The girl returns to pick it up. They both read the love letters that they have received from one another.

Gangaa finishes her lunch and goes to wipe her hands. One of Bulbul’s friends comes to tell her that Reena is calling her near the swings. Gangaa rushes there. She calls out for Reena but doesn’t see her there. Bulbul and her friends are hiding behind trees on two different sides. They signal to each other and pull a rope a little above the ground level. Gangaa falters as she comes in contact with it and falls face down in mud. Her clothes get muddied. Bulbul and her friends come out and mock Gangaa. Gangaa somehow manages to get up. The girls taunt her. Gangaa knows that Bulbul is behind the idea and thinks of Madhvi’s words. Bulbul asks her if she will hit her. Gangaa who gets bullied at school denies and says she will make Bulbul her friend. She runs to give a confused Bulbul a hug and the other girls run away. Bulbul frees herself but Gangaa who gives the bully a fitting reply by hugging her is not ready to let go of her and claiming that they are friends and she won't hit her. Bulbul keeps warning her to stay away but Gangaa is in no mood to let go.

Bulbul complains to Gunwanti that it is Gangaa’s doing. Gunwanti asks Gangaa about it. The one who throws mud on others gets muddied and dirty too. Gangaa replies that no one did it but Bulbul is her friend and they were playing and fell in the mud. Gunwanti sends them both out of the class. She next asks Reena about what happened in a tv show yesterday. Outside, Gangaa tells Bulbul that she could have told the truth to Madam and even complained to the principal Ma but it would yield nothing because she ( Bulbul ) won't change. Gangaa adds that she too would have become like her (  Bulbul ) but Madhvi Ma says one should not leave their good qualities only for the fact that the other person is engaging with her in a fight. She further tells Bulbul that she can trouble her or irritate her if she want to. But she won't stand anything that’s wrong. Bulbul is not in a mood to listen to any of her warnings and tells Gangaa that she is bigger than her and they will see who is stronger. She further tells Gangaa that their is no point talking big because she is not like her and she ( Gangaa) will regret becoming her enemy. Gangaa clears that she is talking about friendship and she ( Bulbul) talk about enmity. She clearly tells Bulbul that she ( Bulbul) too are like her because they both are girls. But she ( Bulbul ) is only bigger in size while she have stronger will power that never give up. Bulbul is speechless listening to this but she is still upset with Gangaa.

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