Sunday, 31 March 2019

Can Kidney Diseases Stop Aurelio Casillas As Lord Of The Skies 4?

As Lord Of The Skies 4 (O Senhor Dos Céus 4) premieres on Monday, April 15, the one question viewers will have at the back of their minds will be - Can Aurelio Casillas’s kidney problem stop him from being The Lord of the Skies?

Well, in season 4, Aurelio Casillas is where he longed to be, on top and in power. Business is better than ever, his rivals are either six-feet under or hide behind bars, and he has placed one of his puppets in the seat of Mexico’s presidency, and he plans to extend his reign of evil and corruption throughout the world. So far, no one has been able to stop him. 

However, there is one force that could bring him down and it is lurking within him - a kidney disease which places his life at risk. 

While Aurelio sets out on a desperate search for a kidney donor, his enemies take advantage of his vulnerability to regroup and fight for control of the drug business. During his greatest moment of weakness, Aurelio plans to rise like a phoenix from the ashes and show everyone that no one, not even death, can stop The Lord of the Skies.

The main cast include Rafael Amaya (as Aurelio Casillas), Fernanda Castillo (as Mónica Robles), Carmen Aub ( as Rutila Casillas), Jesús Moré (as Omar Terán), Roxana Chávez (as Eva Ernestina Gallardo), Jorge Luis Moreno (as Víctor Casillas Jr.) and Leonardo Daniel (as Alfredo “Feyo”Aguilera).

Lord of the Skies 4 premieres Monday to Friday at 10pm WAT/ 11pm CAT.

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