Sunday, 6 January 2019

Zee World: Showing This Week On Twist Of Fate 3

Here are teasers of what is expected this week on Twist of Fate 3 as season showing Monday to Sunday, Jan 7 - 13 on Zee World.

Monday 7 January 2019
Episode 27

Aliya is left distraught after finding out that her plan, once again, failed drastically. She then commands Pragya to make Abhi sign off the last of his property, will Pragya be able to save Abhi from this?

Tuesday 8 January 2019
Episode 28

Aliya forces Pragya to get the property papers signed. Pragya tries to avoid it but is not successful.

Wednesday 9 January 2019
Episode 29

Pragya is forced to make Abhi sign papers that will strip him of all his wealth. She breaks down and almost reveals her secret to Disha but holds back.

Thursday 10 January 2019
Episode 30

It is revealed that a trusted family member has been helping Tanu and Aliya to conspire against Abhi.

Friday 11 January 2019
Episode 31

The income tax raid organised by Purab takes place at the Mehra house, but they fail to find evidence against Aliya. Pragya and Disha realise that there is a third party involved.

Saturday 12 January 2019
Episode 32

Pragya and her team find out that Raj is teaming up with Tanu and Aliya to bring destruction in the Merha house.

Sunday 13 January 2019
Episode 33

Aliya and her entourage arrive at the registrar’s office only to find that the papers have been switched. Aliya is suspicious of Disha, will Disha break her cover?

Twist of Fate 3 airs on Zee World from Mondays to Sundays at 20h00.

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