Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Tuesday Update On Twist Of Fate 2, Dec 11, 2018

Sarla feels uneasy as she senses that Pragya is in danger. Before Abhi could realize, Pragya starts to drown. As Dushyant dies, Abhi runs back towards Pragya’s direction to help her and meets Purabh midway and tells him Pragys is wounded. They both proceed towards Pragya and when they reach to the point where Pragya was lying, they starts to search for her but don’t find her there as she has already been carried away by the waves. Abhi panics as he does not find her.

Abhi runs here and there to look for her and finds her on a shore. As soon as he looks at Pragya flowing in the water, Abhi jumps from the bridge into the river and swims towards Pragya. Purabh also jumps and two strangers follow him who happen to be a few police men. Abhi tries his best to reach Pragya and to save her life. When he finds himself in capable to reach Pragya he seems, he faints midway and Purabh and other two men take him out.

There doctor comes for checkup of Sarla and writes tests for her as she falls sick because she feels that something is wrong with Pragya. Beeji asks if she has any heart problems but she refuses. Sarla says she already said that she is fine and only talking to Pragya and Abhi can make her good. She asks Beeji to call Purabh but as he is unreachable even Beeji gets tensed.

As Pragya flows down with the river Purabh and Abhi reach home. But Abhi is on bed surrounded by Purabh as he is still not conscious and the doctor checks him. The doctor, nurse, Daadi, Daasi, Aaliya and Tanu. the doctors tell Purab that his lungs are filled with water and he is in shock. Everyone tries to ask Pragya’s whereabouts but they don’t get an answer. Daasi and Daadi constantly asks Purabh what happened to Abhi and where is Pragya. Purabh is speechless and says he won’t say anything and Abhi will tell everything now. Daadi says that something is wrong and everyone is trying to hide something from them. She asks the reason for Abhi to be in shock and why his lungs are filled with water. She says that Sarla is worrying too much about Pragya and has fallen ill. Just then, Pragya's Daadi calls up that moment. Daasi says Pragya’s Beeji is calling and plead with Purabh to let them know where Pragya is. She picks up the phone and meanwhile Daadi pleads him to let them know where Pragya is. Purabh finally tells the family Pragya is never coming back in their lives as she has died as everyone hears this are shocked. Purabh adds that she was hit with a bullet and was sinking, Abhi tried to save her but couldn’t. Tanu and Aaliya hear this shocked news. As everyone starts to mourn Pragya’s death, Tanu smirks. Beeji also hears this on phone and is shocked. Abbi's Daadi slaps Purabh saying he is lieing, she says Pragya can never die and she will come back and Beeji loses her control listening to this over phone.

Sarla and Jaanki asks Beeji what happened and she tells them that they say Pragya has left them because she died. Tanu and Aaliya on the other hand are very happy and decide to celebrate till Abhi is over of his grief. They thank Nikhil for doing this for them. Aaliya says that even if Abhi's memory comes back they do not have to worry and they can just celebrate. Abhi on the other hand gets conscious taking Pragya's name. He remembers losing her in the river and gets up to save Pragya but Purabh comes there and stops him. Abhi asks him to let him go but Purabh says he won’t let him go and makes him understand the truth that the police is searching for her body. Purabh tells him that Pragya is dead but Abhi says this is not possible and slaps Purabh for saying this. Abhi breaks down in Purabh's arms as Purabh consoles him saying he wish it would be like that but police isn’t finding Pragya but her dead body. Purabh asks him to cry as much he wants as the pain would make him realise that she is dead. Abhi refuses to accept the fact that she is dead, he says she promised him to stay with him.

Purabh consoles Abhi but Abhi says Pragya is alive because he is alive and their love is alive, so Pragya cannot die as his heart is still beating and when his heart is beating she cannot be dead. Purab decides to get Pragya’s dead body as soon as possible as only that will convince Abhi of Pragya's death and make him accept it or else Abhi won’t be able to face the shock. Later, Tanu calls Nikhil to ask if he knows that Pragya is dead. Nikhil says obviously and also says that Abhi has killed the Commander also. He adds that she need not worry as it was in self defence. Tanu says that he also need not worry as Aaliya won’t do anything to him since Abhi is safe. He says he isn’t afraid of her and asks her to hand over the phone to Aaliya but Tanu disconnects saying later. Aaliya and Tanu raise a toast and celebrate with drinks.

Sarla reaches Abhi’s house and says to Daadi that she tried to stop her for not bringing Pragya in her house and now she is dead. She screams at Daadi for getting Pragya back in the house so Tanu and Aaliya could kill her. She asks them to call Tanu and Aaliya who have killed her daughter. Mitali goes and calls Tanu and Aaliya that Sarla is in the house. Tanu and Aaliya come down to face her. While Abhi is in grief of Pragya’s death, he thinks of Pragya and says he will search and bring her back. Abhi says his love will bring Pragya back to him. Sarla says to Tanu that she is responsible for killing Pragya, she says God must be regretting for giving birth to her. Tanu shouts at her and asks her to shut up. She asks her why she always blames them for anything that happens to Pragya. She asks whether her parents have ever come to her house for blaming Pragya for everything that has happened to her. Daadi tries to stop Tanu but she doesn’t listen to her. Tanu asks Sarla to go and blame God for giving her such fate that both her daughters died. Sarla says it’s because of both of them and as she is about to slap Tanu, she holds her hand and asks her to behave.

Aaliya asks her to control herself and says that she can’t behave like this with her friend while standing in her house and asks her to get out as Sarla accuses them of killing Pragya. Daadi tries to defend Sarla and asks her granddaughter to stop but Aaliya asks if she is also on Sarla’s side. Daadi says she was never apart from her. Aaliya says she is left with few days in her life and if she wants not to spend them at an old age home. On seeing that Aaliya threatened Daadi of sending her to an old age home if she tried to side with Sarla, Sarla says she won’t go unless she tells everything to Abhi. Aaliya is overconfident that Abhi has had a memory loss and he would never believe anything against his own sister now stops Salar and says some things should be kept secret. Sarla says she won’t go as Pragya has always stopped her from telling the truth to Abhi from the fear of harming him but now since Pragya isn’t here and her fear has also gone, so she will tell Abhi. Salar starts calling Abhi loudly and Tanu and Aaliya start pushing her out of the home as she screams out to Abhi. Meanwhile, Abhi who is left in shock after losing Pragya comes to the stairs and asks Tanu to stay away from Sarla and to not touch. Tanu gets startled and removes her hand. Aaliya says it’s good that Abhi is here and asks him to send her out of the house as she is blaming them.

Abhi comes downstairs as Daadi tells him how Tanu and Aaliya are behaving with Pragya. Tanu and Aaliya try to play with Abhi again thinking his memory is not back and he asks Aaliya to stay quiet but Tanu says to Abhi that she ( Salar ) is shouting at his family and instead of throwing her out of the house, he is asking them to stay quiet. Aaliya again asks him to throw her out and Abhi asks her to stay quiet but she keeps on saying this and that. Tanu says that Pragya was his Secretary and Sarla is her mother and he is making them quiet for her. Aaliya says Tanu is right and Abhi slaps Aaliya as she asks him to push Sarla out. And stares at Tanu who keeps mum. He says he has regained his memory and every lie they are saying is making him even more angry. The family stands amazed. Daadi is very happy and hugs her grandson. Although both Tanu and Aaliya try to prove themselves innocent Abhi says he has recalled every single lie and games of them and says now nothing wrong will happen in this house. He accuses Aaliya and Tanu of killing Pragya. He reminds them of the time they failed the breaks of the car at Lonavla to kill Pragya but instaed he sat in the car and he met with the accident and asks them to leave the house. Aaliya tries to defend herself saying she can’t think of hurting him but Abhi asks her to shut up and says he is not her brother anymore. He asks Aaliya why she never saw his happiness. Aaliya says she has always wished his happiness. Aaliya begs Abhi but Abhi says he is even more angry at Aaliya than at Tanu. He asks Purabh to come along and they both return with Tanu and Aaliya’s suitcases.

Aaliya and Tanu meet their deserved fate as Abhi confronts the two and gives them the worst possible punishment as he then turns to Tanu and asks them to get out but Tanu tries to convince him by saying that she loves him when Abhi says she is the one who had someone’s child in her womb and named it to be his. He adds that letting Tanu in his life was his biggest mistake and yells at them to get out. Tanu and Aaliya who meet their deserved fate move out of the house and fight outside Mehra house whereby Aaliya blames Tanu for giving order to kill Pragya and seeing this day. Tanu also argues with her and ask each other to stay away. Abhi then promises to get Pragya back. He convinces the family and Sarla that Pragya is alive and she will come back for him. Sarla remind him that Purabh said that she is shot and drowned in water. Abhi insist that Pragya is alive, and he is telling her all that she is alive. He adds on that until his love is alive, his fasto is alive and he will definitely bring her back. Sarla hugs him and cries.

There is a leap of one month and 2 days post this incident and Abhi wakes up a morning imagining Pragya by his side teasing him with a feather and as Abhi is about to grab her, she disappears and he realise it was just a dream. Daadi comes with a cup of coffee for Abhi and Abhi asks her what does seeing an incomplete good dream means. Daadi says it indicates you to get up and complete it and Abhi hugs her. Daadi asks him who he saw in the dream but Abhi tries to ignore her. Daadi asks again and Abhi tells her that obviously it was Pragya. Daadi becomes sad on realising that Abhi still broods over Pragya. Abhi tells her that Pragya is alive and Purabh is searching for her and he will bring her back. He tells her that it’s Pragya’s birthday and he’ll celebrate it and cut cake in place of her and also wish for her to come back soon. Also he would celebrate his own birthday today from now on if she comes back as then he would get a new birth.

Daadi comes downstairs and tells Daasi who says that this is not logical and tells Daadi that they have to convince Abhi that Pragya is no more but Daadi says that Abhi would have a break down if they made him realise that she is not going to come, so they should just do it for his happiness and hope for his wish to come true so that their hope remains alive. Mitali overhears this and calls and tells Aaliya about this birthday who says why she did not try to stop him. Mitali says she didn’t want to be thrown out of the house like her. An upset Aaliya threatens her but she says she can’t talk any more as what if anyone overhears her, she doesn’t want to live in that tacky house of Nikhil. Aaliya gets very angry.

Aaliya and Tanu are at a tacky house which is supposedly of Nikhil but he is no where to be seen. Tanu gives tea to Aaliya and asks why she is so pissed. Aaliya says her brother has lost it when they hear a knock at the door. While they were fighting on who will open the door the Police breaks in. Aaliya asks the Inspector whom they want. He asks him why they are here as it doesn’t seem to be their house. Aaliya says it’s Nikhil’s house who is their friend and they are here to stay for a few days. Inspector asks them who they are and Aaliya and Tanu introduce themselves. Inspector says that it’s great that they found all suspects at one place.

The police question Aaliya and Tanu about where Nikhil is. Aaliya and Tanu ask inspector if they have any proof against them. Inspector says he’ll collect it from Nasik and then he’ll come and arrest them. He further tells Aaliya that they are lucky that the commando died on spot otherwise they would have hung by now. The police leave saying they are off to Nasik for search and once back they would take Aliya and Tanu too in for interrogation for Pragya murder case. After the Inspector leaves Tanu says she has to go and clear out any clue they left in Nasik and Aaliya says she’ll call Nikhil and ask him to stay underground. At home everyone is busy preparing for Pragya's birthday, Purabh gets a call from Rishabh who is organising a concert for Abhi. Purabh asks him about Abhi and the concert but Purabh says he isn’t in Mumbai and so Abhi isn’t around so he won’t be able to complete the concert. Mitali is seen eavesdropping as Purab as he is lying to someone that he is not in Mumbai. Daasi interrupts her and asks her to concentrate on her own work.

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