Thursday, 20 June 2019

What You Should Know About Woman Of Steel Season 5

Vicenta Acero (Carolina Miranda) returns to Telemundo for the fifth and final season of Woman of Steel (Senora Acero 5) in July.
In the fifth season, Carolina Miranda reprises her role as Vicenta "La Coyote" and she has a major new reason to fight; her son, Danielito (played by Ari Placera).

After the murder of her husband Daniel Phillips, Vicenta gives birth to their son, who becomes a pawn in El Teca's crazy obsession with exacting revenge on the Acero family for the "wrongs" committed against him. Once El Teca returns, she's forced to flee with her son to keep him safe.

In the new series, El Teca is still alive and kicking. José Luis Reséndez who played El Teca in Seasons 1, 2 and 4 has been replaced by Spanish speaking American/British actor, William Miller. El Teca's main goal is to kill Vincenta's son, Danielito.

Vicenta managed to find a sense of peace in the six years since Daniel's death and even has a new man in her life, an FBI Agent named Alberto Fuentes, played by Telemundo's favourite hottie, David Chocarro.

Her Season 5 journey heats up because she leaves everything behind and starts a new life, surrounded by these new people:
 - Lucas Iglesias (Guillermo Zulueta): a hippie who works at an inn on a beach.
 - La Mecha (Maria Rojo): who becomes a substitute mother to Vicenta. Maria is a Mexican politician in real life - a Senator.
 - Nancy (Patricia Manterola): Vicenta's new best friend.
And La Tuti played by Ana Lucía Domínguez is still very much around. She returns for her fourth season with the show.

El Teca extorts Tuti and goes after her son too, which gives Tuti and Vicenta the ultimate bond as they must destroy El Teca to save their children.

But can both women really defeat El Teca and save their children?

Woman of Steel 5 which has 69 episodes premieres on Monday, July 22 at 21h00 and the action is set six years after the end of Season 4.

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